15 Pieces Of Disney Merchandise That Are Worth A Fortune Today

Due to the fact that many Disney movies are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, many youngsters have grown to adore many of the company’s characters. As a result, Disney has managed to rake in money hand over fist by producing oodles of merchandise that relate to their movies and shows in one way or another.

Despite the fact that whenever people walk down a toy aisle there are loads of Disney products they can buy relatively cheaply, some of their biggest fans will pay a princely fortune for rare merchandise. In fact, many Disney fans likely would be astonished to learn how much some Disney products are worth. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 pieces of Disney merchandise that are worth a fortune today.

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15 Adventure Buddy Woody - $300

Via ebay.com

Introduced in a film that was produced by another company, Woody technically isn’t a Disney character but since Disney now owns Pixar, we counted merchandise related to their films. Advertised on the box as featuring “Floppy Legs”, the Adventure Buddy Woody Doll when still in the package has been listed at $300 online.

14 Hercules Megara Gift Set - $350

Via ebay.com

Despite the fact that Disney’s Hercules is far from the most talked-about feature-length animated film the company has produced these days, there is no doubt that the movie has its fans. As a result, this toy set is very valuable today. Quite the set, this box which focused on Megara also came with a flying Pegasus and Hercules and when still in the box, it has been listed at $350.

13 1980s Mickey Mouse Watch - $455

Via etsy.com

Definitely, the character that is most closely associated with Disney, fans of the company love Mickey Mouse merchandise so several items related to him appear on this list. For example, this Quartz watch that was manufactured by Seiko and has Mickey Mouse on its face has been made available for $455 online.

12 Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Doll - $500

Via YouTube.com

The second piece of merchandise related to Toy Story to appear on this list, this time around we are looking at a Buzz Lightyear action figure that is in high demand. In fact, this toy which was marketed on the box as featuring a utility belt, which is exciting we guess, is valued at $500 if it remains inside a mint condition box.

11 The Little Mermaid Storybook and Music Box - $500

Via testyd.com

Definitely, a movie that holds a place in the heart of a generation of kids that adored it, to this day The Little Mermaid is among Disney’s most beloved films. That likely is why this set is worth so much now. Sold together, this storybook and music box is hard to come as a pair which is why they have been made available for $500 on eBay.

10 Mickey Mouse Pez Dispensers

Via pinterest.com

An item that brings together two categories that are highly collectible, rare Mickey Mouse items and hard to find Pez Dispensers often fetch a pretty penny when they become available. As a result, this Mickey Mouse Pez Dispenser has consistently sold for a lot of money. In fact, one of them even fetched $800 when sold at auction.

9 40 Inch Genie Plush - $1,000

Via pinterest.co.uk

Quite possibly the single most beloved Disney movie character of all-time, The Genie from Aladdin is a big reason why that film has continued to remain relevant to this day. With that in mind, the character’s biggest fans have driven the value of this 40 inch Genie plush so high that it is valued at $1000.

8 Mattel’s Sherrif Woody Doll

Via flickr.com

The last item that is related to Toy Story to land on this list, at face value this Woody doll may not seem all that different from any number of other items related to that character. Despite that fact, Mattel’s Sherrif Woody Doll, when sold with the certificates and authentication papers it originally came packaged with, is worth up to $1,195 today.

7 Princess Ariel Talking Doll - $1,700

Via buzzfeed.com

Manufactured at the height of The Little Mermaid’s popularity when the film was first released, this doll was popular enough that it came in more than one size at the time. By far the rarest version of the toy, the My Size Talking Ariel Doll is said to be worth $1,700 these days.

6 Diamond Mickey Mouse Pendant - $5,200

Via pinterest.ca

Unlike most of the merchandise that appears on this list, if you took this item apart it would still be worth a healthy amount of money. That is the case because this pendant is encrusted in 18 karat gold and a slew of diamonds which are quite valuable on their own. That said, when still intact this Mickey Mouse pendant is worth even more as it is valued at $5,200.

5 Bedazzled Cinderella’s Castle - $37,500

Via disneyadulting.com

From one entry about an item that is encrusted in expensive jewels to another, this Bedazzled Cinderella Castle puts the Mickey Mouse Pendant to shame in that department. Created by the Arribas Brothers, this incredible castle was decorated with 28,000 Swarovski crystals which is why it makes sense that it was available for $37,500 online.

4 Old King Cole Mickey & Minnie Window Displays - $40,000

Via imgur.com

Technically not sold in stores when it was first released, this item was still mass-produced and sent to a slew of retailers so we’re counting it. Mostly destroyed over the years, these Mickey & Minnie Mouse window displays that were produced by Old King Cole have sold for $40,000 online.

3 Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Edition Elton John Statue - $62,4000

Via pinterest.ca

Truly a unique statue that combines the appeal of two legendary pop culture figures, this colorful item stands out even among all of the other Disney merchandise that has been sold over the years. Produced to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse’s debut, this statue that also pays tribute to Elton John is available for $62,400 online.

2 Charlotte Clark Mickey & Minnie Dolls - $151,524

Via collectors.com

Definitely a pair of items that look like they were produced a long time ago, these Charlotte Clark Mickey & Minnie Dolls were produced in the ‘30s and very few of them have survived. Made of velvet which also helps them to be remarkable, the dolls are so sought after that online they are said to be worth the oddly specific amount $151,524.

1 Mickey Mouse & Goofy 1956 Comic - $250,000

Via ebay.com

Even though some people assume that most old comic books are worth a lot of money today, the truth of the matter is that many of them are barely worth the paper they are made up of. On the other end of the spectrum, when this comic book comes with all of its original plating and artwork intact, it is said to be worth $250,000.

Sources: therichest.com, thegamer.com

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