15 Questionable Times The Kardashians Were Under Fire For Their Parenting

It's hard to believe that a little more than a decade ago, hardly anyone knew of the Kardashians. Before Keeping Up With The Kardashians hit the air waves, this family was best known as the children and ex-wife of Robert Kardashian Sr., one of OJ Simpson's attorneys in his murder trial. Well, Kim was also known for hanging out with Paris Hilton.

Now the clan is better known for their fashion sense and quirky personalities. The kids have all grown up throughout the series, with many of them having weddings, children and divorces. Mom Kris was along for the ride, too. While this family is often praised for fashion and beauty as well as their entrepreneurial spirit, most people think they make terrible parents.

To prove why so many have come to this conclusion, here are 15 times the Kardashians women were the worst mothers.

15 Kris supposedly leaked Kim's tape

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First of all, it's false to actually say that a s*x tape was "leaked" as it is illegal to commercialize such a tape without the consent of those involved. In other words, s*x tapes are often planned by at least one of the parties doing the dirty to make money or gain fame—or both. Before Kim Kardashian's infamous act was shown, she watched her then BFF Paris Hilton rise to fame and even more riches by releasing her own sex tape. It's been said that a mutual friend of both girls told Kim that was a quick way to fame.

Kim had help in filming and releasing her sexual encounter from someone other than Ray J though. Oddly enough, the author of the tell-all book Kardashian Dynasty asserts that Kim discussed making a s*x tape with her family before doing it. The book also reads that Kris urged Kim to go through with it and helped to release Kim Kardashian: Superstar, ironically less than a year before their reality show came to light. Once the video was out and had gained tons of publicity, Kris rode that high to pitch Keeping Up With The Kardashians to E!

14 Kris pressured Kim to pose for Playboy

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It might be easy to think that someone who created a s*x tape in the name of fame would have no problem posing for Playboy, but for Kim that just wasn't the case. Sadly, Kris once again came to the rescue (of her empire, rather than her daughter). Kim openly admits that her mom talked her into posing naked for Playboy in 2007. Not long before their show premiered on TV, Kris lobbied for her daughter to strip down by acting as if this would be a one-time opportunity. She also tried to sell Kim on the fact that she would have beautiful photos to reminisce over one day. As if that weren't enough, she even played the card of how Kim wasn't that recognizable (yet), so it wouldn't really matter. In the end, Kris won.

13 Kris lets her teenage daughters run their lives

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When a young girl like Kylie Jenner instantly has several major transformations in her looks, we all know it can't be chalked up to simply growth spurts. Before she turned 18, everyone started to notice that Kylie had some enhancements made to her face and elsewhere. Kris actually admitted that she wasn't a fan of Kylie's lip injections, which can give us a little relief. However, most parents would need to give permission for their daughters to get such a procedure, and then not get over it so easily if they really disapproved.

Kylie's lips are just the tip of the iceberg on this issue, as Kris apparently neglected Kendall and Kylie in many ways. Kylie admitted that her mom cut her off financially when she was just 14 and that her older sister Khloé is more like a mother to her. Kris has always put the business first, even allowing her two youngest girls to drop out of private school and be homeschooled. Their dad was totally against the notion, wanting them to go to college. Kris prevailed, feeling that getting paid to make appearances was more important than an education.

12 Kris wanted Khloé to get a nose job

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It's one thing to seemingly not care if a teenager has her lips pumped but an entirely different level of fail when a parent wants her 9-year-old to get a nose job. Yep, we're talking Kris again. Except instead of Kylie, the victim is Khloé this time. She didn't say it to Khloé's face, but the little girl still found out about her mom's vain wishes. Khloé overheard Kris tell one of her friends that her daughter needed a nose job. Naturally, nothing of the sort had ever crossed Khloé's mind at such a tender age—until then. She admits that she was "shocked" to hear her mom say such a thing. Sure, Kris didn't know Khloé was listening, but she had no business saying (or thinking) such a thing of her precious little girl in the first place.

11 They eat their own placenta

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When it comes to pregnancy and postpartum, the old wives' tales are endless. One weird remedy that supposedly helps new moms recover from giving birth is eating their own placenta. Kourtney and Kim both bought into this theory and both ingested their own placenta after giving birth. So, they did eat it in pill form, but that still doesn't ease our queasy stomachs.

Kourtney was the first, and she proudly posted a photo of her placenta pills on social media. While some women literally eat their after birth, Kourtney had hers encapsulated for more bearable consumption. Kim did the same after Saint was born. She even blogged about it for her readers, claiming that taking her placenta pills gave her a "surge of energy." Still, many of us aren't convinced and find this practice barbarically gross.

10 They're totally uncensored

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The Kardashian women don't act like average mothers, and for more reasons than the fact that they dress to the nines to do anything. Well, that is unless they're wearing much less, as in nothing at all. Anyone who follows any of these women on social media has likely come across a naked photo post. That might not come as much of a shocker considering that this family's fortune is based on one daughter sending out a sex tape. Then again, we should expect them to act a little more reserved after having children. No such luck. When they aren't posting naked photos, they're just posting other photos nobody needs to see, like this breast pumping shot. As soon as their children learn to google they will likely need some serious therapy.

9 Kim didn't invite her surrogate to the baby shower

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After giving birth to two children, Kim and Kayne decided to have a third child. This time they used a surrogate to birth the baby. There's nothing wrong with a woman who has experienced trouble giving birth deciding to go the surrogate route, of course. Kim said she couldn't get pregnant anymore and had gone through several surgeries on her uterus.

The problem in all of this, however, was that Kim didn't invite the surrogate to her baby shower. That seemed a little strange, especially when Kim explained her reason for not doing so. She still hadn't told her kids about the surrogate. Granted they were still toddlers, it seems like this is a discussion she would need to have with them early on in the pregnancy. We have no way of knowing how she explained they were getting a baby sister, but it wasn't by meeting the surrogate at her baby shower.

8 Kourtney's kids have some serious car trouble

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When it comes to cars, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have a bit of trouble keeping their kids safe. Back in 2011, their son, Mason, fell out of their SUV. He was still a toddler, which brings up the obvious question: Why wasn't he in a car seat? He was just sitting by the door, no buckle at all. When his dad opened the door, Mason tumbled out. Kourtney had her back turned during the entire episode and didn’t even know what was going on until the damage was done. They comforted him, but that still had to hurt something awful.

Then, in 2015, their daughter, Penelope, was hit in the head by an open car door. The little girl quickly tumbled to the ground, and her nanny was quick to the rescue. Just like with Mason in the SUV, Courtney was turned the other way. It looks like she eventually noticed the catastrophe, only a little too late again.

7 They put too much emphasis on beauty rituals

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Kardashian women are high maintenance on just about everything, especially when it comes to beauty rituals. They have been known to spend hours on their nails alone. Kylie once told how Kris drilled into her head at an early age the importance of having pretty fingernails. It appears like that tradition of having perfectly groomed children is also continuing with Kim and North.

It's one thing for a mom to talk about pretty nails to the point that her teenaged daughter becomes obsessed with manicures but a whole other level of excessive when a mom waxes her baby's eyebrows. A lot of people assume that's what Kim did to North when she was just 6 months old. Kim posted a photo on Instagram with North's eyebrows shaped to perfection. Her fans weren't convinced this was natural, since many photos before showed North's eyebrows untamed.

6 Kris sprang a surprise waxing on Khloé

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Speaking of beauty rituals, this one deserves its own entry. If Kim did in fact wax her baby's eyebrows, then she was simply taking a page from the Kris Jenner beauty book. When Khloé was just 13, Kris tricked her into getting her underarms waxed. How exactly does one trick her daughter into getting waxed? Allow us to explain. The ever-cunning Kris, staying true to her beloved beauty rituals, made Khloé get her first facial at 13. In the middle of Khloé's facial, someone suddenly started waxing her underarms. She recalled the event as being "traumatizing" and said that it turned her away from facials for a good while. It was years before Khloé realized that all facials did not include a sneak attack of someone ripping off her underarm hair.

5 They gave their toddlers hair extensions

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The Kardashians are always engaging in or creating the latest fashion trends. In 2016, one of their biggest loves was to wear long double braids in their hair, which included using hair extensions to make them extra-long. Both Kim and Khloé have been spotted sporting braids, and they created mini versions of themselves with Penelope and North.

A lot of women dress their little girls to match, and it's super cute. However, many people would agree that putting hair extensions on 2- and 3-year-old girls is a little extreme when it comes to being stylish. While on a family ski trip in spring 2016, Kardashians added extensions to both Penelope and North's braids. North's new hair matched her natural hair color, and Penelope's extensions were blond like her aunt Khloé's. Social media users had some critical things to say about the kids' new hair, including one salon suggesting this would damage North's hair.

4 Kourtney gave her toddler a lip ring

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Speaking of fashion trends, Kim must have wanted in on this whole bringing the '90s back deal, since in late 2016 through parts of 2017 she sported a lip ring. In the same way that Penelope wanted to be like her aunt Khloé and wear blond extensions braided in her hair, she took after Aunty Kim next by wearing a lip ring. This is where most parents would draw the line, but most parents also wouldn't let their toddlers have hair extensions.

Kourtney let Penelope go ahead and be like Kim with though, which is evidenced in this photo of the two chilling at home. They were in their robes watching the Oscars, and Penelope's lip ring was front and center. Kourtney even tagged Kim in the post, since she is obviously the reason Penelope wanted it. Most likely it’s a fake lip ring, but it’s a lip ring nonetheless.

3 They dress their toddlers in inappropriate clothes

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We all know that the Kardashians are not modest people in any sense of the word, especially when it comes to how they dress. But there are obviously a lot of women who dress like hookers on a daily basis, yet manage to keep their kids within a decent school dress code. Then, there are those who want their little ones to be mini versions of their mamas, even when it comes to showing some skin.

Kim has caught heat several times for dressing North in a way that seems not age appropriate, but the worst was when she wore a bikini that looked at least two sizes too small. After photos surfaced of the family having a beach day, people were quick to criticize what North was wearing. Some even commented that the Kardashians could surely afford a swimsuit that fit the little girl. And not long before North rocked a teeny black bikini, Penelope wore the same bikini in white, which was just as tiny.

2 Kim didn't think North was selfie-worthy

Via: @kimkardashian/instagram.com; Via: @KimKardashian/twitter.com

Not all parenting fails are created equally. For instance, a mom who is always with her children and never has a photo of herself alone wouldn't be seen at fault if she cropped around her kids to get a decent profile picture. On the contrary, a mom who has made a living off of her looks and takes a gazillion selfies a day can come off as being petty if she crops her little girl out of the photo. The latter happened to Kim Kardashian in 2014.

She posted a selfie in which she is clearly holding North, but North is cropped out except for the very side of her head. It didn't take long for Instagrammers to hate on this photo, asking why Kim selfishly cropped out North. Kim responded, "Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look!" Sadly for her, that comment only fueled the fire. Would a cute little girl with closed eyes really ruin the photo?

1 Kris has no problem playing favorites

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Most moms don't play favorites, at least not intentionally. But Kris has a definite pecking order when it comes to her kids, and it appears like Kim is always first. During one episode of KUWTK, Kris took a lie detector test to prove a point to Bruce. While she was hooked up to the machine, she answered that Kim was her favorite daughter. We can also easily assume that Kim comes before Rob Jr., since Kris focuses all of her attention on her beautiful daughters and helping build their brands.

If that isn't enough convincing evidence, then take in account that a picture is worth a thousand words. In 2016, Kris shared on Instagram a photo of her daughters' apps updating on her phone. Kim's was ready to go, while the others were still downloading. Many followers thought the order in which Kris updated their apps was a true reflection of her actual pecking order.

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