15 Poor Souls Who Need An Intervention And A User Manual

We are all guilty of doing silly and embarrassing things. Sometimes we say things wrong, sometimes we get things messed up and sometimes we use things the wrong way. Most of us are quick to figure out when we are doing something wrong, but the same can’t be said for everyone. Ignorance is bliss and when people don’t realize they are using something the wrong way, they are just going to keep doing it. Why change? These people are all guilty of using everyday things the wrong way and they are paying the consequences for their innocent mistakes. I bet they won’t mess up like this again. Ready for a good laugh? Check out these 15 people who used everyday items the wrong way. This is why it's always important to read the instructions on things.

15 That's Not Right At All

What’s worse than taking the last basket at the grocery store? How about taking the last basket and the rack and dragging them both around the store? Does this lady seriously think this is what this thing is for? Why not just get a cart if she is going to drag or push something around the store. Maybe she was just in a hurry and didn’t have time to fight to get the basket of the rack. Is it even on wheels? I can’t even imagine the sound it made as it scraped across the floor. Did anyone bother to tell her she was using it wrong? I bet the people behind the security cameras were just laughing and laughing at this. I also bet the manager wasn’t very happy when he saw that his floors were destroyed.

14 Umm You're Doing It Wrong

I could be wrong, but isn’t the entire point of carrying an umbrella to open it so the rain doesn’t get on your head? Why even bother to hold it unopened on top of your head? It literally takes five seconds to open an umbrella and use it the right way and stay dry. Why would this guy not bother to open it and risk getting wet? It’s so simple and easy, you wouldn’t think someone would be able to get it wrong. I guess this guy proves that anything is possible. I also notice that he is carrying his jacket instead of wearing it. I guess he just doesn’t care if he gets wet or not. I bet if he had a wife, he would be learning how to open that umbrella pretty quickly. He would probably still get wet though when she made him hold it over her head.

13 Is This Comfortable?

Could someone please wake this lady up and let her know that is not how you use those? I get it, it’s hard to sleep on an airplane, but those go in your ears, not your nose. I can see having a hard time falling asleep because of the sound of other people talking on the plane, but what kind of smells keep you from falling asleep? Maybe she is sitting right outside the restrooms. Maybe the person beside her hasn’t showered in a while. Maybe she hasn’t showered in a while. How is this comfortable? I almost think someone stuck these in her nose while she was in a deep sleep. This is what happens when you snore on a plane. People just shove things in your nostrils and take photos of you.

12 Nice Try But No!

Via Dumpaday

When you are old and alone, it’s hard to get any action. I guess this is the fate in store for us. Grandpa saw this on the shelf in the music store and knew just how he would use it. You can’t really blame him can you? I guess if you can’t find someone to do it for you, you might as well do it yourself. Kind of gives a new meaning to that old saying about tooting your own horn. I hope it gives him the joy he has been missing in his life. Maybe he will learn to play it the right way someday and join a band. This could open some new doors for him if only he could learn how to do it the right way.

11 This Should Be Illegal

Via Smosh

There are some things you just don’t mess with and Capri Suns are one of them. I know what you are thinking, this isn’t a big deal, let this person drink it how they want. NO! This is a very big deal and drinking it this way changes everything. It shouldn’t even be allowed. How are you going to empty a Capri Sun into a glass? It’s supposed to be enjoyed by sipping it slowly through a tiny straw. The fact that it takes forever to quench your thirst is part of the process. If you drink it too fast, it’s gone and then you have nothing left in life. If you don’t know the importance of drinking this juice out of its pouch, you have no business buying them anyways.

10 Aww, So Close

Aww aren’t old people the cutest? You always wanted a photo of your grandma’s eye right? It will look great up on the mantle beside the family Christmas photo. Someone had to take a picture of grandma trying to take a pictures, so why didn’t they just show her how to do it. Technology can be confusing, especially for the elderly and in her defense, she almost got it right. I hope she has a caring child or grandchild who is willing to take their time to teach grandma how to use her camera. I will save her from embarrassment and help her capture some great moments to share with her friends at bingo. Bless her heart though, that is a pretty cool eye photo.

9 Oh Come On Now

We have all struggled to find a parking spot at a busy mall or store. It’s frustrating and it can take forever to find a good spot. This person decided he wasn’t waiting for someone to pull out and give up a spot. He had things to do and groceries to buy so he parked in the first spot he found. It just happened to be the cart corral. I wonder if this is illegal? I haven’t seen any signs that say you can’t park there. Maybe it’s just one of those things where people assume the world knows better. Guess not. Maybe more people should try this? It only works if you have a small car and I'm still not sure how he opened the door and got out. I sure would have liked to have seen this all go down.

8 At Least He's Trying

Via Wyat

I know you shouldn’t make fun of someone at the gym, trying to get healthy and in shape, but is it okay to do it if they are using the equipment wrong? What is this guy thinking? I’m glad he is trying to workout and be a better person, but maybe if he put a little more thought into the process, he would see some results faster. Can it really even be considered working out if he is just lying on top of a medicine ball on top of a weight bench? Why isn’t the guy beside him telling him he is using it wrong and maybe give him some tops or suggestions? Wait maybe he just fell asleep. I hope the poor guy figures it out so he can make some good life changes.

7 Good Thing She Is Pretty

Via DumpADay

When you advertise a product or service, it’s always a good idea to get things right. I guess in this case they aren’t advertising a chance to chat with smart girls, just gorgeous ones. If you missed it, she is holding the phone upside down. Probably makes it hard to hear all the lies she is telling the customer on the other end of the line. I have a feeling this didn’t stop many people from calling. Lets face it, when someone calls a chat line, they aren’t looking for brains. They want a soft voice and some kind words. They might be imagining what the girl on the other end of the line looks like, but they aren’t imagining a big brain. Poor girl can’t even use a phone right.

6 At What Point Did She Realize She Was Using It Wrong?

Ever been in the shower and accidentally grabbed the body wash instead of the shampoo only to realize it too late? You probably just had to do a little extra rinsing or deal with some oily hair. This poor lady must have confused the mousse with the expanding foam can because her hair is doomed. How do you even get this out? I guess you just shave your head and wear a wig until your hair grows back in. How does someone make this kind of mistake? Why are these two cans even in the same place? One belongs under the sink and the other in the garage. Hope she didn’t have plans for a big night out, because she is going to have to cancel them.

5 How Did That Taste?

Is this a joke? Did a person really do this? How do you make a mistake like this? Maybe it’s a prank? Or maybe they're not American and are lucky enough to never have come across this abomination called 'cheese'. Some people just shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. If this person can mess up a sandwich this badly, how badly could he or she mess up a cooked meal? This is how kitchen fires start. Can you imagine if they tried to microwave it? I wonder at what point he realized he was using the cheese slices wrong? I'm going to guess about the time he bit into it. I like my food fresh too, but keeping it in the wrapper while you eat it is a little extreme. Someone please teach this person how to make a sandwich.

4 Ohh, That's How You Use It?

Hey guy, I think you are supposed to be lying on the air mattress, not besides it. What’s the point in having one if you aren't going to use it? Why put a picture of someone using a product wrong on the product you are trying to sell? Not only is the guy on the box using the product wrong, the company is using marketing wrong as well. Would you buy this to sleep on or the sit your magazine on while you rest in the grass? Come on people, if you want us to buy something, give us a reason to buy it. I bet these didn’t sell the many of these. Then again, how many people actually have to look at the box to figure out how to use an air mattress.

3 That's An Expensive Cutting Board

You can find an iPad app for just about anything but maybe not so much for cutting onions. Just because there is a cutting board app doesn’t mean you should actually use your iPad as a cutting board. I hope they have a good case and screen protector on this tablet because after a couple slices with that knife, it’s not going to be worth much. Forget scratches, these are going to be slashes. I hope this is just a joke and this person didn't really think they could use their tablet as a cutting board. I worry about the world sometimes. If there are people out there who would do this, what else are they capable of? Probably terrible terrible things.

2 You'll Put Your Eye Out

If there is one thing you don’t want to use the wrong way, it’s a gun. They can be dangerous when used the right way so why would you take a chance of doing something like this and potentially blinding or even killing yourself? What exactly is he looking for? There isn’t anything in there buddy. How many times have people been killed when they didn’t think their guns were loaded or they were cleaning them or inspecting them. Does this guy have a death wish? Who decided it would be a good idea to even give him a gun if he is this careless. I hope the other guys in this picture turned around and helped him figure out how to use it.

1 Maybe Try A Tutorial Video?

Via Sephora

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to play with makeup or own it and if they are going to do things like this with it, they shouldn’t be allowed to own a camera either. Does this lady really think this looks good? Even if so, it can’t be comfortable to have that much product on your face. My skin hurts just looking at it. Can you imagine how hard it is to take all that makeup off at night? How many eyebrows does one woman need? I understand makeup is meant to accentuate your features, but this lady took it to the next level. I bet she would look a lot better if she took it all off and used just a little bit, the right way. I hope she finds YouTube soon so she can learn how to use makeup the right way.

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