15 Pranks That Are Far Too Clever To Ignore

In regards to pranks, there is one thing that everyone agrees on. It’s better to give than to receive. These pranks are more evolved than any average whoopee cushion/snakes in a can gags, but they still carry out age-old pranking principles that have always tickled our primitive sides.

After the laughter subsides, some of these pranks will make someone think, “Man, I would not like to be on the receiving end of that.” Cloaked by their innocuous nature, the following pranks are still insidious enough to grant the pranksters a seat in the secret tenth ring of Hades—the one Virgil forgot to show Dante because they ran out of time. We’re not just laughing because we’re safe behind our monitors; we’re also laughing because our behinds are safe from Hades.

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15 Let's play a game

Via Imgur

From 2010 to 2017, American theaters were deprived of the Saw franchise. For those who were blissfully unaware of the Saw franchise, it's about a man who calls himself "Jigsaw" and he makes people appreciate life by forcing them to take part in life threatening "games" (hence his catchphrase "Let's play a game").

Not exactly how I would have taught random people the value of life, but let's not be judgmental here. While American cinema suffered from the great Saw drought, pranksters like this kept the spirit of Jigsaw alive albeit in a more benign manner than what was usually shown on the screen. What if this prank was all a big ploy to get people to rethink about their plastic consumption?

Maybe this second coming of Jigsaw was a former environmental activist who couldn't get enough people on the streets to care about the floating garbage island in the Pacific Ocean. Or maybe it was a Saw fan who successfully got the Saw franchise to do another movie by convincing the movie executives that people still remember the franchise. All I'm saying is, this is why I filter my water, put in a metal water bottle, and vigilantly look after it.

14 We're floored by this prank

A lot of pranks involving the floor, quite frankly, fall flat. Take this rug, for example. Most people are not going to be fooled just because someone printed stairs on a rug. The frilly things at the ends give it away that it's a rug, the "wood" doesn't match the actual floor, and it is not aligned properly for the prank to work. It's just not convincing enough; I hope no one wasted their money on this and actually expected the rug to actually fool people--inebriated or not.

There's also this mirror in the stairs prank, where it's only going to result in a cracked mirror. The above picture, however, blows the previous pranks out of the water. Like Kurosawa's Rashomon, this prank's beauty lies in its simplicity and deception on the senses. The final step blends in well with the rest of the floor and patiently waits for its next victim.

It's a prank that forces us to be aware of our surroundings, If we don't pay attention, we may find ourselves getting caught in this prank multiple times. The data analyst in me wants to see the statistics on the prank's effectiveness throughout various times of the day.

13 Life's like a box of fruit

If this were a Dunkin' Donuts box, the fruit would actually be an improvement. All kidding aside, some of you are probably wondering, "What's the deal? It's just donuts." Ah, but it's not just any doughnut company. It's Voodoo Doughnuts. Their offerings include things like cereal topped donuts, the bacon maple bar (a rectangular donut with a maple syrup glaze topped with bacon), a wide variety of neon glazed donuts with pop culture references and, of course, voodoo doll donuts.

Imagine finding a box of donuts that isn't from Dunkin' Donuts and expecting the most bizarre, eclectic and delicious variety of donuts known to mankind.

Maybe the bacon maple bar is there! But when you open the box, your dreams of neon donut heaven are shattered by a bunch of fruit from the local grocery store. Full disclosure: I've never been there (and I'm definitely not getting paid to advertise for them). I'm just trying to hype up the place to really drive in the disappointment. Maybe you didn't expect fruit, but want to know how to get back at the prankster? By taking advantage of the free fruit. As Marge Simpson once said, "Fruit is nature's candy," so dig in.

12 The long con

What makes this prank so nefarious is the fact that the prankster lead his coworkers on for six months. Think about it: he was giving out free gum to people for six months and lulled them to a false sense of generosity. Then when the time comes--WHAM! He pounces on them like a wolf in sheep's clothing. That is serious commitment; that is what we call "playing the long con." I want to see what other prank ideas he has in mind and how he plans to execute them.

Judging from the prank, you can tell that he is a model employee because he takes the initiative and he plans ahead--unless he doesn't do any actual work and spends his working hours mapping out his pranks in Excel. But what did he do with the actual gum? Surely he didn't waste them by actually chewing them.

They must be used in this man's next prank. I'd like to think that he chewed all of them at the same time, blew a huge bubble, and flied away to the sunset when his coworkers realized that they were duped into chewing Play-Doh. If I learned anything from this prank, it's to always be suspicious of your coworker's generosity.

11 It ain't easy being cheesy

This prank poses a good question. In order to avoid more people falling for this prank, should Kraft change the color of their Mac and Cheese products or should SunnyD change the color of their drinks? If so, how would you change the product's color and not compromise the brand's image? Sometimes, pranksters serve as unintentional quality analysts for food companies. Surely, we could let people drink this cheese concoction as a cheaper alternative to milk, but... that's still a no from us, dawg.

It just leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

I have to congratulate the pranking genius for being the first one to think this up and opening this culinary Pandora's box. In order to get back at this prankster, it's only acceptable to cook up a tray of Mac and Cheese with SunnyD. "But wait," you'll say. "How do you get SunnyD to have the same consistency as melted cheese?" Simple: mix it with corn syrup. Now, if you were to have a SunnyD Mac and Cheese meal with the faux SunnyD, your table is going to be more lit than the glowing suitcase from Pulp Fiction. Has anyone had Mac and Cheese with SunnyD? With all that processed food going on at once on your dinner table, you better take some fruit from the Voodoo Doughnuts box.

10 Some kind of dirt nap

It's heartwarming to see that no matter where you work--whether it's a desk job or manual labor--the art of pranking transcends any workplace culture. Clearly, the prankster took inspiration from The Wizard of Oz and steamrolled ahead with it. If only the boots curled up to further freak out the supervisor. It's undeniable that everyone would have loved to see the supervisor's initial reaction.

Maybe he tried tugging at the boots in a futile attempt to save this unfortunate employee of his? If so, did he fall on his back once the boots were loose? Unfortunately, this prank has a limited lifespan or else it becomes a retelling of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Like most well executed pranks, it's the simplicity that ties this piece together.

It's low cost, believable and safe. As horrifying this prank seems, the absurdity of the situation quells any thought of this situation realistically happening and makes us laugh again--or maybe that's because we're not in the supervisor's boots. If we were to learn a message from this prank, it's to never sleep on the job. If you're still feeling bad for the supervisor--as Albert Camus would have said--one must imagine the supervisor happy.

9 Caged by the copy machine

Like the Saw movies, there was a time when you couldn't get away from Nicolas Cage movies. Oddly enough, they were both film phenomenons happening at the same time (circa 2005-2010). Has anyone ever seen Jigsaw and Nicolas Cage in the same room? Maybe Hollywood is gearing up for a Saw/Nicolas Cage crossover. While he's still getting work these days, his face was a lot more prevalent in yesteryear's movie posters and trailers. You either love his movies because of his overacting or you dislike his movies for his overacting.

He is the film fanatic's Stravinsky.

If his acting skills were any hammier, he could could open up his own sandwich shop. Now, he is forever immortalized into your work. After you make your copies with this Cage-ified copy machine, you can reminisce his filmography as you go through the pages. Let's be honest, if this happened to you, you would love it. Not only is there a small place in our hearts for Nicolas Cage's...eclectic acting skills, but his face would break the cycle of monotony in your office. If this prank doesn't convince people to ditch work and demand Universal Basic Income, then it's never going to happen.

8 A real eye sore

Hey, want to make contact lenses even more horrifying? Try pulling this prank! The idea of sticking your fingers in your eyeballs is already horrifying, but the fear subsides when you do it every day. Now these poor people have to safely guard their contact lenses from their loved ones to protect their eyes from buffoonery. Luckily, most people are empathetic enough to not pull something like this on random people.

For those of us with glasses, this'll make us stick with our thick specs until you're ready for laser eye surgery. For those who already fell for this prank, I'm sorry. Although your eyes might now be refreshed and minty albeit burning. Although, it begs the question: has anyone actually tried this and succeeding? I'd like to imagine that most people wouldn't fall for this, but then again there's a reason why they need contact lenses in the first place.

While not as subtle as the stair prank, a mischievous person (who is particularly handy) can modify the strips to make them more like contact lenses (i.e. make them more curved and rounded). Hopefully, there will be a time in the future when LASIK will be far cheaper than contact lenses and thus we will never fall for suck trickery.

7 Getting on top of things

This is either a prank or someone is really angry at her boyfriend. If you live in a city with sky-high rent, most of your fellow millenials propose building more housing options to stabilize the rent and thus bring it down--except, I don't think this is what they're talking about. This picture just gave an unscrupulous person on AirBnB an idea. Let's not be surprised when a crop of "exotic outdoor" rooms like this (bordered by the finest tarp) show up on AirBnB.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is how they managed to get everything to stick on the roof.

While most people will say "glue, duh," I'd like to know what brand of industrial glue they actually used because it's definitely not Elmer's. It must be the same glue that Bart Simpson used to glue plastic novelty items on his face. Most important, what's keeping that painting on top of the bed? Sure you can say "glue, duh" again, but putting industrial glue on top of a bed post sounds like a bad idea. What if you wanted to take the painting off? On the bright side, at least you would be getting more vitamin than you would normally get.

6 A sticky situation

If this image makes you gag, then let me be the first to say that you're probably using too much hand sanitizer. Sure I can understand using it sparingly like when you drop your phone and it lands on the subway floor or when your hands get too greasy after eating a slice of pizza, but washing your hands with soap and water is just as good.

Alcohol is usually described as a social lubricant, but personally I feel like this image is taking that saying too literally. There's something poetic about this, though. While hand sanitizer dries up your hands (due to the high alcohol content), you can reverse the damage by moisturizing your hands with personal lubricant. After you realized that you just put lube on your hands, you put hand sanitizer on your hands again and the cycle repeats until the sun fizzles out.

Imagine pulling this prank on someone who has no idea how hand sanitizer feels. On the positive side, you just earned yourself some free lubricant. Besides the thing that we're all thinking of (c'mon, get your mind out of the gutter), there are many uses of lubricant that don't involve that. If you got your hand stuck in the sink for whatever reason, you'll be sorry that you didn't get some lube.

5 Somewhere over the windshield

That's one way to brighten your day. When's the last time you've  seen an actual rainbow? For me, it's been forever, but that's because I rarely go outside unless I have something important to do like returning some video tapes or securing a reservation at Dorsia. If it rained and someone pulled this on you, your wind shield would resemble a Jackson Pollock painting--that is if Jackson Pollock went to a Pink Floyd concert. Will this actually work, though? This is one of those pranks that I'd like to see on Mythbusters.

Better yet, there should be a Mythbusters-esque show that focuses the science behind pictures of pranks from the internet.

Discovery Channel, hit me up. What's great about this prank is that you can even see rainbows at night! It's a childish prank, but it's probably teaching us a message about how we shouldn't forget about our inner child. Or perhaps it's a message that no matter how times can get tough, there's always a rainbow somewhere--even if we have to force it unto ourselves. Who am I kidding, the real message is that you should always check your windshield wipers and why you should always keep a bottle of Clorox in your dashboard.

4 Slidin' through the corporate ladder

Via Imgur

While the West is finally warming up to Japan's leading export which is Anime, we still have a long way to go with their pranks. Let's be honest, most of us would love it if this happened to us. Maybe not that much lube though because we're still reeling from the lube inside the bottle of hand sanitizer prank. I love how the guy in the end is completely drenched lube. That should tell you that the people behind this prank are really committed to safety--well, at least after dropping you from the floor of an elevator.

The pranks in Japan (at least from what I've seen on Japanese TV) are never afraid to push the boundaries.

Yet these pranks still keep safety in mind. There is no way that this would happen in America without a lawsuit unless it was faked. The best thing about this prank is how it goes straight to business and drops him like an Judoka brown belt. It doesn't even give him a chance to pick his floor. What if all elevators inside office buildings were replaced with a series of lubed up slides? I think it would greatly reduce work stress and increase the amount of lube on your work clothes.

3 Smells like shrimp spirit

First of all, I was unaware of the existence of Shrimp Spray. Before you ask yourselves why anyone in the world would even buy this, I already wasted my time figuring this out and allow me to enlighten you: it’s used for fishers to spray the scent on plastic bait to entice fish as an alternative to piercing worms on metal hooks. Or an alternative to buying worms because the price of worms is increasing exponentially. This is probably due to the ongoing strikes organized by worms.

I would like to think that, as a species, we are above such tricks for fishing. We can talk to each other across entire continents through computers and phones, but we still need products like this to outsmart a fish? Then again, it’s obvious that I’m not the target audience for this product of human ingenuity.

But now this spray has a new market for them: for the mischievous amongst us. Imagine trying to cover the scent in your room because it smells like a 70s Pink Floyd concert. After spraying this, it now smells like a 70s Pink Floyd concert inside a fishmonger’s market. If you pull this on anyone, I hope they serve shrimp in Hades.

2 Please don't get any ideas from this, Whole Foods

Like the earlier Voodoo Doughnuts prank, this prank is dedicated to healthy eating. It says a lot about our society when we prank people by disguising fruits and vegetables as fast food or candy. Has there ever been a prank where someone disguises healthy food as fast food? In defense of this particular type of food pranks, at least the prank is still somewhat edible--unlike the pranks where people substitute the white Oreo filling with toothpaste. The prototype of this prank was when Mark Sparrow suggested dipping brussel sprouts in chocolate for a good Halloween prank.

Yet Twitter user, AnnaAlbern, improved this idea by avoid chocolate altogether.

Instead, they suggested wrapping the brussel sprouts as the iconic Ferrero Rocher. Not only does the shape of the brussel sprout matches well with a Ferrero Rocher, but I'd wager that you are more likely to come across a case of Ferrero Rochers than a tray of chocolate balls. Wouldn't you be suspicious if someone offered you chocolate balls? Well, I'd be suspicious of anyone offering me candy, but if anyone offered me some chocolate balls, the first thing I'd wonder would be whether or not the balls have a filling. With Ferrero Rocher, I'd let my guard down. This is truly the Trojan horse of all food pranks.

1 Taste the chaos

If you didn't have the bag of Skittles, this bowl would have been perfectly fine (save for those with peanut allergies). Chocolate and peanut butter has always lived together in harmony. Yet, once the prankster introduces Skittles to the ecosystem, the marauding artificial fruit flavors conflict with the chocolate/peanut butter alliance.

The acidity of the skittles overrides the savory sweetness of the M&Ms and Reese's Pieces, which creates a culinary cacophony in your mouth. It's like your tongue summoned the spirit of Bartok and he made it his mission to create the most jarring juxtapositions of flavors in your mouth. This prank is a good metaphor of the recent crop of superhero movies. The Disney corporation loves to give us a new superhero movie/candy brand every few months or so.

Then, Disney mixes all of the existing superhero movies--much like the picture above--and repackage the combination as a crossover movie. If you ever came across these superhero crossover movies, you're supposed to remember every information about each superhero and their movies--right down to their blood type and dating preferences. Am I watching a movie or am I taking a 3 hour exam? I'm not saying that we should all acquire a taste for free form jazz...but, there needs to be a time when we should grab Disney's hand and say, "You can stop mixing the Skittles and the others now."

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