15 Less-Than-Pleasing Prom Outfits These Teens Might Live To Regret

It's that time of year again when overly excited teenagers are getting the courage to ask their crush to the prom. This is also the time when girls beg their parents to buy extremely over-priced outfits to impress their dates. We can all probably remember the thrill and butterflies we had when we were getting ready for the big night, while making time to fake bake in the tanning salon. The prom has been a tradition for many high schools since the 1930s and originated in the 1800s in colleges.

Like fashion on the streets, prom attire has been evolving (and maybe un-evolving) for years. Teenagers strive to be different and with different, comes...odd choices. From duct tape to political nods to wonky patterns, the teenagers and their dates might've missed the mark when it came to their choices.

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15 Pattern overload

It's 2018 and when we look around at fashion models, the clothing choices they're making are definitely pushing the boundaries on what works with what. They're messing with different patterns, mixing lounge wear with street wear and now teenagers going to prom are trying to pushing the boundaries, too. We're not trying to assume, but we're thinking that this girl had this idea in her mind and asked her date to go along with it too. Bless his heart for saying yes because we doubt he'd come up with these crazy patterns himself. Neither of them look very happy in their setting right now and it could be for other reasons; but their outfits don't look comfortable.

It kind of looks like they're going for a 1970s vibe with their crazy color scheme mixed with the far-out flowers and, hey, to each their own. This might've been when the duct tape craze was all the rage and some of the dresses out there are pretty impressive. In the photo above, there's just too much going on, but we commend them for trying the trend. We can't say we'd do any better at trying to make a dress or a tuxedo out of a household item, but we'd for sure stick with just one pattern and maybe some colors that don't hurt other people's eyes.

14 Charlie and the Questionable Chocolate Factory

When we think of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we imagine Oompa Loompas, a crazy factory owner and an unlimited amount of candy. As kids, we could only dream of something like that being real and after some discussions with our parents, we probably found out chocolate factories aren't that cool. As we've gotten older, our tastes in basically everything have changed from when we were kiddos. When it comes to the two teenagers above and their outfit choices, we can't say the same for them. They literally look like they stepped out of a world that has make-believe orange little men and a guy called Willy Wonka. This might be a winner for a themed party, but it's very hard to look at in a normal setting.

It's obvious that they're creative people and they just wanted to stand out in a sea of black tuxedos and highlighter orange dresses, but we're just not on board with their brown colored choices. Again, it looks like their outfits were made out of duct tape and that's pretty impressive in the grand scheme of things, but years down the road when they find a dusty picture from this prom, they're going to cringe and wonder what they were thinking.

13 Bag chic

At this point in life, we've seen it all. We've seen prom dresses made out of duct tape, we've seen people sporting stilettos with sweatpants and now, we've seen a woman rock a dress out of trash bags. We would've never thought a trash bag as being any type of fashion piece, but now we've been proven wrong. At first glance, the dress seems kind of cool and eclectic, but it's also made out of dozens of trash bags and we can't get over that.

We can't blame people for not wanting to spend an arm and a leg for a dress they'll probably wear once, but this doesn't seem right either. 

It seems like the woman put air in the bottom trash bags and with one wrong move or a swift kick to that part of her dress, it will cause some damage. We're thinking she's prepared for that and if her dress does get ruined, she won't care as much. There's some pretty creative outfits on this list and we kind of want to give this woman the gold medal, but we also don't. The fact that it's made out of trash bags kind of freaks us out and we hope to never see something like this again.

12 Hunters anonymous

People are fans of things such as sports, hobbies and their favorite type of Pop-Tarts. We obsess over these things because we like them or can relate, but some of us go a bit too far when we like something. These two up above are really into hunting and that's cool, but maybe don't surround prom around that. These two really went for it when it comes to showing everyone how much they like the sport of hunting and camouflage and it's a bit much. What's even worse is that their first picture of the night was below some stuffed deer and that just goes above and beyond in the worst way.

We aren't trying to include couples that have some sort of duct tape action going on, but we clearly just can't help it. 

We wonder if they're in a hot climate of some sort because this guy's sleeveless ensemble is making us cringe and we aren't even talking about the deer mounted on the wall behind them. OK, that was a little cheesy, but this whole situation is extremely cheesy so we think it may have rubbed off on us. There's just little words we have to describe these prom outfits because they are so bad and we just hope they didn't spend a ton of money trying to make this look happen.

11 The zebra and the siesta cake topper

We've had a lot of couples that have made their prom looks match to a tee. They want everyone at the prom to know that they are together and that's cool, but these two went a different route. We can say that both of their outfits are pretty tacky, but there are little similarities when it comes to how they match. The guy looks like he's stepping back into the tacky vibe of the 1980s and the girl just looks like she's about to knock a ton of people over. Imagine trying to dance in something like this or just trying to navigate in a sea of people in general. We do see that she has zebra-printed shoes on, but those are overlooked by the explosion of pink on her dress.

We're all for a dress with a poof, but this poof is a bit much. We can't quite tell if this dress was bought in a store or made, but we're hoping she didn't spend too much on it. It's not that we don't think the dress has some sass and creativeness about it, but there's no place other than the prom that this dress could be dubbed as appropriate.

10 Child's play

Thinking back to the simpler times when cartoons were our world, we can probably remember watching Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is a childhood character that we knew for as far back as we can remember and we'll always think back about it with nostalgia, but that's as far as it goes. These two must've gotten together because of their similarities and one of the similarities must've been the love they have for a certain bear. We're utterly confused as to why someone would want to base one of their most important outfits they'll ever wear on a pudgy yellow bear, but we'll go with it. It's not just that the guy or the just the girl wore this theme, but both of them showed up to their prom with a big tacky bear on their outfit. We wonder if they picked out an outfit and had Pooh sewed on or if they had their outfits specially made; at this point we'll never know.

Maybe it's an inside joke that no one else knows and that's what makes these outfits super special to them. Or maybe they just really like Pooh bear and all of his friends. What makes this whole situation even more odd is the tacky island-style themed backdrop someone picked as the winner for this prom.

9 Taste the rainbow

We all have a sweet tooth from time and time and we indulge when we feel it's right.  We're bringing up the topic of candy because the girl above gave us no choice. We're thinking this is the back of her dress, but we can't really be sure. There's also someone next to her that might be a part of this and in the end, we're just kind of confused at what's going on in this situation overall. We're all for Skittles and eating them and liking them, but we don't really know why the wrappers would be included in this outfit. This girl really likes Skittles and couldn't live without making them incorporated into her outfit or maybe she's trying to be creative, we aren't sure.

We also see there's a name spelled out in what seems to be blue Skittles and now we're even more weirded out.

We've seen some pretty questionable prom outfits so far, but this one takes it to a whole other level. We've heard of eatable clothing before, but never a prom dress. Maybe this girl was just trying to stand out or maybe she just really have a special kind of love for the sugary treat.

8 Twinning with pride

Hey, we are all for people celebrating their country and the freedom and possibilities that it gives them, but there's a point and time for that. These two clearly love the United States and so do we, but too many patterns or too much of anything isn't always good. We wonder who came up with the idea to be so patriotic and we wonder how much persuading it took for one or the other person to get on board. Again, here's one of those duct-tape designs we "love" so much and we're thinking they may be trying to make a point with their outfit.

That's not bad and people do it all the time, but this is prom, people, why here? 

When we look at this picture, this girl is clearly excited and happy, but we're not quite sure what the guy is thinking about at that moment. He looks like he's scared of the fact that he's wearing what he's wearing and maybe should've toned it down. There might be a pang of regret in his eyes or he might just be wondering how hot his outfit is going to get once the dancing starts. Either way, he looks unsure of the situation.

7 Little Bo Peep and her lamb

Via: wackyowl.com

We've all heard of the story of Little Bo Peep that lost her sheep and didn't know where to find them. We've probably never seen anyone voluntarily dress up like her unless they were getting paid to do it, but this girl changed it all real quick. Her dress looks very well done, but we can't get over the fact that it looks like a child's story tale rhyme. It also kind of looks like a really bad bridesmaid dress that cruel and unusual bride would make her friends wear. Let's not forget about the feminine umbrella she's sporting as well because that ties the outfit all together. We are all for a guy wearing pink because there's nothing wrong with that, but the duct tape isn't working for the tuxedo this time.

It's all of the colors they are using that's throwing us off, but at least they look happy to be together and to be going to prom. Not all prom dresses need to be the same or use the same colors, but this one is just a little too matrimonial for us.

6 Not the look she was looking for

We've all ordered something off the internet by now. Shopping online has never been easier and our dream purchase is literally just one or two clicks away. Purchasing things online versus in a store has saved us all time and maybe some money and who doesn't love experiencing both of those things? So, when it came time for this poor woman to buy a prom dress, she resorted to the internet. Like many victims before her, she trusted in the authenticity of where this dress was coming from and afterward, she learned the hard way.

This will teach her to shop for a dress she can try on and not take this risk. 

The fit is definitely off and the color mixed with the pattern reminds us of another bad bridesmaid dress. No one wants to show up to prom with a dress that doesn't fit them because people can be mean. It wasn't this woman's fault that her dress was totally a dud and we hope she was able to send it back and got all of her money back as well. Online purchases can be hit or miss and this one definitely missed the mark. At least she knew this was all wrong.

5 Oblivious?

OK, we understand that people have their own views and opinions and that's great, but there's really no excuse for this. We know that high schools are cracking down on what's appropriate and we know that they are being unfair in situations, but this one wouldn't be unfair. We're not really sure how this would be interpreted with the other students and even though the cut and length is nice, the design is not. The Confederate flag has quite the history behind it that deems it offensive to some people and the woman above might not have even realized what she was doing.

As a little history lesson, this flag was adopted by a less than desirable group of people that disliked a certain race because of the color of their skin. It's also been celebrated by a a group of people today that are against other people because of the color of their skin. Like we mentioned before, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but we think this type of opinion at a school dance might not be the kind of statement this woman wants to portray.

4 Dippin' Dots lovers

At first glance of the outfits above, we're kind of intrigued by the story behind the duds. We also kind of want to reach into our computer screen and touch the material to see how soft it is. Either way, these prom outfits are definitely nothing we've seen before, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are pretty odd. It looks like they might've taken a drive to their nearest art store and glued a few things together and called it good. We're all for art projects and such, but prom would seem like a function where people wouldn't want to look like an American dessert.

We have to admit if it were a cold night, we'd be wanting to sport something like this. 

It also doesn't help that the background where they're taking pictures is the exact same color as their outfits and that makes their color choices pop even more. Prom is all about bold color choices and such, but we're wondering why either of these two would want to wear something like this. For us artistic types, we might revel in an art project, but this should've stayed on a piece of construction paper.

3 Mr. Halloween

Halloween is a time of year where we dress up and pretend to be someone or something else. It's a time of year where we can get away with weird stuff we wear and it's the reason why a lot of people like that time of the year. But if we know anything about dates, we know that prom and Halloween aren't around the same time; heck, it isn't even in the same season. People are free to exercise their will of expression, but this guy has taken it a bit too far. The woman seems a little into the whole sinister vibe too, but we can't get across the guy's makeup to notice her getup long enough.

Imagine seeing a guy walking around at prom with a face full of red paint and wondering if you're dreaming or if you've walked straight into Halloween Town. It's not that the woman's dress is odd or the guy's tuxedo is weird, but it's the whole theme of it all. We're wondering why they wanted to add these specific accessories and if it was an act to stand out among the crowd...which they did. We all like a horror movie or two once and a while, but we wouldn't ever think about dressing up as a character for prom.

2 Out of this world

This next one is kind of indescribable because we don't even know what we're looking at. These outfits are so out there that we wonder if their prom night was some sort of themed situation. From the design to the added hair pieces to the crazy colors, we don't even know what their ending plan was, but it's out there. It's seems like there might be some sort of sun theme going on based on the main shape and colors, but the hair pieces are throwing us off and we don't even know what to think. This is so far beyond what we would expect someone to show up to prom in that we don't even had an educated guess as to what type of direction they are going.

We give them both props for settling on an idea like this together and we're thinking they were walking around all night being asked how they came up with this idea.

We're thinking that they probably didn't mind and thought their idea was the cat's pajamas. Years later, they will probably look back at this and remember how much they stood out and probably not in the way they thought they would.

1 Fans for life

These two, going to prom and still representing their favorite team. We have to give it to them, they get some credit for showing all of their friends that even when they dress up, they still have a favorite sports team on their mind. Frankly, a woman would usually turn down this "opportunity" to go to prom or basically any formal in attire like this, but this woman is literally game to do so. The white on white is pretty classy, but their outfits look more like Halloween costumes rather than a set of outfits for a night they'll never forget. We have to admit they look very put-together for being so sporty, but we can't get past the fact that they look like they are about to go to a basketball game to cheer on their team.

We might be close-minded about this whole situation, but we still think their choices in prom attire were a little too laid back and they should've opted out for something a bit more formal. Maybe this is just the relaxed look that everyone is trying at this point and maybe we might be behind the times.

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