15 Photos Of Topanga All Grown Up

"But I'm Topanga!" That's the phrase that Danielle Fishel is famous for saying. The actress portrayed the character, a good girl and Cory's girlfriend/soulmate/love of his life, on the '90s show Boy Meets World. And we're still fans of this sweet series, given its massive nostalgia factor.

We're also big fans of Danielle, who married Jensen Karp in 2018. She recently gave birth to their baby boy, named Adler, and the photos on social media are adorable.

There are also many pictures of the actress floating around online... and let's just say that she's definitely looking much older. Here are 15 photos of Topanga all grown up, from stylish short dresses to a bikini on the beach to some very sultry photos that she took for a certain famous publication.

16 Topanga Is Definitely An Adult Now (With Goddess-Worthy Waves)

via Women's Health

If we remember one thing about Danielle's Boy Meets World character, it's how truly spectacular her hair was. She often wore high ponytails and her hair was super thick and gorgeous. #goals right there.

These days, Danielle has even more amazing hair, proven by this picture of her with long and flowing locks. We're jealous.

15 Here She Is Looking Casually Cool In All Black

via Daily Mail

The great thing about this photo? Danielle Fishel really does look like the rest of us when we roll out of bed and put on a massive sweatshirt to go out and buy some groceries or coffee.

She still looks super pretty, though, making this another awesome photo of Topanga all grown up.

14 She Looks Hot In A Black And White Outfit

via Style Bistro

From the super high heels to the short black skirt to the white blouse, Danielle Fishel looks really hot in this outfit. And it looks like she knows it since she's posing in a confident way and smiling at the camera.

With this outfit, plus shiny hair and nice makeup, she's definitely not Topanga anymore.

13 Boy Meets World... Meets A Pregnant Topanga

via E Online

How much do we love this photo?! So much. Even more than that.

Danielle is with the cute boys of Boy Meets World, and they're all pretending to be preggers, too. No matter how cheesy this photoshoot might be, we're still all about it. And as always, Danielle's hair and makeup and outfit are great.

12 And Now She's Got An Adorable Bump (And A Cute Hubby)

via People

Danielle looks so happy these days with her husband and baby, and back when she was pregnant, she posed for a bunch of photos. It's cool to have snapshots of yourself during such a special time in your life.

In this picture, we could say that Topanga is all grown up now, married and ready to become a mom.

11 We Love Her Pretty Makeup And Hair In This Pic

via Pinterest

Sometimes we see a picture of a celebrity and really can't believe how amazing their makeup looks... and we can't help but think the same of their hair.

That's our reaction to this image of Topanga (okay, Danielle Fishel) that makes us realize that, yup, she's totally grown-up now... and she looks awesome.

10 We Can't Get Over How Great She Looks Here

via picsofcelebrities.com

Danielle's long legs definitely stand out in this photo thanks to her nice heels and a gorgeous green dress.

This is for sure a more grown-up look than anything that Topanga would wear, from her crop tops to her high pony. Here, Danielle's rocking a huge diamond on one hand plus long, super shiny hair.

9 Back In 2013, Danielle Tied The Knot For The First Time

via E! News

In 2013, Danielle Fishel got married for the first time to Tim Belusko who she met in college. Things didn't work out and the two are divorced now... which might explain the scowl on her face in this photo.

Yikes, it really doesn't look like she was having a dreamy, magical wedding day.

8 And In 2018, She Got Married A Second Time, Looking So Much Happier

via E! News

What a difference. In her 2018 wedding to Jensen Karp, the actress has a huge smile plastered on her face. The whole vibe is so different, from the soft and magical light to the sweet look they are giving each other.

Needless to say, Topanga's an adult now... and married, too.

7 Now She's Looking Super Steamy In A Short Pink Dress

via Pinterest

After seeing this snapshot of the Boy Meets World star, we'd say that pink is Danielle's color.

This is a more grown-up, sultry look than what we typically see her wearing. She's got a confident pose and look in her eyes that seems to suggest that she looks good and she knows it.

6 Here She Is Looking Like A Total Beach Babe

via Us Weekly

"Wow" is honestly the only possible reaction to this photo of Danielle Fishel in a bikini on the beach.

She looks gorgeous and we also love that her bikini top and bottom don't match. That's always such a cool thing to do. Matching bathing suits are so boring and we love that she went another route.

5 Can We Please Have Her Hat And Floral Dress?!

via Daily Mail

Besides Danielle's incredible floral dress and hipster hat, let's talk about our main reason for adoring this photo: the adorable look on her hubby's face.

He seriously looks like he's so happy to be with her and that he feels like he won the wife lottery. We totally agree because he definitely did.

4 She Even Manages To Make Green Look Good

via Zimbio

Let's be honest, if we saw this bright green dress hanging in a clothing store, we would probably pass by right it. Does green look good on anyone? Does this particular shade of green flatter anyone?

We'd say no... and yet the actress has totally changed our minds because she looks hot here.

3 Danielle Posed For Maxim, And She's Definitely Not Topagana Anymore

via Maxim

When watching Danielle as Topanga on Boy Meets World, we saw an innocent girl who cared about her boyfriend Cory and getting good grades. We would never have pictured her posing for Maxim.

Well, that's exactly what Danielle did in April 2013 when she graced the cover of the magazine. We have to say that she looks incredible.

2 We Love Her Bouncy Curls And Long Leopard Dress

via Pinterest

Topanga would never wear a leopard print dress... or curl her hair... or lie down on a car. Which is exactly why this picture makes such an impression.

Danielle has officially moved past the cheesy, feel-good show that made her famous and is looking a lot more mature these days.

1 She Looks Even Better Here

via Maxim

In another photo from her Maxim photoshoot, Danielle's rocking high heels, a short top, and cute skirt. She's totally any guy's dream girl here, and she seems comfortable and at ease with this more mature image.

When we see this image, all we can think of, "She's definitely not Topanga anymore..."

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