15 Posts That Prove Denny's Tumblr Page Is The Weirdest Place On The Internet

Tumblr is a gold mine of hilarious posts, GIFs of every show, and cool pictures. Celebrities and even some brands get in on the Tumblr action and have their own page where they reblog cool things. Isn't that awesome? One of the most popular blogs on Tumblr is ran by a restaurant and it's easily one of the strangest places on the Internet. Denny's is definitely embracing technology by having a Tumblr, although it's not really what we would expect a restaurant to be blogging about. We don't fully understand it, but it's definitely entertaining to take a scroll through. Whoever runs it is definitely... creative. Considering Denny's is the restaurant that put mozzarella sticks on a grilled cheese, we didn't expect anything less. Take a look at these 15 posts that prove the Denny's Tumblr is the weirdest (and most entertaining) place on the Internet.

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15 This Actually Brilliant Invention

Okay, as weird as this is, it still absolutely needs to exist. I think we can all agree on that, right? Maybe not in a lipstick tube, though, only because that wouldn't hold very much cheese. (I'd probably eat it it all as soon as I tried it on, TBH.) Is it worth it to sacrifice a tiny sized container for only getting a few nachos? I don't think so. But having something that dispenses cheese on-the-go so we can have nachos anywhere at anytime is absolutely genius. No more boring trips to the library or dull days at work. Seriously, someone needs to make this an actual thing! Think about all the snacks we could carry in our bags! It may not be wise to take all business ideas from the Denny's Tumblr account, but it's safe to say this one would be a hit. Call us when it exists.

14 This Beauty Trend

Has anyone else seen the new trend of people tattooing their freckles? I'm not sure if that's a thing real people do or if it's just kind of an Instagram trend, but I've been seeing it all over the Internet. I like that there's such a difference between real-life beauty trends and Instagram beauty trends now days. I love to scroll through my Instagram feed and see all the cool lipstick and dramatic eyeshadow looks people do, but I'm lucky if I put on mascara most days. Let alone tattooed freckles. I can't tell if this is supposed to be a play on that trend or if this is just Denny's being their usual weird selves. But I'm pretty down for this look either way. This is totally #MakeupGoals! If we're really into pickles, that is.

13 A Classic Combination

The best part of these posts is just thinking about the fact that someone put work into these. Okay, that's the second best part. The best part is just looking at the posts themselves. My bad. But seriously, there is someone out there who sits and creates these posts. And someone who physically has to make them. Someone's actual job is to think about things like, "How can we make a picture of toast more interesting? Let's make it a Space Jam pun. We'll put a GIF of outer space in the jelly on the toast." I know some kids want to grow up to be an astronaut or a doctor, but I want to be the person who makes the weird posts for the Denny's Tumblr. I wonder what their hours are like and how much they're paid, hmmm...

12 This Casual Question

Well... I didn't think this before, but I'm definitely not gonna be able to eat a banana without thinking of this ever again. I'm not sure if it's because I believe this is true or if this post is just so weird that it's gonna stick with me. Regardless, I'm gonna think about it overtime I hold a banana. Maybe this is why bananas are so hard to open at times. I know everyone says it's because we're supposed to open from the bottom like monkeys do, but I can never remember that when I'm actually eating a banana. I feel like there are so many great facts worth remembering, but when it comes down to the actual task - it totally escapes my mind. Why can't I remember how monkeys open a banana until after the fact! My bananas always wine up so squished on both ends. I gotta figure this out.

11 Life Hacks

Wow! There are so many great life hacks on this Tumblr page! (Can anyone else hear my sarcasm?) No more having to choose between staying up late and being awake for school the next day. Thanks to the fine folks over at the Denny's Tumblr account, we can now stay up late and just nap in class without anyone noticing! These fried egg eye covers are sure to be a hit and help us cover up for the fact that we were up way too late looking at memes the night before. No one will suspect a thing. We just have to make sure we have someone taking notes for us during class. That way we can catch up on everything we missed.

Although these fried egg eye covers are pretty fantastic (again, sarcasm), the hashtags are by far the best part about this post. I especially love that the last one that is simply, "#lol."

10 It's Been 84 Years And This Is Still Funny

I have a confession to make. When I was in elementary school and we first learned about the Titanic, I didn't fully understand what icebergs were. Maybe that's my teacher's fault for not teaching us about things like geography, science, and the world better first, but still. I definitely had a few minutes during that lesson where I was imagining iceberg lettuce instead of actual icebergs. Is that bad? Probably. After I read those Magic Treehouse books, I learned just how wrong I was.

I love this GIF and how ridiculous it is. This is the kind of silly thing that really makes me laugh. Especially the fact that they specified in the tags that hitting a giant iceberg lettuce really doesn't do much damage. However, I think when it's that size, it would definitely take a ship out.

9 Even Pets Can Get Involved

We're not really sure this is actually the best advice for pet owners. It's a funny post and toast is great and all, but think of the crumbs! What a friggen mess this would be. We should definitely stick to a regular scratching post if our cat needs something other than our nice sofa to scratch on. Toast is a really flexible food and although it's delicious, it can be messy when a human is eating it. And having our kitties scratch is just a crumby mess waiting to happen. We can even see the crumbs flying off this toast tower as the cat scratches away! I'm sorry, but no thanks Denny's. Although logic tells us this is a horrible idea, it doesn't make it any less hilarious, though. This GIF may be ridiculous, but they put so much effort into making something so strange and that alone makes us laugh.

8 Dating Advice

So, how would someone win a heart from a claw machine? Hypothetically speaking, of course. I wouldn't actually try to win a heart from a claw machine. Mostly because claw machines are so hard to win and I don't want to use all my money on it. I just want some tips in case I ever need them. Like the next time I'm at Denny's. A heart filled claw machine might be one I won't be able to pass up.

As a kid, there was a claw machine-type game at this pizza place I used to go to. Except it had lights all around the edges and only four red lights. The lights would all light up really fast and we had to hit a button and try to stop the light when it was on the red light. I spent hours as a kid trying to win that game. I don't think I ever saw someone manage to win anything from it either. So I know it's not just me.

7 This Precious Dog

Seriously. We need to know if Denny's is okay. Because these posts are pretty strange. But this loaf of bread with dog legs? This is easily one of the stranger things that they've ever posted. We have to admit, though, the Photoshop job on this one is pretty solid. Whoever did this must have spent a really long time blending the loaf of bread in with that dog's legs. The attention to detail here is seriously incredible. They don't overlook anything when they're trying to make these weird posts.

Speaking of weird, can we just take a second to talk about the lady's pants in the background? What is she wearing?! Maybe I just don't understand bread-dog show fashion. And if that's what we have to wear to be in one, I'm gonna have to pass.

6 Bedroom Goals

Am I the only one who thinks this might actually be a comfortable bed? Okay, not an actual metal spoon. But having a huge, round bed that's slightly curved downward in the middle like a real spoon. I would nap so much more often with a spoon bed like that. I don't know why, but there's something about this giant spoon bed that just seems like it would be so comfortable. Okay, maybe it's all the blankets and the really soft looking pillows the person sleeping in it has. But just take a second to imagine a mattress shaped like a spoon and how nice it would feel to lay right in the middle and just go to sleep. That would be so relaxing and this post is right, we would always be the little spoon. Touché, Denny's, touché.

5 Glad They Explained It

This Tumblr user is definitely confused about what the phrase, "free pancakes," means. Luckily, Denny's was here to explain it to them...kinda. It's weird because they mentioned "free pancakes" in their sentence but didn't understand the meaning of "free pancakes" apparently. At least now they'll know the next time someone demands $20 for something that's supposed to be free, they're being totally ripped off. But $20 for some pancakes really isn't that bad. Especially if they're hot and buttery and we get a little tray of different syrups to pour over them. Talk about delicious! I'd totally pay $20 for some pancakes right now.

As weird as a lot of these posts are, some of them are also making me kind of hungry. Like, they're funny and strange, but also weirdly delicious. Wait a second... Does this mean Denny's Tumblr page is actually making sense?

4 They Shut Down The Non-Believers

This is great from start to finish. From the pun with the 14 carrot ring, to the sass when someone tried to question exactly how many carrots were on it, to the fact that they counted and numbered the carrots... It's just all beautiful. Well done, Denny's!

If only these were baby carrots, then this would be my kind of ring. Regular carrots like those look a bit too much like witch fingers to me. Is that weird? I had a garden when I was a kid where I grew carrots, but I hated actually picking them because they looked like tiny orange fingers. With those weird little scraggly ends - gag! Baby carrots are much better since they're all cut down and shaped to be cute and round. Step up that ring game, Denny's. (Can we also mention how many people actually comment on Denny's Tumblr page? Look at this one - 86,403 notes!)

3 They Were Just As Confused

I seriously love that people are posting things and just tagging it as Denny's. Especially stuff like this. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish candy the same ever again. This is the most romantic, adorable, and just plain strange thing we've ever seen someone do with two fish-shaped foods. Not that there's really a ton of competition, because it's not really like people are doing weird stuff with snacks shaped like fish all that often. Even if they were, this post would be the best one.

We don't know why they tagged it as Denny's either. Maybe because it's food related? Maybe because it's weird? Or maybe they just wanted whoever is running the Denny's Tumblr to see it? No matter what their reasoning was, we're glad they did and so is Denny's.

2 So Motivational

This is just the kind of motivation everyone needs. Especially when they should be doing homework, but instead they're just endlessly scrolling around the Internet. Instead of exercising our brain, we're letting our thumbs for daily runs. I know this sounds like sarcasm, but it's really not. Like, we should do our homework or we're going to end up being the person who thinks up the weird GIFs that Denny's posts on Tumblr. Damn, that actually sounds pretty tempting. We're not saying anyone should blow off their math homework or forget to study for that Shakespeare quiz, but running such a strange blog doesn't sound like the worst thing that could happen to us. For a backup plan, there are a lot worse things that someone could have in life.

1 This Tasty Pun

What's weirder: the fact that Denny's is so passionate about nachos or the fact that they took the time to make this? Personally, I'm gonna go with neither. Being passionate about nachos is absolutely not a negative thing to me and this post is amazing because of it. The fact that they took the time to fake a Tumblr post by someone called "NachoHaterMan8" just so they could censor it with chips, and make it sound like they love nachos is comedy gold. Nachos are serious business and this post is just the right mix of being really weird and really funny. Especially with their pun in the caption.

Imagining that someone would make a Tumblr account dedicated to hating on nachos is beyond hilarious. I bet that exists somewhere. There's something on that website for everyone, so we would not be the least bit surprised.

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