15 Public Selfies Gone Wrong That Are So Beyond Cringeworthy

Everyone loves a good selfie. So much, in fact, that we go on Amazon to buy selfie sticks, selfie light-rings and any other wacky gizmo we can find that ensures we'll take better photos. We don't want to say it out loud, but here goes... we're addicted to taking selfies. Whew, after admitting that, we feel like a giant weight has been taken off of our shoulders.

Selfies basically define a person. You could post a fierce, sexual selfie and everyone will compliment you and, hopefully, treat you like the queen you are. Or, you can take an average selfie and people will say you're cute or tell you how much they "love your top!" Regardless of the selfies you take on a day to day basis, after posting them, you feel powerful! You can't wait for people to see how good you look and you crave the attention and comments! There's nothing wrong with that, right?

The following 15 people took taking selfies way too far. What you're about to see is not only embarrassing but totally relatable.

15 Look at my food, though!

Via: twitter.com

We can't remember the last time our mouths started to water after looking at an image of someone else's food. However, we haven't indulged in Chinese food for quite some time and we're craving it. The food, however, is not what this image is about. Turn your eyes to the woman's face and then look at her hand. No, not the one on her face, the one holding the notorious selfie stick. She is openly taking a shocked image of herself with her food. The worst part about this image is the fact that she's sitting alone. We're not entirely sure if she's with the group next to her or not, but we are sure that she's making a fool of herself. So much, in fact, that someone decided to take a picture of her as she was taking a selfie of herself. Put the selfie stick down and eat your dinner before it gets cold.

14 What the devil is she doing?

Via: buzzfeed.com

Oooh, girl! That facial expression is powerful enough to blind somebody! Can you imagine watching a scary movie and having this girl's face as the villain? That's one movie we're not sure we'd ever want to watch in the dark alone. Hell, we're not sure we'd even want to watch the movie in the dark with our friends. Now, while we are judging this girl, we would like to point out that, yes, we have taken selfies like this before. However, we take them in our bedroom, locked away from the rest of the world. She is braver than we are, we'll give her that one. The guy sitting next to her looks like he's both shocked and terrified with her facial expression. If that's her boyfriend, he might be wondering if he got into a relationship with the weirdest person in the world. To answer that question: yes, you did.

13 Do you like fruit?

Via: buzzfeed.com

Please, please, please tell us that you captioned this picture "Just another casual day at the office!" If you didn't, we lost all respect for you. Well, not all respect, but a large chunk of it. After all, who would take this image and not caption it that? We absolutely love how embarrassing this image is. Not only is she taking a cringeworthy selfie (that she probably actually didn't want the entire office to see), but someone else decided to take a picture of her and plaster it all over the internet. We wonder if she lost her job over this... or, perhaps she got a raise? Erm... on second thought, let's not go there. As long as she's comfortable with this image and knows how to take a joke, she'll be fine. We're sure a lot of people have commented some awful things on this image, but when all is said and done, it's meant to be funny. It's a joke, people. Let her have some fun!

12 ERMYGOD... it's One Direction!

Via: knowyourmeme.com

At first, we thought this young woman was freaking out over a few pairs of leggings and socks. Upon further examination, though, we realized that she was freaking out over the band One Direction. Remember back in 2012 and 2013 when One Direction was everyone's *favorite* band? We remember it very well. Some hit songs were decent, but altogether their albums weren't for us. Perhaps it's because no one could ever make us smile quite like the Backstreet Boys. Regardless of the difference in music taste, there were tons upon tons of people who would cry when a One Direction song came on the radio. Apparently, there were girls who freaked out over leggings, socks and God knows what else with the name One Direction on it, too. You do you, boo.

11 Hydration and selfies go hand in hand

Via: pinterest.com

What is the point of this selfie? "Hi, I'm at school right now and I'm drinking water from the fountain, want to see?" What? Of all the places you could take a selfie, you choose to take it by the water fountain? Is this why it took ages to finally get a sip of water while we were in school? We swear to you, the line to get water was so long that we were sometimes late to class because of it. Since when did taking selfies at the water fountain become a thing? Is this a new trend? We can't imagine why anyone would want to take a selfie with something as dirty as this, though. The water fountains in our school had rust and, sometimes, gum stuck to the metal. It was so disgusting, but when you're thirsty, you're thirsty, like this girl knows all too well.

10 One is the loneliest number

Via: twitter.com

Does it look to you like there's anyone around this girl? No? Yeah, we didn't see anyone around her, either. Not even in the picture on her phone! She looks like she's celebrating her birthday by herself. Only, we know that isn't the case because someone took this picture of her. When selfies consume your social life, you tend to lose friends. We're not saying that's what happened to this girl, but the fact that there isn't anyone celebrating her birthday with her makes us wonder if there's a reason for that. Maybe she's not a nice person? Maybe she didn't send out the invitation until the last minute? Maybe she takes way too many selfies and has no shame? We may never know the answers to these questions, but we do know that that cake looks delicious.

9 What'd you say, pops?

Via: buzzfeed.com

Oh, honey, no! What are you doing? You should know that taking a selfie in a public bathroom is embarrassing by itself, but taking a selfie with someone who doesn't know what you're doing? That's just... a big no. This poor old man is probably thinking, "These damn kids and their damn pictures." It looks like he was trying to have a conversation with his grandson and when he looked back to see if his grandson was listening, he saw that he was being ignored for a picture. The kid looks like he doesn't really care, which is probably the saddest part about this image. We're sure this was taken (and posted on social media) to be funny, but your grandparents won't be around forever, you know. Wouldn't kill you to actually spend some time with them.

8 #DuckFace selfie

Via: social.diply.com

Look, school is boring. You get endless amounts of homework, pop quizzes and exams that are harder than anticipated. If there's one thing that makes school a bit more tolerable, it's the fact that there are people around you at all times. You make friends that can last a lifetime and share some of the best experiences together. There are a few people in school who make you shake your head in bewilderment, though. This girl is probably one of them. While she's probably one of the popular kids, she seems like she's also one of the annoying girls in school. Taking a selfie with an oversized sombrero while making a duck face and posing with a peace sign? Totally something someone would do if they were trying a bit too hard.

7 This is so wrong

Via: imgur.com

So, if we didn't see the first image, we probably would have wondered what TF was wrong with her boyfriend's hand. It's gray and looks dead. It looks like she grabbed a corpse from the morgue and decided "This is my new boyfriend!" Which is creepy to think about, to be honest. Is there something wrong with us? Don't answer that, actually.

Anyways, after seeing the first image, it makes sense. Of course she didn't pick out some random dead corpse to be her boyfriend. This hand is fake! It's a giant weird selfie stick, really. What on earth possessed her to buy this? This is probably one of the most useless things that you can purchase for yourself, and that's saying something. We really don't understand some people.

6 Not the face you were meant to see

Via: pinterest.com

You've heard the phrase "If she doesn't send you ugly selfies, is she really your best friend?" before, right? We're going to go out on a limb here and say that whoever she was sending this selfie to, she feels very confident that they won't screenshot this image and plaster it on social media. We sincerely hope you're right because, from the looks of it, this one was probably one of your worst. Did you get a bit too involved with Snapchat's hilarious filters? Did you realize that the person you were in the room with was snapping pictures of you while you were snapping your friends? Hopefully whoever took this image of you asked your permission before posting it online. But we're betting on no for that one.

5 What TF is taking so long, girl?

Via: facebook.com

When you try on that perfect new outfit in the fitting room, you instantly feel sexier. You feel like a powerful warrior who could kill someone just by looking as hot as you do. At least, that's what we think this girl felt. She did rock this dress, but we can't help but wonder if she pulled it up on purpose. Did she think the original length was too long? Because it looks like it's a mini dress to start. Maybe she liked the dress but was looking for a tank top. So she pulled the dress up a bit and, voilà! Tank top! Just then, her mother popped her head in to see what TF was taking her daughter so long. What she saw next didn't even shock her. She realized that her daughter was more like her than she'd like to admit. She looks like she's done for the day. This shopping trip is over.

4 The holy grail of drinks

Via: pinterest.com

Ah, Starbucks. We love the delicious, rich flavors that are jam packed into each cup, don't you? For some odd reason, though, we can't take a sip of our drink before raising it to the sky and taking an Instagram-worthy picture of our order. Whether we get a green tea, iced coffee, cake pop or a sandwich, we will stop what we're doing to take a picture of it. Why is this? It's not as if Starbucks gives us coupons for taking images like this (which, hey Starbucks, there's a free idea for you). Regardless of the reason, we can't stop. It's addicting. Thank you, Starbucks, for not only making delicious drinks but for making us want to show off our order all the time.

3 But do you like the hat, though?

Via: social.diply.com

Is this girl to show that she's able to take a selfie with her eyes closed? If so, did she have to go to such extreme measures to cover her face with a hat? Or, was it to show off her "weird-but-awesome" side? We see that peace sign behind her arm! We're sure you've seen the images of hats being held up on the top of a mountain to show off the brand. Or, perhaps, you've gone to the top of a mountain before to show that you're not only sporty but stylish as well. That's fine and dandy, we're not judging you for wanting to show off your clothes in a cool way. But pulling the hat down over your face and making a peace sign doesn't really make sense to us. We suppose we'll never know what this young selfie taking girl was trying to accomplish. We hope the selfie turned out how she wanted it to, though!

2 Teaching them young

Via: pinterest.com

Wowza! This little girl has a knack for faces. Children are naturally curious little creatures and will do basically anything to make themselves laugh. It's not even like they do it for the attention; they do it because it's funny to them! Which is that much funnier for us, because we see the best (and worst) facial expressions from children. They sometimes inspire us to grab our own phones and take a selfie with the exact same facial expression they used. No, you cannot see that image. It's long gone and we hope it'll never come back to bite us in the butt. We, unfortunately, do not look as cute as this little girl when making this face. We're sure her parents are keeping her pictures to use at a later date, which will not only be funny but will probably be extremely embarrassing when she has friends over or brings her crush to meet her parents. Rock on, little one! We hope she stays this confident and funny for the rest of her life.

1 The biggest baby in the game

Via: social.diply.com

We'd like to call this one "When Snapchat goes sour." We're sure that by now, you've seen all of Snapchat's brilliant features. The most popular one being the dog ears (which we're sure you use on a daily basis). Some of Snapchat's filters require you to raise your eyebrows, open your mouth and some filters automatically warp your face! We'd like to think that this guy was playing around in Snapchat and found the filter where he could warp his face into a different shape. We're honestly wondering what the outcome was. He looks like a big baby when he pouts like this... say, there is a baby filter at times! It's a creepy one, though. Snapchat basically takes your face and puts it on a baby's body. It's, well, not the most attractive thing in the world. We wouldn't recommend sending it to your crush (unless you're both extremely weird together).

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