15 Random Things You Didn't Know...Until Now

We all enjoy learning new things. In fact, the famous phrase “you learn something new every day” urges us to try to achieve this. But what if you could learn fifteen things right now, here, today? Anyone can spout off the capital of Ireland or what the square root of something is. But that’s boring. What you want to know is that a hippo’s sweat turns red when it’s angry. Yes, it’s true!

Listen up for some amazing facts about words, the queen, China, and much more. Then, you can go tell your friends everything you learned and you don’t even have to tell them where you learned it.

So you can sound really smart, when actually you just read a cool list. This is everyone’s dream right?

15 The Dot Over The ‘i’ Is Called A Tittle

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Bet you didn’t know that little dot over a lower case ‘I’ had a name. Yep. It has the awkward name…tittle. Believe me or not, it’s true. Now, when writing on paper, my tittles are a little different than most. When I write the letter ‘j’ or ‘i’ I draw little circles instead of dots. But, I’d say they were still tittles.

What do your tittles look like? I really shouldn’t go any further here, because this is such an awkward word that could be taken anyway. Want another fun word? Just find out for yourself what that skin on your elbow is called. Most likely you shouldn’t use that word or the word tittle…ever. But at least you won’t be embarrassed now when you hear your English professor tell you to not forget your tittles.

14 Orange, Purple And Silver Don’t Have Any Words That Rhyme With It

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We all know that in the English language, orange has no word that rhymes with it. But it isn’t alone. There are many others, such as silver and purple…and no nurple is not a word. But there are more words without a rhyme. One’s that will have you thinking and researching for hours are month, ninth, pint, and wolf.

But then there are more obvious ones like dangerous, marathon and discombobulate. There may be exceptions to these words, like words brought over form another language, or words form the Urban Dictionary. But according to the Oxford Dictionary, these words have no rhyming words. They’re like the prime numbers of words! But I don’t think we’re allowed to call them prime words. Just words without rhyming words.

13 Honey Is The Only Natural Food That Doesn’t Go Bad

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There are again, exceptions, such as prepared food, unnatural food, or preserved food. But in general, the only food that will not spoil under any circumstance, is honey. A lot of sugars and salts will hardly go bad, but honey is the superfood of nonperishables.

There are two things in honey that help it naturally preserve itself. One is water…which is immortal…and sugar, which is naturally good at staying fresh. In fact, a 3,000 year old Egyptian pot of honey was found and it was just as edible as it ever was. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, because if anything leaked into the honey…you may get food poisoning, or die. However, if there’s ever a fallout, make sure you have plenty of honey to be set for life.

12 Everything About The Huns Was Written By Outsiders

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This is a great lesson for us to learn, no matter how true or false the facts are about the Huns. You see, The Huns had no writing system, they have no records on themselves. Therefore, everything we know about them was written by someone else. Can you imagine Germany during World War II only being recorded by certain countries? This just goes to show you how important different perspectives is. China could have written anything they wanted about them. Likely, they didn’t; but still, it’s the thought that counts.

The Huns could have been peaceable people who preferred not to fight and gave generously. This is why you should never, ever trust someone’s opinion alone on someone as they could have just had a bad experience. If you talked to your new SO’s exes, you probably wouldn’t feel the same about them. If you talk to their mom, things may be different.

11 What Happens If Pinocchio Says My Nose Will Grow Now

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This is scary, but really think about it. Just don’t hurt yourself. What would happen if Pinocchio said “my nose will grow now”? According to reputable sources, a paradox!

It’s called the Pinocchio paradox. It can no way be true…but it can’t be false if it actually happens. It’s very confusing, really. This is the only sentence Pinocchio could say that has no truth or false to it. It depends on the tense, of course, but if worded right, it could cause major problems. If he said “my nose grows” this is true. But if he said something like, “my nose is going to grow now” things are different.

That would mean that his nose would grow, because it’s the truth, but it does not grow now because he said it would. Then, it would have to grow because it didn’t grow, then it wouldn’t grow because it did and he said it would. The cycle is endless!

10 Facebook Is Illegal In China

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Yes, Facebook is banned in three countries: China, Iran, and North Korea. It is limited in other countries but completely banned in China.

It happened in July 2009 when the Ürümqi riots led the independence activists using Facebook as part of their communications network. That, and problems with Google in China. Which led to the banning of Google. If you think that is crazy, you may be surprised to hear that SnapChat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are banned too. This social networking is really getting to them.

But even then, aside from the internet, most foreign films, the jasmine flower, and casinos. However, this is all coming from a country that only allows parents to have two children. But of course, millennials would pretty much just freak out about the fact that they can hardly use the internet, their livelihood. How would one survive in China?

9 An Apple, Onion, And Potato All Taste The Same

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Okay, we all know this isn’t true exactly. But there is one small hack that can make it true. Just hold your nose. Turns out, like 99% of tasting these foods comes from your sense of smell. So, if you blindfold someone, clip their nose, and feed them each of these, you’d be surprised at the results! You don’t believe me? Try it! Please try it, it’s so fun!

We all know that most of our taste comes from our sense of smell, but due to the exact flavors and textures of these foods, the tastes of them are identical. Which is crazy because apples are so…fruity…potatoes are so…well, bland and potato-ey, and onions are so strong! But the truth is, all of this is your nose’s fault.

8 China Knows More English Than The US

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Back to China again and its dense population. There are about 1.3 billion people in China, that’s like more than a fifth or 20% of the entire population of earth. The US only has a tenth of that many people at just over 300 million. Makes you feel small, right? Well, although there aren’t more fluent English speakers in China than the US nor is percentage even close to what it is in the US. The number of people that know at least some English is higher, considering there are ten times the amount of people in China than the US.

More than a 100,000 people are currently in China, teaching English to the Chinese. Demographic-wise, China wants to learn English more than any other country in the world.

7 Almonds Are Peaches

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This may sound like some silly kiddie phrase, but the truth of the matter is, almonds really are peaches. Almonds, peaches, as well as apricots and plums are members of the family Rosaceae. Along with this, they are members of the genus Prunus and the sub-genus Amygdalus.

This is known by doctors more than scientists because not a lot of people are allergic to peaches but some are allergic to almonds. So, when they have an allergic reaction to eating a peach pit, they wonder why, and the doctor lets them know that they are in the same family as almonds. In reality, this is life-saving knowledge here for those with allergies. But for those without them, it’s just pretty darn cool. Almonds are peaches and peaches are almonds.

6 The Average Person Will Eat Eight Spiders In Their Sleep

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Hopefully you don’t have arachnophobia because if you do, you can probably feel the spiders crawling around your stomach right now. You can just taste the venom. You can feel all eight legs wriggling around in the back of your throat. If you live in an area densely populated by spiders and you’re, say, 30 years old, you’ve probably already eaten ten spiders in your lifetime, maybe more.

The thing is, you can’t stop it. Nothing you can do will stop you from eating spiders. You’ll open your mouth at least once each night, probably sleep with it agape, all warm and toasty for a spider to crawl into, slipping down your throat. Too bad. It’s okay, if you live somewhere without a lot of spiders, you’ve probably only eaten one or two and it most likely digested long ago.

5 There are Six Times More Empty Houses Than Homeless People

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This is more sickening than the spiders. In the US alone, there are about 3 million homeless people. These are kids who have been abandoned or have run away from foster care. Wives who have run away from abusive relationships. Elderly veterans who can’t afford a place to say and can no longer live off disability.

Yet, there are almost 20 million vacant homes in the US. If each one of them…just one took a home, there would be a lot left. However, if you put ten of them in one house, that would take less than a million houses. That’s less than 5% of the houses that are available. Who knew that such a small act could end homelessness? Crazy how the world works! Scary and crazy!

4 A Lot Of Our Trees Are Due To Absent Minded Squirrels

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Squirrels forget what they’re doing a lot. For this reason, they misplace nuts and seeds on a daily basis. They will bury them somewhere then forget where they buried them. But because of their God-given negligence, we are provided with trees where these seeds are planted.

This is an amazing example of turning something pretty awful and disappointing into something amazing! These trees they give us, however unintentional, give us life…literally. Millions of trees around the world are provided by squirrels. So the next time you see a squirrel looking for a nut in a tree, remember that most likely, his great, great, great etc. grandfather probably was in the same position when that tree he is in was a seed. Woah, that just happened, dude!

3 Every Face In Your Dream Is Real

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Have you ever dreamt of someone who you had never seen before? Well, no you didn’t. Or at least, you have seen that face before. The human brain is unable to create faces in our dreams that are unique. There may be slight differences of faces merged together, but most likely, the exact face in your dream is based off of a face you passed by in the grocery store that week.

Have a dream about a “perfect” guy? Well, he’s probably just some guy at the mall you already forgot about. We may think our brains are so special to create new, unique, never before seen faces, but they’re really not. In fact, there’s someone out there right now that has pretty much the exact same face that you do.

2 Original Mr. Potato Heads Used Real Potatoes

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People who were kids when Mr. Potato Head came out in 1952 now this already, but don’t hate. A lot of people, 30s, 20s, and younger, do not! For those of you who were unaware of this fact, the Mr. Potato Head dolls, weren’t even dolls. They were just accessories that you were supposed to put on a potato. A potato that you would provide.

He also was given accessories that would provide a larger body. You know how today’s model is pretty much just a potato that acts as an entire body with a hat and shoes? Well, the original models were, as the name suggests, just heads. The potatoes just acted as heads and outfits were given in the kit. Makes you want to play with your kit with a real potato now doesn’t it?

1 The Queen Is Above The Law

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You got it! As the laws in the UK suggest, the queen pretty much is exempt from every law they have. Now, if she actually killed someone, things would not end well, but there’s a good chance they would be confused as to what to do with her. After all, she cannot be arrested.

You may know that she doesn’t need a driver’s license or a passport, but those are nothing compared to her ability to steal, kill, and fire entire governments. A lot has changed over the past few years, but in general, she is completely and utterly above the law. Good thing that she’s such a good queen and actually follows the law when it matters. She isn’t even required to pay tax…but does anyway!

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