15 Posts Made By Flat Earthers That Caused Laughter "Around The Globe"

The notion that the Earth is flat has been around since ancient times since there were plenty of cultures that believed the Earth was shaped like a plane or a disk. However, due to scientific advancements, discoveries and breakthroughs over the last several centuries, it was found that the Earth is indeed spherical and the Flat Earth theory had been debunked.

Therefore, the majority of people have realized since the time it was discovered that the Earth is round that there is no possible way that it could be flat. However, there are still people who hold the belief that the Earth is flat, and have formed an organization called the Flat Earth Society.

These people also don't believe in gravity, science and space exploration and absolutely do not like NASA. You are now about to read 15 outrageous social media posts made by people who still believe that the Earth is flat.

15 They believe that NASA is hiding information

You can see here that this Facebook user asked how others know that the Earth is round, and basically stated that they did not believe NASA for their explanation as to why it likely is not. Now, this person also said that there is a possibility that the Earth is not flat, but states that it is a small percentage.

However, due to this person's belief that NASA is only there to make others believe what they say on television—this individual basically said that the only way you can determine whether the Earth is flat or round is by using your own mind. And, not to anything believe anything NASA says.

In fact, many Flat Earthers hold the same belief as this individual about not believing NASA for what they state. Rapper B.o.B. also believes the Earth is flat and stated the same thing about NASA. According to Forbes, NASA had a great response to B.o.B.'s GoFundMe page to collect money for proof that the Earth is flat by basically saying that the Earth is round because astronauts have flown around it.

14 The world is spinning, according to some

This individual who is a Flat Earth believer stated on Facebook that he felt it was coincidental that the Earth spins at 66,600 mph and points out that because the 'made up' number contains 666 — the number that is associated with the Devil, then it just can't be true. That is a sign that those who believe that the Earth is flat believes that others who believe it is a globe are being dishonest.

Dishonesty, as we know, is associated with the dark side and that goes for just about anything really.

These individuals fail to realize that because of the fact that we don't feel the Earth rotating, and the compass cannot register it, then it just must not be true. How can the Earth rotate if we are not being knocked around? According to Earthsky.org, the reason that we can't feel the Earth spin is that we are all moving with it at the same consistent speed.

13 Believing that the Earth is round is like an adult believing in Santa Claus

This individual stated on Facebook that it's 2018 and the truth is starting to come out. Additionally, this person said the number of Flat Earthers is increasing while the number of those who believe that the Earth is a globe is decreasing. There really is no evidence to back up that statement. This person also points out that there is evidence that points to the fact that Earth is flat.

This Flat-Earther concludes this post by saying for anyone who believes that the Earth is round, then it is basically no different from an adult that believes in Santa Claus. That is their way of saying that those who don't believe the Earth is flat are not in touch with reality.

The fact of the matter is that those who say that the Earth is flat are unable to back it up with evidence. That is the absolute truth. According to LiveScience, there have been many times that those who hold the same belief tried to debunk science but were never successful. That is proof right that the Flat Earth belief is just that, since there is no evidence to back it up, that is all it is. A belief.

12 Reality is kicking in!

This individual who made this post on Facebook about doubting that the Earth is flat is showing signs that this person believes that science has truth to it. It is incredibly rare to hear of any person who strongly believes that the Earth is flat to believe any kind of scientific evidence.

Now, you have to wonder what changed this individual's mind?

Maybe this individual finally saw that there is absolutely no proof that the Earth is flat? That is what likely changed their mind. For those who are open to this fact, according to Space.com, even kids can see that the Earth is a sphere. That is really because children are too young to develop such strong beliefs since they are absorbing what they see.

11 The giant ice walls are really at the bottom of the world

When flat earthers have questions
Via: Me.me

You may be wondering what this post is about. According to LiveScience, those who believe the Earth is flat thinks that Antarctica is not a continent. They also believe that people have been lied to about it being a continent. What they think about Antarctica is that it is a rim around the Flat Earth serving as 'ice walls' that keep the water, buildings, people and animals inside.

However, according to this woman who thinks the Earth is flat does not believe that Antarctica surrounds the Earth. 

She says that because she believes that the closer you are to the outer rim, the hotter it gets. That just shows right there that those who believe the Earth is flat may think somewhat differently than others who believe the same thing as well.

10 Stars, the sun and the moon spin over the flat plane realm

This individual who made this Facebook post again shows that they believe that the Earth is stationary. They clearly state that they think it moves whenever there is an earthquake. Yet, at the same time holds the belief that the stars, the moon and the sun spin above the flat Earth.

According to The Flat Earth Science And Bible, they believe that seasons work by stating the heat comes from the sunlight—which is actually true anyway. However, the cold is from the moonlight, is not. This individual adds that the light follows the sun, airplanes are not air curves, and there is no such thing as sea curves either. Others who believe that the Earth is flat once again hold the same belief as this individual.

9 The Earth is flat but Mars is round

Elon Musk sent a tweet to the Flat Earth Society asking if they believed that Mars was flat as well. According to Extreme Tech, the Flat Earth Society got back to Musk by tweeting him that Mars has been observed to be round.

In fact, according to NewsWeekFlat Earthers believe that all other planets are round including the Moon and the Sun, just like the previous poster that said these other planets spin above 'stationary Earth' or the disk. Now this will make you wonder why these Flat Earthers believe that other planets are round? Because that is what NASA has also shown. They believe that NASA lies about the Earth being round but they must also believe NASA when it comes to other planets being round. You have to wonder what the answer to that happens to be.

8 Hiding from the truth about the Earth being flat

the truth
Via: Imgur.com

This particular user stated on Facebook that people who believe the world is round are very unaware of the truth. That is all that was said without elaborating. Most others who believe the earth is flat elaborate as to why they believe the Earth is flat. Despite the fact that they can never provide any kind of concrete evidence, at least they attempt to back the theory up in their own way.

However, this statement is vague and the only thing that was said is that the Earth is not round. 

According to LiveScience once again, there aren't any Flat Earthers that can make any kind of convincing claims since they cannot provide proof. However, this statement is less convincing because nothing else was said.

7 A 12-year-old who realizes the truth about the Earth being round

This individual's Facebook post shows that they tried discussing the flat Earth theory with their 12-year-old. The child dismissed the parent and called them 'crazy'. The parent blamed the schools for the fact that they caused a disservice to kids by teaching them that the Earth is a sphere.

However, like it was said previously, according to Space.com, children know the earth is round. In most cases, children that are around the same age as this one are too young to form any strong beliefs as they are absorbing what they see and learn. It is unfortunate to see that this child is going to have a lot of friction with their parents who believe that the earth is flat for this reason. This is likely a common issue among other parents who are Flat Earthers raising kids who believe scientific evidence being taught to them.

6 The flat earth society has members all around the globe

Via: Imgur.com

As you can see here, someone posted on Twitter that The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe. The reply to this came from The Dragon in my Garage page which said Say that again, but slowly. They wanted to the individual who posted that to see the irony in that statement, that was all.

Now, it is time to examine this post. Since this Flat Earther made this claim, you can't help but wonder if they not only realize what they said and were only trying to troll those who don't share the flat Earth belief? That is really hard to know.

5 Space travel is fake

On February 6, 2018, a Tesla Roadster, along with a SpaceX Starman dummy in the driver's seat was launched from the Kennedy Space Center, and the Verge.com had an article about it. The objective was to have it successfully land on Mars. The purpose to this was to test its Falcon Heavy rocket.

However, according to LiveScience, the Flat Earth society as you can see from this tweet said this event simply did not happen. Flat Earthers believe one of two possibilities over this. The first possibility is that this picture was taken at a film studio with the car parked in front of an outer space background. The other is that this picture was completely photoshopped. There is no way that space travel really exists, and it is already quite known about how Flat Earthers don't believe anything from NASA.

4 The Moon’s surface must be photoshopped

Here is another person sharing their disbelief in NASA. This person who made this Facebook post made an entire mockery of the picture of the moon's surface that was taken by China's Luna Lander, which was from The National Geographic. He fails to realize that the reason that the moon's sky is dark is due to the fact that its atmosphere is very weak. That is why the sky is pitch black.

NASA says that the reason the sky around the Earth is blue is due to how the atmosphere reacts to the Sun's reflection.

No one can compare the rich atmosphere on Earth to the one that barely exists on the Moon. The same applies to the individual skies in the other planets in the solar system. However, since those who believe the Earth is flat are not too fond of NASA, they won't buy this scientific evidence either. That explains the reason behind the post.

3 This child is questioning the legitimacy of gravity

doomed kid
Via: Reddit.com

This Facebook post was made by a step-parent to a 10-year-old girl who believes the Earth is flat. They said they were proud of their 10-year-old stepdaughter because of her doubting that gravity exists since she stuck to the walls on the Graviton rather than on the ground.

According to Big Think, Flat Earthers believe that gravity does not exist. That alone gives Flat Earthers a reason to debunk the truth about gravity. According to the same source, many Flat Earther's believe the reason objects are stuck to the ground is that objects simply fall and that is it.

However, if this 10-year-old ever believes any scientific evidence presented to her about the Earth being round down the road, then she will likely reconsider this thought.

2 Happily divorced from a spouse who knows the Earth is a sphere

This Facebook made by this man who believes the Earth is flat is an unfortunate one to read. This update was made around Christmas time one year by a man who is not only a Flat Earther but is happy with spending the holiday alone. He was married to a woman who knew the truth about the Earth being round for 25 years. She refused to see his point of view about the Earth being flat and that is why he divorced her.

Apparently, he feels the same about his kids who also know the Earth is round.

This is an unfortunate circumstance and you have to wonder if this is a reason that some marriages do indeed fail. According to the Huffington Post, those who know the truth about the Earth being a sphere are not sure how to communicate with those who believe in the Flat Earth theory. That is because neither sees eye-to-eye with one another. That said, it is easy to see how this marriage ended up failing.

1 Explorers of the edge of the Earth stay quiet

This Facebook post is somewhat different from the previous ones. It was made by a Flat Earther who believes that there is more known about the "edge of the Earth" than is leaked. In fact, this posts suggests that this particular Flat Earther thinks that there is a possibility that Antarctica—the continent, not the "ice wall" really does exist.

That is quite unheard of in the Flat Earth community.

However, this individual wonders if any facts about the continent have to be kept quiet because those who discovered it are worried about any kind of threat. Therefore, they have to keep quiet in order to keep funding the scientists at NASA. This part of the post is consistent with the others since they all believe that NASA is dishonest to begin with. And according to IFLSciencethere is more than one reason that Flat Earthers don't like NASA at all.

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