15 Pics Of Becky Lynch’s Transformation Through The Years

What a ride it has been for The Man; maybe when it is all done with, we’ll see a film on her rise to the top – truthfully, her journey is that inspirational.

She started off in the business traveling the world and gaining experience, as she admitted on the Stone Cold Podcast, that money from the gigs would go straight to travel expenses. She would end up leaving the business for years, taking a steady flight attendant job instead. We’re nothing but grateful that she went back on that decision.

Today, she is the face of WWE and yeah, she has come a long way, especially in terms of her look. Let’s take a look at her remarkable transformation throughout the years. Enjoy, folks!

15 Panda Love

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Becky is an '80s child, meaning she grew up watching the best time period in pro wrestling, the Attitude Era.

Her parents separated at a young age when she was just a one-year-old. It didn’t deter Lynch too much, she would go on to attend university, though drop out later given a lack of interest for what she was studying – fair enough.

14 Getting In The Ring

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She started watching the product at a young age with her brother. Prior to stepping foot in the ring, Lynch admits she was going down a dark path – she states that wrestling saved her life.

This is the earliest form of Becky in the ring, there’s even footage of Becky doing her first trainings back in the day.

13 Meeting Balor

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Believe it or not, one of Becky’s first coaches was none other than Finn Balor. Let’s just say she wasn’t training at a place like the WWE’s PC, the setting was a lot grungier, to say the least.

Both would take separate paths to WWE but ironically, they almost arrived at the same time.

12 Early Indie Days

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By 2005, Lynch was done with her training and she would hit the road working her craft internationally. One of her first pit-stops took place in Canada, joining the promotion SuperGirls Wrestling – an all-female wrestling company.

She earned valuable experience though clearly, she looked nothing like The Man we see on television today.

11 Outdoor Wrestling

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Everyone has to start somewhere – whether that be working in front of crowds featuring 30 fans or like in Becky’s case, working outdoors in a low-budget ring.

Again, she was just getting started at this point, earning her stripes around the world with little to no money in her pocket. Lynch admits that the money she would get from the gigs would be used for travel to the other shows.

10 More Indie Life

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She was in tremendous shape at this point, continuing her indie journey traveling the world.

In 2005, Lynch went from Canada to the US competing in California to flying all the way over to Tokyo, Japan, taking part in a women’s battle royal matchup. It was a crazy year, to say the least.

9 Japan Tour

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We see a familiar face in the photo above, similar to Becky, Natalya worked her craft worldwide as well, in places like Japan.

Natalya earned her way to WWE a little earlier after years of travel on the indie scene. Lynch would do the same eventually, though it was a much harder path, ultimately.

8 More Familiar Faces

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2006 featured more travel for Becky. She continued to work all over the place from Shimmer alongside Paige to indie promotions located in France and Germany. She truly did her very best to work as many indie promotions as possible.

Though unfortunately, it might’ve caused a burnout as you’ll see in the following photo.

7 New Career

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Following an untimely injury and possible burnout, Becky would leave the industry completely, opting for stability. Her hiatus lasted six-years, believe it or not. During that time, she took a stable job alongside her mom as a flight attendant. Thankfully, she would return to her passion and boy are we ever glad that she did!

6 Jig Dancer With NXT

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In April of 2013, Lynch capped off the true underdog story inking a WWE deal. She started with NXT and let’s just say she wasn’t The Man just yet.

Instead, Lynch was slapped with an awful Irish Jig Dancer gimmick, one that we cringe at looking back... though somehow in that brief time period, she made it work.

5 New Friends

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Slowly but surely, Becky would make her mark with NXT as a lovable underdog. She was a major part in shaping the revolution alongside Charlotte, Bayley and her friend in the pic above, Sasha Banks.

She still wasn’t sporting the signature orange hair but her performances were certainly fitting the bill.

4 Finding Her Look

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At this point during her NXT run, Lynch clearly found her look rocking the signature orange hair. She became a big-time crowd favorite and arguably the underdog out of the other women.

Surprisingly, she left NXT without carrying the NXT Women’s Title, unlike her fellow Horsewomen.

3 Main Roster Debut

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As part of the women’s revolution, Lynch made her main roster debut in 2015 alongside Charlotte and Sasha. She received a monster pop from the crowd and ironically, she was introduced by Paige – the two had quite the history together prior to joining WWE.

What a special moment it must’ve been for Lynch and heck, even Paige watching her good friend walk down the entrance-way.

2 Inaugural Champion

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She might’ve been overlooked with NXT but the same wasn’t true in 2016 when she was drafted to SmackDown Live. Lynch finally won the big one, getting crowned as the first-ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Lynch did a great job with the championship, though fans are well aware she was only scratching the surface at that point.

1 The Man

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During a buildup to a Survivor Series match, everything changed for Lynch. Following an exchange with Nia Jax, fans completely lost it at the visual of a bloody Lynch standing proudly.

She continued her immense popularity into WrestleMania 35, headlining the show. The Man is stronger than ever these days and arguably, the face of WWE.

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