15 Pokémon Nails that Will Seriously Up Your Pokémon GO Game

Like many of you, I’ve been obsessed with playing Pokémon GO this past week (even though I’m so sick of catching 1000 Rattatas and Pidgeys). The nostalgia of my childhood in the '90s is very real, and playing the game in real-life is a lot more fun than it seems. I began playing because of my young cousins but became addicted to traveling to different Pokéstops and hunting for rare Pokémon. I’ve still only caught a wild Hypno as my best Pokémon, but I’m trying! Of course, the players have to be careful while playing (please don’t run into traffic or Pokémon GO and drive), but it’s a great way to get kids (and adults!) up and out for adventure. The app also encourages walking or running, as the player has to walk a certain distance in order to hatch Pokémon eggs (as opposed to catching a Pokémon “in the wild”). Of course, while playing, I’d love to have some fabulous Pokémon-inspired nails. Who said you can’t be glamorous while hunting rare Pokémon?! Who wouldn’t want a cute Pikachu or Charmander on their nails while battling at the local gym?! I’ve gathered a bunch of different Pokémon nail looks, from embellished nails to simple Pokémon outlines. I personally wish I was as talented to draw Pokémon on my nails, so I may have to stick to the simpler Pokéball nails. What Pokémon nail art would you recreate out of this list? What other ideas do you have for Pokémon nail art?

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15 These classic, embellished Pokéball nails:

You should definitely go hunt Pokémon in style with these nails. Even if you’re addicted to catching Pokémon, you definitely have time to do these nails. To achieve this look, paint the bottom half of your nail a few coats of red, and the top half of your nail a few coats of white. Next, wait long enough for them to dry and paint a black strip in the middle (if you need to, use stickers or tape to help with this step). Paint a circle in the middle of the stripe and if needed, clean up with red or white nail polish. Finally add a metallic accent (or jewel) to the center to top it all off. You’re ready to go capture some Pokémon with these custom Pokéballs.

14 These insanely detailed nails:

Okay, these nails are AMAZING. Obviously, you’ll need super long nails or acrylics to achieve this look. If you’re an artist, I challenge you to try this look. First, you should lay down your base coat (it looks like this artist used a clear holographic base coat). Next, you should sketch out the design of the Pokémon of your choice, like Jigglypuff or Squirtle, with a nail art pen (of course, after your base coat has dried thoroughly). Next, fill in the rest of design with color and add in more details with your nail art pen. I love the addition of the crystals! I’d like to try a design with only Pidgey, Weedle and Rattata just to troll people. How many more Pidgey can you possibly catch?

13 This simpler version:

Don’t think you’re as a great of an artist as the last? Don’t think you have enough time to do the last look? Check out this easier version of Pokémon art. It’s still a super-cute look, but with a lot less effort and time. Plus, the design works on shorter nails (and those who don’t want to fuss with fake nails). Paint each nail the color of the Pokémon you choose, and after they dry, add in really simple face detail with a nail art pen or toothpick. How adorable is her Pikachu!? Finally, add a glossy topcoat to finish the look. Choose to do all different types of Pokémon, or add an accent Pokéball nail to mix up the look. Gotta paint ‘em all!

12 This Pikachu accent nail:

Although super simple looking, the artist (@editmyreality) said she spent two hours on these nails! What a great way to procrastinate that work you need to get to. I think this is an adorable way to combine the first look with the second look. Paint all but one of your nails (just like the first look) as Pokéballs and leave one blank to add a Pokémon of your choice. Personally, I think the Pikachu accent looks great with the Pokéballs, but any Pokémon would do. You can easily paint a quick Pikachu by painting ¾ of your nail yellow, while adding black ears, eyes and red cheeks. Your Pokémon drawing can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Finish with a topcoat and show off your mani to your friends while you play Pokémon GO!

11 This adorable Togepi mani:

Although Togepi isn’t one of the original 151 Pokémon, I couldn’t resist sharing this mani! Togepi’s triangle design on its shell is perfect for nail art, especially if you want a quicker nail art design. Paint your nails a white base and add blue and red triangles after the white has dried. Don’t forget to make some of the triangles small and completely filled in, while making the larger triangles just an outline of a triangle. Of course, finish off with a clear topcoat. If you want, leave a nail blank and paint on a Togepi design or use a decal like the artist did (you can get them from here which are also awesome for nail art). Otherwise, the Togepi design is super subtle and sweet on its own if you didn’t want to get too complicated.

10 This creative mani:

This gel manicure is so freaking funny. I love that she used all of her nails to create one Pokémon face. For Pikachu, paint all of your nails a base coat of yellow. Next, paint a red circle (AKA Pikachu’s cheeks) on your pinky finger and your thumb (make sure the thumb’s circle is to the top of the nail so it lines up when you take a picture like she did). Then, paint eyes on your ring and pointer finger. Finally, paint a triangle nose and mouth to complete your Pikachu! For Jigglypuff, paint your nails a light purple color. Your thumb and pinky fingers should have triangles painted on them to represent Jigglypuff’s ears. Next, paint eyes onto your ring and pointer fingers. To finish, paint Jigglypuff's cute ringlet and mouth on your middle finger. Finish with a glossy top coat. I’d like to see experimentations with other Pokémon! Can someone please do this for Charmander?

9 This Team Valor-inspired mani:

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Even though I'm Team Mystic, I love this idea to represent your team with your nails. You could easily do this with Team Mystic or Team Instinct – just go with your team’s color scheme. Pick four or five designs that represent your team for your mani. Obviously, it may be hard to paint your team’s symbol, but give it your best shot. Otherwise, you choose Pokémon in your team’s color or simple designs like polka dots, stripes or an ombré glitter nail. For example, you could paint a Poliwag or a Squirtle if you are on team Mystic. If you are on Team Instinct, Pikachu and Drowzee easily work into your design. For Team Valor, paint Pokémon like Charmander or Gastly. If you wanted to get really into it, you could choose Pokémon that fit well with your team’s ideals and strengths.

8 These water Pokémon nails:

Another awesome way to do your nail art is to separate your Pokémon by their type, like grass-type, ghost-type, or fire-type. Nail artist @ayewuykenails hand painted Slowpoke, Poliwag, Dewgong, Shellder and Horsea (AKA water-type Pokémon) onto nails and they look so great together! Like the other designs, lay down a base coat and paint your Pokémon design on top of the coat. You can make simpler designs (like look number three) or use stickers if you’re not as great as an artist. You could also take your time and practice painting these nails on a fake nail set like this artist did. Drawing the black outline on the characters is key to making this mani look high-quality. I love the holographic blue basecoat that’s under Slowpoke, Dewgong and Horsea! Someone paint fire-type Pokémon on my nails, ASAP.

7 This AMAZING manicure:

If you want to take your Pokémon mani to the next level, try what @73.roza did with her nails (obviously she wants to be the very best Pokémon nail art designer). She chose two Pokémon to draw on her thumbs and middle fingers. She painted the Pokémons’ heads on her thumbs and their backsides on her middle fingers (how creative and cute). For the other nails, you can use a clear glitter gel or acrylic for the base. Then, add more glitter and add rhinestones to your preference in layers (the more glitzy, the better for this look). Use colored gems to match your Pokémon of choice, and even add giant gems for extra ~drama~. I would even add some smaller gems on the actual Pokémon nails for more cohesion. Who said playing Pokémon GO isn’t glamorous?! Get out into the real world of Pokémon in style!

6 These Poké-Butts:

How hilarious are these nails? Just imagine a friend asking you about your manicure: “Hey what’s on your nails?” “Oh, just some Poké-butts!” Regardless, I think they’d be great to play Pokémon GO with because they’d be an excellent conversation-starter. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life playing Pokémon GO with comical nails. To create these, the artist painted a cream base coat and drew in the details of four different Pokémon’s booties. The artist also added in a Pokéball, but you could find a fifth Pokémon backside to draw, like Charmander. They’re pretty simple to design and probably easier than drawing their faces, if you can find a reference photo. What Poké-butt would you draw on your nails?

5 These detailed nails:

These drawings are so precious! I love the clear, sparkly base coat behind the Pokémon. For these nails, you’ll have to have extra-long nails because the artist added their bodies in the drawings (try using acrylics for this look). Like the other designs, lay down your base coat first. Next, sketch out your design and fill it in with the base colors (I’d recommend sketching out your design first on a piece of paper). Re-outline your Pokémon of your choosing in black and add other details, like eyes and cheeks, with a nail pen or toothpick. If you are new to using nail pens, I would practice beforehand to get the perfect look. Don’t forget your glossy topcoat to make your look shine. What’s your favorite of these Pokémon the artist created? I love the Mew and Charmander!!

4 This Flareon painting:

This is such a beautiful hand-painted nail art! Obviously this look must have taken quite a bit of time to accomplish, but anything for a wonderful painting of Flareon, am I right? Flareon, which evolves from Eevee, is a Fire-Type Pokémon and is know as “The Flame Pokémon”, hence the magnificently painted flames next to it. This artist took her time with the layers of paint to perfect her details- I mean can you see the three different types of green she used in the grass alone?! The Flareon must have taken ages to finish. I would love to see her paint different Pokémon, because the final product is stunning. Or, the nail art would have been awesome to see an Eevee painted next to the Flareon to see the evolution of the Pokémon.

3 This French-twist:

The nail artist did an awesome twist on the French manicure, by painting her nail tips a holographic light blue color and the nail base a clear coat. Then she hand-painted ten different Pokémon on each nail. Of course, she didn’t stop there and added a gem to each nail, matching the color of each Pokémon. The Pokémon are so tiny and detailed that I really don’t understand how she did it. Obviously, this took her quite some time, but the end result is worth it. She even said in her caption that “Clearly, I’m obsessed with Pokémon GO!” An easier way to create this look would be to buy some Pokémon nail stickers. But, how adorable is that miniature Poliwag?! Her creativity gets an A+. What other Pokémon would you have liked to see painted?

2 These Charizard-inspired nails:

Charmander was my favorite Pokémon as a kid, so I love these Charizard (what Charmander evolves into, if you didn’t know) nails! Bonus points for the artist still owning the Charizard Pokémon card. The artist focused Charizard’s face only on one nail and its flames on the other three nails. To create this look, the artist ombréd the base coat with shades of red, yellow and orange (you can use a makeup sponge to achieve an ombré look). Afterwards, it looks like she created a custom stencil to paint on the shapes of Charizard and the flames in black. To achieve the shapes, create a stencil out of a material like painter’s tape (or special nail tape) and paint over it with black paint. After it’s mostly dry, peel off the tape. Finally, she added in details of Charizards face, including his eyes and nose. The result? This nail art is a dark, but beautiful look.

1 And of course, Psyduck:

Everybody needs a Psyduck in their life, so obviously you should paint it on your nails. Luckily, you won’t get a headache like Psyduck to create these nails, because of how easy this look is. To achieve this simple nail design, paint each nail a shade of banana yellow. On the middle nail, paint a over-simplified version of Psyduck’s face with a small brush. On two other nails, paint his feet, using a lighter tan color and black to outline them. I’d finish off with a glossy topcoat to keep your design intact. Like the show, your Psyduck nails can also become a running gag to paint on your friend's nails. “Wait, you wanted Pikachu nails? I’m sorry, I accidentally painted Psyduck!” Yeah, that would be pretty funny.

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