15 Reasons Harry and Hermione Would've Made A Better Couple


J.K. Rowling has always been a meticulous and calculated writer when it comes to her craft. Not only was she able to envision the entire Harry Potter franchise solely in her mind and then proceed to reiterate that vision onto the page to rave reviews, she even was able to stick to everything that she originally planned to incorporate into her books from the very early stages of development. Rowling had even planned on which characters would be paired with who at the dawn of the franchise. Such pairings would include Ginny/Harry and Hermione/Ron. Although, in the cases for these pairings in particular, we would have to say that Rowling was wrong.

Yes, we know, it should be blasphemous to even insinuate that the all great, mighty, and powerful J.K. Rowling could possibly be wrong about anything that she included into her critically acclaimed series. The thing is that we just cannot shake the feeling that Rowling was wrong in deciding these pairings because of the fact that certain individuals in these pairings belong in better pairings, namely with each other. For many reasons that we will explain further as this list goes on, these two pairings in particular just did not click with us the way Rowling intended them to. Mostly because we hoped that above all else, Hermione and Harry would have been better off as a couple than with their own respective lovers.

15 This Kiss

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Come on! We can't be alone in thinking this one, can we? Maybe it helps that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson always had strong and absolutely electric chemistry together whenever they shared the screen, but when this smoldering image of Hermione and Harry engaged in a passionate kiss emerged from the horcrux locket in Deathly Hallows Part 1, we'd be lying if we said the image didn't look at all out of place. In fact, not only did it look quite fitting, some movie fans who did not read the books hoped that this imagery was presented as a bit of foreshadowing more than anything else. The kiss was lit with more fiery passion that anything shared between Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione.

14 They Never Fought

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Truth be told, Harry and Hermione may have had the occasional squabble every once in a while, but the two rarely (if ever) full on lashed out at each other. The same cannot be said about Ron and Hermione. Those two argued frequently with each other throughout the series, seemingly 80% of the time they shared a page together in the franchise. A key factor in successful relationships is that the two parties respect each other enough to never (or at least rarely) snap at each other's throats every second of every day.  That sort of description fits Hermione and Harry to a tee. To some extent, maybe it fits Ginny and Harry (though they lacked sufficient, memorable chemistry prior to their hook-up), but it doesn't fit Ron and Hermione's relationship at all.

13 They Always Protected Each Other

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Sure, protecting someone is not necessarily a quality that is solely shared between lovers. Friends protect each other, family members protect each other, and friends who are so close that they might as well call each other family (much like the trio at the center of the Harry Potter franchise) protect each other. However, there is something about the way in which Harry and Hermione go about protecting each other that makes us believe that there may be something more between them. There are several examples in the book series, but these examples are even more evident when looking at the movies. Whether this was intentional or not, Harry and Hermione frequently jump in front of each other or cling on to each other immediately whenever danger is afoot, as if they were the first things on each other's minds.

12 The Way They Always Looked At Each Other

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Again, this is something that has more to the movies than the books, but it is a reason that had us begging for a Harry/Hermione relationship from the get-go. While detractors of the relationship can profess and argue that Harry and Hermione made for better friends than lovers, the way these two always looked at each other in the films suggested that they would eventually end up being something a little more than just friends. Maybe we always got that impression from the films just because Danielle Radcliffe and Emma Watson had such simmering chemistry on the screen that it always felt like they were destined to end up together at the end of the franchise. With that in mind, maybe the films should have just ran with it and made a creative decision to keep them together. We can all dream, can't we?

11 They Both Deserve Better

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Fair warning from here on out for the rest of this piece: there is going to be a lot of disrespect shown in the direction of both Ron and Ginny for the bulk of this list. Sorry Weasley fans. As this whole article progresses, we will go more in depth about our criticisms about Ron and Ginny (mainly regarding why we think they are both poor life mate choices for Hermione and Harry, respectively), but to put it aptly, keeping their poor qualities in mind, they don't deserve Harry and Hermione. More appropriately, when looking at these choices for partners, Harry and Hermione just flat out deserve better. Not only do they deserve better than the spouses they have now, but they deserve each other more than anyone else.

10 Hermione Is More Like Harry's Mother


Most fans of the whole Harry/Ginny relationship tend to claim that the relationship parallels that of James/Lily Potter. While we're not going to dispute the fact that Harry is the spitting image of his father in mind and body, the same cannot be the same for Ginny. While Ginny may in fact resemble Lily Potter in appearance, no one matches Lily in her characteristics quite like Hermione does. She's brave, smart and loyal in all the ways that Lily used to be in her prime. Like Lily, despite claims that she may be a "Mary Sue" (in short, a flawless female character), Hermione does in fact have her flaws. Unlike Ginny, who (both in the books and the films) always felt like the manic pixie dream girl of the Potterverse who suddenly became brilliant and universally lovable halfway through the series. In short, a Mary Sue.

9 Ron/Hermione and Ginny/Harry Have Shorter Shelf Lives

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When we try to imagine Harry and Hermione living a domestic lifestyle, we can see their marriage going on for years; long and smoothly. When we try to how Harry's marriage with Ginny would turn out, we can't help but think Harry would get bored of her. Though, to be fair, much of our mindset towards Ginny is tainted due to the rather bland performance given to her by Bonnie Wright throughout the franchise. However, whether we're talking about movie Ron or book Ron, we cannot see him making a good spouse for Hermione. We will be going more in depth into exactly what makes Ron a bad partner for Hermione, but for now, just to sum it all up in just a few handful of words, Ron is a terribly overly jealous jerk who never learned how to grow up.

8 Ron Was Always Too Jealous For His Own Good

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Ron is a lot of things--funny, goofy, etc--but some of more negative qualities override his positive ones. One of those negative qualities is that he is a jealous nunce of a human being. Jealousy is never an attractive quality and Ron seems to get jealous of any man who spends the slightest amount of time with Hermione. The biggest example was the jealousy that exploded out of him in Deathly Hallows from seeing Hermione spend so much time with Harry. Though, to be fair, much of that was due to Ron being consumed by the horcrux locket, but the fact remains that Ron was jealous much earlier in the franchise. Namely in Goblet of Fire over Hermione taking Viktor Krum to the dance. Hell, Ron was giving Harry the side-eye whenever he hugged Hermione in Azkaban. There are too many examples of Ron acting like a child when it comes to Hermione. Sounds like the makings of an unhealthy relationship.

7 More Memorable Moments

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When we try to think of memorable moments shared between Ron and Hermione, eventually, it would feel like running into a brick wall and seeing nothing but a blank screen. In fact, more appropriately, it feel like running into the "footage not found" screen from Arrested Development. It is far too hard to think of memorable moments that attributed to their love angle, but trying to think of such moments between Harry and Hermione, that is a different story. Whether it is the tent scene from Deathly Hallows, their whole storyline from Prisoner of Azkaban, when she fixed his glasses in their very first meeting, etc. The list goes on. The moments between Harry and Hermione made their friendship stronger, but in retrospect, it all should have culminated into some sort of stronger-than-friendship bond between them.

6 They Felt More Genuine

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The problem with the Ron/Hermione and Ginny/Harry relationships is that they seem far too artificial to accept. Ever since she planned these relationships in the early stages of the series, J.K. Rowling tried too hard to make these two pairings feel organic and acceptable. So much so that the pairings have always been too hard to fully accept. There is something about the incidental Harry/Hermione pairing that just feels so genuine as if every bone to their relationship fell into place naturally. Rowling may have always intended these two to just be friends, but their chemistry smolders and resonates off the pages at every turn so strongly that it isn't too hard to imagine them being something more than just friends. Not just imagine, but buy into.

5 Ron is Just The Worst

3- Ron Weasley
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We have already spent enough time in this article criticizing Ron for being the jealous type, but if we were to analyze him as an overall character, we would notice just how dreadful of a person he would seem to be around. Don't get us wrong, there is plenty to love about Ron (he is funny after all), especially during his childhood. The thing is that Ron feels more and more unbearable as the series progresses. Mostly because no matter how old he gets, he retains his immature attitude and mentality every step of the way. As we watch Hermione and Harry grow into responsible and brilliant adults, Ron just stays the same. Since he's only getting worse the older he gets, we can't imagine Hermione putting up with his crap for long into their marriage. That's why she should've shacked up with Harry instead.

4 Ginny is Just The Worst

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Don't think that Ginny goes unscathed either. Maybe it's just a Weasley thing. Those bloody Weasleys are just the worst, aren't they? Anyway, while this is a fact we would like to direct towards both the film and the book versions of Ginny, this is doubly true in the case of the films. In the books, Ginny always felt like a nuisance on her own merits and even more irritating when Rowling started shoving her down our throats to get us to accept her as Harry's soul mate. The more she tried, the more annoying and artificial Ginny felt as a character. In the movies, she is just so utterly bland that she's practically non-existent. Having no personality is worse than having an obnoxious one. When we consider what makes Ginny Harry's ideal partner and compare her to Hermione, Hermione wins by unanimous decision.

3 The Muggle Connection

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The power of love is an unspeakable, indescribable feeling produced by a connection between two or more individuals. A feeling often generated by a similar characteristic that one person shares with another. While Harry and Hermione both have a few shared characteristics between themselves and their significant others, Ginny and Ron, the two share one unique quality among themselves: Muggle blood. Harry is a well documented half-blood and Hermione happens to be the offspring of two Muggle dentists. The whole Muggle connection they share is one that no one else in their circle is able to relate to and, frankly, we think that connection along should make their love a stronger one than anything Ron/Hermione or Ginny/Harry related. It's a key reason why they're friends to begin with and a big reason why many of us would think they would make better lovers.

2 The Tent Scene

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Whether we are talking about the serene atmosphere that the film version presented or the more thickly detailed scene depicted in the book, the tent scene between Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows highlights more bombastic chemistry than Hermione and Ron or Harry and Ginny ever showed. Again, this includes the way their relationships are presented in both the books and the movies. From the very beginning of the Harry Potter series, Hermione/Ron and Harry/Ginny were long foreshadowed to come to the surface in future books in the franchise, but no scene made us desperately swoon over a possible pairing like the scenes Harry and Hermione shared in the tent. It just always felt more genuine and likeable than Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione.

1 J. K. Rowling Wanted Them Together After All

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Most people who remain on the fence at the thought of a Harry/Hermione relationship are so because it isn't what the author originally wrote. Most fans like to stick to the ideas presented by the author themselves, but what if we told you that the author herself looks back on her books and wishes she paired up Harry and Hermione? During a 2014 interview with Wonderland, J.K. Rowling herself actually reveals that certain qualities shared between Harry and Hermione make them more compatible together. In the interview, she admits she only paired Hermione with Ron out of a personal "wish fulfillment," but when she wrote the tent scene between Hermione and Harry in Deathly Hallows, she realized Harry and Hermione were a "better fit" for each other.

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