15 Photoshoots These Celebs Wish The Internet Would Bury

Twenty years ago, teeny-bopper magazines like J-14 and Tiger Beat were all the rage. They had exclusive interviews with our favorite stars and came with *iconic* posters fans could hang on their wall. These posters were typically weird photoshoots of our favorite celebrities that made absolutely no sense but there wasn't a shadow of a doubt that we didn't want as many as we could.

We hung these spreads on our walls, in our lockers — any chance we could have a picture of Britney Spears bouncing a basketball or Leonardo DiCaprio talking into a seashell, we took it and ran. Nowadays, most of us have no idea where all those posters or photoshoot spreads ran off to, but we do have the Internet to help us remember.

To be fair, these photoshoots probably made sense at the time, but in modern-day... us fans are left scratching our heads. Heck, even these celebs are probably scratching their heads. No shade to any of these stars, but these have got to be the most embarrassing images of the bunch.

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15 SJP Squatting In Nature

Messy Nessy Chic

If you're a Sex and the City fan, then you're aware that Sarah Jessica Parker brings us life. Her fashion, her body, her voice — she is New York City in a human being and we want nothing more than to envy her for the rest of time. However, this image of SJP is ANYTHING but the SJP we know and adore today. What is she squatting on in the middle of a cannon? And is that a skirt over those tights?

14 Why Is The Time Relevant?


If fans had it their way, Friends would totally still be on air. This group of real friends got along so well and had such awesome chemistry; it was impossible not to tune in. And while this group of six has done a few photoshoots in their day, this is definitely the most random. Hugging a clock with a red backdrop? And why are Pheobe and Rachel's shoes off?

13 Ryan Gossling Looking Like Living Wallpaper

Messy Nessy Chic

Ryan Gossling is by far one of the most stunning men of all time. His acting capabilities only add on to his cuteness. The hair, those eyes, that bone structure... he's almost too pretty to look at. But in this photoshoot? We're not really sure of the vibe the photographer is trying to take. Is he trying to be one with the sheet/wallpaper situation?

12 Dress Me Baby One More Time


But seriously, someone please dress Miss Spears up one more time. We know she's a Southern tomboy and the '90s were all about women wearing "boyish" clothes, but this is one unique *lewk*. Not only is the backdrop adjacent to photo day in high school, but the cargo pants are enough to land her a job at Target.

11 Leo, No One Is On The Other Side...


Who (clap) directed (clap) this (clap) photoshoot (clap)! Not only Leo topless in some kind of mysterious shower with blue walls, but there's a seashell in the shower as well. Oh, and he's LISTENING to the other side of the seashell, you guys. Knowing how serious of a man and actor Leonardo is, he's probably cringing at the remembrance of this photoshoot for life.

10 Who's The Director On Set Who Allowed Celine To Do This!?


Celine Dion is an icon. She has a voice that's unlike anyone else's and she sings with such charisma, one cannot look away. As it would appear, however, her photoshoot choices weren't as strong as her voice when she was first starting off. It almost looks like she's the assistant to a magician at a magic show. But I mean, it's a magic show I would attend.

9 Look At Nick Carter Posing With Props!


This image of Nick Carter holding a paintless mask reminds of something Kristen Wiig would do on Bridesmaids. It's as if he's surprising us by showing it's him under the mask. But at the same time, we can't look away from that scarf and the way he's showing off the mask. If Nick Carter is on set, why in the world are we worrying about a mask!?

8 N*Sync Is Nothing But A Matching Boy Band Cloud In The Sky


The absurdness of this photoshoot is obvious, but I'd like everyone to notice that Sir Justin Timberlake is, in fact, wearing TWO pairs of pants. He has those black jeans on over a pair of khakis. How come? Did the fashion coordinator on set not make her mind up about the color of pants they should be wearing or was this some kind of '90s pants trend? Also, why are they FLOATING in the sky!?

7 Keanu Reeves Looking Like A '90s Statue


If Keanu Reeves knew what a big star he would become later in life, I don't think he would have agreed to do his shoot. He looks like a tired student who reluctantly agreed to be the model for his art sculpture class. As a fan, I'm of course here for it (we're all here for it), but it's just a little off-brand for Keanu. That's all.

6 So. Much. Mesh


Remember the days when Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears ruled the world? Those were such simple times. Just look at X-Tina herself wearing a mesh top with zebra-striped bottoms. She didn't have a car in the world, and all her fans wanted was to be able to wear this to elementary school without getting kicked out for breaking the dress code.

5 When The Olsen Twins Rode A Magic Carpet


It pains many fans that the Olsen Twins have faded from the world of acting and choose to be serious fashion icons. They were so adorably talented — even in their teens! Regardless of how we feel about them nowadays, this little gem of them flying on a magic carpet with a fake wind in a fake sky is awkward enough to be their next Christmas card.

4 Kevin Bacon And His Friends?


Taken in the '80s, this photo of actor Kevin Bacon is as rare as they come. The hair, the bowtie, the red background, the golden frame, those...gargoyles. If there's one thing we can pull away from this photoshoot, it's that they had a fun day on set; especially if Kevin was able to drink whatever was in his glass.

3 I Guess Jessica Simpson Couldn't Get The Same Shot Done Outside?


Has anyone else noticed that this is the third photo on this list with a fake sky background? Was the great outdoors not available at the time of the shoot? Regardless, Jessica Simpson always looks like perfection, even on a fake swing. And the cuff on those jeans is bringing us some major nostalgia.

2 Jennifer — Stop What You're Doing!


For the love of God, Jennifer Aniston does not deserve this ensemble. She deserves the best of the best — an outfit that actually fits the perfection that is her body. A shirt that isn't rainbow stripes; a sweater that wasn't knitted in her grandmother's basement. The only thing accurate about this photoshoot is her facial expression because it's what we look like looking at this picture.

1 What's The Message Here?


As low of a profile Katie Holmes holds, this image makes her seem like the opposite of what she's like. It looks like she partied too hard and tried to walk home through the night but she got lost in a swamp. Those shoes totally match the decade but this photoshoot makes zero sense. We still love you though, Katie. We hope you made it home safely.

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