15 Poor Souls Who Made Irreversible Mistakes

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15 Poor Souls Who Made Irreversible Mistakes

Making mistakes and learning from them is what being a human is all about. We mess up, we shame ourselves, we learn from what we did, and don’t repeat it (well, we try not to, anyways). But sometimes the mistakes people make are irreversible. They can’t be fixed, even if a person really tried. If you got a regrettable tattoo, you’ll probably have to live with that for the rest of your life (unless you try to cover it up with a tattoo you never wanted in the first place). It’s not just individuals who make these heinous mistakes either. Another more professional example is if your company made an unfortunate advertisement on your watch–that bad boy is probably ingrained in people’s minds for the next two years. Life gets messy. But you know what? At least we can learn from the mistakes of others. And it’s even better because in this case you can laugh at them!

16. Raising Hell In Kosher Manner

Via: Imgur

Whenever someone tells me they’re designing their own tattoo, I always remind them to be very careful. Carefully choose the image you want to have, and choose the right tattoo artist for you. If you don’t put in this kind of effort while making a life-changing decision, then I’m not so sure things will go as planned. Take this girl, for instance. She wanted to have a pentagram tattooed on her body, but now she has the Star of David instead. All she had to do to get what she wanted was to research a little bit (especially if she tattooed it at home). She would have learned that a pentagram needs to have five points (that’s why it’s called a pentagram), while the star of David looks very similar but has six points. 

From now on, Sally will have to either convert to Judaism, or have her tattoo covered up all the time in shame. What will she choose?

15. Dude, Why Are You Eating A Sausage Like That?

Via: BoredPanda

I don’t know how they ended up with this design, but this package is completely gross. This looks all sorts of wrong. Is he gorging himself on sausages until he’s sick or something? It would make me think before buying these sausages, that’s for sure. It makes me think if I will look the same while eating this sausage… I hope not!

From the language on the packaging, it seems that this is a Czech brand. I don’t know how popular it is in the Czech Republic, or whether this company sells good products. But I can also guess that they’ve been in operation for quite some time (I can see that it says 1917; maybe it’s the foundation year?). If I’m right about that, it’s too late for them to reverse their mistake. Everyone knows them as a brand that has the disturbing image of a dude with a mouth full of phallic-shaped deli meats!

14. No Safety. Smoking First

Via: Earthables

I know that it’s supposed to say: “No Smoking. Safety First.” It’s a pretty common thing to see on a boat, and it is probably required by law. No one wants to enter a ship that doesn’t have safety rules. But whoever painted these rules failed hard. They totally blanked on the spacing of the words. Because instead of enforcing safety, they’re actually enforcing smoking, not safety. I’d like to know if they noticed the mistake after they put everything together or if they didn’t notice at all. Did someone have to point it out? It’s not an impossible mistake to fix, but it is something that can take up time. But even if they do repaint the ship, the damage has been done. Someone took a photo and it’s on the Internet. Game over.

13. No, Dude, No!

Via: Imgur

This photo makes me cringe SO hard! I just want to scream, “No, dude, don’t do this!” and rush to this fellow to pull him away from the policeman! Unfortunately, I can’t. None of us can. What’s done can’t be undone. No one can save the poor guy now. His a** is grass. He most likely did end up spilling his beverage onto the head of this policeman and didn’t get away with it easily. There’s no way he could get away with something like this.

Judging by the smile on this guy’s face, it’s clear he wasn’t in his right mind. I don’t know what his punishment was after pulling something like this, but he kind of deserves it. Who willingly pours beer on a government official’s head? I get the dude was drunk and everything is funny in the moment when you’re tipsy, but this is quite serious and I bet he learned from this mistake…

12. Don’t Be Happy —Worry

Via: Pinterest

This is the most horrible t-shirt design ever. I understand that it was supposed to say the popular phrase, “Don’t worry, be happy.” TBH, I really like this phrase and I think everyone should live by it. Whatever drama life throws our way, just be happy and don’t worry. It’s so positive and that’s exactly what people need! Honestly, I like it so much that I’d love to have a t-shirt that says this. It would be my favorite one! But certainly not this particular design. Like, this is what people want in life; to have someone tell them to stop being happy and to start worrying about things. Ugh. Hopefully someone brought this fatal design hiccup to the company’s attention and it was re-worked.

11. Do You Have Any ‘Regerts”?

Via: Pinterest

This is another tattoo failure that could totally be avoided by a little more consideration. But since the guy who wanted this tattoo on his arm either paid little attention to choosing a tattoo artist or to spelling, he will now have to live with that for the rest of his life. Let’s hope that he actually has no ‘regerts’ about doing that.

It’s worth mentioning that the guy’s intentions behind this tattoo were good. I like this saying and I think it’s admirable when people don’t regret their actions and just keep moving forward. That’s the trait of a strong individual who strives to obtain their goals because they don’t waste time on complaining. If only this guy had the phrase spelled properly… That’s what I call a good idea, but the bad execution.

10. What A Nice Pencil For Kids!

Via: Lolwot

It all started off well. The pencil used to say “Too cool to do drugs.” It’s a solid phrase that could potentially help a school student stay away from doing drugs. But the designer obviously didn’t think about what would happen to the phrase when kids started sharpening their pencils. Because when the words are shaved off one by one, the phrase begins to change, and eventually acquires a completely different meaning. In only a short while, the pencil says it’s “cool to do drugs,” then it starts ordering children to “do drugs,” and then it just states, “drugs.” Nice job, guys.

If only they put the phrase the other way around! It would finish not with an order to do drugs, but with stating that its owner is “too cool.” It would be much better! But now it’s impossible to fix this. And this pencil will remain the favorite stationery for junkies.

9. Oh No…

Via: Pinterest

Skydiving is a cool thing! I’ll tell you a secret of mine: I dream about doing this at some point in my life. But I definitely have nightmares about getting into a similar situation like the dude in the photo above. And it’s images like this that totally deter me from going skydiving, parachuting, or whatever other activity you can do in the sky.

This guy obviously jumped out of a plane—somewhere in Brazil—and landed in the most unfortunate place possible: The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. I wonder if he planned this epic fail out or if he just hopped out and knew sh*t was going to hit the fan once he flew closer and closer to this statue. Whatever the case, I’m sure that the poor man is regretting his decision of flying through the air immediately. How does this guy even get down from there?!

8. When Satan Does Your Floors

Via: Pinterest

Okay, let me take a moment and calm down here… I need to pull myself together before I start discussing this photo, because I feel like I have vertigo.

I think that both you and I have the same question: Who on earth decided to put the carpet together like this? Was it a henchman of Satan? Because I don’t see any other options. Whoever did this turned the stairs into a death ride. The only way you can safely go down the stairs is to firmly hold the banisters and be really, really careful. It might even take you a solid five minutes to get down this hell ride. Even when I look at these steps, my head starts spinning around. I would definitely NOT want to see these in real life. So if anyone knows where this horrible flooring mistake was made, please tell me, because I want to make sure I never go there.

7. MAJOR Font Fail

Via: Twitter

These guys started off with good intentions. After all, The Rizza Cafe sounds like a very beautiful cafe. But I wish they would have put more thought into the font they used on their glass windows. Because this was the biggest mistake this company could have made. Even if this cafe changes the font on their windows, people have already caught wind of this epic fail and forever think of it as a racial slur instead of “Rizza.”

I don’t think this was the reputation this cafe wanted. Most likely, they wanted to create a very fancy and sophisticated cafe where they were going to serve delicious meals and drinks. But they tried too hard to make their design fancy. Now this ‘R’ resembles an ‘N’ and those nice ‘Zs’ looks like ‘Gs.’ Put it all together and we have one heinous term that I refuse to say.

6. This Is Unfortunate

Via: Eonline

Oh no. This book was supposed to be a good one, until the placement of the author’s last name totally ruined the book for life.

I understand that “Brown” is the surname of the author of the book, and the rest is supposed to be the title (Kids Are Weird). But putting them so close together was a huge mistake. And there’s a fat chance that the publisher can do anything about it now. Since these books are published already and are being sold in stores, it’s impossible to do anything with them. Do people recall books? Is that a thing? At any rate, people noticed, and someone even took a photo of a pile of these books and put them on the Internet. So, pretty much the whole world has already witnessed this mistake. And we all know that once it’s on the Internet, it’s impossible to get it off. 

5. Do You Like ‘Rapefruit’?

Via: Cheezburger

Rapefruit… What kind of fruit is this? Oh, yeah, sure, they meant grapefruit. I guess that they just missed the first letter in this word. Or, maybe the page designers wanted to put this slice of grapefruit instead of ‘G’? If this was the case, they totally failed!

Considering this looks like the front page of a newspaper, it’s shocking that the editors didn’t catch on to this epic fail. Didn’t a single person see that the grapefruit slice had no similarity to the letter ‘G’ and that everyone will read the word “rapefruit” instead of “grapefruit”? Wasn’t it an obvious mistake? The publishers had the time to fix it, but they didn’t. And now, when the newspaper arrived to the public, nothing could be done. The only thing they can do is to try to keep away from anything similar in the future, to avoid spoiling their reputation completely.

4. Study With The Poo Professor

Via: Pinterest

Excuse me, what professor? The Poo professor? What do you mean? Does this professor teach people how to use the toilet? Or is it the professor’s actual surname? Or did the disc designer fail and put something in a wrong way? All I can do is to keep on guessing. But I think I figured it out. It’s supposed to say “The POOL Professor.” The ‘L’ from pool runs into the ‘P’ from professor. The designer’s logic is in the right place, but as with most things on this list, it was poorly executed. The CD even says “Your swimming pool software.” However, the little cartoon guy on the left doesn’t look like he’s on the computer learning the new software tbh; it looks like he’s sitting on the toilet, making this “poo professor” all the more realistic. Ugh, someone help them.

3. Now This Is Plainly Stupid

Via: Piximus

This is a post from a proud friend or family member who shared some great news: Dustin is now old and responsible enough to have his own credit card! Congrats! The only problem is, I don’t think the woman posting this image is old or responsible enough to f*cking be on Facebook, considering the stunt she just pulled. You can’t just go posting someone’s private bank information on the INTERNET. Considering she did this, all those likes, comments, and shares this person got is now probably paying for everyone’s Christmas gifts and dinners for the next few hours until someone is smart enough to cancel the card. It’s downright embarrassing that someone thought this was a good idea. Even the last comment said “Did you just post some kid’s credit card number all over Facebook?”

2. Cheers!

Via: LifeBuzz

So this couple went to a bar to have a good dinner (maybe to celebrate something). They got their beers and wanted to clink their glasses. It was supposed to be an epic moment, so someone even decided to take a picture of them. But no one knew how epic it was going to be! The couple clinked their glasses too hard that one of them broke, making both beers spill entirely all over the couple and their food.

They totally didn’t expect that to happen, it’s written all over their faces. Clinking that hard was a huge mistake, because after this, they had to continue their dinner with their clothes completely wet, smelling like beer. And who likes the smell of the beer? I only hope that these two had enough of a sense of humor to laugh at the incident and didn’t let it ruin their evening!

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