15 Reasons Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Is A Total Scam

Kim Kardashian, you know her. She recently launched her own KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Beauty line. She had teamed up with her sister Kylie previously but just released her own solo kits. It launched on 21st June and the first product was a Creme Contour & Highlight Kit. Kim is the queen of contouring and it seemed a little way overdue that she launched this project so far into her career. After her younger sister Kylie doing so well with her own make up line, Kylie Cosmetics - it's likely that she inspired Kim to do this.

The KKW contour kit sold out instantly and got everyone wondering what the big deal was. From the many people who bought the product it seems a lot of customers aren't happy. People took to YouTube and social media to express their thoughts on the product and it doesn't look good for our Kimberly. The word SCAM is being thrown left right and centre. Why? Here we go..

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15 The Packaging

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Despite the fact that the color of the packaging matches the color of the product you're buying - everything else is dull and unexciting. The plastic your product comes in is far bigger than the products itself so the fact that it looks like you're getting a big item is misleading. KKW Beauty buyers have complained saying the packaging looks cheap and something Forever 21 would produce. YouTuber Shopper Mandy expressed that it probably cost no more than 10 cents to make and demanded her watchers to not spend a penny on her beauty line. The three products inside the plastic comes in a see-through tight bit of plastic which has no meaning or purpose to it. It comes across not very thought out and rushed.

14 Very Little Product In Each Set

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You would think that after paying $48 dollars excluding shipping costs that the product would be more than worth the price. I THINK NOT. The product is tiny. Nearly every YouTuber that has opened the product for the first time on camera has mentioned how small it is. Like shown in the picture above, the brush/sponge and makeup itself don't look very big in someones hand. The dual sticks with makeup on both sides have barely any product in them. Within about 3 or 4 times of using this product you are probably going to be left with very little. There doesn't seem to be much logic to making the product really small at all. No one is going to keep purchasing an item continuously because it keeps running out that fast after paying that price. I mean, really?

13 It's Expensive AF

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All the products come in a set of three items. All of the them are dual sticks which is sort of six products in one. The price? $48 for each set! And that's not including the delivery remember. You are unable to buy any product individually and are forced to buy all the dual sticks together even if you just want one item from the set. After such cheap packaging and very little product, it seems the real reason people are buying this is because of Kim's name attached to it. YouTubers were straight up super mad when they found out they had spent so much money on such little product especially when they had bought cheaper products from bigger makeup brands like Mac that was worth more of their time and dollar.

12 The Brush and Sponge Isn't Necessary

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So we've established that the sets comes with a brush and sponge but is it worth having? Not really. It almost seems that they've just shoved the dual stick in there to make it seem worth more of your money. It's like they tried to throw as many cheap things inside the packaging to fool people they are getting a well thought out product. The sponge and brush is tiny therefore it is very limiting to use and most people will already have their own brush and sponge they usually work with. The height of the brush and sponge are smaller than the makeup sticks and YouTuber JCmakeupMaster admitted from the start that it might be hard to work with as soon as he saw it.

11 The Makeup Breaks Really Easily

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If you were to go watch YouTube stars review these KKW contour products you will notice in a lot of videos that the product breaks really easily even when using it for the first time. Jackie Aina who's video has some of the most views on the product showcases how easily the makeup snaps off the end of the stick. Before Jackie had even applied the makeup to her face, she was testing it out to see what the dark shades looked like on her skin. When rubbing the make up on her hand, the whole end fell off and she wasn't even pressing hard when applying it. The make up falling off at the end can be seen in numerous other videos too which proves that this is an error that needs to be fixed asap.

10 No Refunds Allowed

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Refunds are strictly not allowed with any KKW Beauty product. The first answer on the FAQ section of the site says "All sales are final. We do not offer refunds/exchanges, nor do we allow cancellations/ returns. Please keep in mind that colors will appear different on individuals depending on skin tone and lip pigmentation. Items will not be replaced or exchanged for this reason. KKWBeauty.com reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.". It's like they already knew that their customers would be demanding for refunds since it's clear that the product is really rushed and daylight robbery for the price they are charging.

9 Kim K Made $14 Million Dollars In 10 Minutes!

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The kits Kim put on sale in June sold out in minutes. She tweeted how surprised she was but she was more likely relieved about all the money she had made in no time. According to WWD, Kardashian West made 14 million dollars in 20 minutes. The sad thing is, one of you reading probably helped her do it and you're probably not happy about it at all. Had the products been at a high standard maybe everyone wouldn't be calling it a scam. 300,000 kits were sold and BAM, Kim earned more than we would ever earn in a lifetime in less than an hour. It's no wonder Kim hasn't gone all defensive on social media about the backlash from the reviews. Life is really unfair sometimes isn't it?

8 The Sponge Is Hard To Use

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If you're going to include a sponge with your product then it's obviously recommended to use when applying the makeup you're selling. Jackie Aina who is used to applying make up admitted that the sponge was hard for her to use and said that someone who isn't will struggle even more. She claims that beginners will find it difficult and began using her own beauty blender to finish off her face as it started to look really patchy. Another YouTuber, Lookingforlewys said that the sponge wasn't blending his make up and had to keep switching to the brush to attempt to fix it. The end of his sponge was covered in makeup despite using it for the first time. It seemed the makeup wasn't blending on his face but just sticking to the sponge. The sponge felt uncomfortable and like someone was punching him in the face. Ouch.

7 The Makeup Doesn't Last Long On Your Face

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Shopper Mandy had no problem expressing how terrible she felt the contour products were in her YouTube video. She posted a photo on her video showing how the makeup looked after two hours of applying it with a close up shot. The concealer had cracked and fell apart everywhere. It seriously looked worse than the kids in school who always had terrible make up on their face everyday. Within the first 30 minutes of applying it, the product started to feel really uncomfortable on her skin as it started to break apart. The point of this contour kit is so it's quick and easy to use and that lasts for the day. This is obviously a huge fail as within less than an hour it's starts peeling off your face.

6 Both Shades Of The Sticks Look The Same Color


When Jackie Aina checked out the colour of the "Deep Dark" stick, she was confused as to why both ends of the contour stick were a very similar shade to each other. She was impressed at how dark it was but she felt that it was kind of pointless to have such similar shades of the same color. It goes back to saying the product isn't very well thought out and rushed. With such little product in the first place on both sides, why not have more of one color instead of two that look too much of the same? The sticks do have a number one and two marked on them hinting that one is a lighter version than another but at this point it's a guessing game. Those who are colorblind are going to be hella confused.

5 The Highlighting Stick Doesn't Really Work

Along with the pointless sponge and brush and contouring stick that has very similar colors on both ends, there is also a highlighting stick that comes with the set. One side is matte and the other is a shimmering highlighter. A YouTuber who goes under the username 'Tootsie Time' was not only unimpressed how much of the product is wasted when simply putting it on your face but how hard it was to rub in. She called the product dumb and that she wasn't sure if the matte highlight was actually rubbing into her skin or if it was just sticking to the sponge. When putting the highlight that was supposed to shimmer, it didn't seem to do anything to her face. The clear lighting didn't pick it up and she had to question her audience if it actually worked.

4 Faulty Used Products Were Sent Out

When JCmakeupMaster titled his video 'I Can't Believe What I Got' he really wasn't joking. When opening his unused sealed products he started to notice that his products were faulty. The contour stick had been scrapped at this the tip as if someone had used it. As if that wasn't enough, when opening the highlighting stick he realised that that was faulty too. The stick was patchy as if it wasn't meant to be sent out. It looks like they made these products, sent them out and didn't care what the quality was. They make their money and don't care about the rest. It's clear why no refunds are allowed. Kim Kardashian or not, you should always expect your order to look like it's not been tampered with.

3 No Exchanges For Their Mistakes!

Jade Gabriell was opening her make up for the first time on camera and was sent the same exact highlighting sticks. The purpose of her video was to do a review of the product but all didn't go to plan when she wasn't sent a contour stick. I mean.. it's a contour set and she didn't even get the make up to contour with! She claimed that she demanded a refund from the company but didn't receive a reply from them. On the KKW Beauty website it does specify that no exchanges are allowed despite them making a mistake! Even though not replacing the extra highlighting stick with a contouring stick is bad enough but to ignore an e-mail? That is not good customer service at all!

2 Expect To Pay Custom Charges!

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If you really want this makeup kit and you live outside of the US, you are going to pay custom charges for it. Anyone who has paid custom charges in the past knows that it is a pain and always a lot of money just to pay your sorting office to post it to you. With the make up being $48 and then having to pay international postage on top of that - you really aren't going to want to pay a custom charge. ESPECIALLY when the product is considered to be trash by 70% of customers. It will probably cost $100 dollars once you've paid for everything which you could spend on something far more worth your time. Even though the custom charge price and money isn't chosen or given to KKW Beauty, it doesn't make it OK when you're not going to be satisfied with the makeup.

1 Her Celebrity Name Is Selling The Product


Kim Kardashian is the real reason this kit has been a success. It's her first solo contour kit and it's obvious that she's only just getting started. With her line selling out in 20 minutes, more makeup is obviously going to be on it's way in the near future. Sadly, the only reason people are interested is because Kim K's A list celebrity name is attached to the products. If the same products were sold by Walmart at those prices, there would be a load left on the shelf collecting dust. Kim has taken advantage of her status and ran with it. Sometimes she has for the good but in this case, for the bad. We expected better of you Kimberly, we really did. As one of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry this was clearly a way of earning easy money for herself.

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