15 Questions We Still Have About The Character Deaths In Avengers Endgame

Whether someone is following the plethora of Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) out there or has simply been watching The Avengers movies for the past decade, or a combination of both, they are bound to have some questions about storylines, timeline continuum, and plot holes. This has to do with everything from small Easter egg scenes shown in post-credit reveals, to major characters and the fate of their lives and future within the MCU.

Comparing comic timelines to movies is complicated enough, when time travel is added to the equation, along with multiple timelines, and outcomes, it doesn’t take long to see the cracks in the logic and rules surrounding who survives, who dies, and why. Someone would have to practically be Dr. Strange to figure this out. While Bruce Banner, ahem professor Hulk, tries to explain this by discussing divergent timelines, a lot of regular MCU fans still don’t understand who is still alive and why. Even the release of Spiderman Far From Home didn’t provide the full clarity needed to grasp exactly who is alive, who is dead, and why following the release of Avengers End Game. Here are 15 burning questions about character deaths in Avengers Endgame and what they could possibly mean for the MCU. These questions are riddled with spoilers, so look out!

15 Which Deaths Are Permanent?

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Post Endgame, in the early scenes of Spiderman Far From Home, a tribute video is shown mourning the loss of the brave (and not so brave depending on your perspective) people who sacrificed their lives post-Thanos. The video features Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision, and Captain America. But are these characters truly dead? Bigger questions involve the stand-alone Black Widow movie that is set to come out in May 2020 involving a character who is thought to be dead. Can we assume that Thanos is dead? Or is that foolish?

14 Which Deaths Are Temporary?

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When half of the universe disappeared during the blip, those deaths were temporary, but what about the other deaths around them and the five-year time gap between the blip and defeating Thanos? How did society function during those five years without half of its population? What happened with couples who remarried during the blip? The biggest questions about temporary deaths are rules about what makes a death permanent and what doesn’t.

13 How Is Gamora Still Alive?

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The sacrifice of Gamora, someone who Thanos truly loved, was needed for him to complete the Infinity gauntlet. She died pre-finger snap and her death was necessary for Thanos to do what he set out to. We see a Gamora from the past come through time travel circa 2014 to help in the fight against Thanos but are unsure as to after things are resolved whether she (time travelling Gamora) remains alive or sacrificed. We have been told that a sacrifice for a Soul Stone cannot be undone, but what does that mean for time travelling Gamora?

A new deleted Endgame scene shows that Gamora had survived Tony Stark destroying Thanos, but no one knows exactly how, or if this deleted scene will remain in the archives or an active part of the MCU.

12 What About Nebula?

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There is nothing more confusing than a person confronting themselves from another timeline. In Endgame present (the good Nebula who is sort of a Guardian of the Galaxy) fights and shoots Past Nebula who is still under Thanos’ influence and is super evil. So did past Nebula kill herself, and does future Nebula remember this fight happening in the past? Would either of them see this sacrifice coming?

11 So Are There Two Captain Americas Now, Or None?

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At the conclusion of Endgame, we learn that in addition to returning all the infinity stones Captain America decided to live the life he always wanted to live. He returns an old man, presumably having married Peggy, having kids, and leading a relatively normal life. In this we see the possible lives of two Captain Americas in the film, but don’t quite know the fate of each – the one who was frozen in ice and the one who was with Peggy.

Some fans wonder how the serum impacts Cap's aging ability and if he should even be an old man, or if all of this was simply a disguise or divergent.

10 What Happened To Loki?

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In one of the rare comedy breaks in Endgame we meet a previously captured Loki who appears, steals the Tesseract and then disappears from the rest of the film. This action surely causes two timelines for Loki, one where he is dead and another where he’s run away with an Infinity Stone with a possible different future during the finger snap. Some speculate that this is what the brand-new Disney Plus Series, Loki is going to be about, while others believe it will be a prequel.

9 Is Natasha Really Dead?

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Everyone is hoping to have this answer in May 2020 when the Black Widow movie comes out, that is unless it’s a prequel about her life as a spy before our existing knowledge of the MCU.

Natasha Romanov famously says as she makes her grand sacrifice, “I've got red in my ledger, I'd like to wipe it out." No one knows for sure if the lights out for Natasha are permanent or if they can be reversed, then again that depends on what you believe about the procurement of the soul stone and alternate timelines.

8 Did Professor Hulk 'Kill' Bruce Banner & Regular Hulk?

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To say Bruce Banner’s relationship with his Hulking alter-ego is complicated is putting it mildly. For over a decade Bruce has struggled with being a smart but impotent scientist or an out of control force of nature – in Professor Hulk he seems to have found a fine balance. Does this mean that Hulk and Bruce as we once knew them are gone? Is Prof. Hulk going to be sick of being gigantic and special ordering clothes; and how did he manage to achieve Professor Hulk status in the first place?

7 Did Tony Stark 'Back Up' His Memories In A Robot?

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Tony Stark is all about technology and you’d think with his resources he’d have created a robotic ‘back up’ of himself, complete with human heart and intelligence. Maybe this once existed, but Ultron was enough to make him quell the desire to live on virtually forevermore. Odds are it isn’t the last time we’ve heard a voice over from Tony Stark to say the very least, it’s just a matter of when and how?

6 Is Someone Going To Use The Time Stone To Bring Back Thanos?

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If the infinity stones all still exist, and the gauntlet still exists, what is to stop past Thanos or future anyone else from trying to grab them and cause more problems? The only thing you’d need to achieve this is a time machine, and it seems through MCU these are a lot more common than we previously thought.

5 Did Ant Man Blip, Or Not Really?

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We are supposed to believe that Ant Man never blipped, although people may have thought he did since he entered the Quantum Realm and couldn’t get out when he entered it just before the finger snap. When the scientists who were supposed to help him get out were dusted, he got stuck for close to five years. We don’t understand exactly how a rat in a storage locker triggered his escape from the realm, but this is one of the least complicated returns to the regular Marvel 616 universe we’ve come to know and love.

4 Is There A Robot Tony Stark Somewhere?

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Back to Tony, he’s an Avengers legend and his legacy won’t die, even if he does. In the comic series there have been robotic versions of Iron Man. They’ve also experimented with pulling a teenage Tony Stark and catapulting him into the future. Does this mean that the only way we’re going to see Iron Man is if he’s a robot or one of Peter Parker’s brooding teen angst riddled classmates?

3 Could The Quantum Realm Have Been Used To Stop Thanos?

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What we need to know is if the Quantum Realm protected him from the Thanos snap or if he was just one of the halves of the people who didn’t blip. If the Quantum Realm protected him, could this knowledge have been used, with the help of a time machine, to protect the Universe from Thanos? On the other side, would it be possible to use something like this to capture Thanos or any Thanos copycats looking to destroy half of everything or some other form of evil doing?

2 Is Vision Dead?

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It feels like a million years, not just five, since Vision died, but here we are asking if he is really gone for good. According to the video at the beginning of Spiderman Far From Home, yes, but the series WandaVision coming to Disney Plus Streaming people aren’t so sure. Of course, like anything the show could be a prequel or a different multi-verse, but if he returns to 616, we want to know how he got there and why he was ‘exempt’ from his death.

1 Can't The Avengers Use A Time Machine To Bring People Back?

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Back to the Future taught us a lot about time travel and why you don’t want to mess up the space/time continuum, but MCU seems to have more balls in the air when it comes to this. If someone has invented a time machine to undo something bad from their past, they never would have invented the time machine had the bad event not happened, so they can’t use the time machine for this purpose. Simple enough right?

That all said, the Avengers have incredibly smart people on their side like Professor Hulk and Dr. Strange. The scientists like Hank Pym and his Pym particles who worked with Ant Man, can surely come up with something, and maybe keep using the time machine again and again until they save everyone they need to save. Or if it’s fated like a Soul Stone, maybe not.

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