15 Pictures Of Celebrities With Their Stunt Doubles That Are Uncanny

It sure is amazing what celebrities do in the movies. The death-defying motorcycle rides, the drops from high buildings, the fight scenes. Okay, so maybe it’s not the celebrities at all. With modern technology on their side and plenty of stunt doubles on the market, they can protect their pretty faces (bodies, and so on) and still get the amazing scenes into the movies. But in order to get those stunts done with style, each director needs to have a stunt double for every star in order to make it look as real as possible. We have to admit, we’ve been fooled many times. And looking through these pictures of celebrities with their stunt doubles, it’s easy to see why. Some look like twins while others are close enough to get away with it when you blur by on a dangerous bike chase.

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15 Doubles don't have to be alike to look alike

Via: ranker.com

Chandler Carlton Riggs is a child actor who plays Carl on Grimes on the AMC horror drama series The Walking Dead. And while his stunt double looks amazingly like him, you might be surprised to learn that the double is 15 years older than the teen. And that’s not the only difference between the two of them. His double is actually female! It doesn’t matter that the celebrities are often quite different from their stunt doubles. In a fast-paced stunt, as long as the size and general features are similar, they can fool us pretty well. Even side by side we’d never guess at the age and gender difference here, so it’s no wonder that they can get away with it on the show quite easily.

14 Mark Ruffalo's long lost brother

Via: huffingtonpost.com

We’re fairly certain that Mark Ruffalo is on the right here, but we’re not 100 percent sure. After all, his stunt double, Anthony Molinari, looks strikingly similar to the star. They say that everyone has a doppelganger out there—someone who looks just like them. And Mark Ruffalo has found his in this guy! This stunt double took his place in 2012 in New York City when filming Now You See Me. And we wonder how often he gets stopped on the street for selfies and autographs as Ruffalo. Does he explain that he is a stunt double and not the actual actor or does he just go with it and smile and sign? Perhaps it depends on who’s asking and how attractive they are.

13 Sometimes all it takes is a wig and a fast bike

Via: usmagazine.com

When it comes to a motorcycle chase scene, the stunt doubles don’t have to be exact. In fact, in Cymbelline, both Dakota Johnson and Penn Badgley were replaced by male stunt doubles during this Brooklyn scene. How would you like to be a woman replaced by a man in a movie? We suppose if they pay enough, no one would really complain. Plus, as is the norm, she gets most of the credit because they make it look like it was her all along. The magic of the movies doesn’t force actors to learn new tricks. They don’t even have to ride bikes like these in some cases. And yet they can look super cool in the movie during a chase scene they weren’t even in!

12 Will Smith bundles up and doubles up

Via: usmagazine.com

It’s a lot easier to replace stars when they are all bundled up like this. You just find someone who is of the same general height and build and violà. This stunt double does resemble Will Smith, but when you look closely, it’s obvious who’s who. But if you see them from the back of from the side, it would be a mystery when they are dressed in this identical manner. This double helped Will out in Collateral Beauty. We hope he can tell what scenes he’s in and what scenes are actually Will because the rest of the world will probably never know. And that’s the point of having a stunt double. A Hollywood trick that leaves us all in awe when we find out the secret behind the scenes.

11 There's more than one Indiana Jones?

Via: kickvick.com

When you think about Indiana Jones, you automatically picture Harrison Ford. It’s one of his largest claims to fame! That open shirt and hat define the character and his signature grin and squint bring Indiana to life. But did you ever stop to think that perhaps it wasn’t actually Harrison Ford running from the big rolling ball in Temple of Doom or performing any of the other dangerous feats? It wasn’t necessarily him in those scenes because here’s a picture of his very similar stunt double. We can completely understand how this guy could replace Ford in fast-action scenes without a second thought. He certainly has the look down and with the clothing match, it would be impossible to tell. Even Ford admits they have a lot of secrets between them!

10 Jennys from the block

Via: usmagazine.com

Jennifer Lopez has plenty of experience with stunt doubles. She’s used male doubles in some of her videos. But when it comes to her series Shades of Blue, there are probably more stunts than she’s used to. We’re talking chase scenes, fights and things of that nature. This episode was filmed in Manhattan’s Spanish Harlem area in August of 2017 and her stunt double came in hand on that day. While she doesn’t have the exact JLo look, she has perfect messy curls and a similarly toned body, so in a fast-paced scene you’d never know the difference. The curly hair can cover a lot of details when moved in the right nature. Just cover her face with the hair and you assume Lopez is in on ever step of the action.

9 Shai LaBeaouf with...Shia LaBeouf?

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Transformers 3 has plenty of tricks, as did any of the Transformers movies. After all, we haven’t ever noticed cars turning into robots and destroying things so there are a lot of Hollywood tricks of the trade at play. And it makes sense in a movie with this much going on that the directors and producers wouldn't want to put the main action star at risk. Instead of make him do dangerous stunts, they hired a professional who is know for such things. A professional who happens to look just like the star, Shia LaBeouf. Many times, stunt doubles aren’t just good at what they do, but they also have to have the good fortune of looking like certain stars. This scene in Chicago, IL showcases that brilliantly.

8 Mark Wahlberg in a buff contest

Via: ranker.com

Can you imagine getting into a fitness contest with Mark Wahlberg? It is something most men would lose. Soundly! But this guy, who resembles a slightly younger, perhaps stronger Wahlberg, can meet him muscle for muscle. And it’s a good thing, too, since he’s Wahlberg’s stunt double. At times, being a stunt double means looking as much like the actor as possible. In this case, they couldn’t have found a better guy. In fact, if this double walks into a Wahlburgers, he’s probably be treated to a free burger, fries and a drink because they would assume he’s one of the Wahlberg brothers, even if they aren’t sure which one. Growing up looking like this is probably pretty hard when you’re looking to make it in Hollywood (insert sarcasm here).

7 Two indistinguishable swans

Via: kickvick.com

Natalie Portman had to have the body of a dancer to pull off her role in Black Swan. She even had to learn certain dance moves to fit the part. But that doesn’t mean she had to do absolutely everything. That’s why she had a stunt double, a woman by the name of Sarah Lane. Whether it was dancing or other items, the stunt double could easily take Portman’s place and it’s simple to see how. Their bodies are similar, and their resemblance doesn’t end there. Perhaps it’s the severe hairstyle and the black makeup, but we’re having trouble telling who is who even when we look back and forth quickly between the two pictures. Once you’re sure which one is Portman, you look at the other one and you’re no longer sure.

6 Rebel Wilson's double takes a truck hit for her

Via: usmagazine.com

Not all comedy stars are willing to throw their bodies completely into the game in order to get a laugh. Rebel Wilson needed her stunt double in July 2017 in order for her character to get hit by a Halal Food Truck in Queens. With similar hair and the right mannerisms, this stunt double could easily take the hit for Wilson and get away with it. From the back, you’d never know which was the real Rebel Wilson. And with a little more makeup and in the right light, you might not know which was the real actor from the front, either. Is it ever disconcerting for them to look around on set and feel like they are seeing a mirror when there are no mirrors in sight?

5 The Rock will never break because his stunt double fills in

Via: huffingtonpost.com

When you see Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” you probably think the mold was broken after he was made. There just isn’t anyone out there like him, right? But even though he is a highly physical being with a unique look, he’s still an actor and there are some stunts he’s not trained to do. Or perhaps insurance liabilities are too high and they just won’t allow him. Instead, on the 2012 set of Pain & Gain, his stunt double took the reigns and filled in on certain parts. With a shaved head, the same suit and perfectly placed green paint, he’ll pass for Johnson with ease—especially during a fast scene with lots of action. Even action stars like The Rock have stand-ins at times.

4 The evil twins making a plan of attack

Via: usmagazine.com

In April 2016, all sorts of powerful people got together in Vancouver and shot the new Power Rangers movie. As you can imagine, there were lots of stunts in that movie. But not all the characters faces are covered so it’s not always easy to replace them. Elizabeth Banks, however, luckily has an evil twin that was able to fill in for her when needed. Rita Repulsa talked over villainous plans with Banks on the set as she prepared to take her place in one of the scenes. It’s not everyday you se someone in a green suit like this in the movies so when a stunt double replaces the star, it can be hard to tell since you are so mystified by the suit in the first place.

3 Bruce Willis has a biker friend to stand in for him

Via: usmagazine.com

You might think of Bruce Willis as the ultimate action star. He’s been in enough action movies that he has to know just what to do, when to do it, and how to say things in order to get the right reaction in the film. But Bruce Willis, at his very core, is an actor. And there are certain limits that almost any actor would have. When it came to filming Red 2 in Paris, Willis has a stunt double fill in for him on occasion during a motorcycle chase scene. It makes sense when you think about it. The motorcycles have to be going very fast. The riders don’t always have helmets. They might have to do certain things on the bikes at fast speeds. It’s all very dangerous, especially for someone who isn’t a professional in the motorcycle riding field.

2 Two Jacks are better than one

Via: kickvick.com

Watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies can be a magical experience. Viewers buy into the character Jack Sparrow so deeply and get so into his antics. It is easy to believe that Jack really is doing all of the crazy things he does, like swinging on ropes way above the ship, dodging swords, jumping from cliffs and so on. But while Johnny Depp is a talented actor, he isn’t always up for dangerous challenges. And that’s why he has his twin Tony Angelotti to double for him in certain situations. Now, Jack has a specific look to him that not just anyone can perfect. But this stunt double does a great job and should go on the road as a Jack Sparrow impersonator at his finest.

1 Even Tom Cruise needs the occasional help

Via: huffingtonpost.com

There are worse things in the world than being told you look like Tom Cruise. Or that you could be his stunt double. The famous actor is well known for doing most of his own riding and stunts, but on occasion, the studio puts its foot down. On Knight and Day, the actor had a stunt double for certain situations. And the double looked plenty like him. Enough so that everyone probably thought Cruise did all of his own stunts yet again, as he has on many other movies. But even the biggest action stars have to admit that they are what drives the movie. And if something happens to them, everyone loses their job. So at times, even stunt-lovers like Tom Cruise have to take a step back and allow others to stand in.

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