15 Pics That Paint Angelina Jolie As The Perfect Mom (5 That Tell The Truth)

Angelina Jolie is certainly one of the most successful and well-known actresses of our generation. The 44-year-old star is also a mother to six children, three of which are adopted and three of them she had with her ex, actor Brad Pitt. Today, our list mainly focuses on Angelina as a mother — something we mainly get to witness through paparazzi shots and whatever the star decides to share with us in interviews. One thing is for sure though — the star managed to stay successful, stay humble and raise children that she (and Brad) certainly seem to be very proud of. Personally, we can't wait to see what the future holds for these kids!

Here they are — 15 photos that show Angie as a great mom, followed by five that make us question that.

20 Let's Start Off With The Fact That Angie Seems To Spend A Lot Of Time With Her Children

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If there's one thing we can say about Hollywood star Angelina Jolie it's that whenever we see paparazzi pics of the famous actress there's a 90% chance she was with her children — which means she does spend the majority of her free time with them.

19 And She Takes Them With Her All Over The World

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Angie's children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne have traveled to plenty of places all over the globe. Angelina is often travel bound — whether it's related to her acting or her humanitarian work — and the actress loves bringing all of her kids along. The pic above was taken in Paris!

18 She's Also A Cool Mom Who Let's Them Dress Whatever Way They Like

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Another thing that makes Angie a great mom is the fact that she lets her children be who they are — which also means they can dress whichever way they like. This was particularly noticeable with her daughter Shiloh, who has always preferred men's clothing and Angie is totally okay with that!

17 When They Were Small, She Carried Them Around In True Supermom Manner

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Holding a bag, carrying a toddler in one arm and holding the other toddler's hand is definitely not an easy task, but supermom Angelina is clearly doing just fine. Seriously, balancing all of that and still managing to strike a pose for the paparazzi makes us think she actually is a superhero!

16 And She Often Takes Them Shopping

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We do frequently get to see Angie and her kids hit up a Target or a shopping mall, where the mom lets her children pick out new toys, back-to-school basics, or clothing items they'd really like to have. Judging from how filled up that cart is, Angie rarely says no.

15 Angie And Her Kids Love Going To Disneyland

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All kids love amusement parks and Disneyland is definitely a classic! Famous or not, kids always have a lot of fun there, which is why Angie has been spotted taking her children there a couple of times. In the pic above you can see her with twins Knox and Vivienne.

14 But She Also Knows The Importance Of A Good Education

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According to Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie's kids are all being homeschooled by private tutors — as the actress only wants the best for her children. Recently, Angie's oldest son Maddox became a university student in South Korea, and the actress was even spotted tearing up while saying goodbye to him on his first day!

13 The Hollywood Star Tries To Let Them Have A Normal Life

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While Angie can't control the fact that we all know who her kids are, she can still try to make them feel as normal as possible. And as you can tell from the pic above, she definitely tries to do that — as grabbing a coffee with your kids and taking a walk is pretty basic stuff.

12 And She Always Supports Their Business Ventures — Like Selling Dog Treats

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Angie and her kids were recently spotted in the back of this photo — supporting a local charity by selling dog treats. We love that Angelina made sure her kids know the importance of helping their community and that they don't feel too special to reject volunteering!

11 Yup, Angie Also Let's Them Have Pets

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Come on — we all know that a mom who lets you have pets is for sure a cool mom! In the pic above Angelina and Vivienne were spotted at a pet store where the 11-year-old picked out a bird she liked and mom made sure to buy everything the bird needs!

10 So They Can Learn Responsibility

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Angelina's kids also have a dog, and they're frequently seen walking him for exercise. Having a dog is a lot of fun but also a great responsibility, and we bet Angelina's kids learned a lot from it. And judging from the pics above, it seems as if everyone loves walking it!

9 She Makes Sure To Show Them That The World Isn't All Glitz And Glam

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They might be staying at luxurious hotels and flying with private jets, but Angie also makes sure to bring her kids along when she's doing her humanitarian work. As a UN Ambassador, Angelina often travels to third world countries, and it seems as if bringing her kids along to show what life is like in some places is one of Angie's priorities.

8 And Her Humanitarian Work Makes Her A Great Role Model

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Angelina Jolie is definitely one of those celebs who uses her fame on fortune to try and make the world a better place. The 44-year-old has participated in plenty of humanitarian missions and has donated quite a bit of her fortune to those in need — which certainly makes a great role model — not only for her kids but for everyone!

7 She Teaches Them To Always Expresses Their Love

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While Angelina was never one to show too much affection to her significant other in public, she certainly loves showing it to her kids. It seems as if Angie has taught her children that reminding the people you care about how much you love them is very important!

6 And The Kids Always Seem So Happy When They're With Her

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Whenever we've seen Angelina's children they always seem to be smiling and pretty happy. Now, no parent is perfect, and we bet Angelina isn't either — in fact, you'll see some of her worse parenting moments if you keep scrolling — but she certainly seems to be trying her best!

5 Angelina Does However Use Plenty Of Nannies


Well, considering that pretty much everyone in Hollywood is using nannies, we're not too surprised to hear that Angelina — who has six children — is also using them. And while it is bad when parents dump their kids onto a nanny and forget about them, something tells us that Angelina isn't that kind of mother.

4 And It Seems As If She Forces Her Kids Join Her At Movie Premieres

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According to the International Business Times, Angelina is allegedly forcing her children to attend her movie premieres in order to make her ex, actor Brad Pitt jealous. While we're not sure how true those claims are, we have to say that her children don't seem to mad about it.

3 She Also Lets Them Eat Bugs — Yup, That Is A Spider

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While it doesn't necessarily mean that she's a bad mom just because she lets her kids eat insects — it does kind of make us question her choices a bit more. But according to Angelina, her kids love eating bugs, and they can munch up a bag of crickets as if they were chips!

2 And We Never See The Kids With Any Friends

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One thing we certainly noticed is that whenever her children are photographed by paparazzi, they're always hanging out with their siblings — which makes us think that the Jolie-Pitt kids don't have plenty of friends outside the family. Well, considering they move around a lot, making friends must be difficult.

1 Lastly, Here's Angie Trying To Calm Shiloh Down With A Bag Of Cheetos

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 To wrap things up, here's a pic of Angelina trying to calm down Shiloh by feeding her Cheetos, and well — let's just say it's definitely not the best mom move. But all jokes aside, Angelina certainly managed to raise her children, remain a successful Hollywood star, and help the world become a better place — so who are we to judge!

Sources: hollywoodlife.com, ibtimes.com

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