15 Reasons 'Scott Pilgrim VS The World' Is An Underrated Gem You Need To See

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is (if you ask me) the greatest movie of all time and for some reason  goes completely unnoticed, unappreciated and unrecognized by everyone I mention it to. Most people haven't even heard of it! This star packed, hilarious, heart warming, nerdgasm is, for some reason, not known and that is a tragedy. Every single aspect of this film is just amazing and I honestly couldn’t find a single flaw if my life depended on it. The moral of this 2010 motion picture is great. Both the subtle and the "in your face" jokes are hilarious, the cinematography is spectacular, the acting is spot on, the editing is perfection (for a comic book adaptation), and the soundtrack is better than most things we even hear on the radio. If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, then you need to hop on it. 

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15 The Fight Scenes Are Second To None

The fight scenes are perfect for people who like comic books or fighting based video games. The choreography is beautiful to watch and the visual effects are so captivating. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays character, Ramona Flowers, was trained in ballet for years, so she had the abilities to perform her own stunts during the fight between her and Roxy. You know, her fourth evil ex. The fights are visually stunning, the trash talking dialogue during the fight scenes are some of the funniest lines in cinematic history, and the way that the loser bursts into coins (in traditional video game style) is just plain genius. I can’t pick which fight was the most satisfying to watch. The first four are probably the most amusing fights, but the seventh - the final epic battle - cannot be overlooked.

14 The Dialogue is Incomparable

Maybe I'm being prejudiced, but to me, every single line in this movie is hilarious for one reason or another. Some of my favorite Scott Pilgrim quotes include:

"You made me swallow my gum! That's going to be in my digestive tract for seven years!"

"Chicken isn't vegan?"

"Amazon.ca! What's the website for that?"

"The only thing separating me from her is the two minutes it's gonna take to kick your ass."

"I want to have his adopted babies."

"Short answer: Vegans are just better than everyone else."

"Look, I didn't write the gay handbook. If you got a problem with it, take it up with Liberace's ghost."

"You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously!"

"I kind of feel like I'm on drugs when I'm with you. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs. Then I do drugs all the time, every drug."

13 Who Can Forget That Musical Number?

The best way to summarize how dramatic a fight with someone is, is to include a seemingly spontaneous musical number that will emphasize just how hard you’re going to whoop their butt. The only possible way you can top a random musical number is by having demon hipster chick backup dancers bust a move perfectly in sync behind you. This emo pirate gave the best performance he could, but sadly, that wasn’t enough to defeat Scott. Also, I’d like to add that if Scott Pilgrim was knocked on his butt in "level one," there would be no chance he’d be able to make it all the way to level seven to face off with Gideon, the final evil ex and the one who assembled the "League of Evil Exes" in the first place.

12 The Narration Is Show Stoppingly Good

This is probably one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie, and that is saying something. I had to include the entire clip of this scene, rather than just a gif like the other scenes so everyone reading this could enjoy the full effect of this hilarious narration. I just love how the narrator counters everything Scott says to show how much he is still torn up about his previous relationship with the lead singer, Envy Adams (formerly known as ‘Natalie’ until, according to Scott, she stopped liking both that name and Scott simultaneously) from the fictional band "Clash at Demonhead". Everything Scott says is so quickly countered by the narrator in order to reveal to the audience Scott’s lingering feelings and insecurities which help further the films theme of self respect over all else.

11 The Comic Book Accuracy is Insane

Yes, I will admit that the plot does divert around the mid point of the film as there were a lot of comic books and it’s always hard to fit everything into an adaptation. However, in the earlier scenes of the film, most of the sets, costumes, props, and blocking, is 100% identical to its source material. Side-by-side comparisons are jaw dropping and it shows that the filmmakers truly cared about accuracy and capturing the heart of the comic books they were working with. Even the cuts and the way the film was edited matches the panel style of the comic books. They put a lot of work into this film and you can tell that they actually cared about both the source material and the project they were working on; which, in my opinion, always makes the final product so much better.

10 Wallace Is The Greatest Fictional Character To Ever Grace Film

I honestly don’t think there is a more entertaining character in this film, or any film. Wallace Wells is honest to a fault and calls everything like he sees it. He doesn’t pander to anyone's emotions or sensitivities, and he tells Scott exactly what he thinks and what Scott needs to hear - even if it’s not what he wants to hear. His only flaw is, probably, his tendency to steal Scott’s sister's boyfriends. Wallace may not be the friend everyone wants but he is the friend everyone needs. Who wouldn't want a friend who says things like: "Kick her in the balls!" Or "Ah, that sucks, but you know it's probably just because he's better than you." He sounds like the type of friend we all need in our squads. Think of how many bland things he could make entertaining with quotes like those.

9 They Censor Swear Words In The Best Way

When Aubrey Plaza’s character, Julie Powers, swore in the comic book, they just bleeped out her curse words with a little black bar. The comic books tended to be meta at times so it wasn’t too crazy for the movie writers to censor the foul mouthed Julie Powers’ constant curses. Also, using that black bar and that little sound was a creative way to include Julie’s love for colorful language while also preserving the films low and accessible rating. You can’t make a family friendly and fun film (save for some violence and brief sexy scenes) and then dash it all with an overtly casual use of curse words. Like I've been saying, times like this only make my argument for the greatness of this movie even more valid. 

8 The Theme Of "Self Love" Is Plain Awesome

Gaining self-respect and love permeates through the journey of multiple characters throughout the movie. It's the obvious theme of the entire film. Natalie learns that she doesn’t need to hide behind this fake ‘Envy’ persona to be cool and likable. Knives learns to stop chasing a guy who clearly wasn't interested and to learn it's okay being alone. Ramona learns that Gideon is only interested in her when he can’t have her and that she doesn’t need to impress him to be worth something. She is good enough as she is, regardless of what some d-bag thinks of her. And Scott learns that self-respect is more powerful than outside love and that one cannot truly win someone else’s affections until they’ve learned to love themselves first. The message of accepting all aspects of yourself is an important one and any movie that promotes that gets a gold star from me.

7 The Soundtrack Is Pure Gold

It was honestly such an internal struggle to decide which music video to include here. Should I choose "Crash and The Boys," the hilarious band that Sex Bob-omb faces off in the first battle of the bands? Should I pick Sex Bob-omb themselves and showcase Michael Cera’s awesome bass skills? In the end, I ended up going with "Clash at Demonhead" because this song gets stuck in my head every time I watch the film and their lead singer, Envy Adams (played by the amazing and talented, Brie Larson) just kills it. Her look is such a perfect blend of baby spice and rocker chick-chic that so many front runners of rock bands try to achieve. Beck (if you don’t know him, look him up, he is great) actually created a lot of Sex Bob-ombs music for the film (which is most likely what they rocked so hard). If you have money, go to the store and buy the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, you won’t regret it.

6 They Put So Much (Unnoticed) Work Into The Movie

Are you ready to have your mind blown (and I mean b-l-o-w-n) because not only did the filmmakers put so much work into this film, but it's filled with subtle things you probably didn’t even notice. For example, Scott Pilgrim wears a shirt that says "zero" and only likes Coke Zero because his number (in accordance to Gideons’ League of Seven Evil Exes) is zero. In accordance to this, the first evil ex has long hair which covered one of his eyes so only one is showing. The second is hesitant to skateboard the rails down a staircase with “like, 200 steps” and threatens Scott by saying it’ll only take two minutes to beat him. The third has a "3" on his shirt and is in a three member band. The fourth fights them in a club with a giant "4" on the side, numbers 5 & 6 turn the volume on their amp up to 11. And lastly, all of Gideon’s (evil ex number 7) stats are 7. See what I mean? Subtle. 

5 Scott Apologizes To Everyone He Has Hurt Proving It's Never Too Late To Apologize

Throughout the movie (and even before the film even takes place) Scott unintentionally hurts a lot of people (Kim’s explanation usually comments on Scott’s idiocy). In the final battle of the film (after Scott dies, comes back, and calls everyone out) Scott begins apologizing to the women he has slighted due to his own, to quote Kim, "idiocy". He makes amends with Kim and takes the full blame for hurting her. He lets both Knives and Ramona know that he cheated on them with each other and that Knives has no reason to be mad at Ramona. He admits that he is to blame in every situation that he messed up, and that my friends, gives him the power of self respect. Even though he had slighted Kim back in High School, Scott proves that it is never too late to apologize because you never know what could still be hurting someone.

4 The Casual Way Consent Is Shown Throughout The Film

Ramona and Scott were getting hot and heavy. They were in their underwear, making out in bed, when suddenly Ramona decides that she doesn’t want to ‘do the do’ anymore. They stop making out and they fall asleep together. There’s no fighting, no whining, no prying, no snide remarks, no convincing, no bribing...nothing. He accepts her "no" and it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter that they were making out or that they had gotten so close to the deed. She changed her mind and Scott respected that. Consent should be that simple. If someone doesn’t want to do it, that should be the end of it. Scott has his faults but the fact that he just outright accepts Ramona’s change of heart right off the bat is really cool and should be the standard that everyone is held up to.

3 It's Visually Stunning And Captivating

The colors are so vibrant, the cinematography is brilliant, the visual effects deserved an award, and the editing is captivating and engaging. Personally, I think the actors did an amazing job. The dialogue is fantastic, the jokes are hilarious, the characters are well developed, and the entire movie is so fantastic, but aside from all of that, the visuals themselves are something to be marveled at. It’s so beautiful that I’m surprised it didn’t win a zillion awards for cinematography, mis en scene, wide shots, and a bunch of other words I kinda sorta remember from that film studies course I took in freshman year. I am just blown away with how visually stunning this film is. It is not just a movie, it is a film and should be treated as such.

2 Its All-Star Cast Shines Like None Other

Besides the fact that the title of this entry sounds like a review they would include in the trailer for some Oscar nominated tear jerker, there are a lot of big names in this movie. Anna Kendrick is everyone’s little sister in her role of Scott’s sister Stacey. Aubrey Plaza reprises her usual role of a moody, cynical, tenacious Bi**h as Julie Powers. Michael Cera shows us he can kick major butt as the star of a kinda sorta action movie in his role of the man, Scott Pilgrim, himself. Mary Elizabeth Winstead proves that her dream-like big brown eyes and sultry deep voice makes her the perfect manic pixie dream girl in her role as the love interest, Ramona Flowers. Brie Larson stuns as the sultry Envy Adams, and even Captain America himself makes an appearance as Lucas Lee, evil ex no. 2. 

1 There Isn't A Negative Aspect To This Movie

I don’t think it would be reaching to proclaim this movie as one of the greatest movies of all time. This movie is a gift from the nerd Gods and I am so grateful that we mortals were given the holy opportunity to experience something so wonderful. I have watched the film countless times and I can promise you I am nowhere near sick of it. This movie did not get even half of the credit that it deserved. I did my best to show how great this movie is and even I didn’t do it justice. No matter who you are, you’ll be able to find at least one character you relate to or that makes you smile. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is an all around brilliant movie and I hope that more people realize that.

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