15 Random Moments That Make You Glad To Be A Mom

Every mom experiences those moments that make you want to hide in your closet far away from the fights, the mess, and the chaos of your children. But then, every blue moon, you’ll stop and you’ll smile because unfolding before you is one of those magical moments when you realize that you are so glad to be a mom. Here are 15 of those moments.

15 The moment you notice that your child is your twin.

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From those newborn wrinkled-up faces to the moment when you stand side by side and catch a glimpse of yourself right next to you. There is magic in the moment when you realize that you have a living, breathing twin on your hands.

14 The moment you realize that your child is actually cleaning his room.

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Who is this person? Did he actually listen to me when I told him he needs to clean his room? Could this be a sign that I'm getting through to him? Whatever the reason, puhleese let him keep this up!

13 The random moment when you receive a text message from your child that reads, "I love you."

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It's better than a note from a new love, better than a raise on your paycheck, better than a full jug of orange juice left untouched in the refrigerator. When your child randomly texts you that she loves you, you feel like you can walk on air.

12 The moment you have to catch your breath as you watch your child go off to their first day of school.

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You wave goodbye, but at this moment, you know that you have given your child everything you can think of to help them to succeed without you and this day is their first step.

11 The moment your child gets an award and runs over to you smiling.

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It doesn't matter if it's an award for a spelling bee or perfect attendance. When your child wins an award and runs over to you beaming with pride, it's more special than any red carpet ceremony.

10 When you spend hours preparing a special dinner and you notice that all the plates are empty.

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They ate your chicken. They finished the wild rice. They even ate the broccoli and cheese. May as well call you Julia Child because your culinary skills must be smoking if they licked the plate clean!

9 When the house is quiet and you stand in the doorway watching your child sleep.

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Two temper tantrums, one soiled pair of pants, and a soaking wet bathroom floor all in one day. But hey, look at her. It was all worth it. She looks like an angel, doesn't she?

8 The moment you realize you can borrow your daughter’s clothes.

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Twice the wardrobe, half the price. When did mini skirts go out of style? No, you're not too old to wear it! Thank goodness for your daughter's closet!

7 When you notice that your kids actually listened to one of your lectures and used your advice.

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Am I dreaming or did she actually place a dollar in her piggy bank today on her own? She listened when I taught her about saving. She really listened! This is cause for celebration!

6 When you hear your child laugh.

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Is that the angels singing or did my child snort milk up her nose? Either way, nothing spells "I love my life" quite like hearing your child laugh. And that is a sound you want to hear forever.

5 Every single tickle fight.

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Creeping around the corner in stealth-mode, ready to attack in mommy-mode. You got him! He's pinned! Now to make him beg for mercy, and melt your heart at the same time.

4 When your kids cook for you.

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Just pray these are raisins in these special homemade cookies, close your eyes, and munch. They're so sweet. At least they tried.

3 Watching your kids wash your car.

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Is this a water fight or are they doing actual work? It doesn't matter. Eventually they'll get it right just to help mommy. You will never tire of watching them try and try again.

2 Every graduation day.

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They made it! We made it! They're sane. They're alive! They're moving forward in life! When they were born, you had your doubts about your ability to see them through to this day but... here it is and is feels WONDERFUL!

1 The most wonderful day of the year: Mother's Day.

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It's the most wonderful day of the year. Everywhere you go, people greet and smile at you, wishing you well as you tackle a role that often seems thankless. But not on this day. On this day you are a queen and every hug from your child shows it. It's great to be a mom!

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