15 Pictures That Get Our OCD Senses Tingling

Who, in their right type A personality mind, wouldn't feel all warm and fuzzy inside after seeing a well organized closet or a neatly arranged desk? Who wouldn't take pleasure in seeing a collection of books arranged by size and color, or an array of candies tastefully (you better bet your sweet bippy that pun was intended) laid out, ready to be eaten? Visual perfection is incredibly satisfying, but it can be hard to attain.

Imperfections are simply a part of life, and you have to learn to accept that if you want to be happy and achieve any level of personal satisfaction. We know this. But we just can't do it. That's why these 15 pictures are getting our OCD tingling in the worst way imaginable.

15 This broke a "pizza" our hearts

Via: justviral.co

Hey, you guys mind if we have a slice of your pizza? We skipped lunch because the guy who made our sandwich at Subway used an odd number of cheese triangles and he arranged the pickles all haphazardly. We tried to flip open the bread to correct his sloppy mistakes, but it didn't work out. Had to throw it away. Couldn't bring ourselves to eat a shoddy sandwich. Anyways, can we have some? Thanks! You're a real pal! *Opens box, sees this pizza* Ah...you know what? It's the darndest thing, but we're not hungry anymore.

How hard is it to slice a pizza? You're just cutting a circle into triangular pieces. It's not exactly a science. Next time, use your two remaining brain cells, and we're sure you can tackle it.

14 Color your world with fail

Via: reddit.com

This was no accident. Somebody, we suspect one of the teenagers who got a job at the local hardware store for the summer, did this on purpose, and now the sirens of our OCD alarms are sounding. We have no idea how to turn them off, so it looks like we're just gonna have to deal. Perfect.

Orange has never been our favorite color anyway, so that square was already walking a fine line. But to see it there, all orange and off kilter, it's a nightmare. Our blood pressure is rising, we just know it. We're feeling a tension headache coming on. You see this? You see what your imperfect alignments do to us? We could have you arrested for this. Maybe. Okay, probably not, but that doesn't mean it's not wrong.

13 Subway, are you trying to make us leave you a 1-star Yelp review?

Via: themetapicture.com

Dang it, Subway! First with the poorly arranged pickles and odd number of cheese triangles, and now this? What the heck is your deal?! Have you been taking slicing lessons from the Papa John's pizza guy? Pull your head out of your butt, go wash your hands, as required by all employees before returning to work, pull on a pair of those medical gloves, come back here and let's do this the right way. That's not a request, that's a order. We will not rest until you screwballs know what if means to cut something into even portions.

Three sections does not equal thirds. Not in our house and not today, punk. This sandwich needs to be in three pieces of the same dang size, or we're not playing.

12 Looks like our phone battery's just gonna have to die

Via: twentytwowords.com

"Bridget, let me help with the cake. I'll whip up the buttercream icing if you tell me where your electric mixer is."

"Thanks, Holly, but I don't have an electric mixer anymore. I had to get rid of it when we moved in, along with all of my other electric kitchen appliances. My fridge, my stove, my toaster. Everything."

"What? Why?"

"Look at the outlets in here! They're misaligned! They look like a seventh grader's teeth before braces. I can't stand it! Why do you think George and I decided to put the house up for sale so soon after we moved in? It's because of these wonky outlets. Our OCD is dying a slow, painful death, so we're leaving. It's for our health."


"Yes, Holly?"

"Have you considered therapy?"

11 First of all, how DARE you?!

Via: reddit.com

Oh, for the love of—how much more effort would it have required to make the carpet lines match up? We hate to be the federal agents showing up at the prohibition era speakeasy to arrest everybody, but you people who perpetually opt to do the bare minimum are exactly what's wrong with society. If you're faced with a choice to do something the right way or the wrong way, and you go out of your way to do it the wrong way, you're wrong, and there's no two ways about it, alright?

Great. We're going to be hate-staring at this for the rest of the day, and there's nothing we can do about it. Heck, we don't even like the pattern of the carpet! This isn't fair!

10 If this TP can't get its own crap together, how's it gonna do its job?

Via: vitamin-ha.com

We've never held a grudge against a roll of toilet paper before. Until now. Loathing inanimate objects doesn't really qualify as a sign of a stable mental condition, does it? But, here we are. What can you do about it?

Actually, we already know the answer to that question. The thing you can do to prevent us from disliking inanimate things and/or you is to make sure that everything you put together is properly aligned. Make sure everything always lines up, in whatever you do. Make sure things are always arranged neatly, with nothing out of place, ever. We don't care if you have to give up all of your free time to make this happen. Our demands may be unreasonable, but in a very reasonable way.

9 Why do cringeworthy fails happen to OCD-having people?

Via: quotationsquotes.com

We don't know if this is a cheesecake or a tiramisu or what, but one thing we do know is that it didn't deserve this kind of treatment. The whipped icing dollops on each slice are for decoration and deliciousness. That's it. They're not supposed to be there to protect the cake from getting damaged in the box. What do you think they are, bubble wrap? Packing peanuts? They're supposed to add to the taste and overall aesthetic appeal of the dessert, not cushion it in a fall!

Sigh. It looks like this dessert is chocolate, so we're willing to make an exception and eat all of it—but, rest assured, we're not going to enjoy it. We're gonna need an aspirin to deal with all this OCD tingling.

8 It's a-maze-ing(ly full of fail)!

Via: reddit.com

Now, this maze puzzle is really a challenge because there is no escape. Literally. No, for real, look at it. Both the starting and finishing points lead to dead ends. It's the most frustrating thing in the history of the world, save perhaps for when Netflix upped the monthly cost of its most popular plan from a dollar to $10.99. That one really boiled our blood. Still not over it, TBH. But, hey, that's business, for you.

Anyway, back to this disaster maze. What does this restaurant menu expect kids to do? Dig a tunnel underneath the maze? Because that's back-breaking work, there's no way that fits in with the child labor laws, which means it's official: the stupidity has reached criminal levels in this OCD tingling fail.

7 *Flips table*

Via: reddit.com

Maybe this isn't the stereotypical OCD-triggering fail that you expect to see. It's not like the misaligned carpet lines or the poorly sliced sandwich and pizza, but this is a universal problem that we can all relate to on a deeply personal level. If you feel the need to cry, that's okay. Here *hands you a box of Kleenex* have a tissue. Take a few extra and tuck them in your pocket for later, just in case you start having flashbacks.

A fork falling into a pool of Mrs. Butterworth's is not just an OCD-triggering fail, it's a devastating occurrence that makes our innermost being weep. It's like making out with a dementor. It's kissing clinical depression smack on the lips, and knowing you'll never be happy ever again.

6 The dogs have gone too far this time

Via: pinterest.com

Think dogs can do no wrong? Think...again! We used to be just like you. Innocent. Naive. Thinking every dog that entered our field of vision was a precious angel sent from squee heaven just to make our lives sweeter. We walked around with our head in a cloud of cheery canine adorability. But, ignorance truly is bliss, for we soon discovered that dogs, cute as they are, are not as blameless as we had been led to believe.

These dogs think they're so clever, worming their way into our hearts, but they're just kissing up to us because they want to wreak havoc on our OCD. This girl thought dogs were all belly rubs and Milk Bones, but now there's a paw print in her highlighter. It's all gone to crap.

5 It's time to "ramp" up the fail

Via: pinterest.com

This picture is a real roundhouse kick to our OCD, but imagine how much more frustrating it must be for people in wheelchairs. In what delusional world are you living that this is handicap accessible?

Even if the person who set this ramp fail up thought that people in scooters would get the momentum needed to jump over those last three steps, the angle of the ramp itself is all wrong. We flunked out of physics, granted, but we're pretty sure no one's going to able to build up enough speed to get air between the ramp and the stairs. Besides, even if they did, there's a wall right there. How're they supposed to stick the landing and hook a sharp left? Yep. This has fail written all over it.

4 Just one more reason to hate public restrooms

Via: metdaan.com

Whew! It sure is a good thing the person who installed this toilet did it blindfolded and with their feet, otherwise we wouldn't be so distracted by how awful it is that we might notice how the tile on the floor doesn't line up with the tile on the wall. What a lucky break, huh?

It's times like these when you want to know who's responsible. We need to know the name of the person behind this fail. We want their address. We need to see their face when we tell them how much they've disappointed not only us, but society as a whole. We need to know who to blame for this, even though we know placing blame won't heal the wound. Only time can do that.

3 Maybe if they put carpet over it

Via: pinterest.com

If we had a dollar for every time we stared off into the distance wicked irritated, like Jim looking into the camera on The Office, we'd have so much money right now, you don't even know. We'd be rolling in dough. So much that we'd ever have to work again, our family and friends would never have to work again, you guys would never have to work again. It's too bad people don't get paid by the eye roll because, let us tell you, we've been working over time on that score.

Just so you know, person who did this, we are long distance slapping you across the face like a scorned lover in a soap opera right now, and it's all because of this fail. We hope you're happy.

2 We can't tell if we love it or hate it, but it's got our OCD tingling like no tomorrow!

Via: ruinmyweek.com

Never have we ever felt so conflicted. On the one hand, this avocado is a complete fail because, as you can see, it has no pit. We mean, what is that all about? Is it just lazy? Is it a new hybrid seedless avocado? What's going on? But, on the other hand, we have to say, it does look nice. It's delightfully smooth and the coloring is amazing. It's just the right level of ripe, as well. Not too soft, not too firm. Just perfect. And that's what's got us confused.

So, which way should we feel? Should we hate it because it's wrong, or love it because it feels so right? Hmm. Maybe we should just stare at it until our OCD sorts it out for itself.

1 Who needs light to see, anyway?

Via: dailylolpics.com

Will somebody kill the lights? No, like, seriously kill them. Don't just flip the switch and turn them off, grab a baseball bat and don't stop smashing until the floor is covered in glass. We want these lights dead. Actually, no, we just want this one light dead, because it's really out of line, and our OCD is so exasperated at this point, we just...we can't handle anymore. Take one for the team and snuff out that bulb. Please and thank you.

If this is what our ceiling looked like, we would cut the wires behind the light switches, whether we got shocked in the process or not, and use lamps. We refuse to have anything to do with this OCD tingling fail. We've got our self-respect, you know.

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