15 *Very* Public Signs From People Who Had *One* Job

When we want to get a message across to someone, it helps if the spelling is correct. That's not to say that we don't all make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors from time to time, it's just that some people's fails are so much worse than others. Not only is their spelling at a first-grade level, but their screw-up has also been done in a very public way; on a sign that thousands of people are going to see. Oh, the awkwardness!

Some signs we can forgive because the person is not working as an educator, but when we see signs on education centers and primary schools with atrocious spelling, it makes us really fear for the state of the education system. It's also bad for business.

Below are 15 sign fails that prove people should proofread. And although unfortunate, they're also incredibly hilarious.

15 You Get A Little More Than You Bargained For At This Hotel

When you’re staying at a hotel, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Now, these differ from person to person, but most would want, at the very least, clean accommodations, a hot shower, and a good bed. Then, depending on how much money you'd like to pay for your stay, a few extras could come in handy. Like the option to have breakfast, watch some of the top TV channels, and enjoy downtime in the pool or hot tub.

And according to the sign for this place, it has it all.

But the hilarious thing about this sign is that this person who wrote it out, made a mistake and they are now offering a little more than they intended... Instead of writing that they offer free Wifi, they have offered a free wife!

14 Would You Choose Between Your Tongue Or Tissue Paper?

When you're handling food products, it's incredibly important to ensure there is a standard of cleanliness. This includes informing customers that they need to take measures that are respectful to other consumers, but also hygienic.

Keeping this in mind, the management of this supermarket decided to write a little sign for those wanting to get their hands on some delicious fresh bread, informing them that they had two choices when picking up the baked good; customers should use tongs or tissue paper to take out the rolls. But boy, did they make a royal mess of this sign...

They’ve asked people to take out the rolls with their tongue, and the image of someone doing this is amazing but concerning. Just picture this for a minute, you go to local supermarket and spot a bunch of people trying to get their fresh bread with their tongue. LOL. 

13 Oh No, Not The Toad!

You've probably seen a lot of signs like this. Well, not exactly like this, but warning people not to park their cars on the site unless they are paying customers. These signs are common because it's necessary for businesses to inform people that they can't fill up the parking lot if they don't intend to use the facilities.

But this is one sign few people are ever going to forget, and that's because of the glaringly obvious spelling error.

Instead of informing non-customers that they will be towed if they don't abide by the rules, this sign is telling people they will be toad. As in, the giant frog. It's hilarious, but also quite creepy at the same time because you have no idea what's really going to happen to your vehicle if you leave it unattended in this part of town.

12 Well, That's One Way To Tell Customers You Stock Fish

When you have a craving for fish, it turns out you can count on Wendy's to satisfy that need. But whoever creates their signs to inform customers of their products and offers, should probaly spend a little more care proofreading them first.

Sure, writing “We do got fish" is not the worst spelling error ever, because you understand what the sign is saying, but nonetheless, it is a case of awkward sentence construction.

At least this is not an education center or a school advertising something with a spelling mistake, because you don't go to Wendy's for an English lesson, you go there to eat. But it would help the overall professionalism of the restaurant if every time you drove past, you didn't have to curl your toes because you were desperate to get up and correct the sign.

11 Enforcing Hygiene Is As Important As Living

It’s important to maintain a high standard of hygiene for employees, especially if they’re handling food products. So you can understand why the management of this company wanted to make a sign to remind their staff about their personal hygiene (although it's gross that people need to be reminded to wash their hands in the first place).

The problem is someone needed to also remind the management that you don’t spell “leaving” as “living.”

It's a hilarious sign, but it's also one that is probably not going to be taken seriously by the employees. How can you respect this, when it's essentially telling you that being clean is as important as living? Proof-reading is everything, and it's a pity that the manager didn't realize this before his authority was called into question.

10 This May Make Fewer People Want To Go To McDonald's

McDonald's is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, and it seems the company has been doing really well, because what they wanted to tell customers is they've served over 10 billion people. But instead of writing this, they claim to have “severed” them.

Um, yeah, this is probably not the best marketing decision ever, and they would do good to change it ASAP because their error may make customers a little reluctant to stop in at the local store. They can't be too sure what’s going to happen to them! Either that, or it reminds them of all of the food products that are used in this restaurant, and exactly how they came to be so popular in the first place. That's reason enough to make you lose your appetite.

9 The Road Sign Standard In This Area Is Slipping

It’s important to have clear road markings for cars and pedestrians to adhere to, but sometimes the people who are making the roads mess up. These things happen from time-to-time.

There are times when you could occasionally see a line in the road that's not perfectly straight, but it's not often that people fail as horribly as this!

Whoever was employed to create this road sign doesn't look like a professional, because instead of using the standard stencils for disabled parking, they decided to write out the word in paint... or rather, they attempted to write out the word but ended up with this.

They obviously have no idea how to pronounce "disableb," and although it was important to create a spot for those who are not able-bodied, they could have at least cared enough to spell it correctly.

8 Um, It Seems This Person May Need To Go Back To This Place

There are some spelling errors you can get away with. For example, when you're telling customers that you have fish in stock, but write it as "We do got fish." This is frustrating, but it still gets the message across. Then, however, there are other signs which are not as easily forgiven, especially when it's something to do with education. These people are meant to be setting the standard for the rest of us, so you can't just go and disrespect the system like that!

This road sign is a complete fail because it should have read “school,” but now reads “shcool.”

The end result is awkward and ironic because the person who made the sign for the school appears to need more schooling. You also have to wonder if the same person who created the sign above also created this one?!

7 It Seems Better Education Is Needed Here

Everyone makes spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, myself included, and this is not something to be ashamed of. Well, unless you work in the teaching profession, because then this is a direct impact on your abilities.

Education is incredibly important, and teachers are the people who shape young minds and have the ability to drastically influence our futures.

For this reason, it's important to show them respect and admiration; a message that this education center wanted to send out. But whoever spelled out the sign failed miserably at this attempt. Instead of  saying that teachers make a difference, they ended up writing about how they can make a “differance.”

Ironic, isn't it? The education center is the one that messed up on the spelling, so the only "differance" they're making, is whoever created this sign.

6 I Can’t Drive Home The Importance Of 'Your' And 'You’re' Enough

It’s really irritating when people aren’t able to use the words “your” and “you’re” correctly. This appears to be one of the most common spelling errors, too. The Internet is filled with memes about people failing on this.

It's also a mistake that can completely change the meaning of your message and make an innocent sign become laughable. Take this bold yellow sign as an example.

It's an advert for a barber shop, and the shop wanted to tell customers about what they offer and how good at their job they are. They're so good, in fact, that they suggest you would be nuts (as in crazy) to not come in. But because they chose to use "your" when there should have been "you're," the message reads very differently!

5 This Sign Is Really Sending Out Mixed Messages

This is a sign that really sends out a mixed message because, on one hand, it's telling people that they should stay away—because it's private parking—but it’s also telling them that if they park illegally, everything will be completely fine. And who can argue with that?What the person behind this sign intended to say was that people will be fined for parking their cars in this lot... Because it's private parking.

Obviously, though, that’s not the message they’re sending out.

If you read this, and you didn't care much for the law, you would probably be reluctant to follow the rules because you can argue that they said it was okay to park here.

Either way, this is one sign that should probably be updated.

4 When Your Spelling Mistake Has People Laughing At Your Generosity

How many times have you seen a sign for "free wood" and thought nothing of it? This sign would have been nothing special, had it not been for the spelling mistake, which ended up making it hilarious.

Odd slip-ups and spelling mistakes can really change the entire message, and even though this person is kind enough to be offering free wood, their generosity is not why this photo was taken.

As you can see from the bucket with pieces of firewood in it, this sign is meant to read "Free wood" but whoever wrote it clearly didn't realize their mistake and instead offered up free "would."  In credit to them, at least the two words sound kind of similar, but you would think wood is the easiest of the two words to spell.

3 Unfortunately, There's A Very Obvious Mistake In This Sign

This would be a pretty ordinary sign, had it not been for the terrible spelling error of the last word!

This baptist church wanted to let people know that God does not make mistakes, a message that seems to be encouraging and perhaps a reminder that whatever problems people are going through at the time, everything will all be okay in the end.

The person who wrote this message clearly believes in what they are preaching, but while God may not make mistakes, unfortunately for them, they do.

Their mistake has now become a bit of a viral sensation. It also detracts from the message that they are sending. If anything, this sign makes me feel a little hungry, what with the mention of steaks and all.

2 I Don’t Think They Understand What Fast Service Means

This sign is a little different from the rest because there is no spelling mistake or grammatical error involved, rather it's that the person who got this sign printed out didn’t really think it through. The entire meaning is confusing. Well, either that or they don't understand the meaning of "fast."

If you’re going to guarantee fast service, then you can’t say in the next line that it will happen no matter how long it takes, because then what is the point of fast service?!

It seems the intention behind the sign was good and the workers wanted customers to know they are dedicated to resolving their issue, no matter how big it may be, but then they should probably just say that instead of promising fast service.

1 Maybe These Teachers Are In The Wrong Profession

Would you send your child to an elementary school that has such an obvious spelling mistake in one of their signs?

These are the people who are meant to be educating your little one, but academics don't seem to be that high up on this school's list.

This sign is not just awkward, but it's also bad for business. Instead of writing "Exercise your mind and read," the person who spelled out this sign is telling others to “exereise” their minds...

It’s not even close to the actual word! I don’t know how the heck they managed to get that wrong, but it also doesn't instill confidence in the teachers who are working at this facility. And why has no one has corrected it?!

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