15 Posts These Moms Might Live To Regret

One downside of using the various social media websites to stay in touch with friends and family is that it is very easy for someone to post something so ludicrous that they wind up making a complete fool of themselves for all the world to see.

These embarrassing online mishaps are common amongst moms of all ages that post on social media and often wind up trying to compete with one other to see which one can get the most attention for a cute photo or a funny Snapchat of something hilarious their kid did at a given moment.

The moms featured below went above and beyond mishaps into the “Girl, change your name and then delete your account” category.

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15 It's Called Shopping Online Folks, Learn It

Via: Instagram

Just…what in tarnation? What is wrong with this poor child’s mother and father? Why do they insist on using a Wii Fit to measure a gas canister for the car?

Someone really needs to pull them aside and walk them through step-by-step on how to make an Amazon account so they can just purchase the damn scale and be done with it.

14 This Is High-Key Suspect Y'All

Via: Instagram

Errr, doesn’t that mother realize that it is technically counted as FRAUD under federal law for her to impersonate her VERY OWN DAUGHTER and apply for college under her name.

Besides being super sketchy, it’s also hella narcissistic behavior too. What if her daughter didn’t want to study the topic her mom chose or didn’t want to go to college at all? Would her mother kick her out?

13 This Mom Really Needs To Take Things Not So Literally

Via: Imgur

Anyone else want to bet that this poor Eva lady was either crying from laughter or repeatedly banging her head against her desk after dealing with this air-headed mom?

Like…how the heck does someone sign up for AUTO INSURANCE without knowing what the common terms are, especially when trying to file a claim? Someone send Susan back to driver’s education classes; she needs a refresher course.

12 She's Hoping The Earth Opens Up And Swallows Her

Via: Imgur

If anyone would happen to keel over from sheer embarrassment, it would definitely be this poor teenaged girl. Even the waiter looks as if it’s taking every ounce of patience he has to not yell WTF WHY YOU SO CREEPY at the chick’s mom.

Lady, Cupid you are not so quit trying to play matchmaker.

11 Her Kid Is The Epitome Of Uncool

Via: Reddit

Pretty sure everyone on this mom’s social media friend’s list is going to be howling with laughter at how cheesy this photo is.

Sorry kid, but those silly hand signs do NOT make ANYONE look cool and clearly your agrees with this assessment, judging by the look on her face.

10 Ma, Please Stay Off Social Media

Via: Imgur

Man, some moms just need to stay the heck off of social media before their kids block them after getting sick of their embarrassing gaffes online.

This chick is going to be plotting to have her horse poop on her mom’s shoes in order to get revenge on her for calling her a “cowgirl” for all the world to see.

9 Good Way To Scare Kids After A Nap

Via: Imgur

It is all the rage amongst moms nowadays to see who can one-up each other by posting adorable photos of them with their kids, but this lady’s attempt was more horror movie than cutesy Disney flick.

Pretty sure her online pals are going to jump out of their seats when they see that creepy one eye open and just staring.

8 Cupid Is Mad She Stole His Job

Via: Instagram

Cupid is definitely going to arrive on this mom’s doorstep and smack her upside the head because he’s mad that she took his role.

It’s amazing that this dude is super polite and actually posed for the picture; most people would have smacked the phone out of her hand because it’s hella creepy when some rando wants to hook you up with his or her child--especially when the dude is technically a minor.

7 Think The Kiddo's A Little Too Young For This

Via: Instagram

It is super popular for moms to post cutesy photos on social media of their children helping out around the house or when they are out and about.

This mom failed hard at attempting this kind of picture because unless Kid Number Two is a miniature Hulk, there’s no way in hell that they would be able to push the cart with their sibling AND some groceries. Pretty sure that kid pulled a muscle in their attempt too.

6 Grade A Narcissistic Mom Right Here

Via: Instagram

There are always horror stories being told either amongst friends and family or online about new brides clashing with their mothers-in-law and all the shenanigans that tend to happen from the fallout.

This mother-in-law is clearly a devil in disguise because her little stunt really takes the cake. Someone get this narcissist on Dr. Phil ASAP!

5 How To Give Your Son Nightmares: A Manual

Via: Instagram

The look on that poor boy’s face—well, his ACTUAL face—says it all: his mother’s little prank is totally nightmare-inducing instead of being funny.

Bet this little guy is coming up with an elaborate plot to sneak into his mom’s room at night, grab the ginormous cutout and then run outside to burn it in a big bonfire.

4 The Look On The Teen's Face Screams Help Me Get Out Of Here

Via: Instagram

Teenagers tend to want to be independent and most of them feel that it is TOTALLY uncool to be seen with their parents—and this includes having mom or dad dropping them off at school.

Judging by the grimace on this girl’s face, she is resigned to the fact that she’s going to be teased mercilessly over her mom BIKING her to school in a clubhouse that looks like it should fit a toddler, not a teenager.

3 Someone Isn't Subtle

Via: Imgur

Kevin’s mom obviously lives in a bubble, otherwise she would have realized that she’s going to get roasted online for her failure at attempting humor on her son’s birthday.

Does she not realize that even if her son just turned 18, most young folks in this day and age struggle to support themselves because as Hadestown says, times are hard. She definitely needs a new empathy chip.

2 GPS Failed Her

Via: Twitter/Instagram

This mother’s lack of navigational skills is definitely going to be the talk of the girl’s dorm. How the heck does one get lost trying to find their kid’s dorm room? There’s always someone around to give directions.

Anyone else want to bet that this is going to be a thing until the college bans her from stepping foot in the dorms because she can’t navigate to save her damn life?

1 Santa Claus Is Side-Eying Her So Hard

Via: Imgur

Oh, this is SO not cool. Not only does the mother have a seriously bad sense of humor, but this is an EXCELLENT way to make sure that her son winds up not trusting her.

Bet this chick is either too stingy and too damn selfish and self-absorbed to spring for a nice gift for her son.

Sources: Imgur, Reddit, Instagram

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