15 Reasons 'Legends of Tomorrow' Is Everyone's Favorite 'Arrow'verse Show

When Arrow first premiered on the CW, we were convinced that it would always be our absolute favorite superhero show—until The Flash showed up and taught us that the DC TV universe can have heroes that are both badass and have a sense of humor. Legends of Tomorrow brought together some of our favorite characters from the two shows, but its slow start kept it in the background with Supergirl. That all changed this past season—every episode has us laughing at the team of time-travelers' hilarious antics and worrying about their safety as the stakes get higher and higher. Sorry, Oliver, Barry and Kara, but Legends has become our new favorite show in the whole Arrowverse!

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15 The show brought us the Justice Society of America!

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When Rex Tyler—better known as Hourman to avid comic book fans—showed up at the end of the season one finale for Legends of Tomorrow and warned the heroes not to get on the Waverider, we all freaked out because his arrival meant we'd get to meet the rest of the Justice Society of America. The legendary superhero team-up didn't disappoint—Commander Steel, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, Vixen, Stargirl and Obsidian looked great in their costumes, and were just as cool on the show as they are in the comics. Our time with the JSA was fleeting, but luckily, Vixen stayed with the Legends the entire season and we got to revisit a few of its members when we learned Rip Hunter gave each of them fragments of the Spear of Destiny to keep the weapon from falling into the wrong hands.

14 It also gave us the epic Legion of Doom supervillain team-up

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The Legion of Doom might actually be a cooler team-up than the Legends or the JSA, but that just makes the show even better—heroes can typically only reach their full potential when pushed by a formidable villain, and this trio is as powerful as you can get in the Arrowverse! Fans recognize Damien Darhk from all those times he completely kicked Team Arrow's butt, Reverse Flash is Barry Allen's arch-nemesis, and Malcom Merlyn's "undertaking" killed hundreds of inhabitants of the Glades and he's repeatedly used and double-crossed Oliver Queen and his daughter Thea. While these three didn't always get along, their cabal made for a very intimidating and practically unstoppable adversary for the Legends, and kept the show interesting all season long.

13 The Spear of Destiny is creating a lot of interesting problems for the show's characters

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As the season progressed, the Legends figured out the Legion of Doom's ultimate evil plan was to assemble the Spear of Destiny and use it to rewrite reality. Such a weapon is of course very dangerous in the wrong hands, but what could it accomplish in the right hands? Several of the Legends were tempted to wield the Spear themselves—it could keep Vixen's family from experiencing their dismal destiny, Sara could use it to bring back Laurel and Mick could use it to bring back his partner Leonard Snart and finally live the life of Flash-free crime and luxury that he always dreamed of. It can be pretty boring to see heroes demonstrate perfect morals all the time, but the Spear showed that the Legends aren't without their occasional selfish desires. Mick Rory has experienced a lot of character development on the show, but when it came time to choose between the heroic path and the one he always dreamed of, he just couldn't help himself from turning back to the dark side.

12 Time travel means we got to see some superhero versus dinosaur action

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When the Legends were scattered throughout time and we learned that Ray Palmer was trapped for months in 69 million BC, we prayed we'd eventually get to spend an episode seeing some epic Legends versus dinosaurs action. The show eventually delivered exactly that, and we got to see Ray, Nate and Amaya running from a gigantic T-Rex... whom Ray named Gertrude during his initial stay in the time period. Amaya's Vixen totem luckily also contains dinosaur spirits, and she was able to keep Gertrude from eating them. The dinosaur special effects weren't quite Jurassic Park quality, but they were pretty great for a CW show and we definitely hope the Waverider finds its way to that time period again soon.

11 It also helped the Legends inspire George Lucas to create the Star Wars franchise

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One of the coolest things about time travel is it means nobody is off-limits—the Legends can meet everyone from Albert Einstein to George Washington to the legendary Star Wars creator George Lucas. The Lucas episode of Legends was probably its best ever. George was the prop master for Phil Gasmer's (a Spear of Destiny-created version of Rip Hunter) thesis film, and when the Legion of Doom attacked the set in an attempt to steal Rip's Spear fragment, an alternate timeline was created where George dropped out of film school and went on to become an insurance salesman and was named "Salesman of the Year" in 1977, 1980 and 1983, the years he was supposed to release the original Star Wars trilogy films. Thanks to some encouragement from the Legends (who told him they never would have become heroes without his films), George got back on his destined path, and actually took inspiration from his adventures with the Legends to create the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

10 Sara Lance is giving the LGBTQ community the hero they deserve

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There are very few LGBTQ characters in comic books, and even fewer in superhero television shows. Sara Lance changed the game on Arrow when she came out as bisexual and was a love interest to both Oliver Queen and Nyssa al Ghul, and Legends has done a great job showing that Sara is proud of her sexuality. Her all-too-brief relationship with nurse Lindsay Carlisle in the 1950s was adorable, she had a steamy one-night-stand with Queen Anne of Australia and she had some serious chemistry (and even shared a kiss) with her teammate Leonard Snart before his death. Supergirl is doing a fantastic job giving LGBTQ viewers someone to look up to in Alex Danvers, who is currently experiencing her first lesbian relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer, but we'll always love Sara Lance for getting things started.

9 The show doesn't overdo it with the episode count

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Let's be real; even though we love Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, some of their episodes seem like complete filler and the overall plot of each show can get dragged out so long that we no longer care as much as we are supposed to. We only see Savitar once every several episodes when he's the main Flash villain this season, we can't even remember what the primary conflict in Supergirl is anymore (other than her relationship drama with Mon-El) and we've definitely had enough of the Bratva flashbacks in Arrow. Legends only had 17 episodes this season, and it feels like the perfect length for the overall storyline. We're treated to a must-watch hour of television every week, and the stakes get higher and higher as each season progresses. It's a bummer that we get less of our favorite Arrowverse show, but we'll trade quantity for quality any day!

8 It gave us the comic book-accurate brilliance that is bearded Green Arrow!

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Okay, this season of Legends of Tomorrow was nearly perfect and was definitely responsible for the show becoming our new favorite, but our love for the time-travelers definitely started last season when a trip to the future gave us the Oliver Queen fans have been demanding for years. That's right, the Legends traveled to Star City in 2046, and Oliver Queen was there trying and failing to save his city as a fully bearded Green Arrow. Ollie has a thick blond beard in the comics, and while Stephen Amell has grown some scruff in the role for flashback scenes, we'd never seen the Emerald Archer look like so comic book accurate!

7 We also got to see a badass superhero version of Felicity Smoak

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With heroes like Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Ragman, Mad Dog, Mister Terrific, Speedy, Spartan and the various Black Canaries protecting Star City over the years, Felicity Smoak has always been able to just stay in the background and act as technical support for her more badass allies. But when Legends gave us Doomworld after the Legion assembled the Spear of Destiny and created a reality where all of those heroes were taken down, she was forced to don a mask and save the city herself. Unfortunately, her lack of battle training kept her from being too successful at it, and she was taken down by evil versions of Vixen and White Canary... but it was still super cool to see her suit up and get her hands dirty for a change!

6 Brainwashed Rip Hunter was one of the coolest bad guys ever

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Rip Hunter was absent from the first several episodes of Legends' second season, because he was busy thinking he was a film director and had no idea that he was the captain of a time ship. The Legion of Doom eventually found him, forced him to remember his true identity, and then brainwashed him into joining their cabal of evil. Rip Hunter was somehow way more interesting as a villain than he ever was as a good guy—he repeatedly took down his old team (and nearly killed Sara!), he tricked them into imprisoning him in the Waverider so he could take control of it via Gideon's continued obedience to him and he even assassinated United States founding father George Washington! The Legends eventually helped him fight off the Legion's control over his mind and turned him back into a good guy, but we can't pretend we didn't prefer evil Rip.

5 We've been treated to evil versions of our other favorite heroes on Legends, too

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Sometimes the only thing cooler than seeing superheroes battle their biggest villains is seeing them fight each other. We loved seeing the Avengers try to take each other out in Captain America: Civil War, and even if Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't live up to expectations, the battle between the two DC Comics giants was unforgettably amazing. Legends treated us to some hero versus hero action, and we loved every minute of it! We saw Rip take on his old team, we've seen evil versions of Firestorm and White Canary corrupt Rip's mind, pre-Legend Captain Cold has become one of the team's biggest enemies and Heat Wave betrayed his friends at the worst possible moment. It's fun getting to see the actors in the show prove they can play villains as well as they can play heroes!

4 Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk are #BromanceGoals

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While we've loved the whole Legion of Doom this season—including temporary members Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Rip Hunter—Malcolm and Damien steal the show every time they're together. The duo never really got along on Arrow despite their shared background with the League of Assassins, but when Reverse Flash recruited them to join his cabal, Malcolm and Damien realized that they were destined to be best friends and partners in crime. They didn't have the power to compete with their "ally" Eobard, and when the speedster tried eliminating them, they teamed up and used their strategic genius to gain an upper hand and take charge. Ever since then, they've been the best evil bromance ever, and we can't wait to see what villainous schemes they come up with together.

3 Nick Zano—enough said

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If you watched Amanda Bynes' hit sitcom What I Like About You in the early 2000s, you probably had a huge crush on Nick Zano ("Vince") and have been wondering where he's been all these years. Well, he's every bit as studly as he was all those years ago, and now he's got that whole super strength and steel skin thing going for him! Nick portrays Nate Heywood, the history buff who helped Oliver Queen reassemble the Legends after a Waverider accident scattered the heroes throughout time. Nate grew up hero-worshiping his grandfather, JSA member Commander Steel, and became an integral member of the Legends once he developed powers and became Citizen Steel. We love his budding romance with Vixen (even though she's technically his grandpa's age), but we admit we have a hard time hiding our jealousy of Amaya every time they flirt.

2 The evil version of Captain Cold is back, and we forgot just how much we loved him

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When Rip Hunter assembled his team of "Legends," we were all pretty shocked that he recruited lifelong criminals Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The iconic Flash rogues resisted the hero life at first, but over time, they just couldn't stop themselves from befriending their teammates and finally changing their selfish, criminal ways. Leonard Snart sacrificed himself to destroy the Occulus and thus allow the Legends to defeat Vandal Savage, and while we loved him for that... we couldn't help but wish he'd stayed evil so we wouldn't have to say goodbye to him. Well, this season brought back a villainous Captain Cold, and we couldn't be happier. He manipulated his old partner into joining the Legion, and he used the Spear of Destiny to create a Central City where he and Mick could commit any crime they desired without consequence. That's the Captain Cold we love!

1 It's an ensemble show filled with lesser-known—but still legendary—heroes

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We all knew about Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl before they got their own TV shows, but unless you're a diehard DC Comics fan, you probably didn't know much about Firestorm, Rip Hunter, Captain Cold or The Atom before Legends. The show proved that we don't need big-name heroes to keep us captivated—we just need hilarious dialogue, constantly-developing characters, non-stop action and heroics, just a hint of romance and some time travel to be all in for a TV show. This ensemble cast really has done an amazing job putting a spotlight on some obscure heroes and turning them into our all-time favorites. Sorry, Justice League, but the Legends of Tomorrow are here and it's their time to shine!

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