16 Products That Clearly Slipped By Quality Control

When we scour the stores for the perfect gift, we assume that the products that are on the shelves are in tact and working. We assume that the products that made it to a store were checked for malfunctions and have gone through a quality control process. But as we know, nothing is perfect in this world and things get past the best of us that probably shouldn't. We can't entirely blame a person for not seeing an error but we can make fun of the fact that a product is so far past what's acceptable and was thrown up a shelf with a price tag as well.

Maybe there's a discount in store or maybe just maybe, the product is all wrong. Maybe the product was terrible to begin with and somehow, someway, everyone and their mother decided it was acceptable to hit the stores. The next 15 photos give us all a valuable lesson: all it takes is one person to say something is a good idea and the rest will follow.

16 That doesn't look quite right

Via: diply.com

It's bad enough thinking of all the possible ways a plane could come crashing down, but it's reassuring knowing that the chances of that actually happening are slim. A lot goes into preparing for a flight and after all is said and done, we'd assume that everything checked out. But after this flight took off and this person looked out their window, they saw this. Now, we aren't experts at this sort of thing, but we can safely say that this picture doesn't look right...at all. This looks like the airplane took a crash landing and was never repaired. We'll hope that, that's not the case and everything is up to par.

When someone with the fear of heights and being on an airplane sees this, they might not feel the same way. This is pure nightmare fuel and doesn't look safe at all.

15 Give us something to brush about

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="365"]https://static0.thethingsimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/00001a1-26.jpg Via: static0.thethingsimages.com[/caption]

Since we were tots, our dentist told us to brush our teeth twice a day as well as floss. We're sure not everyone can say they are experts at doing either, but at least when we decide to, we want to make sure we have a toothbrush lying around. When we buy a toothbrush, we make sure it's to our preference. But if we were to see a toothbrush like this at the store, we'd wonder if this brand is even legit. We'd then wonder if the person who stocked these items even cared when they saw this.

How lame would it be to not even notice this in the store and take this toothbrush home to find out the main part is missing? Total let down.

14 That's an oven rack

Via: guff.com

When it's late at night and there's nothing else on the tube, infomercials will always be on. They point out why we need a certain product and will let us know why we can't live without it. Basically, up until then, our life was missing something. Some infomercials are very believable and we want to buy whatever they are selling. But there are other times we'd rather just turn off the television and never turn it back on. The ABhancer will probably do that for most of us because, if we look really close, we'll see that there are no real abs involved here, it's all a trick.

We all want a good-looking body, but this won't do anything for any of us. What it will do is hold our dinner in an oven later and that's the only real benefit.

13 This is all wrong

Via: officerhush.com

If you are a meat eater, you will agree that bacon is a gift from God. Basically anything with bacon tastes amazing and the rest is history...we think. What we also know about bacon is that it's meat and meat left out for too long is a huge no-no. Just the thought of it makes our stomach turn and no one would willingly eat it a room-temperature, right? Well, that's not a true statement. Apparently this brand thought it was a grand idea to put a bacon-like substance into a ketchup bottle and call it good.

But there are people out there that like bacon any way they can get it and unfortunately, this is a "way." The people behind this product clearly didn't think this one through and we're wondering what we're going to see next.

12 This experiment didn't work out

Via: diply.com

When we go to a car dealership in search of a vehicle, we expect to come across pushy sales people, lots of advertisements and stale popcorn available for us to eat. But something we wouldn't expect to see is the picture above. It's looks like this dealership was trying out a new contraption that unfortunately backfired on them. Not only did it malfunction but it also fell on an expensive-looking truck at the same time. The truck didn't even have to leave the parking lot and it got hit by another car...what a shame.

We understand that people can't foresee every single problem that could happen, but this is pretty bad. Also, who was the wise-guy that decided that it would be a good idea to park other cars underneath? Bad move, bro.

11 Naughty Mickey

Via: guff.com

We all probably remember our favorite toy from back in the day. Maybe it was a doll, a fire truck or even a microphone we could scream into to annoy our parents. We liked the toy for what it was and we never thought about how it was perceived. Maybe the creators of this particular toy had the same idea in mind or maybe they are borderline perverts. At first, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about, but if you look closer, the microphone takes on another shape. A shape that shouldn't be associated with kids or Disney.

Maybe we just have our heads in the gutter and are overthinking this, or maybe the toy design should have been thought out better.

10 It's all about respect

Via: fortune.com

When the holidays come around, stores like to stock their shelves with cheeky holiday items, clothing included. Even though most of it is tacky, people eat it up and buy overpriced Christmas sweaters anyways. But apparently companies take these jokes way too far and don't think about other people's feelings. We've all had a foot-in-mouth moment more times than we can probably remember and no one is perfect, but this one should have been caught.

People everywhere struggle with disorders like this and seeing this might tick them off a little. We already know that it bugs at least one person because of the comment above and it is completely understandable.

9 Super, what?

Via: pleatedjeans.com

This is another great example to check your work twice, whether you know it's right the first time or not. We get what they were trying to achieve with this "clever" shirt but it ended up failing miserably. "Killing two birds with one stone" is always great but sometimes it ends up being even worse. This might have worked with other words, but how in the world did this get past everyone that approved this T-shirt design? This just goes to show that sometimes there doesn't need to be a lot of approval for items to make it to a store.

At the same time, if we saw this at our favorite store, we'd probably buy it just because it's a hilarious find. But at the end of the day, we doubt everyone had the same feeling.

8 When looks are deceiving

Via: pleatedjeans.com

When we go to stores and look through the numerous items, we know that a good marketing ploy always wins. What does that mean? Well, if a product is more attractive to our eyes, we will most likely buy that item over another. Good packaging and a catchy name draws our eye to the prize and makes us want to buy it, even if it's more expensive. But seeing a product standing out among the rest of the similar products isn't always good. Let's look at the above situation as an example.

At first glance, this looks like a jug full of some type of sugary soda or juice. If we are looking for that sort of thing we might find it appealing, but this is not what it looks like. Do not drink it and keep it away from the kids.

7 This is all wrong

Via: diply.com

We all need the bare essentials in our lives and when we go and get them, we expect them to be in working condition. We would never think of a pack of toilet paper to look like this when we open it. We're aware this is merely a #firstworldproblem but it's still a pain in the rear. We get that this could easily happen, but how did no one notice? We understand if one toilet paper roll was messed up but three? That's just blasphemy. There is no way any of these are fitting on a toilet paper holder.

Hopefully these people aren't too picky and they just deal with it. But for now, we'll just point and laugh at how messed up this is.

6 No one wants this

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Depending on the country you are shopping in, you might find odd items that you aren't quite familiar with or don't understand. Different sayings and words mean different things, but when product names are still in English, it's hard to jump on board with the "different cultures" excuse. This may be a novelty item but either way, why would pet sweat be a thing? It's gross, it's unnecessary and we don't even want to know what's actually in the containers.

Again, the manufacturers were probably trying to be funny, but we don't think they meant for this product to sound so grotesque. Hopefully this product didn't stay on the shelves for long or they thought of a different name for this product.

5 Sports-illiterate

Via: pinterest.com

Everyone has different interests that they use to connect to others and enjoy in their free time. Some of us might like fashion, books, Japanese cuisine or even sports. Sports are basically what makes the world go around and even if we don't particularly like sports, we usually can be a bandwagon fan from time to time. So if we were to go to a store and see the above item, we'd know that there's something not quite right. We don't have to play tennis or basketball to understand that this labeling is all wrong and other people should know that, too. But somehow, someway, this got past everyone.

Even a kid with mediocre spelling skills would know that this is wrong, but we're thinking someone that was stocking the shelves got a bit lazy and said, "Screw it."

4 Stay in schools, kids

Via: pleatedjeans.com

This one isn't quite a product per se, but the fail is so obvious that we couldn't overlook it. When we see advertisements alongside the road or in this case, on a vehicle, we expect it to deliver a message. Usually that type of message is either positive or persuasive and not downright ridiculous. We're not sure if the person who created this layout was lazy and didn't notice until the decals were on the bus or if they just didn't see their mistake. If they didn't see their mistake, we hope they got a talk from their supervisor because this is every parent's nightmare.

We're thinking this guy probably doesn't appreciate this either. He's trying to spread a positive message to kids instead of igniting a rebellious streak in them and this isn't helping.

3 That's it?

Via: justsomethingcreative.com

We've already talked about the fact that packaging and correct advertising tactics of a product are very important. No one wants a food or drink item that looks unsavory because chances are, it probably is unsavory. It's all about perception and image when it comes to food and beverages and unfortunately, this one doesn't make a promising impression. No one wants to eat something that reminds them of that one time they had the flu and frankly, this item will. Bad memories of being ill isn't fun for anyone and it's also not smart to name a product this.

The word puke is unattractive enough so why make people even more standoffish about it? We're thinking there was miscommunication along the way and this food item is actually very delicious.

2 A burnt disaster

Via: pinterst.com

First off, if you don't have an obsession with pizza, you are doing it wrong. Second, if you think this pizza is up to par, you are also wrong. Anytime someone orders from a restaurant or gets take-out, there's a small chance the food that is being ordered won't be what you expected. Something might be missing, you might get the wrong order or the food might be under or over-cooked. It's a sad day when this happens but that's just the gamble people take when they don't make their own food. But we expect a little more because the people cooking the food should have a good idea of how the finished product should look.

If anyone has had pizza, they know that a burnt one isn't very tasty. Hopefully this person got free pizza for life or at least a new one in place of this.

1 A turkey, what?

Via: pinterest.com

By now we've seen and heard just about everything and we realize nothing surprises us anymore. When something happens right before our eyes we may not even blink; or if we happen to see something on television, we don't gasp like we should. This just goes to show that 2017 definitely has dumped a hefty load on us. But when we are getting ready for the holidays, we have certain tools we use to help us get through the process. When we find a better solution to a problem, we can't wait to try it out—but this solution is a bit questionable.

This is a bit funny but also a bit disturbing at the same time. No one wants to see these two words together nor do they want to...except these people.

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