15 Products That Will Make Your Office Feel Zen AF

We will spend over 90,000 hours over the course of our lifetime working. It's sad, but true. Our jobs and careers are oftentimes the cause of much unneeded stress and worry. And in many countries, work is the most common reason for illness, depression, and death.

For those of you that spend a good portion of their day locked in your office, we want to remind you that its beneficial for you to have an office that is peaceful, calming, and feels a bit like home. So, we have found 15 products that will make your office feel zen AF. Because you need it and deserve it!

15 Mini Zen garden

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If you're looking for the perfect way to Zen out in your office, then look no further. This Gold Office Mini Zen Garden uses the Eastern Japanese principle for meditation and de-stressing, by creating a miniature landscape that is perfect for your desk or end table. By using this ancient technique, it is believed that it will increase relaxation simply by tending to the garden. You can rake your area, moving the sand from one corner to the next. You can prune your miniature trees and manipulate your landscape by moving your rocks or statues.

By doing these things, the Zen garden can promote creativity and enhance discipline through this meditative technique. And who doesn't want that while working?! This mini zen garden is available now on Etsy.

14 'Serenity Now' pencil set

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We all need and deserve a little serenity now and again, don't we?! These pencils by CouldYouPlease are absolutely perfect for your desk or work space. Because really, what better way to calm your mind and find a little peace while working, then with these serenity now pencils?

These pencils can be used in a variety of ways. You can draw with them, their use especially becoming handy for doodling during those boring meetings. You can use them to write notes, proposals, and fill in your time-off requests. And you can definitely use them as an additional reminder to breathe, you know, when you want to strangle your annoying co-worker mid-day. You need these because you deserve some serenity. So, prepare yourself and buy these pencils right now.

13 Bonsai tree

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The bonsai tree roots from the Japanese term meaning, "planted in a container." But the actual art form comes from a Chinese practice that was later adopted by Japanese Zen Buddhists. The bonsai tree is a miniature tree that has been potted. The purpose of the bonsai when it was first produced, as an art form, was meant for contemplation.

It is also meant for the grower to learn patience, effort, and to promote peace while watching the plant slowly take form. This tree is perfect for your desk, office space, and even a shaded window seal. The bonsai can also give you a sense of nature while working inside. One look at it, and you can't help but feel calm AF. Buy your next bonsai tree at your local nursery or online now.

12 Zen poster

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I can't think of one person who doesn't enjoy a good inspirational quote, poem, lyric, or written message. In fact, I think the reason why many people are attracted to the written word is because we need the daily reminder. We want to be reminded to be a kind person, to dream and work towards our deepest dreams and aspirations, or to just not give up. These zen posters with inspirational messages are absolutely perfect to place in your office or work space. Not only will they give you a little bit of zen inspiration, but they look damn good on your walls. There are plenty of affordable prints on Etsy to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Decorate those white walls, people!

11 Succulents

Via: thesill.com

Want to know why I absolutely love succulents?! Not only are they like the only plant I cannot NOT kill, but they're perfect for small and intimate spaces. Which makes them absolutely perfect for your office! Succulents are also known as fat plants, as their parts are fleshy and thick. Not only are they an attractive and unique plant, but succulents don't take up much space. And they're low maintenance, which means you don't have to stress if you miss a day or two of watering.

Many succulents need plenty of light, but these plants can survive under many lamps and small lit areas. Succulents can be purchased at many local nurseries and garden boutiques. And if you're looking for a modern and beautiful way to display them?! Check out these.

10 Essential oil diffuser

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OK, I am about to turn into a salesman for a moment, so bear with me. For years, I used candles. Candles infused with chemicals that also made them smell delicious but not necessarily safe. Which is exactly why I love diffusers. They're safe and only require water and essential oils. So, if you're intrigued by natural products and healthy living, then look no further!

This essential oil diffuser not only makes your space smell amazing, but depending on what essential oils you use, you can improve your state of mind, mood, and health. Diffusers are very affordable and only require 1-3 drops of essential oil at a time. Which makes them even cheaper than buying candle after candle. And don't worry about leaving it on as this diffuser shuts off after four hours.

9 Meditation stones

Via: etsy.com

Now, this takes a bit of imagination for you folks who may look at this photo and just see a pile of rocks. The stacking of meditation stones have been used for centuries as a form of meditation that promotes stability and peace. It's the perfect activity for those who need to feel grounded after a stressful or chaotic day.

When you are zoning out at your desk, on a boring phone or conference call, stack away. Not only do these look fun on your desk, or in your window seal, but they are perfect for helping you tap into your creativity (playfully) when you are feeling stuck. You can buy these stones online, or find your own out in nature. As an alternative, check out these awesome wooden zen rocks!

8 Origami Crane Mobile

Via: etsy.com

Mobiles are not just for babies anymore. And they're not meant to just be hung from above cribs in nursery rooms. Today, many adults are using this simple and relaxing art form to create dimension in their small spaces. So, it shouldn't be of any surprise that you can buy some pretty damn amazing mobiles. The crane mobile is one of the most modern and Zen accessories that you can use to decorate your office. You can find many different custom origami crane mobiles online, to color coordinate, or show off your personality. And believe it or not, cranes are also used as a form of creativity and meditation, making them another wonderful way to Zen out in your office in the most unique way possible.

7 Lamp

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Let's be honest: every office NEEDS a nice lamp. They offer another level of dimension, especially in intimate spaces where you are limited on height or width. It can add a pop of color and bring a comforting atmosphere to even the most boring office spaces. This lamp may be a little bit on the expensive side, but you can find many used lamps at your local thrift shop. From there, you can create a little DIY project, splurging mostly on a cute lamp shade. And if that's not your style, shop these unique lamps on Etsy.

6 Battery operated candles

Via: batteryoperatedcandles.com

Maybe your love of candles runs so deep that buying a diffuser is out of the question. That's OK. In that case, we want you to feed your soul, but do it as safely as possible. Obviously, we don't want you to burn down your office, but we know that candles can promote peace and tranquility. And honestly, there is nothing more Zen than that, right?!

So, if you can't have the real thing then check out these battery operated candles! Many of these candles look just as good as the real thing and they're perfect for your desk, and will help keep you feeling Zen AF!  Especially when things get too stressful and you just need one moment of peace.

5 Zen board

Via: etsy.com

I get it. Some of you may only have a tiny little desk area or cubicle to work with. You may not have walls to decorate, or enough desk space to add a few Zen pieces here and there. In that case, this Zen board is perfect for you to use as a daily reminder. You can place this board on your keyboard, mouse pad, or near your computer screen. If you're feeling creative, you can easily create this as a DIY project using recycled scrabble pieces, or by using small wooden blocks. You can then customize your board with your very own Zen word or phrase—whatever tickles your fancy. If that sounds like too much work, check out this affordable and adorable magnet that you can purchase for your space now.

4 Salt lamp

Via: tenthousandvillages.com

Take your lamp game up a notch with these Himalayan salt lamps that originated from the Middle East and have been perfected and sold all over the globe. It's believed that salt lamps have many health benefits. They have the power to clean your air, reduce allergies and coughing, increase energy levels, and improve your concentration and mood. How is that possible, you ask? Apparently, once the contaminants are released from the salt, clean water is released, thus purifying the air in your space. If that doesn't make you feel Zen AF in the office, then we don't know what will.

3 Tabletop Zen garden waterfall

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Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you consider yourself to be a daydreamer? Someone who requires a little rest and relaxation in order to get the job done? Do you get easily stressed during your 9-5? Oftentimes, wishing that you could just escape, just for a moment? If so, then you HAVE to check out this amazing tabletop Zen garden waterfall.

This waterfall is small enough for your desk or office, and offers you a chance to add a little water Zen serenity to your day. So, when we talk about creating a relaxing workplace, adding this desktop garden waterfall is like putting the cherry on top of your Zen sundae. And this waterfall is only $26 on eBay. Killer deal, right?! What are you waiting for?! Start shopping!

2 Yin-Yang bookshelf

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For all of you book lovers out there, we have the greatest, most unique, and amazingly Zen bookshelf of all time. This yin-yang bookshelf is absolutely perfect for your office or professional working space. So, if you're looking for a unique way to showcase your books and momentos, and want the perfect conversation starter, then look no further. Are you ready for your very own?! Shop it now online or make your own by using this awesome video tutorial.

1 Zen desk organizer

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Maybe you don't like a lot of mess on your desk, on your walls, or even in your professional working space. Maybe you're a minimalist. That's OK, because we have the perfect office accessory that won't be too showy or big. And the greatest part? It still promotes that Zen-like atmosphere you've been looking for.

We all know that accomplishing a Zen state of mind requires that we are a little bit organized, right?! OK, maybe a lot organized. If that sounds like you, then you need to check out these amazing desk organizers that we found on Etsy. So, rest easy. All of your office supplies will find their very own space and will thank you at the end of the working day.

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