15 Posts About Winter That Will Make You Say "Same"

Ah, winter—we have a particularly complicated relationship with this season. Winter is usually all good during Christmas time and New Year's Eve. With ice skating trips, tree-picking, cozy knits, hot chocolate, winter seems magical with every crystal-like snowflake. But the magic of winter surely fades after the final New Year's Eve kiss. The grey skies, the frigid temperatures, black ice and inches of accumulating snow quickly become more of an annoyance than anything else. If you are not into winter, you are in plenty of good company. After all, who is really upset when the season finally goes? Here are 15 posts about winter that we all can agree on.

15 The air hurts my face

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You don't need to get a bad frostbite to know the stinging pain that winter can unleash. Between stinging ice, driving snow, the low temperatures and the high gusting winds, winter can be a literal pain. But, even without the precipitation or any weather, winter can simply hurt. Forget going out on a run, taking a long walk, or even walking a short distance to your car without the freezing air prickling your lungs and hurting your skin. Yep, the air, very literally, hurts your face. Once this happens, you start questioning your life choices, like, why do you live in a place where the air around you actually hurts your face? Seriously, why?

14 You can never wear too much

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This poor guy in the meme is hilariously reflecting exactly what all of us are feeling. No matter how many layers you put on, nothing really prepares you for that icy, cold bite that awaits you outside. And for many of us as well, that cold outside has a way of creeping in like that unwanted guest at a party—it shows up and makes the entire atmosphere just downright unpleasant. None of us have to imagine too much the sheer disappointment that grips all of us after we have gone through the labor of layering tights, socks and tanks beneath our usual sweaters and pants (which all goes beneath our outdoor winter wear), only to leave our homes...and still be cold.

13 Just wear your comforter

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Winter also is not very social-planning friendly. All of the fun things we do during the spring, summer and autumn months are suddenly evaporated from our schedules by winter's arctic blast. Whether it is the random freezing rain storms that coat the ground in hazardous black ice (not the best to walk on in heels, by the way), blizzards, surprise ice storms (that make you wish you had went to the grocery store to stock up for) or just the fact that it is simply too cold outside to wear your favorite looks without shivering all the way to and from your destination, winter can be a big drag on all of the fun plans.

12 A new winter theme song

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Winter can wreak literal havoc on a lot of things and one of those things is our skin. Ever go running out to the car or around the corner when it was being, well, wintery outside? We are not talking snow, sleet, freezing rain or the dreaded combination of all of the above. Nope, you stepped out for a moment when it was just downright COLD out. What is worse than the stinging, prickling, icy burn of the frosty air? Well, if you were out a bit too long, then you know the worst thing than feeling the cold...is not feeling it. If you have ever heard the song by The Weeknd called "I can't feel my face," you know that this meme from Chicago is definitely telling the truth.

11 Shoveling is your new workout

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The new year is here and we are all making the resolution to work out, beef up and get stronger. We used those gift cards to stock up on the cutest athletic clothes, signed up for the trendiest workout classes or a gym membership and may have even dropped the big bucks on some piece of fancy workout equipment. Well, if you live anywhere where it has been the snowpocalypse this winter, you already know that one of the best workouts you can do is shoveling (which is also productive for other reasons than improving your biceps and abs). Seriously. Shoveling snow is a workout in itself, combining movements that target several different muscle groups, all while simultaneously digging for your life.

10 The hibernation nation

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Whether you were digging yourself out of snowmageddon-level snow, dodging ice storms or just doing what other large mammals do when it gets this cold outside, you well know that winter just wears you out. Nothing like ongoing, unrelenting, ceaseless cold to make you wan to curl up into a cocoon and refuse to emerge until temperatures become less cold. As a warm-blooded creation, winter's constant barrage of the wintriness is simply exhausting. In our opinion, this bear's got the right idea. Maybe we should all just gorge ourselves and sleep through spring. Hell, half of us do the first part over the holidays, anyway. What would we truly be missing (besides frost bite and having to shovel)?

9 Boot drought

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Anyone who has worked in retail long enough learns very quickly how annoying it can be. Shoppers are not always as friendly (or as sensible) as retail workers would hope. For example, there are shoppers who come into a department store looking for snow boots. This, of course, is not the problem. The problem is that these late greats have come in to the snow boot department looking for snow boots following a series of snow storms AND in the middle of January. As if this is not bad enough, the shoppers complain (whether to each other or to the staff) that there are not enough snow boots. Those who are guilty of such behavior take heed: it is neither the store's (and especially not the clerk's) fault that you came in during the middle of snow season and can't find the wide selection that you demand. Let this be a lesson in being grateful that there were still snow boots left and, more importantly, a reminder to do your boot shopping before the bad weather actually hits.

8 The march on winter

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Social media is a wonderful thing. We have been able to share so many expressions and moments of ourselves, but also see what others are doing. This photo has to be one that a lot of us can relate to. Of all the protests that are going on this winter (for various reasons), this is one the majority of us can get behind. This Snapchat user managed to capture one man who has simply had enough of winter's cruel and cold-hearted oppression and has chosen to exercise his democratic right to protest the season's abuses. Clad with a picket sign and an ambition many of us wished we possessed, this guy has taken to the  streets to let it be known that he will have no more of winter's ridiculousness.

7 Too cold to concentrate

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Winter is not the best season for productivity. Seriously, being this cold for prolonged periods of time can make anyone sleepy and groggy. It also thrusts a lot of us into the throes of a hibernation-like state. We mean, you have to ask the question: can you really concentrate when you are shivering so much that your teeth are rattling? Can you really be that go-getter in the morning when you know just as soon as you move your arm to lift the blankets, a rush of cold air so offensive you will want to cuss at it will attack your perpetually unprepared body? Zero judgement. Right there with you guys.

6 Too cold to be pretty

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Don't get us wrong: we love getting dolled up. We don't believe in leaving the house without at least a good gloss and some mascara. However, if there is anything that steals that joy, fun and desire for getting glamorous, it is the prolonged bitter chill of winter. Let's just think about it from a practicality standpoint: who is really going to sit for 30-45 minutes, putting on a full face and styling a fancy hairdo, only to bundle it up beneath a scarf, hat and hood? Who really has the desire to slip into that dress that makes you feel like Beyoncé when the skin on your legs will get wind blistered before you even reach your car? And just who really wears heels when just walking in flat boots is treacherous enough? No thanks, we'll just live in thermal gear and Uggs until spring.

5 The never-ending dry skin

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Winter not only sucks the life and the fun out of you, it also, very literally, seems to sucks the moisture from your skin. You are not alone in your losing battle with winter dryness; we all go through it.

We mean, think about it you guys—unless you really do not mind the alligator platelet-like epidermis layer that forms on your skin after every shower, every time you wash your hands or merely go outside for longer than two minutes, you quite literally need to slather on some lotion that has big promises, but is usually low on delivery. To be fair, it is not the lotion or cream's fault. This is just another reason to hate winter.

4 Bundle up or die

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Everyone has had this happen to them at one point or another: you come home from work or errands and go inside only to remember you left something in your car. This is normally a minor annoyance. But in winter, it is a literal pain. You start to question your life choices. You ask how badly you need the thing, when you are going to use the thing and if the thing you left behind is essential for tonight. If it is, you may run out to the car with no coat thinking it will only be a quick run, only to immediately regret the decision as the frigid air descends on you. Thankfully, you can run back inside your warm, cozy home. However do not, under any circumstances, try to leave the house without your coat for a prolonged period of time in winter.

3 Wet and winter really do not mix

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Winter on its own is just dangerously cold. We do not need to compound this with something as silly as going out with wet hair, like this brave (read: ridiculous) person at some point did. To do this is to tempt fate, illness, pneumonia, common sense and (we are pretty sure) her mama's good advice. Going out with wet hair is really only a good idea in warmer months or in warmer climates. But in the icy grip of winter, it is a big mistake, as this crazy person came to discover when he or she came back in to find her once wet tresses changed into haircicles. Think twice before going out wet in temperatures that will instantly freeze your wet body.

2 The point we all get to by late February

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Have you ever been done with something? We are talking just flat-out finished with whatever has caused you undue stress, anxiety or at least some form of minor annoyance? Yep, we have all been there, whether it was a toxic relationship, an annoying situation, or a menial period of time. And that is exactly how most of us feel about winter post the Valentine's Day cuddles. We all reach a point when the layering, wearing the same coat every day, being indoors for  fear of frost, black ice and towers of snow simply become too much. This person would just like to flat-out banish Ol' Man Winter for the rest of the year and completely move on to new seasons. If only it was that simple.

1 Our sentiments exactly

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Grumpy Cat could not portray this sentiment better. After all of the blustery winds, sleet, ice, snow showers and cold air so bitter it makes you hate being outside, most of us arrive to the absolute hatred of winter. There is salt on your Uggs, a layer of ice between you and your destination, a foot of snow falling from the sky every other week and pain in your chest from breathing in so much cold air. You're tired of shivering, you're exhausted by the layering of clothes for even the shortest outings and your cabin fever is raging.It has gotten so bad, you are debating getting a blow torch to battle all of the ice outside yourself. We feel ya and we are right there with ya.

The good news? Spring is right around the corner. Maybe...

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