15 Questions We Absolutely Need Answers To In The Final Season Of "Pretty Little Liars"

Once upon a time, Sara Shepard wrote a book series about some pretty girls who lied. On June 8, 2010, a similar story came to ABC Family. Take a time hop to 2017, and viewers are still on this wild ride with Pretty Little Liars, trying to figure out who A is and the reason for A stalking/tormenting the main characters.

We have made guesses about A, and at times, we were right, but then, we got new A, Uber A, A.D., Red Coat and Black Widow...and we have seen people die and come back to life...and we jumped five years into the future...so we really don’t know what is going on now, and we need answers!

The series is apparently wrapping up, with Season 7B’s 10 episodes, which will begin airing on April 18. As we watch these pretty liars one last time, we hope everything comes together and that the following questions get answered...

15 Who is Uber A?

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First and foremost, of course, fans want to know who is behind all of this. Hell, we deserve to know, since we have been taunted and teased since day one. We learned that the original A was indeed Mona Vanderwaal in the Season 2 finale. Big A, CeCe Drake, stole the game and played it from Season 3 to Season 6. Now, we have Uber A sending ominous, emoji-filled texts that are signed “A.D.” Possible suspects include Wren Kingston, Melissa Hastings, Lucas Gottesman and Bethany Young...but it could be someone new/different - like whoever killed Sara Harvey, whoever killed Jessica DiLaurentis or whoever is the unknown brother or sister of Charlotte DiLaurentis and the second child of Mary Drake. With this show, though, who knows.

14 Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

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When we learn who Uber A is, we may receive all of our murder-related answers, but if not...Who killed Charlotte? We learned she was Big A, she finally got to go home with Ali, and then - during the Season 6 premiere - someone broke her neck and threw her off the church. Fans learned that Ali and Charlotte fought and suspected that perhaps she was murdered by her own sister - but that was wrong. We then realized that Aria snuck out of the hotel room the girls were all sharing that night - but she was with Ezra, so that was wrong, too. Hanna even lied to Uber A and said that she killed Charlotte - but tricking A just doesn’t work. Again, it could be anyone, and we better find out who and why!

13 Who killed Sara Harvey?

Okay, we have one more murder question, this one relating to the feral blonde who was in A's Dollhouse, served as a Red Coat, showered (and did other stuffffff) a lot at Emily's, burned her hands at Radley, worked with Jenna and was found murdered in the hotel at the end of Season 7A; a Radley Hotel maid found her - Who would have guessed? - in the bathtub, with blood everywhere. We thought Sara was one of the bad guys (which we found out the hard way - Right, Em?), so why did her own team kill her? Is Uber A an uber meanie who doesn’t care who dies? Or did someone we like do this, since she was one the A Team? It is all so confusing, and we are tired of looking over our suspect list. Give us answers!

12 Are we ever going to really see the first five-year flash scene we were given?

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At the end of Season 6, we got a glimpse into the future, as the girls ran into Alison’s classroom, showing that Ali would be teaching and that her name would be Mrs. Rollins. We saw her friends warn her that “he is coming” for her. Who is “he”? Is Ali going to accidently write “Mrs. Rollins” on her chalkboard? Will she forget that she goes by “Ms. DiLaurentis” now - and has, ever since the girls ran over and buried Dr. Elliott Rollins (who was actually Archer Dunhill)? Is this scene just going to be left out? Despite Pretty Little Liars being based on books, I think the writers/producers/directors are making it up as they go. They ran out of ideas, decided to jump into the future, then - when it came time to film a whole season in the future - they scratched the original teaser/plan. Or did they…??? Questions just lead to more questions.

11 Is Ali really pregnant with Archer’s baby?

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Just in case the Season 7A finale wasn’t crazy enough, I. Marlene King threw in a pregnancy announcement (since we need to touch on every part of adulthood with these pretty little liars!). Ali told Emily she waited for a line to disappear on a test, and when it didn't, she freaked out, since she thought she was careful and did not imagine starting a family this way (“This way?” As in your husband turned out to be someone entirely different, was torturing you and was creepily working with your newly discovered aunt?). Emily just tried to soothe her by making out with her (so Emison fans could have one happy note in such a crazy episode).

Our thoughts? Ali is pregnant with the devil’s spawn, and the devil is A.D. (Uhm, hello, he does use the devil emoji!). Boom! Ali’s baby is just like Rosemary’s Baby! You heard it here first! (It honestly could happen, guys, as could the theory in the accompanying image…!)

10 Are Toby and Yvonne okay?

As big fans of all the original ‘ships, viewers have had trouble accepting Yvonne. We want Toby to be happy, though - and we most certainly want him and his loved ones safe and sound! Therefore, it was heartbreaking to see that, at the end of Season 7A, as Toby was leaving Rosewood for his new life, a wreck occurred. This happened right outside of the city limits, showing that no one can escape A. We don’t know if the two are okay or how Toby wrecked; if Uber A is indeed behind it, anything is possible when it comes to the cause and the why. At least we can hope that this will keep Toby in town (for now) meaning we get to keep Keegan Allen on our screens!

9 What was up with Noel Kahn?

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That dude was shady from the beginning. We understand how Aria fell for those baby blues, but then he helped Charlotte torture Aria and the other Liars in the Dollhouse and went on to help Jenna do her dirty work. Right before his death, he said the girls knew too much...yet we literally know nothing. What are we missing, Noel?

It was later discovered that Noel’s dad was the judge who presided over the adoption of CeCe's secret sibling; is it Noel?? Back in Season 1, Hanna was convinced Noel was A, since he was around when scary incidents went down. And in Season 3, Maya went to secret parties at Noel’s house and was even at his house the night she died. There was definitely something going on there...But why?

8 And what is up with Sydney Driscoll?

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While we were dealing with the death, gunshot and wreck during the Season 7A finale, we may have forgotten that Sydney showed up; she gave Caleb and Mona drinks, compliments of Jenna, since the two were on Jenna patrol.

Back in Season 4, while searching for CeCe, we find out that CeCe referred to Alison's crew as "four other she-devils"...but what if that is referring to CeCe, Jenna, Sydney and Melissa? We know there were multiple Red Coats, and since Archer and Noel are dead, Mary Drake can’t be doing all of this alone. Perhaps Sydney has been busy with behind-the-scene work? And we can all agree that surely Melissa is part of this, right? Where is she? Is this all going to boil down to mean girls getting revenge for high school drama?

7 Is Spencer the other Drake child?

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Peter and Veronica were married and had Melissa and Spencer...but then we discovered that Jason is Peter's son, meaning he slept with Jessica DiLaurentis...and then we heard Mary Drake call Spencer her second child, meaning Peter would have also had to have slept with Mary (Jessica’s twin sister!).

This would make Spencer and Charlotte siblings, as well as Spencer and Ali cousins (though, with Jason in the mix, they were already...something). Mary and Spencer do look similar, and we know that Mary’s second child is around Spencer’s age. Mary could have just been saying that, though.

This all brings up another good point/question: Who is Charlotte’s dad? A.D.? Arthur Drake? Adam Drake? Spencer’s actual father?

Super fans will remember that one of Wren’s family members AND Aria’s uncle, Scott, suffer from mental illnesses. Perhaps one of them was at Radley, met Mary and produced Charlotte (and possibly Spencer?). Or maybe Wren’s family member is Scott, and Aria is also a cousin in all of this?! We shall see (hopefully).

6 Who kidnapped Hanna?

At the end of Season 6, Hanna pretends to confess to A-moji/Uber A/A.D. about killing Charlotte, but then she is snatched from right under our noses. We see glimpses of her being tortured in a barn and in her underwear, and when we finally get her back, she’s a little jumpy and has scars on her back.

Uber A seems like the likely suspect; it seems like this new A is doing all of this just to find out who killed Charlotte, and Hanna just admitted to doing so. This is Rosewood, though, where twists and turns wait around every corner, so a. Uber A may actually have ulterior motives b. Uber A may have not been the one to kidnap Hanna c. Uber A may have several other helpers out there still - since everyone seems guilty of something at this point!

5 Will Ezria stay together?

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As mentioned, PLL fanatics root for the original romances. When we hopped five years into the future, we found Aria with Liam (ew) and Ezra in depression, shaken up over losing Nicole and attempting to write a book about it all. The artistry of words brought Ezria back together, though, as Aria started helping ol’ Mr. Fitz with his writing process. Then, a hug here, a kiss there, and the two are engaged and planning a dream wedding (We spied lots of burlap and white roses!)...until it is discovered that Nicole is still alive. Aria has to watch the two reunite on the news, which - of course - happened in the 2016 finale, meaning we are still sitting on pins and needles as we wait to hear what will happen in this love triangle!

4 Where is Wren?

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Last we heard, Wren and Melissa broke up, and Charlotte told Wren about what Melissa did to Bethany Young. (Is that why they broke up? Did he swear to keep this secret? Will Melissa finally go down?)

He was involved at Radley Sanitarium, has been too close for comfort in the lives of the Liars (*cough* Spencer and Hanna *cough*) and had connections to Shana (What’s going on there?). He is apparently still in London, but if we have learned anything, it is that these people - especially people on the A Team - have the resources and means to be anywhere at any time. Oh, we also learned not to trust British men (i.e. Archer Dunhill), so we are still suspicious of Dr. Kingston.

3 Where are the parents?

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Remember when the wine moms got stuck in a basement? Do you think all the parents locked themselves in a basement somewhere, with a lifetime supply of wine, to hide away from the never-ending madness? During Season 6, we celebrated Veronica Hastings winning the election for senator and the second marriage of Byron and Ella Montgomery. In Season 7, all we can remember regarding any parents is the night Emily took her mother, Pam, out for birthday drinks at the updated Radley, which is now operated by Ashley Marin, Hanna’s mom.

Yes, these pretty girls are adults now, but with the murder, scandal, lies, kidnapping and danger surrounding all of them - still! - it seems like a parent or two might regularly be around (...and Mike #BringBackCodyChristian!).

2 Who else will die?

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Over the course of 150 episodes, 15 deaths have taken place on Pretty Little Liars. With murders, suicides, crushed windpipes and skulls and a decapitation, this number seems much higher; flashbacks and people returning from the dead mean we have seen Mona dead and then alive and Ali, the dead girl this is all centered around, dead then alive again, too.

There is (supposedly) one half of a season left, which leaves 10 more episodes for any.thing.to.happen. Another parent could die (Emily already lost her dad, though, we are pretty sure this wasn’t A related...Right?). Another significant other could pass on (We thought Ezra lost Nicole, but look - another Lazarus!). And, last but not least, one of the Liars could see her end - or they all could.

1 Why is it all happening?

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There have been hints and confessions regarding why some of the A Team members have done what they have done, but deep down, no one fully understands why this is happening. These young girls have been tortured for years now - and for what? Someone has gone to the most extreme measures to get a huge point across. Many people were upset that Charlotte was the last big reveal (I personally thought it was an awesome moment/story!), and fans are surely preparing themselves for anything now, as we all anxiously await April 18. Will we get these answers? Will we understand everything? Will our predictions of who A.D. is come true? Or will we be given the ultimate cliffhanger and then have to wait 20 years for a revival series??

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