15 Real-Life Mean Girl Acts That'll Leave You Speechless

A memo to real-life mean girls out there (they know who they are): female empowerment is about females encouraging other females to love themselves and be happy with themselves. Unfortunately, some girls didn’t get the message. Instead, they decided to bully other girls instead for the sake of their satisfaction.

Remember Regina George from the movie Mean Girls? Well, we’re talking girls like her and worse... in real life. Seriously, some of these mean girl confessions are savage and they are guaranteed to leave people speechless. We should be raising other girls up, not shoving their head down the toilet or peeing on them. And it gets worse.

15 She peed on her?

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There’s always a mean girl at school. A Regina George-esque female who rules the school and acts like she can do whatever she wants. In defense of Regina George, she never peed on anybody. This mean girl makes Regina George look like a saint. Just because she did not like another girl, she decided to pee on her lap. Ewww! What even makes people come up with these ideas? You’d wonder how they’d be evil enough to do something so gross to another girl for such a trivial reason. We all have people we don’t like much in our lives but we just steer clear of them. We don’t pee on them. This girl really needs a taste of her own medicine. Or maybe she just needs to grow herself a heart. Move over Tin Man, this girl needs one more than you.

14 She sprayed her with WHAT?

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Yep, you heard her right. She sprayed her with Febreze. This mean girl claimed the girl she invited to her party smelled so bad she had to do it. In our opinion, it was just an excuse to embarrass this girl and no doubt, it worked. No doubt this poor girl was left red-faced. Can you imagine how ashamed you’d feel if the same thing happened to you? You’d never want to leave the house again, especially as it happened in a public place in front of a ton of people. It’s not exactly something you are going to be proud about. The fact that this poor girl cried is evidence that she won’t be leaving the comfort of her four walls for quite some time.

13 She shoved her head down the toilet?

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This one is old school but still cruel nonetheless. Shoving someone’s head down the toilet is never kind. You’d have to be pretty angry to do it. This bully must have been infuriated with the girl whose head she shoved down the toilet. The girl probably did something really terrible to end up in these circumstances or maybe, just maybe, she was plain unlucky. Sadly, she was just unlucky. This mean girl bullied this girl simply because she claims the other girl was jealous of her. Not only did she shove her head down the toilet but she also told everybody about it. It’s hard to believe people like this exist in the world, it really is. It's obvious she hasn't grown up, but we hope she gets it together soon.

12 She let her eat a dirty pizza?

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Some girls really need a lesson in kindness. Some of the mean girls we’re seeing on here are not just mean, they are evil. Take this girl. She bought the girl she doesn’t like a pizza and purposely dropped it on the floor before watching her eat the whole thing without saying a word. Evil! Nobody wants to eat a pizza that’s been on the floor. This girl is no exception. Sadly, she didn’t realize that that was exactly what she was eating when her ‘’friend’’ gave her a pizza. If she knew, she would not have eaten it that’s for sure. As terrible as we feel for this poor victim, is anyone else distracted by that heavenly cheesy pizza background featured on the meme?

11 She cheated on her?

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Dating someone clingy is never nice but there are nicer ways to deal with the issue than by purposely cheating on them and telling them about it. By the sounds of it, this mean girl did it intentionally so they could break up. How cruel! We get it that it’s annoying dating someone clingy but why couldn’t she just be honest with her and explain her reasons for the breakup tactfully? Why did she have to go and cheat on her purely as a tactic for breaking up with her? Cheating on someone is the worst thing you can do in the dating world. Whatever happened to a little thing we call trust? Plus, this mean girl is only devaluing herself by acting so trashy!

10 She bullied her for her weight?

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Being the new kid at school always comes with its challenges. Sometimes you get too much attention and sometimes you don’t get enough attention when you’re the new student on campus. This mean girl claims she did not get enough attention and that is why she started bullying a girl for her weight. It doesn’t seem like there was a logical reason for the bullying. What, after all, has this random girl’s weight got to do with this mean girl? It’s really none of her business, so she should keep her nose out of it. Every girl has the right to look however they like and they shouldn’t be criticized for it. Fat or thin, everyone has the right to look how they like. No excuses.

9 She switched schools to keep bullying her?

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Some bullying cases only last a few days, other bullying cases last a few months, and some bullying cases, like this one, can last years. Not only did this girl bully a girl in one school, when the girl switched schools (maybe because of the bullying?), the bully followed her and switched schools too so she continue bullying her. It sounds like this mean girl has evil running through her blood stream. How could anyone be so mean? To follow someone to another school just so you can continue bullying them is going way too far. This mean girl really needs to find another hobby and leave this poor girl alone. It kills us that this mean girl finds the whole situation hilarious. Does she have no heart?

8 She became best friends with the girl she bullied?

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In situations like this, you really do wonder how these things could ever happen. We know for sure that if someone was bullying us, the last thing we’d ever be prepared to do is become BFF’s with that person. A bully is a bully at the end of the day, and, we’ve just got to come out and say it: we’d have to hold a grudge on this one. We just couldn’t look our bully in the face and say they were our new best friend. It would never happen. Still, if you think you have the strength to do it, we’re not judging you. Forgiveness is healing and empowering. That’s what people say anyway. Seriously though, we didn’t see that one coming. Shocking!

7 She bullied her because she didn’t like her back?

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And so you should be regretting it...pal. What a cowardly way to deal with someone you don’t have mutual feelings for! There are way better ways of dealing with a person you don’t feel the same way about than bullying them. If you don’t like her back, tell her by all means, but do it diplomatically and avoid turning it into a bullying game. She does not deserve it. It’s hard enough putting your feelings out there without the person you like throwing it back in your face by bullying you. That has got to hurt! Anyone with an ounce of empathy should regret acting like this. It is definitely not the right way to deal with it and requires a much more diplomatic approach.

6 She glued all her notebook pages together?

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That is going to be a nightmare to repair. But back to the subject of the bully. Well, in this case there are actually two bullies. It is a serious case of the bullied becoming the bully. This girl was bullied by the girl whose notebook pages she glued together. She probably never would have done something like this had the girl not bullied her in the first place. Had the girl not called this girl ugly, she wouldn’t have dealt with having her notebook pages ripped out or glued together. Karma is a real b*tch! You see, there is always payback. You may think you can bully someone and get away with it but, honestly speaking, you won’t. You can’t. Karma will come after you.

5 She made her attack one of her friends?

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Bullies never think about their actions. They never wonder how their actions affect their victims. They never seem to think that maybe one day, someday, that victim may lash out after the endless taunting. That maybe they will no longer be able to handle it and that maybe they could end up being a bully themselves. This is actually a lot more common than you may think. Take this girl. She bullied a girl to the point that she lashed out and attacked one of the bully’s friends. This bully should feel bad. Bullies need to take responsibility for their actions. Most of all, they need to think about their actions beforehand and the potential consequences. We’re glad she’s turning herself in to the office at work. So she should!

4 She made her quit her job?

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Some of these girls don’t have a conscience. If they did, they would not have bullied anyone in the first place. And most of them, like this girl, are not afraid to tell us that they don’t feel bad about it. Well, they certainly should! This is not the right way to behave and they know it. They need to grow up, learn some values and start taking some responsibility for their harsh and unjust actions. This mean girl must have bullied the girl pretty bad for her to quit her job at the office. Obviously the victim was sick and tired of the mean girl’s hostility and so she decided it was better if she quit her job and stayed away. Shouldn’t it have been the other way round?

3 She got her carried off the bus???

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There is going far and then there’s going way too far. This case is a clear example of going way too far. This mean girl was just a teenager when she started bullying another girl at school. One time she bullied her so bad to the point she cried so hard and had to be carried off the bus. And to make it worse, the bully found the whole incident hilarious. No conscience whatsoever! Maybe we’re just super kind, empathetic, compassionate people, but we couldn’t even envision ourselves doing something so evil. How could anyone ever find pleasure in doing such things? It’s really amazing to us how people get their kicks these days. What is wrong with people? And just think how embarrassing it would be for that poor girl.

2 Karma! Karma! Karma!

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This is a very clear and obvious case of Karma. Justin Timberlake sang about What Goes Around Comes Around and he could not have been more correct. That is why you have to be careful what you do and make sure you treat other people how you would like to be treated. This bully didn’t get the memo. That is why she was shocked when, after bullying a girl at school, her ‘’friends’’ started doing the same to her. It was only then that she got the picture that what she was doing to that poor girl was wrong and unfair and cruel. The bullying she did came back to bite her and gave her a taste of her own medicine. Oh how we love, cherish and adore Karma.

1 She made her want to hurt herself?

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This girl took bullying to the next level. Bullying, as a whole, is never right, but there are various levels of bullying. The less severe and the totally severe and sadly, this is a clear case of the latter. How could a girl bully another girl to the point that she wanted to die? Where is the humanity? We women should be supporting each other and bringing each other up, not leading us to contemplate suicide. It sounds like this bully needs to be taught a lesson or given a taste of her own medicine. Fortunately, things didn’t turn out too bad in the end. The bully wound up dating the girl she’d be bullying a few weeks later. Are you thinking the same as us? How the hell did that happen?

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