First Demigorgons And Now Mind Flayers?! 15 Questions We Have Before Stranger Things 3 Arrives

What's going to happen in the next season?

So many mysteries! The whole show is based on suspense, and the surprises we're hit with are surpassing our wildest fantasies. We've had teleporting demigorgons, missing teenagers, face-smashing hounds, a lot of awkward teenage angst, and even the horrors of a cat that goes missing!

So what's left to learn? HEAPS! There are characters, monsters, locations, romances and even psychic phenomena that still need to be explained. Actually, there is at least one question from the first season we still need to sort out; remember all those eggs? Where did they go?

Keep reading for a splattering of curiosity that only another season of Stranger Things can clean up. Here are just 15 questions we have that we really need answers for!

15 What happened to Hopper’s daughter?

We know that Sheriff Hopper had a daughter named Sara, and we know she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. BUT we don’t know she died. We also don’t know how each of Hopper’s memories of her will fit into season three and beyond.

He remembers her being frightened in the park of something no one else could see (the upside down, maybe?). When he’s forced to give Will Buyers CPR, he remembers giving Sara CPR many years before. Perhaps the most troubling little Hopper flashback comes when they find Will’s stuffed lion. Hopper remembers Sara’s stuffed tiger. To top it all off, Eleven also has a stuffed lion. This could mean nothing, this could mean that there’s only one toy store in Hawkins and they only sell stuffed lion dolls, OR this could mean that the children are somehow linked.

It’s looking like Sara saw something mysterious and off putting, and then fell ill before disappearing (perhaps for good). Somewhere in there, she was given a gift that was very similar to Eleven and Will’s stuffed animals. It’s certainly not too big of a stretch to assume that the Hawkins lab had something to do with Sara’s illness (or even recovery). That would mean that Hopper was involved with the lab even before the start of season 1.

14 Why does Hawkins lab exist, and are there more?

The whole plot of Stranger Things only arose after Eleven’s mistake. You have to admit that the people running the lab could not have known what Eleven was capable of.

Additionally, they must have run similar experiments on at least ten other children. They couldn't have possibly known what was going to happen. And everything we’ve seen was only realized after one of the children in Hawkins Lab made a huge error. Or, actually, Hawkins Lab made the error by forcing Eleven to do something that she was not ready for and that she didn't want to do. Did you see how frightened she was during all of those experiments?

Plus, if this phenomenon of children having strange abilities exists, then there must be more labs out there like the facility in Hawkins. And who's to say that the other labs don't have their hands on an actual creature from the upside-down?

Didn’t we mention something like this earlier on this list? Oh yeah, Hopper’s daughter Sara might have a connection to a lab like the one in Hawkins. Come to think of it, Hopper’s past isn’t too clear either. So how about we talk about Hopper a little more, hm?

13 Is Dr. Brenner alive?

It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question with a ‘but’. He either is or he isn’t alive. But more to the point of the matter: WHAT is he doing now? If he’s worm food, we can stop caring about this guy. However, he doesn't seem like the kind of evil mad-scientist who'd be willingly retire anytime soon. If anything, the shambles at the end of season 1 would probably encourage him to ramp-up his nasty business. Maybe even put a bunch of new kids through cruel and unusual childhoods. Perhaps he’s scouring the globe to find Kali (Eight).

That would be cool, but very unlikely.

Kali would welcome his arrival with a creepy hallucination of Brenner’s worst fear (whatever that is), and a hollow-point pistol round to his massive forehead. BUT (there’s another ‘but’!) what’s going to happen if Eleven finds out that Brenner is still breathing? She can track him down with her fancy new powers, sure, and then she can ask a few hard questions. But will she hate him as much as she should? The fans all know that Brenner is a soulless sack of garbage that’s strangely interested in bringing monsters into our dimension. Despite that, Eleven still calls him Papa like she misses him.

12 What is Eleven going to do now?

Eleven attended The Snow Ball at the boys' high school. SHe looked so great in her little dress and steadily-growing hair! She’s kissed a boy and made some friends, and she’s not demi-dog food (yet). So what is she going to do now?

Do you reckon she’d sit quietly through a boring science class with her friends after knowing some of the secrets of the cosmos? I doubt she’ll become a regular student; she;s enjoyed hiding in the forest far too much to ever sit still in another institution all day.

I suppose she could run away. Maybe a life with the circus (she’s got some pretty cool tricks), or maybe she’ll track down her half-sister, Kali (if Kali isn’t already in jail somewhere). There’s a pretty good chance she’ll be officially adopted by Hopper (and/or Mrs Buyers). Then she'll be raised for many years in a small town until Professor Xavier invites her to a school of like-minded teens.

But hang on a sec, what if she uses those fancy skills of hers? What if she decides to track down a few random old friends? After all, she's started to really get the hang of it, and she might end up unlocking memories of people she used to know.

11 Where is number one, two, three…

We’ve got Eleven and Eight, and their powers are so different from one another that it has left us asking: where are the rest of them? Hawkins lab has clearly organized a little army of special children. It also seems as though the whole upside down VS humankind plot was an accident that came from pushing Eleven into use her powers. So what’s happened to all of the other experiments, and all of their achievements (or inter-dimensional mistakes)?

Now that we’re all thinking about the same missing kids, let’s think about the ones that we already know about.

Eight can force any poor sod to have a hallucination that makes him wet his pants, and Eleven can (amongst other things), find anyone in the world. Well, let's put two and two together. We’re looking for missing children, and the one we started with has a superpower that includes finding anyone on the planet. Do we think that season 3 might include a few more of the graduates from Hawkins Laboratory? Come to think of it, if I was an evil mad-scientist like Dr Brenner, I would probably have moved some (or all) of the children away. Like, get them as far away from the inter-dimensional portal as soon as it looked like monsters were coming through it.

10 Who is Eleven’s real dad?

You may be asking yourself, "does it matter?" And you might get the answer "probably not." But it’s still fun to guess. There is a whole slew of possible father figures in Eleven’s life. Eventually, one of them will probably announce that he’s the biological dad. Who's to say?

It could be Dr Brenner (who Eleven calls Papa), or Hopper, who becomes her official adoptive father. Technically it could be anyone (even Bob, GO BOB!), because the only thing that matters is what Eleven’s mom was doing nine months before Eleven arrived. It’s unlikely, but the Mind Flayer may have something to do with it; maybe we’ll learn about the lifecycle of the creatures from the upside-down in season three.

In any case, there’s one bloke who could probably tell us: Dr Brenner. Even if Hawkins lab had no idea that Eleven would be so special until after she was born, they would still have done a comprehensive background check on the mom. You can bet that they spoke to Eleven's dad at some point. Exactly how much involvement he had is another questions altogether. Also, what if he's been keeping an eye on Eleven from a distance this whole time? And if that's the case, then why? But anyways, going back to Dr Brenner…

9 Hopper is one big bag of mysteries

Mystery one: Hopper lost his daughter, which has brought up a bunch more questions. Mystery two: Hopper was in New York for something (maybe he was a cop there, we don’t know yet), and he’s alluded to his time in Vietnam. Mystery three: WHO DOES HE REALLY WORK FOR? Anyone could argue that Hopper loves Eleven like a daughter, but does he really? He certainly seems to tolerate her most times, and he’s laid down his life to save hers over and over again, but that could all just be a ploy. Maybe those times when Hopper yelled at Eleven were bits of his real personality.

Maybe he’s so emotionally distant because he has very few emotions.

Okay, stay with me here, but what if he’s just keeping an eye on Eleven? There’s a pretty good chance that he's working for Hawkins Lab (or Dr Brenner, or whoever), and Hawkins Lab would love to have a cop on the payroll. A cop who also happens to be Eleven’s adoptive father AND has heaps of crazy rules that stop Eleven from being discovered by the outside world. Actually, come to think of it, Hopper has a lot in common with the people over at Hawkins Lab, including his own mysterious daughter, Sara. Wouldn’t it be cool if Sara turns out to be in an evil laboratory somewhere, and Hopper is being blackmailed to keep an eye on Eleven?

8 What’s Steve going to do now?

Nancy digs Jonathan (fair enough, he’s cool), so where does that leave poor old Steve? He’ll clearly step away with some pride and chivalry since he's changed for the better a whole lot. The only thing is, what's next for his character? He kinda lifts right out of the plot.

Maybe he’ll just pack up his things and move somewhere that’s not under threat of invasion from an evil inter-dimensional hive mind. Hey, if he did, we'd totally understand. Maybe he’s got a great aunt in London or a family friend in Samoa, that’ll take him in. Maybe (if we’re lucky) he’ll decide that the critters that killed Barb and Bob (and the rest) need to be dealt with.

Is he old enough to carry a firearm, though? Well, that didn't stop Nancy and Jonathan from packing heat in season 1. He could trade in his baseball bat and go to work building a fort in the forest; there are certainly enough materials around there. He could probably do some pretty awesome renovations on the underground tunnel network. Besides, the young fellas (especially Dustin) need someone to teach them a little about fighting, and a lot about the ladies, right?

7 Is anyone else infected with the upside down?

Will Buyers got an unhealthy dose of the upside-down in season 1 by lingering a little too long down there. is it possible that someone else has done the same? In season 2, both Dustin and Hopper spent a while in the upside-down breathing in the wrong air and lying unconscious on the wrong ground. Come to think of it, almost all of our heroes spent some time in that black, funky-looking anti-verse. Surely someone else has become infected! The only question is who it could be.

My guess would have to be Hopper (sorry, bro).

Which is great, because he’s in a much better position to do some damage now. Either The Mind Flayer will corrupt his already tarnished soul and turn him into a mega anti-hero, OR Hopper’s take-no-crap attitude will bounce back on The Mind Flayer. It would be insanely cool if we got to see Hopper in action. Taking names and kicking some major upside-down monster butt. Then, that Mind Flayer creature will have a brain full of bitterness, anger and some great facial hair. Going back to Will, though. Didn’t he end up with some kind of psychic connection to the big bad boss monster?

6 True sight

Our lovable group of rambunctious kids call Will’s ability to dive into the hive mind of the evil upside-down creatures, “true sight.” So far, there hasn’t been any indication that he’s lost it. Sure, The Mind Flayer was firmly engrossed in the grey matter between Will’s ears, and then the gang basically COOKED him out of it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that their perceptions aren’t still linked, right? The Buyers kid may very well still have a connection to the Mind Flayer.

It does make sense that The Mind Flayer would retreat without totally abandoning the possession of Will Buyers. The Mind Flayer could have faked its escape, so it's possible that it's still hiding in that little boy’s brain.

However, there is one serious problem with that theory: we’ve been watching it for two full seasons now. This whole “Will Buyers has been claimed by the upside-down,” narrative has been cranking on for over a dozen episodes. It was awesome, but it'd be old news if we were to see a similar story in season 3. I'm hoping that the Duffer Brothers have got something much more interesting, suspenseful, surprising and satisfying planned for their fans. If so, then I'm looking forward to it.

5 Max and Billy?

Max and Billy were lovely little additions to the Stranger Things universe, and I’m certain you’ll agree that they’ll be sticking around. So what do we want to see from them? Billy is going to kick a few more nerds around since he's a major jerk, and probably try and seduce a few older women. Max will slot into the gang without any issues given that she's proven herself very useful and cool. With Eleven’s reliable return, this will at least give Max an extra lady-friend to balance the boy-VS-girl ratio.

But what else?

Let’s think for a second. Billy belts any kid who looks at him the wrong way, but he’s terrified of his father. For some reason, Billy blames Max for the family having to be transferred to the town of Hawkins. There’s a pretty good chance that there is going to be at least one flashback episode explaining that whole family dynamic. I’ll bet the dad is a military man. This could mean that Billy actually knows how to fight and could even kick a fair bit of demi-dog butt if he had to. So let’s throw him into the upside-down and see what happens! Hopefully, Max and Eleven will get along.

4 What’s the deal with that new doctor?

via Looper

Dr. Owens seems perfectly nice. He’s kind, compassionate and he even listens to Will’s mom! What a sweetheart! He seems like the kind of guy who might buy an ice-cream truck and drop the prices so that all the little kids can afford it. Wait, what? He’s only pretending to be nice?

Do we really believe that Dr Brenner would run Hawkins Lab, then the evil government corporation would magically admit their mistakes and hire an angel like Dr Owens to make amends?

NAH! I like Dr Owens, but he should have kicked the bucket exactly three minutes before Bob did. Y'know, while EVERYONE was running or hiding from that swarm of demi-dogs. Remember that one?

Owens was also seen spying on everyone like a massive creep; it’s just not something a sweet old man would do. It’ll take about three seasons for everyone to realize that Owens is actually a government puppet who's prepared to nuke the whole town. That is unless they follow his orders.

Plus, the actor, Paul Reiser, was an evil scientist who pretended to be nice in the classic film Aliens. We can’t just let that go, guys; it’s only been 30 years. Our wounds are still raw!

3 What is The Mind Flayer?

A simple question, and yet one that no one can forget or answer at the moment. We knowt that it controls the motivations and perceptions of the demi-dogs. However, did we ever actually see it control a demigorgon? I don't really remember; I guess I’ll have to watch the show again! That's not necessarily a bad thing. Where was I? Oh yeah, isn’t The Mind Flayer at least partly made out of smoke? That’s how it forces its way into Will’s sinuses and clouds his brain. Pun intended. It also seems to linger around the school the most.

Is that because it’s hunting for children, or because its tied to that spot for some reason? 

It’s unlikely that the Dungeons and Dragons definition of a Mind-Flayer will be an accurate interpretation. At some point, the creators of this Netflix masterpiece will want to branch out a little more. Their skills in suspense will force them to throw a few curve balls our way. Here’s another thought: doesn’t it usually take a mommy AND a daddy to generate a swarm of babies? I’m thinking the other half of that happy family might make an appearance soon. Hopefully we'll find out in season 3!

2 Don’t we still have a question from season 1?

Yes, we do; I’m glad you asked. What the heck were all those eggs? Hopper and the gang found a bunch of eggs that are each the size of a carton of cool drink cans. So far, that’s the end of the whole thread in the plot.

I’m sure you’re saying, "obviously the eggs turn into demi-dogs." But at the end of season 2, we’ve seen where the demi-dogs come from, so that can't be it. Dustin has the pet (d’Artagnan, or Dart) that slowly morphs and transforms from a little grub thing with legs. There’s no way that that little grub needed a whole massive egg for incubation.

Didn’t we already wonder if season 3 will reveal more about the lifecycle of the demigorgon and the demi-dog? Because Will spat up a grub that looked like Dart. And we know that Dart grew into a demi-dog. as you know, The demi-dog looks a lot like a demigorgon that's on its hands and knees.

HOWEVER, there are eggs hatching somewhere, and a giant hive-mind ruler that looks a lot like an adventurous cuttlefish (aka The Mind Flayer). One thing is for certain, though. When all is said and done, there’s going to be some crazy upside-down ecosystem fan art floating around the Internet.

1 If Eleven can close portals, can she open them, too?

This is a little strange. But then again, that’s what we’re looking for in a show called Stranger Things. Eleven accidentally opened the first gateway to the upside-down in season 1, right? And she closed a gateway in season 2. So does that mean that she can open and close those nasty doors and windows at any point in time? She obviously had some help (a few shotguns and a baseball bat embedded with nails). And at the end of season 2, it took her quite a while to seal up the Mind Flayer’s favourite portal .

But in theory, Eleven can sneak into the upside-down whenever and wherever she wants.

What are they going to do if they figure out, for example, that The Mind Flayer lives in the upside-down version of the school? Eleven could open a portal for the gang (with the shotguns and the baseball bat covered in nails), and that would be the end of season 3. What do you think? I reckon that’s all a little too cliché; The Duffer Bros have done such an awesome job with the suspense and the plot so far, I doubt they’ll use too many old sci-fi tropes in the near future.

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