15 Popular Marvel Characters Reimagined As Parents

As the single highest-grossing film franchise in history, it is pretty safe to say that your average Joe has come to really care about many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters. In fact, not only do people show up to see the various MCU characters team up during Avengers movies, but they come out in droves to see the character’s solo films as well.

While people enjoy seeing superheroes on the big screen in large part due to the amazing action scenes they tend to be a part of, there is more to it than that. For example, many people have invested into the private lives of the MCU characters as well, which is why they have taken an interest in them having kids someday. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 popular Marvel characters reimagined as parents.

15 xxiiCoko’s Ultron

Via deviantart.com

Considering that in the comics Scarlet Witch marries and then has “kids” with Vision, we guess it makes some sense to imagine her being the daughter of Ultron. That said, we certainly never would have come up with the idea as xxiiCoko did, even though Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch followed this android villain for a while in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

14 Nanihoo’s Loki

Via thegamer.com

When it comes to the idea of Loki being a father, as Nanihoo imagined when he drew this image, we hope that he doesn’t follow in other’s footsteps. After all, the God of mischief had no relationship with his biological father, Laufey, and his adoptive dad, Odin, let Loki know that he preferred Thor far too often.

13 rizurin’s Yondu

Via thegamer.com

If you ask us, Yondu’s funeral during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of the most tear-jerking moments in the MCU. For that reason, rizurin’s drawing of Yondu holding Star-Lord in his arms is especially heartwarming for us. On top of that, this image makes us think of the times our own parents carried us up to bed after we’d fallen asleep which is a really nice memory.

12 Christasyd’s Wolverine

Via deviantart.com

As many movie fans found out when they first watched 2017’s Logan, Wolverine has a clone that he sees as a daughter of sorts named Laura A.K.A. X-23. What they may not realize is that in the comics, he also has a villainous son by the name of Daken. With all three characters known for their brutality, it is really fun to see them in this Chrsitasyd drawing looking like your typical cartoon family.

11 Shango’s Magneto

Via syfy.com

In the comics, Magneto has had many mutant followers that were more than happy to do his bidding. During his early years, it was revealed that two of his followers, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, were his children. On top of that, at various times it was strongly hinted that Polaris, another mutant with magnetic powers, was his daughter although it ultimately was revealed that was not the case. Despite that, considering Polaris looked up to Magneto for years, it is nice to see her included in Shango’s drawing of him with his kids.

10 Kouett’s Mystique

Via deviantart.com

Considering that Nightcrawler is one of the kindest heroes in all of the Marvel universe, it is pretty interesting that his mother is the X-Men villain Mystique and his father Azazel is even worse. Of course, you’d never know how evil Azazel and Mystique are from looking at Kouett’s drawing of them both happily embracing their child.

9 pencilHead7’s Thanos

Via thegamer.com

As the only entry on this list that features a Marvel parent without any of their “children” present, pencilHead7's drawing of the MCU’s big bad certainly stands out. More importantly, this image of the Mad Titan Thanos proudly holding a #1 Worst Dad mug as he reads a Galaxy Times newspaper has us in stitches.

8 Dragonarte’s Spider-Man

Via thegamer.com

Given that Spider-Man has long been considered to be among Marvel’s funniest characters, it only makes sense that any child of his would be a bit of a class clown themselves. That said, we love that Dragonarte envisioned Spidey’s child not only being a cut-up during his school days but acting out even as a baby.

7 AEW’s Wolverine

Via memedroid.com

As we touched on earlier in this list, Wolverine has two kids that he is biologically related to. What we never mentioned at that time, however, is that he also has served as a father figure of sorts to several young female mutants over the years. Pictured here with many of them, including Jubilee, Shadowcat, Rogue, and others, seeing them all together in AEW’s drawing is delightful.

6 Shango’s Professor X

Via thegamer.com

As everyone with even a passing knowledge of the X-Men has to know, Professor X has a long history of housing and teaching young mutants. Pictured here in this Shango drawing alongside Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, and Angel, it makes you think about what it must have been like taking these kids in since they were his first five students.

5 Mangomangoj’s Assorted

Via Instagram.com

Clearly an extremely talented artist, here we have not one, but four of Mangomangoj’s drawings of Marvel characters reimagined as either parents or their children. While we like all of these drawings, there is no doubt in our mind that the one with Rocket Raccoon and Groot is our favorite since they are so adorable together.

4 Mike Roshuk’s Thanos

Via pinterest.ca

Considering how weird Thanos’ relationships with his two adopted “daughters” are in the movies, it makes perfect sense that there is more than one drawing of him as a parent that is worthy of this list. When it comes to Mike Roshuk’s drawing of the Mad Titan, it is chock full of hilarious details, including the fact that he is ignoring an upset Nebula while doting on Gamora.

3 Shango’s Nick Fury

Via syfy.com

As the last of the three Shango drawings to appear on this list, we thought we’d save the best for last. Pictured here with the original six Avengers from the movies, even though Nick Fury clearly is motionless in this image, there is something about it that makes it look like he has a pep in his step.

2 Dragonarte’s Thing

Via india.com

While many of the images from this list put a smile on our face for various reasons, this Dragonarte drawing of the Fantastic Four’s Thing as a father is the one that had us laughing out loud. The proud parent of what appears to be a boulder, it is great to see The Thing looking so happy here. Of course, we also can’t ignore the shocked look on the nurse’s face in this image.

1 Renography’s Stan Lee

Via Pinterest.ca

It goes without saying, Stan Lee isn’t a Marvel character. That said, he became such a beloved part of Marvel history that we think he belongs on this list. If not, we could pretend like this image includes one of the characters he cameoed as in the Marvel movies. With that aside, we are free to enjoy seeing this Renography image of him surrounded by many of his greatest creations and a few Marvel characters he helped inspire.

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