15 Reasons Camila Mendes and KJ Apa Are The Real Life Veronica and Archie

Recently, on this very site, a colleague of mine crafted a list about how Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse of Riverdale fame should make like their characters, Betty and Jughead, should make like their characters and hook up already. Frankly, I share the same sentiment, though not as strongly. Not because I disagree with anything that said colleague said in their list, but because I feel much more strongly about two other Riverdale stars possibly hooking up. So strong that I crafted my own list about the subject matter. To be perfectly honest, due to the chemistry which they share on the show and outside of the show in interviews, I think that Camila Mendes and KJ Apa would be just as perfect of a couple as Reinhart and Sprouse. In fact, at risk of being controversial, I'll go a step further and be messy by saying that there may be a good chance that the two may be dating on the low just like Veronica and Archie.

Now, let's get one thing straight: I am not a gossiper nor am I matchmaker. Despite the shape of some lists which I've made in the past that are currently floating around in the internet stratosphere, I am no messy B. Ok, I kinda am, but I'm working on myself. Let me live. Regardless, I'm not trying to spill beans about anyone's suspected love life, spill tea about any truths that have yet to be publicly confirmed, nor am I trying to romantically bring together two actors which I never have and never will meet in my life. However, what I am doing is sharing the sentiment which many fans have been spreading since long before I even conceived of this list. With all of that in mind, I decided to take the initiative and write about why a Mendes/Apa would be more than welcomed by the Riverdale community. Love it or hate it, here it is.

15 They Can't Even Tell Their Characters Apart

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Riverdale has hardly been on the air for a full year yet and the members of the cast have already gotten so comfortable in their roles that it is hard for them not to refer to their acting comrades by their character names. This especially comes in regard to KJ Apa and the way he addresses his cast mates, particularly Camila Mendes. While talking about his own similarities to his own character of Archie in an interview with KSite TV, Apa tried to name drop Mendes, but nearly called her Veronica. Although he caught his slip up halfway through and referred to her as "Cami" instead, it makes us wonder how often he calls Mendes by her character's name on a regular basis. We'd also like to think Apa is just as infatuated with Mendes as Archie is with Veronica.

14 They Always Know What Each Other's Thinking

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Sometimes, two people just have a wonderfully unique chemistry in which they can predict each other's moves before either thinks about doing them and each partner knows what the other is thinking at all times. Archie and Veronica's relationship has always been that way in the comics and the current television series. It seems we can argue that the real life relationship between KJ Apa and Camila Mendes is pretty much the same way. Going back to that aforementioned KSite interview, KJ Apa said that he was just as indecisive as Archie and told the interviewer that if he asked Mendes how similar he was to Archie, she would say the same thing. Eerily enough, she said exactly the same thing, right down to the "indecisive" keyword.

13 They Look Hot Together

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This might come off as one of the more shallow entires on this list, but come on. Look at them. Just look at them. Not even just in this picture. ANY picture of them together in the same room. Not to come off as pervy, but both of these babes look like a snack deserving of being served at Pop's Chock'lit Diner on a silver plate. Ok, that did come off as a pervy, but can you blame me? KJ Apa and Camila Mendes are just super hot together. We all love when super hot celebrities hook up on and off screen and these two look smoking hot regardless of if any cameras are present. We're not even considering whatever sexual tension may or may not be between them on the set. Their faces alone just get us all so hot and bothered.

12 They Agree KJ Apa IS Archie

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Once again, if we were to take a second to look back on that previously mentioned KSite interview (Last time! I promise!), we would see that both Camila Mendes and KJ Apa agree that Apa is exactly like his Riverdale character right down to a perfect tee. From his redhead appearance to his indecisive personality, both Mendes and Apa see him as the spitting image of Archie, both physically and mentally. Common sense would tell us that if KJ Apa is so much like his Riverdale counterpart, then that should mean that Camila Mendes is just as (if not, more) similar to Veronica. Naturally, in turn, the two co-stars should share the same chemistry and attraction as their characters. Well, we already know for a fact that these two have the chemistry part down pact.

11 Similar Personalities

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It is natural to say that KJ Apa and Camille Mendes seem to be pretty similar to their own characters. After all, they most likely would not have even been cast respectively as Archie and Veronica if they did not fit the personality traits of their characters to a tee. While that is true, when we start talking about similar personalities, we are not necessarily talking about these actors and their characters (though the fact remains apropos regardless). Instead, in this case at least, we are talking about how similar Apa and Mendes seem to be to each other. Track down any interview video featuring either one of these two (bonus points if it's a video they are both in) and you will notice how both actors seem to share the same sarcastically charming characteristics and sense of humor.

10 Similar Appearances

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Just like how the actors seem to share personalities with their characters, they also seem to share their appearances. Now, I'm going to be honest here for a second and admit that when I first started writing this entry, I had full intended to stick strictly to how KJ Apa and Camila Mendes do perfectly match their Archie Comics counterparts, but the more that I look at Apa and Mendes together side by side for the sake of crafting this list, I can't help but think that these two do look kind of similar to each other. Not in a "they might be cousins" kind of way, but in that they are both hot people with small, delicate features. Now, I don't want to get all Freudian up in here (No one does because no one likes Freud), but if there is any truth to the theory that people find those attractive if they have similar features to their own, then let's just say we would not be surprised if Apa and Mendes were actually attracted to each other.

9 KJ Apa's Trying to Be Camila Mendes' "Daddy"

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Not like that! Well, kind of. Here's the thing: KJ Apa told Too Fab  during an interview recently that he had a new ambition to get everyone to eventually call him "Daddy." Yeah, kinky, we know. Some of it has to do with seeing the phrase "Daddy AF" thrown at him regularly on Twitter, but more than anything else, it started as a running gag started between himself and Camila Mendes after noticing that all of their female castmates loved to oogle over older gentlemen. Men that had beards and were over 26. Men which were far from KJ Apa. So he's now on a personal quest to be someone (or everyone's) Daddy. He won't shut up about it on social media. KJ Apa, if you're reading this, we may have found the perfect person to call you daddy and she's your co-star. Then again, how do we know she isn't calling him daddy already? The two did start the gag together so... *sips tea*.

8 These Season 2 Pics Got Us SHOOK

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This would be a good point to tell you guys that we have a spoiler alert incoming on our hands, but to be perfectly honest, none of us have any clue what is going on in these set pics snapped during the latest productions of Riverdale's second season. All we know is that Archie and Veronica wind up secluded in a fog for one scene and in another, Veronica winds up in a wedding dress while Archie and Jughead are wearing kilts. We don't know if the latter scene is supposed to be a dream nor who Veronica is supposed to be marrying, if she is supposed to be marrying anybody to begin with. We will all just have to wait until the next season airs on television to see what the heck is going on, but these snapped pics of the set made us realize just how badly we want Season 2 already just to see more of Archie and Veronica. The the pics alone remind us just how strong Apa and Mendes' chemistry is because just through these pics, their chemistry is simmering. We can only hope that one day on the show, Archie is the groomsman to Veronica's bride.

7 Sexy Pizza Party

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They even make pizza look sexy. Recently, after the actor who plays Reggie Mantle, Ross Butler, had to leave the show due to overwhelming commitments to the second season of 13 Reasons Why, the character was replaced by Charles Melton, who will be seen playing Reggie in Season 2 of Riverdale. It seems like to celebrate the new addition to the cast, Mendes and Apa took the time to have some fun in between takes and decided to have a sexy pizza party. Mendes snapped the occasion on Instagram and it left the entire Gram stratosphere in awe. The picture is just perfection. Hot bods. Hot people. Super hot pizza fresh out the Domino's box. What's not to love? Your fave could never. Never in their life.

6 Their Chemistry

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It is amazing to think of just how powerful the chemistry between KJ Apa and Camila Mendes is. We have mentioned a little bit about how strong that chemistry is on the show earlier in this list and we will be mentioning it in passing a little bit later on, but from the way they exchange dialogue and they way that they exchange looks (more on that later) with each other comes off as surprisingly strong. Surprising because they exchange looks and dialogue as if the two have known each other their whole lives. They never met each other before joining the cast of Riverdale. The chemistry is just that powerful. They just naturally know how to work with each other on set. When you see their chemistry on the show, you can't be surprised in wondering why we think (and kinda hope) that the two are an item in real life.

5 Camila Mendes Is Team Varchie All Day

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On multiple occasions, Lili Reinhart and even KJ Apa have proclaimed in interviews that they are both team Betty and Archie (Barchie for short), but Camila Mendes herself has publicly stated that Archie would be better off sticking with Veronica. In an interview with Glamour Magazine this year, she said that as far as the endgame of Riverdale is concerned, she thinks that the best decision would be for Archie to end up being with Veronica. We're not sure whether Mendes says this because she's so attached to her role that she's become biased, or she believes that because she is so attached to Apa in real life. All we know is that it has inspired a love triangle similar to that on the show between Archie, Veronica, and Betty. It also pits the fans against each other as far as the line between Team Betty and Team Veronica is concerned.

4 The Fans Ship It Like Crazy

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Believe it or not, Riverdale fans like to ship Camila Mendes and KJ Apa together just as much as they ship Veronica and Archie together. The only ship that may give them a run for their money is that between Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart (Jughead and Betty) and even then, it is a stiff competition between these two ships. The lovable folks on Twitter, Instagram, and especially Tumblr love to craft fan theories, fan fiction, and fan art regarding Archie and Veronica. However, there is just as much (if not more) fan related content regarding the fan's hopes of a possible KJ Apa/ Camila Mendes relationship. We are not saying that Apa and Mendes should hook up just to appease the fanfare. We are simply pointing out that the fans want to see it happen badly.

3 The Way They Look At Each Other

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This scene. Just wow. From the moment the two look at each other on camera for the first time, the chemistry is there and it is simmering like an egg fresh out of the skillet. We are not 100% sure if this is the very first scene that the two filmed together (if so, that makes this scene even more impressive), but even so, this is still one of the first scenes that these two shot together on set. The fact remains that as actors, these two were still virtually strangers who had to act like complete strangers who fell madly in love instantly the moment their characters saw each other from a distance. It worked like a magic. The only question we're wondering is if these actors are just that good or was there a little bit of method acting on display between KJ Apa and Camila Mendes for the sake of this scene?

2 The Way They Look At Each Other in Real Life

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The reason why we wonder just how realistic that first onscreen stare was is because these two tend to look at each other that exact same way on the set. During press panels and co-op interviews, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa are frequently looking at each other with amazement and utter awe of each other. We are not saying for sure that these eye exchanges and sights at each other are the makings of a relationship. They may not be much more than displays of admiration for two actors that have the utmost of respect for each other. However, the way they look at each other in real life and the way that they look at each other in characters is part of the reason why so many of the show's fans hope that the two costars are in a relationship in real life as well.

1 Their Relationship is the Best Part of Riverdale

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It is perhaps the biggest reason why fans find themselves shipping the actors in real life. Not only is their chemistry on the show simmering strong and their real life interviews electric with charm bouncing off of each other, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa (as well as the way that the two portray the relationship between Veronica and Archie) are the best part about Riverdale. With that said, Riverdale is an incredible show with several different aspects to enjoy (from the acting, to the entire cast as a unit, to the cinematography, the writing, the film noir aspects, etc), but seeing the way that Archie and Veronica evolve as a couple is what keep so many fans coming back for more. No wonder why so many fans want the two actors to actually be a real life item.

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