15 Pictures That Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Women live longer than men, right? It’s a statistic that we’ve all heard. But why is that? What is it about being a female that gives a person a longer lifespan, on average? Is it the extra estrogen? The longer hair? The way women are shaped? No, none of those things has anything to do with it. Just take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see exactly why women live longer than men. It all revolves around general intelligence. Not that all women are smarter than all men in every area of life, but when it comes to the below items, you wouldn’t see any woman taking part in any of them! And that, in a nutshell, is why women live longer! Mystery solved, all thanks to these men!

15 No part of this is a good idea

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When a man needs to get to a tall ceiling to paint or change a light bulb or hang a basketball hoop or whatever they shouldn't be doing to the house, sure, he could get out the ladder, drag it in from the garage, set it up and make the climb. But that would take a lot of time and a whole lot of effort. Pffft! Why do that when he could simply get inventive and use the items he has on hand? Like, say, the tops of two doors that happen to be right underneath the ceiling he needs to reach!

One false move and this guy is going down hard and fast. And how did he get on top of the doors on the first place? We’re pretty sure we know how he’s going to get down, right?

14 Hungry men die first

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We understand that these men are hungry. And we get that none of them want to get out of the pool in order to grill some hot dogs or go all the way into the house to grab a meal. But is it really worth risking all of their lives in order to eat? Apparently it is! Don’t worry, they’re perfectly safe. They tested their flip flops to make sure they would float under the pressure of the power strip before they tried it out in the pool.

This is an accident waiting to happen. It’s not a matter of if, but more a matter of when. They couldn’t put the hot plate off to the side of the pool and reached out? Still dangerous, but not quite as life threatening in the immediate sense!

13 He'll feel that in the morning

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It happens on construction sites all over the country. As much as they stare at the plans and try to take all the right materials to the job site to use when they need them, they always run low on something. In this case, it’s ladders. They simply can’t get to the top of that roof line without a taller ladder. And since they don’t have what they need and they’re on a time crunch, it makes sense to use the new guy for the extra height they need.

Or does it?! This guy is going to be filing for workman’s comp in no time flat. He’s bound to have back issues for the rest of his life if this is any type of regular thing. And if he sneezes? Bye bye to the man on top!

12 Dumb curiosities and dares

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What woman do you know who would wonder if she could fit her head through a hole? And then try it if she wasn’t sure? Perhaps, we aren’t giving this young boy the credit he deserves. Maybe he didn’t wonder at all. It could have been the boy next to him that wanted to know and dared him to do it. And he did it! Either way, this is a boy here, not a girl. Enough said.

And now they have to saw him out, which looks pretty dangerous as well. Even if he makes it through this incident without any scratches, it’s bound to take years off his life from the stress alone. And that is why men don’t live as long. After lifetimes of doing things like this, they take their own years away!

11 There just has to be a better way

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When a job needs to be done, put a man on it! He’ll get it done! He might injure or maim himself beyond recognition in the meantime, but the job will get done! Well, eventually, if you nag hard enough. When men are on a mission, they tend to get creative. That’s not always a good thing. Actually, it’s usually not a good thing.

Take this man, for example. He may think this is perfectly safe. After all, he has a friend nearby holding the ladder steady so it doesn’t fall. Teamwork! But once he puts his weight a little higher and the ladder shifts… We’re pretty sure we know how this is going to end up. And it’s not pretty! Nor does it bode well for his lifespan…or the paint job on the wall.

10 Add 'ladder' to the gift list

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Men need ladders. Tall ones. Because if they don’t have a ladder tall enough for the job at hand, they won’t wait, go out and buy one and then go back to the job later. No, they’ll do something like this. They will stack anything and everything they can find underneath their short ladder in order to reach the height necessary.

And then they will find that it is slightly too breezy to be stacking so many rickety items on top of one another! Is changing the light on this outdoor lamp really that important and time-sensitive? That he would risk living far too few years in order to get the job done sooner than he would have with a trip to the store for a longer ladder?

9 Friends are always the best tools

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Now this is a true bromance. Two buddies, working a job together. Not just any man would trust his friend with his life by allowing him to dangle him over a building so he could fix the light in a letter for the store sign. That’s friendship, man!

But did he choose the right friend? The guy doesn’t look particularly invested in the job, after all. In fact, he looks downright distracted. One little slip of his hand and, well, that’s why the women in this guy’s life will live longer, at least. And we’re pretty sure there aren’t many women who would put themselves in this position in the first place, right? No, they’d be smart about it and just ask a man to do it!

8 Hopeful weight distribution

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When you’re hot, you’re hot! And you need to get outside and fix that AC unit! There’s no use calling a professional. You can do it yourself! You’re a man! And you have the right tools, a ladder to stand on and a couple of buddies to help you with the job.

This man wasn’t sure one friend would offer enough weight, so he brought two to ensure that nothing would go wrong. And we’re just positive absolutely nothing could go wrong in this picture, right? Wrong! Oh so many things are wrong, very wrong! But it is definitely prime proof of why women live longer. A woman would have simply called for a professional and then headed to the store down the street to stay cool until they arrived.

7 Bee keeping beards

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(Most) women have no desire for facial hair of any kind. Perhaps the fact that men do at times is their downfall. No, it’s not the hair that takes years off their lives, it’s the things that gets into that hair, right? Like crumbs, sticky drinks and bees. Wait, bees?

Why in the world would anyone allow a swarm of bees to take over their beard? And how? Did he slather it in honey? Build a hive on it so he could get more honey himself? It doesn’t really matter, we suppose. The point is that this is a man in the picture, not a woman. Only a man would risk thousands of stings in order to take such a picture. And (say it with us, now!), that’s why women live longer than men.

6 Even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong

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It’s so nice how buddies come together to help one another. These guys are determined to help their friend move the couch from one floor to another. Only they forgot there were stairs in the house. They took is at a challenge to simply toss the thing over the side of the railing and play catch, in a way.

Now, the couch had to get up to the second level in some manner. Could it not come down in that same manner? Not with these guys in charge! And the guys on the bottom look ill prepared and rather small to be playing couch-catch. But we suppose that’s just another reason women live longer. No couch squishing opportunities for the female gender. Women would find a smarter way!

5 So many possible injuries...

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There are some pictures out there that have a lot going on. You’re not sure where to look first and what to see before you move on to another portion of the picture. This is one such picture. What part makes you cringe the most? The guy standing in the bucket or the one holding the big stake? Because there are a number of ways in which things can go wrong here and none of them are very pretty.

If only we had a real time shot here so we could see which guy ended up in the hospital first. Did the bucket turn? Did the hammer aim get off and create a hammer-to-head incident? Anything is possible. The only impossible thing is a good outcome, it seems.

4 Put on pants one leg at a time

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We’ve all heard the saying that everyone puts on their pants one leg at a time. And if you’re talking about a woman, that would be true. It’s even true of most men, most of the time! But this man had a different idea. Why wait and do things the slow way when he can simply jump into his pants?! The time-saving way!

Does this man not want children? Because this is going to hurt the family jewels for sure. The men holding the pants are surely holding them too high, right? And they aren’t out of harm’s way themselves by agreeing to help with this plan. They’ll probably get barreled over as the pants rip and this becomes a first class disaster. But it does give another valid reason as to why women live longer…

3 When creativity goes awry

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It’s nice when men are inventive if it comes to doing something romantic. But when they have a task at hand and they need to get something done, creativity isn’t usually a good thing. In fact, it can be downright dangerous, as we've seen. And not just to their possessions, but also the men themselves. Often more than one of them! In this case, there are many things that can go wrong and all of them probably will go wrong.

This is one of those things that sorta seems like a good idea until you actually see it in motion. Did no one have a truck to place the appliance in so it could be moved to a new location? This has to be illegal in most states. Why does the boy not have a helmet too?

2 Table saw stand-ins are never a good idea

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There is one thing and one thing only to use a circular saw on and that’s a standard table that is supposed to be used for such items. Another man’s back is never ever a good idea. Does this man think his buddy is so trustworthy that he will be able to stop the saw just in time before it cuts through the lower half of his body?

And using his foot to steady the board just adds fuel to the fire. No clamps here, just a good old-fashioned foot! At least the man doing the cutting has ear protection. He’ll need it when he cuts through his friend and the guy starts to scream bloody murder. But at least the mystery is solved. This is why women live longer.

1 Stunts to look cool never go right

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So why do women live longer? Because they would never jump out of a second-story window on a broom and expect to fly! We mean, who would?! Well, men, evidently. At least this man! We have to give him credit; he thought this through. There’s a pool right beneath him so chances are he landed in that and all was fine. However, how deep is that pool? How will the broom land beneath him?

There are too many things that could go wrong to count, that’s for sure. And bad things can happen to the guy sitting nearby observing it all as well. There may be a variety of answers to the question "why do women live longer than men?" But each answer here makes it more obvious than the next!

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