11 Pics Of Blue Ivy Running The Show (5 From When Beyonce Was In Charge)

Beyoncé and Jay Z are often described as a “power couple” because of their success in the music industry and the influence they have. Fans adore them, but there is someone else in their family who steals the limelight from them because of her big personality, and that person is their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

There have been many times when Blue and her mama have stepped out, and the little girl has stolen the show. If she’s not telling her parents off at swanky events because she feels their behavior is inappropriate, she’s impressing the world with her sense of style and cuteness. Below are 10 times Blue Ivy was running the show (and soon, the world), and 5 times Beyoncé was in charge!

16 Blue’s Grandma Has Described Her As The Queen Bee

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Beyoncé comes from a family of strong women, her mother, Tina Lawson included. Tina no doubt loves being a grandma to both Bey and her sister, Solange Knowles’ children, but she must have her hands full with Blue Ivy because she’s an outspoken little girl. She also rules the roost!

Lawson told Page Six that Blue is the “Queen Bee” of the household.

15 Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of Blue (Not Beyoncé) At ‘The Lion King’ Premiere

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Blue Ivy is her mama’s mini-me, and fans can’t get enough of baby Bey because she’s so got so much personality. She also has incredible style (seriously, we’re jealous of her wardrobe). When Blue Ivy and Beyoncé attended the premiere for Lion King, publications, including Express, reported on Blue’s outfit. The sparkly look matched with Beyoncé's and both were embellished with diamonds.

14 When Blue Ivy Showed Up At The 2016 VMAs, Everyone Forgot About Her Mama Because She Was Just So Cute!

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Some celebrities choose to keep their children away from the spotlight because they didn’t choose that life for themselves. Others, like Beyoncé and Jay Z, are happy to introduce their children to the glitz and glam of their own life. Blue Ivy has attended many high-profile events and award shows, and she almost always steals the show because of her big personality and adorable features!

13 Beyoncé Included Blue In Her ‘Spirit’ Video, And She Stole All The Attention

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have made the decision to include their eldest daughter in their music, and she has featured on their songs before, as well as in their music videos. We can’t help but mention her appearance in Beyoncé ’s “Spirit” music video, and although W magazine notes that Blue doesn’t do much in it, they also remind us that she doesn’t have to — because she’s Blue Ivy and whatever she does, she steals the show!

12 Bey And Jay-Z’s Tour Was Totally Upstaged By Their Daughter

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We mentioned earlier that Jay Z and Beyoncé have been eager to include their daughter in certain aspects of their careers, and she appears to be interested in the music business — or at the very least, in attending swanky events and appearing in music videos.

But CinemaBlend notes that the power couple was even “getting their thunder stolen by their own daughter” while on tour.

11 If Her Parents Make Noise, She’s Going To Tell Them Off!

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marriage may not be perfect, but they’re working on it, and together they are raising their three children. Their oldest child is Blue Ivy, and she has so much personality that many people believe she’s going to become a big star when she’s older (if she’s not already).

She also has no problem telling her parents off when they do something they’re not supposed to, and fans loved when she was filmed telling her parents off at the 2018 Grammys because they clapped during Camilla Cabello’s speech (via ABC13).

10 The Paps Love Getting Photos Of Blue Ivy Because She’s Got Such A Big Personality

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You would imagine that being followed by the paparazzi is annoying, especially as a child. Refinery29 notes that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West, has previously scolded the paparazzi for taking her picture. We can’t be sure how Blue Ivy feels about the media watching her every move, but we do know that they love getting photos of her because she’s so darn cute.

9 Can We All Take A Moment To Appreciate Blue’s Amazing Sense Of Style?!

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If you’re a fan of fashion, you may feel it’s unfair that a child as young as Blue Ivy already has such impressive style! But this little girl knows how to turn heads every time she leaves the house and her personal sense of style is enviable. In fact, there are many articles dedicated to her style, and some of her best moments have included her white suit and Valentino bag (she wore to the 2018 Grammys) and her and her mom’s matching Gucci outfits.

8 Does Anyone Remember That Time When Blue Bid Thousands Of Dollars On Behalf Of Her Parents?!

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She's only seven, but Blue Ivy has already experienced many incredible things, and she has been able to enjoy the glitz and glamour of her parent’s life. This includes attending the 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles in 2018, where she bid on the auction, on behalf of her parents.

According to People, Blue bid on several paintings during the live auction, raising her paddle high in the air, and winning a piece by Samuel Levi Jones, for $10,000.

7 Who Wore It Better: Blue Or Bey?!

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By now, we’ve established that Blue Ivy has an enviable wardrobe, and her wardrobe includes designer pieces. It also seems that she doesn’t have a problem dressing like Beyoncé’s mini-me, and the pair have worn similar outfits several times, including their matching Gucci dresses.

According to Yahoo! they had a photoshoot together in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and both turquoise dresses are designed by Gucci. The only question now is who wore it better?!

6 Blue Ivy Clearly Knows How To Get Her Parents' Attention!

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Blue Ivy doesn’t need to try to get anyone’s attention: When she steps out with her parents, she often becomes the subject of headlines. People love to see photos of her or hear about her antics, which is why many publications have created lists of her best moments.

Blue also doesn’t seem to have any problem getting her parent’s attention, and they always look as though they are doting on her.

When Bey is in charge...

5 Blue Does Still Follow Her Mama’s Lead

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Blue Ivy may steal the show when she’s with her parents, but there are still some times when her mom is in charge. She does still listen to her mom’s request, and holds her hand and follows her lead when they are out together (which is important, obviously, because it keeps her safe).

Tina Lawson has also told E! News that Beyoncé and Blue are best friends!

4 Before Blue Spends Time Outside, Her Mama Makes Sure She’s Got The Appropriate Sun Protection

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Beyoncé doesn’t share many photos of her twins on social media (probably because they are so small and she wants to shield them from the media), but she does share images of Blue Ivy. And we have seen from photos that Beyoncé has shared that she pays careful attention to her daughter’s clothing when she is in the sun, including requiring her to wear a sun hat.

3 Bey Still Manages To Get Her Daughter To Pose For Family Photos

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It can be hard to get children to pose for photos, and there are undoubtedly times that they don’t want to listen, or would rather continue playing with their toys than pose. But, if we need any proof that Beyoncé is still in charge, and her daughter does what is asked of her, we can see it here, because Blue Ivy is complying with her parent’s request for a snap.

2 Blue’s Mama Is Protective Of Her When They Go About Their Daily Errands

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Beyoncé is used to the intense media attention she receives. She has chosen to be a pop star, and although the constant invasion into her life must be annoying, it is also her version of normal.

But she needs to be extra careful now that she has children, and you can see in Beyonce’s body language (including holding her daughter’s hand and keeping her close) that she is protective of Blue Ivy.

1 Vacations Are Wonderful, But Blue Ivy Is Required To Stay Close To Her Famous Parents (And Hold Their Hands)

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Blue Ivy accompanies her parents on holidays, and she is required to stay close to them at all times. Actually, Beyoncé and Jay Z try to spend as much time with their daughter as possible, and her grandmother Tina Lawson told E! News that Blue is with her parents “seven days a week.” She added, "Sometimes she thinks she's a friend more than the kid.

Sources: Page Six, Express, W magazine, CinemaBlend, ABC13, Refinery29, People, Yahoo!, E! News, Beyoncé Instagram.

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