15 Punny Tweets That Will Make You ROFL

One of the best styles of comedy has to be puns. Puns, or wordplay for a better term, can be used in regular comedy, but also can be used in Twitter comedy. Twitter comedy banks on puns quite often, using the ability to turn phrases into 'likes' and 'retweets' for themselves. Plenty of times it will be a regular ol' user seeing the opportunity to tweet something silly and/or funny based on a word they see. While other times it will be a legitimate comedian trying to gain some attention by tweeting in an opportunity they found to make a pun.

Regardless, we love puns and we love them most when they're on Twitter, because you never know when they're coming. We'd like to think the puns on this list are the types you'll definitely get, as these are clearly 'punny' tweets. Who doesn't love puns! They're silly and harmless and can be made by nearly anyone.

Twitter is a great medium for people to tweet their little jokes to the world, so given that everyone can tweet puns, it's a match-made in heaven. Without further adieu, we present you with our favorite 15 punny tweets that play on words perfectly. We had tons to choose from, so these have to be good!

15 Steak Puns

We start with a pun about puns sort of, or pun-ception if you will. (We really like to call things within things "____ception," because the movie Inception was wonderful.) Anyway, we are in awe at this tweet. Seriously, this may be the best tweet in Twitter history, as it brings together everything wonderful about puns - while making a pun about a topic - and about puns themselves. Twitter user @ahuj9 tweets "a steak pun is a rare medium well done." While explaining puns can take the fun away from them, please forgive us as we do so for this list. In this one, "rare, medium, well done" are all types of ways you can cook steak! And it all combines into being about puns and steak. It's brilliant.

14 Hugh Laurie Wants Attention

When you have a guy named House, you're going to make jokes related to real houses. It's just common sense, isn't it? Returning to the comedy style of fake conversations via Twitter, @Clint_Bing brings us a wonderful attempt at a play on words. The attempt is snuffed out, but it's a hilarious conversation nonetheless. Hugh Laurie winks and buys a drink for another customer, saying it's "on the house," a reference to his playing Dr. House in the TV show House. When the customer he gave the drink to doesn't respond accordingly, Laurie explains that he played Dr. House in the show, thus essentially ruining his own pun in the process. It brings us to the painful world of misunderstood puns that fell flat. Yikes.

13 A PhilBoard

While we don't think this one is an entirely accurate story, we kinda hope it is! @InternetHippo, a wonderful tweeter that you all should be following, plays on the names Bill and Phil, while also telling a hilarious fake story. When they are trying to come up with the word that will be used to describe a giant advertising board, Phil comes up with the name "Philboard." Of course, we know they are not called Philboards, so there must be something that happens next. There is! Bill, another employee, chimes in and says that they should be called "Billboards" instead. He clearly gets his way, and thus, we have the term billboards. It's most likely not true, but it's a hilarious joke about the name billboards.

12 The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is known for many things, but one of the things he is not known for is being an actual rock. Of course this is Twitter, however, so it doesn't matter that he's not an actual rock! In a play on his nickname, this tweet uses the idea that The Rock is an actual rock, so he can skip across the lake. Someone asks The Rock why he's called 'The Rock,' so he explains by simply running at a pond full speed and skipping, like, 15 times on the water, like a real rock would. It's the first time we've seen someone pretend he's an actual rock, and we can't get the image out of our head. We don't want to, either!

11 Sharp Turn

Sometimes people don't enjoy puns because of how terribly obvious they are. And this man who was being mugged must have used the wrong pun at the wrong time! The hilarious premise of this tweet has a man being mugged, and when he sees a knife pulled, he says "well, this took a sharp turn," as in the knife being sharp. Next, we find that the doctor has totaled the number of stabs as a record, clearly showing that he has been stabbed so many times because of the awful pun he made. If it were up to us he wouldn't have been stabbed at all, as he seized a terrifying moment and turned it into a comical one! We loved the pun, he should have been released after saying it!

10 She Woke

This tweet plays on a few different things, making it even funnier than usual to us! Rather than only playing on a word or a concept, this one plays on both the word "woke" and the concept of being woke. A wife asks a husband to check if the baby is sleeping (rather than being woke) and when the husband checks, the baby says "corporations exploit our insecurities for profit." The husband hears that and realizes that not only is the baby awake (in the literal sense of being woke), but also awake in the sense of understanding things that are not in black and white, like societal issues. Thus, the baby is "woke af" as the husband describes her. It's a hilarious twist and that child is more woke than people my age!

9 Guy Fieri Wants You To Come Over

A popular tweet concept is for a girlfriend to ask a boyfriend to come over, but for a boyfriend to be hesitant. The girlfriend then says something like her parents not being home, and that leads to the boyfriend being more willing and hurrying over. Of course Twitter is filled with creative comedians, so this scenario goes a bit differently. Rather than being the girlfriend, this Twitter account plays on the initials "GF". When "GF" asks them to come over they are told no, GF asks "What if you were making incorrect assumptions based on my initials?" revealing themselves as Guy Fieri. It's an amazing twist we didn't see coming, making it one of the funniest tweets and funniest plays on words/initials we have encountered on Twitter.

8 Lit Library

A common expression used among teenagers today is "AF" to describe something being extremely something. For example, if someone is "Angry AF," they are very angry. Of course you cannot expect that to be the end of the usage of AF, as everyone finds different ways to use terminologies to their advantage. This time, a simple pun was made from the simple acronym, but we love it all the same. Twitter user @bea_ker drops a quick, but amazing, tweet on us, writing, "Damn, this part of the library is Lit A-F." Get it? It could mean that it's lit a lot, like the "AF" meaning of being very. Or it could mean it's lit literally A-F, like the letters A through F. Brilliant.

7 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Playing on the popular (non)butter brand "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter," this Twitter user brings together the butter brand with the five stages of grief, as the first stage of grief involves denial. So, for example, if you are grieving over losing something, you would say "I can't believe I lost them." See, like "I can't believe it's not butter?" Well, the Twitter user saw the resemblance and took full advantage of it, replacing the five steps of grief with the five steps of believing whether or not it's butter. Our favorite? Definitely "What can I do to make it butter," the replacement for "What can I do to make it better" in the stages of grief. Look, it's a pun-ception once again!

6 Carry On, My Wayward Son

A very well known song in music history is "Carry On My Wayward Son" by the equally popular classic band, Kansas. "Carry on My Wayward Son" lends itself to punny possibilities, but it would take a true pun connoisseur to knock it out of the park. Luckily for us, we have one on our hands in @bored_as_heck. He tweets: "Oh, I can't check my disobedient child with the rest of my luggage? You're saying I have to carry-on my wayward son?" Breaking it down one step at a time, "carry on" is whether or not he can carry him onto the plane, and "my wayward son" is that his son is disobedient. It's a wonderful and impressive show of skill in the pun world, and we love it.

5 Fat Free Italian

This one is more of a clever joke using household items than necessarily a pun, but it plays on words in a terrific way so it must be included! The tweet: "Honestly, it just makes me fat free Italian when you tell me salad dressings aren't a good way to describe emotions." We think it's the perfect choice to use "fat free Italian" as the dressing that represents sadness in this comical tweet. The tweeter is upset about not being able to use dressings as ways to describe emotions, so he uses a dressing to describe his emotions! The play on words comes in that he's able to find the right dressing to represent his emotion of sadness, as we can actually feel his pain!

4 Donut Care

In a rare tweet exchange that features the pun being used twice, athlete Chris Kreider banks on a hater using a pun against him and uses it right back! The tweeter tweets at the New York Rangers forward, "I do not like you" but instead of the words "do not," there is a donut emoji. Kreider doubles up on his tweet, tweeting back "I do not care" but a donut emoji instead of the words "do not." It's a wonderful punny display, as a professional athlete not only takes the time to respond to a troll, but also uses a pun in the process! Isn't that what Twitter is all about? Being funny in responding to trolls? We applaud Kreider for his effort on this one, even if the pun was already made for him.

3 Ariana Grande: The Drink

A criminally under appreciated tweet is this one by twitter user @simmonsclass. It is not quite a pun, but it surely is a play on the name Ariana Grande! @Simmonsclass jokes, "Ariana Grande? Sounds like something you'd order at Starbucks lmaooooo eight crying emojis." The tweet is perfect because it is so accurate and also mocks so many other tweets that try too hard and pat themselves on the back. You've seen them before, they're the tweets that attempt to get everyone's attention by asking for the attention, not by having the humor to back it up. This one does have the humor, however, as Ariana Grande sure does sound like a drink you would order at Starbucks! We'd probably order it, honestly. Wouldn't you?

2 Gary Is Upset

A common question is why storms are named after women. Countless writers have used that in their literature, using it as an opportunity for symbolism about women or storms. This is Twitter and not a book, however, so it is not an opportunity for literature. Instead, it is an opportunity for a classic fake Twitter conversation, and a classic line about why storms are named after women. When The Head of the National Weather Service is trying to come up with how to name storms, Gary, who has been divorced 31 (!) times, has the answer. We all know what that means, as Gary, who has been divorced, once again, 31 (!!) times, likely has negative emotions towards women; hence his wanting deadly storms to be named after them.

1 Orange Is The New Black

Given that the change of president from Barack Obama to Donald Trump is the biggest news in the headlines, it's fitting that it earns the top spot on this list of wordplay and puns. Donald Trump has often been mocked for looking orange rather than white, and Barack Obama was the nation's first black president. These truths, and the fact that Obama ceded power to Trump, leads us to "Orange is the new Black," a truth considering Trump's orange is now where Obama's black was. The best part is there's a popular television show called Orange is the New Black on Netflix, so the wordplay works on that level as well! It's a light touch on an otherwise heavy subject, and we appreciate what was done there.

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