15 Real AF Memes That Everyone Can Relate To

What is a meme exactly? Well, according to Google, it's "an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation." Er, okay. We prefer to describe it like this: In short, a meme is a social post that is usually relatable and intended to be funny. Memes can be found all over the internet, but they're most commonly spread on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds and thousands that one would come across if they just Googled "memes." Most memes are targeted for a certain audience (if the meme includes athletes: sports fans, musicians: music fans, TV show: TV fans, etc.), but then there are some that just target the human experience. Check out this handful of memes that will have any person saying, "Same."

15 This hella real job interview

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We all know that job interviews can be pretty tough sometimes, and even with research and practicing your answers, it can be hard to feel fully prepared for them. It's not like the questions are shocking or unheard of; it's usually the same stuff like, "Tell me about yourself." But one part of the interview that does not seem like a crowd pleaser typically comes towards the end of the interview: "Why do you want this job?" Most people probably think of good responses like, "Because I am passionate about this and I want to grow with the company." But what else does the employer expect? They would get a lot more honest responses if they just let everyone be real and answer with what they're really thinking: "SURVIVING IS COOL. FOOD AND A ROOF ARE TOO."

14 Driving in front of a cop

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This is the absolute truth. Everyone loves cruising in their car with the windows down and the music playing on a nice Saturday afternoon, minding their own business, right? Right. Cops too. And, we suppose, they have to be out there to catch bad guys and stuff. But there's just something about seeing a cop car when you're behind the wheel that makes your stomach turn. No matter what the occasion is, seeing a cop car can make one's spine shoot up straight as a wall. From chill to tense in 1.2 seconds. It's even worse if the cop seems to be tailing right behind and not going anywhere anytime soon. Like the meme says, literally nothing illegal even went down—you weren't speeding,  your registration is up to date—but for whatever reason, it doesn't feel that way when you're suddenly sweating bullets and reminding yourself to just BE COOL.

13 Being home alone

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Living alone is fun. Living with roomies could be pretty cool, too. But this is for anyone who has ever been home alone and heard a strange noise. Obviously, that's the sound of death and destruction creeping down the hallway, coming right for you to ruin everything. Paranoid? Or has society taught us to believe in the worst case scenario at all times? We've all been there: it's a nice afternoon or evening at the crib, just you and some Netflix and ice cream, and suddenly there's a snap, pop and crackle. But no one is home...? Who could it be? Is someone there? Hello? Are the housemates home? Nope? Okay. Let's just cringe up and start panicking and not make a peep, and just hope that whatever it is goes away.

12 The reality of college

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First things first, college IS fun for a lot of us. College could be a great time. There's more freedom than ever, but with more freedom comes more responsibilities as well. Freedom doesn't mean it can't or won't be a hard time. Most people will go through these struggles as a college student. Some days it'll be all fun and adventure and learning exciting new things, and some days, you'll be close to negatives in your bank account and taping the soles back onto your sneakers for the fourth time. This meme represents the truth. College books are expensive. Classes aren't the most affordable. Rent or housing costs will be a new thing for most students too. Having fun is an essential part of college, but take our word for it rather than waiting for hindsight: so will be learning how to balance your finances.

11 Homework struggles

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School is tough, right? Some classes are a cake walk, and some make you break into a sweat just walking in the door. Some excel academically while others excel creatively. Not everyone works the same way. It's not that people mean to copy others' work, but sometimes, there doesn't really seem to be another way to give the teachers what they want. For example, students are asked to report on historic figures and events, right? And to gather information on those historic figures and events, one has to look them up in a book or on the internet. Most of these destinations are going to have the same information as the others, at least as far as the facts go. Why? Because they, too, probably got that information from someone or somewhere else. And round and round the cycle goes.

10 Procrastinating

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Ah, good ol' procrastination. The cousin of laziness. We know it well. At some point or another, it comes for as all. It's a temptress, procrastination. Why do now what you can put off until later?! Always an enticing option when there is Netflix to watch and YouTube to get lost in. A lot of people complain about not having enough time to do anything. They complain that 24 hours in one day is just not enough. That they wish there was more time in a day so that they can read a good book, or finally clean the tops of the cabinets. But some of these people are also people in the meme above. They say one thing, but they do the absolute most of nothing. They ask for more time, to only sit around to waste more time. Sound familiar? Don't even lie, this happens to the best of us.

9 Overpacking is a sickness

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There are two types people when it comes to packing for vacations. One, a vacationer who overpacks and two, a vacationer who doesn't pack enough. The popular vote goes to people who overpack because who wants to have not enough clothes when they're on vacation? Especially if you're traveling somewhere remote or exotic or without a Target nearby. You have to make sure you're bringing everything you might need. The tough part is choosing what to pack. There are so many situations where the excuse will be, "But what about just in case?" For whatever reason, the shorter the duration of the trip is, the more people tend to overpack. Maybe it's the fear of "WHAT IF I NEED IT, THOUGH?" that gets into people's head. Because sure, that thermal top you bought two years ago just may come in handy for this two-day beach vacay.

8 Acting like you didn't already know

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This doesn't have anything to do with wanting to start gossip or being a bad friend. This meme has to do with actually being a great friend. A friend that's good enough to act as if they've never heard the big news already. Why? Because a good friend isn't going to spoil her bestie's ground-breaking news flash or rain on her parade. A great friend makes their friend feel special and as if what they're saying is brand new information. What feels better than being the first to share some BIG news? Nothing, that's what. And what feels worse than having the wind taken out of your sails when you learn it's not the big reveal you hoped it would be after all? Also nothing.

7 Peacefully sleeping

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Sure, being in a relationship can be great. Love is a beautiful thing. But dating can be really tiring sometimes. Dating can really be downright exhausting. In some (bad) relationships, there's a constant worry to always be on top of your facts and info, there's a constant train of thought about what if things aren't going well and sometimes dating can actually get really stressful and painful. But the single life? Ah, the single life! The single life allows people to sleep like the baby in the meme above—happily and peacefully. Look how carefree the baby looks! She's not worrying one bit about "did he text me back?" or "I wonder why he came home with glitter in his hair?" Stress free, baby. That's the way to be.

6 When Snapchat-ing endangers friendships

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Okay, anyone who has a friend who is obsessed with Snapchat should relate to this immediately. No hate against Snapchat, but come on friends! Can we not snap every little thing? Can we please have lunch in peace? Yes, that pepperoni pizza does look very photogenic next to your cold brew iced coffee. Yes, that is a cool tree next to that white brick wall. But can we just enjoy it? Out of every group of friends, there's likely at least one of these serial Snapchatters. Sometimes it's nice to have them capture cool moments, but it's also nice to just have your friends be present in the moment. And by "present," we don't mean standing perfectly still in front of that white brick wall to apply the dog face filter to your Snap.

5 Saying "you too" when you're not supposed to

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This has to be a pretty common thing, right? Why do people do this? Who knows. But it must be a second-nature thing to respond, "You too" when someone says something nice or complimentary to you. It's just reflex in polite society. Other than this happening at the movies, other common scenarios would be at a restaurant when the waiter drops off the food and says, "Enjoy your meal" or when someone wishes you a safe flight before you get on a plane. And that feeling one gets after they realized what they just said makes no sense at all...that's a pretty embarrassing feeling, too. The only graceful way to recover is to just walk away as fast as possible and try to avoid talking to people ever again.

4 Trying to stay awake

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Must. Fight. Sleep. This is for all the Netflix bingers out there. What does one do when one finds a new series with a multitude of seasons and episodes for to get lost in? One immediately gets lost in it, duh. Even though there's no rush to finish the series because it's not like it's live on TV. It's not going anywhere because it's set up for each viewer's convenience. But for whatever reason, people love to binge. We're a generation of consumers who just can't get enough. So instead of pulling all-nighters for college, we pull all-nighters for TV shows. The only thing that makes this worse is when it's a long-running show with, like, a million episodes already streaming. (We're looking at you, Law & Order: SVU.)

3 Canceling plans

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It's not that flaking is something us plan-cancelers are proud of. It's just part of us that we can't deny or help or have any plans whatsoever to change, to be frank. We want to be as excited as the next person to grab a drink after work to wind down and hang out to chat about the week, but sometimes when that 4:00 p.m. (or even 2:00 p.m. on our worst days) slump comes around, we've just a different headspace at that point. Instead of grabbing dinner and drinks, our couch and TV sounds like the best idea ever all of a sudden. (To be fair, most of these people's friends are likely used to this and have a pretty good idea that the plan-cancelers would pull something like this anyway.)

2 What is sleep?

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There is no doubt that sleep is great. Love it. Need it. Cannot live without it. Literally. But what really happens when we're asleep? Because sometimes a full eight-hour night of sleep can leave you waking up feeling like it's only been a lousy eight minutes. WHY? How can something like this be? Were we dreaming for those full eight hours? Dreaming that we were nonstop working? Because that's pretty much what it feels like. Yet sometimes when we're awake, eight full minutes can go by so slowly that it feels like eight hours are taking to pass instead. WHY do these laws of sleep and waking not just reverse themselves already so we can stop feeling like zombies every morning? And even worse, wide awake every night before bed.

1 Taking pics with your BFF

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Huge shoutout to best friends everywhere! This meme shows what a real best friend should be: supportive and your biggest fan. Best friends should never be shy around each other and if we don't feel comfortable around our own best friends, who can we be comfortable with? The girl in the meme probably asked her BFF to take a quick pic of her, but being her BFF, the other girl straight-up started giving her a photoshoot. She even moved around and dropped low enough to get different angles. Why? Because a true best friend will go above and beyond for you, even if it's just for the 'gram. She knows how #flawless you are, and will be damned if it doesn't get captured on film at every possible chance.

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