15 Pizza Delivery Fails That Will Have You In Tears

We’ve all done it. Whether we have a busy day and didn’t think to get anything out for dinner or we just feel lazy, we’ve all reached for the phone to order pizza. It might be a snack to go along with a movie, a family meal or an easy way to feed a party of teens. Whatever reason is behind it, pizza is a staple! Even though it culturally has Italian roots, it’s an American favorite. But even if our mouths are watering at the very thought of the delectable delight, we might hesitate when we pick up the phone to place our order next time. Because these pizza pictures are very real and so disastrous that there is no redeeming the pizzas inside the boxes. Perhaps Chinese food would be easier?

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15 Pizza from the wreckless driver

Via: barnorama.com

Didn’t his mother ever tell him never to take any corner on two wheels? This pizza delivery driver must not know the neighborhood very well. Maybe he’s new on the job and recognized his turn too late, so he took it a wee bit fast. Part of his training should have included cornering when you have a pizza in the vehicle. No corners can be taken over a certain speed, that sort of thing. Because no customer wants to see their pizza in this state.

It’s true, the pizzas probably still taste good and all, but part of a good pizza is the presentation of the pie. And opening the box to this mess leaves something to be desired! Hopefully they didn’t tip him until after they opened the boxes…

14 Half topping pizza please

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes, people who order a pizza together like different things. So you order a large pizza, half pepperoni and half cheese. It’s a great way to split the costs without having too much left over pizza, (though leftover pizza is never a bad thing, right?) We’re doubting that this family ordered half topping on and half topping off pizza. Because who wants their toppings on the side? If they’d wanted just plain bread, they would have bought a loaf at the store.

This pizza must have been so hot and fresh when the delivery guy started out that as soon as he took the first curve, the toppings slid right off the pizza and into the box. Next time he should check before ringing the bell. Maybe they could be slid back onto the pie?

13 Best advertisement ever

Via: barnorama.com

As you’re waiting for your pizza to arrive, perhaps you turn on the TV and see a great ad awaiting your empty stomach. You just got done ordering your pizza and you see that the store needs more delivery drivers. Perhaps that’s why the pizza is taking so long to arrive. But wait, there’s more! A delivery person actually murdered someone?

And then your doorbell rings and you don’t know what to do. You really want that pizza, but is it worth possible death? Did they catch the original driver who was going around murdering people? Or is he still out there? Or was it the driver who got murdered and that’s why they need new drivers? There are too many questions and too little information on the news.

12 What happens when the driver sits on the box

Via: funnyfailpics.com

You might have heard that if you make a fast food worker mad, they might spit in your food. It’s gross, but you’ll never know. If you are rude to the pizza people on the phone when you order, though, you’ll definitely know what they did for revenge. It appears as if the delivery person sat on the box the whole way to your house because what else would make all of the toppings stick to the top?

If you didn’t check the order in advance and are left with this mess, the best you can do is scrape the toppings off and try to put them back into place. If you call to complain, who knows what you will get next. They already think you’re rude from the first go around!

11 Pizza that makes bold exclamations

Via: failepicfail.com

Never order a pizza from someone who has a grudge against you because you never know what they will put in (or on) your pie. Apparently, there is more to this situation than meets the eye, but whatever is going on, it leads to a very unpleasant delivery situation. If the delivery person was in on the joke, hopefully he split before they checked the pizza. If he didn’t know and they did check, he’s going to be in trouble in no time flat.

There is a time and place for everything, so they say. If this person deserved this particular proclamation, so be it. But was it really necessary to spoil a perfectly delicious pizza in this manner in order to make a statement?

10 When a pizza gets sick...

Via: pinterest.com

If you eat too much pizza, it can make you sick. That’s true of most foods, but greasy pizza can really do it, right? What happens if the pizza gets sick itself? Well, then it looks like this. This pizza may have looked inviting when the delivery person left the pizza place, but by the time it arrived, the situation changed. Perhaps the car ride made it sick or maybe it didn’t like some of its toppings and tossed them off. Whatever the circumstance, it no longer looks inviting in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it looks downright disgusting!

This pizza may cure the person who ordered from pizza entirely. At least they’ll save money on delivery fees and tips from now on!

9 When someone doesn't get it

Via: funny-answers.picphotos.net

There are two types of employees who could have created this disastrous pizza delivery. First, it could be the smart aleck class clown who thinks putting one pepperoni on the pizza when someone orders "one pepperoni pizza" is funny. Second, it’s an employee who thinks this is really what the person ordering wanted. Either way, it’s not cool for the family who receives it and gets stuck with a mainly cheese pizza along with one lousy pepperoni.

This pizza could start a feud. If everyone wants a pepperoni slice, who gets the one piece that has the one pepperoni?! And will the dense person at the pizza shop do this to every customer who wants just "one pepperoni pizza" or will someone explain the concept to them?

8 Pregnant pizzas

Via: thechive.com

You might think that having a pregnant pizza would be a joy. After all, who knows how many pizza babies one pizza can sprout out for you to enjoy? But then when you actually see a pizza that looks pregnant, you realize something is horribly wrong with the idea as a whole.

It’s normal for a pizza to bubble as it cooks. Cheese pops and goes in and out with different small bubbles. But there’s nothing normal about a bubble this big. Can you imagine trying to decide whether or not to pop this particular bubble? How big will the explosion be? Would you be cleaning pizza off your walls for weeks? It might be best to put it aside, leave it alone, and order Chinese instead.

7 Pizza that is too true for its own good

Via: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

Pizza is yummy deliciousness at its core. It’s a comfort food and a staple in the American diet. We all understand it’s not necessarily good for us. It’s not vegetables and fruits, after all, though it can incorporate some of those items at times. We eat pizza because it tastes good and we like it. Enough said!

What if you got a pizza that reminded you of what it is, though. Your order comes and your mouth waters. You open the box and there’s Spock, telling you, basically, that bacon is going to kill you. It’s a bit of a buzz kill, right? You might start by picking the bacon off, but overall, the pizza is ruined for you now that your mind is in the way.

6 Burned, spliced disaster

Via: buzzfeed.com

Some people like their pizza a bit more doughy and others like it crispy. It’s a personal choice! We’re pretty sure no one likes their pizza burned to a new level of blackness. And when the pizza is cut and shifted around the box so much that is looks like yesterday’s trash, that only adds fuel to an already burned pizza fire.

Did this delivery guy just stop by the back dumpster and pick out a pizza that got thrown out, or what? It certainly doesn’t look fresh like they promised in their ad! You’d have to be extremely hungry to eat pizza that looks this bad. And the store better make good with a fresh one fast or you’ll order Chinese from now on.

5 When something seems to be missing

Via: failepicfail.com

You’re so excited when your pizza arrives. You even love the feel of the warm box in your hand! And you can’t wait to try the new combination of toppings you ordered. You flip open the lid and… wait, where is everything? You could be mistaken, but you’re pretty sure the very least amount of toppings you can order include cheese. This pizza doesn’t even have that! Did they even bake it? Why would anyone order a pizza with just bread and sauce? It’s insanity!

The delivery person needs to start checking the pile they are grabbing pizzas from. There’s a "to deliver" pile and a "to cook" pile and they should be very obvious and in different spots. If this confusion happens often, people are going to go with frozen pizza a lot more often.

4 The jumbled up mess

Via: buzzfeed.com

Now this is what you expect pizza to look like if someone were to take a wooden spoon to it in order to stir it around and mix the ingredients into a fine mess. But that’s not really something you do with pizza, so why does this one look so crazy? The driver had to take more than one bad turn to get this mess in a perfectly jumbled order.

The parts that aren’t completely gone on the side of the box don’t look half bad, but can the buyer scrape enough together for a meal? Or is this pizza better off being scratched and thrown out completely? At least some of the toppings are still on the dough this time… a very small some, but still.

3 Impressive party food

Via: thechive.com

Pizza is such an easy party food. It’s something almost everyone likes and it’s easy to order and slap onto the table. This pizza got slapped a bit too hard and for a bit too long, however. It’s definitely seen better days. And not just one pizza arrived in this condition, but all of them! It almost looks like they were way too hot when they went into the box because the dough folded over on itself when the car took its first fast turn. Things only got worse from there.

This staple party food quickly turned into something no one at the party would even go near. Since it looks like rotting garbage now, the party may end a bit sooner when guests get hungry and go home.

2 Shifting toppings galore

Via: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

When you order a pizza, you expect it to have toppings that are pretty evenly distributed. Sure, there might be a little more cheese here than there and a few more olives on one piece than another. But it’s never okay for absolutely all of the toppings to be on one slice. And it’s never ever okay for most of it to have made its way onto the box completely.

Did the driver forget to strap the pizza box into a seatbelt or what? A sudden stop can make this happen, but delivery drivers should know better. What a nightmare for the family awaiting this succulent delight! Did they go forward with their pizza plans or back track to another idea fast when they saw this topping disaster?

1 Take the stairs next time

Via: meme.com

Of all the pictures we’ve seen, many of them could have been completed by this delivery action. Are the elevators broken in this building and the guy didn’t want to take the stairs, or what? Does he not want to get a good tip ever? No one’s going to throw money out the window, right? Maybe this person ordered a hand tossed pizza, though this is probably not what they wanted, exactly.

If they want the toppings on the side, slid complete onto the box, we suppose this is a good route to go. We prefer our toppings where they belong… on top of the pizza! Even though the thought of pizza makes us hungry, it might be time for a change after seeing these disastrous delivery attempts.

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