15 Reasons 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Star Tom Holland Is The Dreamiest Avenger

We love the Avengers films for the non-stop action and hilarious laughs they provide us with, but let's be real... we spend most of the movies praying for another shirtless Chris Evans or sexy Scarlett Johansson scene. Marvel seems to cast the hottest stars in all of Hollywood, and we absolutely love them for it! We thought no one could ever top the original, dreamy members of the Avengers, but then Tom Holland came along in Captain America: Civil War and totally changed our minds. Not only did he do an absolutely amazing job in his debut as Spider-Man, but he also stole our hearts and became our biggest celebrity crush ever. Tom is adorable both on-screen and off, and we're counting down the hours until this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming so we can have another chance to drool over him!

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15 He's a former Broadway star

Via: hollywoodreporter.com

If you've been searching the world for a nice guy who would be down to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack non-stop with you or take you to a nice Broadway show on your first date, look no further! Tom has had a love for musicals his whole life, and he actually started off his acting career on the West End (London's version of Broadway), where he played Michael in Billy Elliot the Musical! After a few months of shows, the directors' finally noticed how amazing Tom was, and he was recast as the lead, Billy. Acting in big blockbuster films is awesome, but if you want a guy who knows his way around the stage as well, Tom Holland is definitely the Avenger for you!

14 He's an insanely sexy dancer

Via: popcrush.com

Starring in a West End musical when he was only 11 years old helped Tom develop some seriously jaw-dropping dance moves, and he's still just as amazing on the dance floor today! He's posted several videos on Instagram of himself dancing with his Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Zendaya, and to promote the film, the duo recently competed against each other on Spike's Lip Sync Battle. Tom was declared the clear winner after his second performance on the show, where he danced to a mash-up of "Singin' in the Rain" and Rihanna's "Umbrella." He wore a skin-tight, skimpy waitress outfit for the second half of the dance, but he still looked sexy AF as he twerked and flipped his way through the song. Can there please be a dance-off between Peter Parker and Peter Quill in Avengers: Infinity War?!

13 He's basically Spidey IRL

Via: pinterest.com

Spider-Man is always flipping, cartwheeling and doing parkour all over New York City, and if he ever wanted to give up on the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing, he could totally make a living as a professional gymnast. If Tom Holland quit acting, he could probably do the same!

Tom is insanely impressive at gymnastics, and can do pretty much every acrobatic trick in real life that Spidey can do in the comics. He didn't do all of his own stunts in Homecoming because Marvel wouldn't let him, but we've seen enough of his flips, cartwheels and impossibly flexible dance moves on Instagram and YouTube to know that he could have... without assistance from a radioactive spider bite. Some of the other Avengers guys may have bigger muscles, but they just can't move the way Tom can!

12 He's got that dreamy British accent

Via: metro.co.uk

We all love guys with accents. We thought Chris Hemsworth was going to be our permanent favorite Avenger for his dreamy Australian accent, but then Tom showed up and won our hearts with that absolutely adorable British accent of his! We won't get to hear it in Spider-Man: Homecoming because he's supposed to be playing a kid from the Bronx, but we can't seem to stop watching every single one of his press interviews for the film so we can hear him use his real voice.

In need of more British accent Tom? Check out his feature film debut in The Impossible—his work in the film helped him earn the National Board of Review Award for Breakthrough Performance and London Film Critics' Circle Award for Young British Performer of the Year!

11 He's totally down to nerd out over superheroes with you

Via: comicbook.com

Some Avengers stars like Robert Downey Jr. or Elizabeth Olsen would probably think you're weird for being so obsessed with superheroes, but Tom totally wouldn't judge you for your hardcore fandom... because he's a big comic book lover, too! He used to carry a Spider-Man toy around with him on set of Billy Elliot the Musical, and absolutely fan-boyed when he first learned he was cast as the new Peter Parker. We were super relieved to see all of his excited tweets and Instagram posts while he was filming Avengers: Infinity War alongside all of the other stars in Marvel's cinematic universe, because that means if he ever invited us on set as his date, he'd likely understand if we completely freaked out just like he did.

10 He can pull off any look... even that awful Peter Parker hairdo!

Via: instagram.com

Tom seems to really like constantly changing up his look, and we've yet to see him rock a hairstyle that he didn't pull off incredibly well. He's sexy AF with spiky hair, with his hair slicked back, when he leaves it messy and curly... somehow, he even looks great with the awful parted-down-the-middle hairdo that Peter Parker frequently dons in the comics! We were seriously concerned with Tom expressed interest in trying that tacky-yet-iconic look in his Spidey films, but when he posted this picture on his Instagram, our minds were blown (and not just because of his surprisingly massive biceps). We now fully accept that he'll look dreamy no matter how he does his hair, and may need him to give us some style tips ASAP.

9 He doesn't mind being a bit weird

Via: instagram.com

When you're famous, you're constantly in the public eye and have to worry about everything you wear, say and do because negative opinions can drastically affect the future of your career. Tom's star is still rising, so he's not concerned about all of that just yet. He's still his adorably silly self, and is always down to look and act like a complete goofball in the name of fun. Instead of filtering all of his Instagram pictures and making sure he looks flawless 24/7, he posts plenty of funny and slightly unflattering pictures to make his fans laugh. Serious celebrities wouldn't have twerked around the Lip Sync Battle stage dressed as a naughty waitress, but Tom was focused on having a good time and we absolutely love him for that.

8 He's got a superhero body

Via: stuarte.co

Okay, we accept that nothing and no one can ever really compare to Chris Hemsworth's impossibly huge biceps in the Thor films or Chris Evans' infamous shirtless transformation scene in Captain America: The First Avenger. That doesn't mean we still can't fawn over the dreamy superhero body Tom Holland developed for Spider-Man: Homecoming. He may not be massive like some of his MCU co-stars, but he's got a great six-pack, a toned chest and really nice arms for his size. We replayed the clip where he takes off the Spidey suit and reveals his shirtless bod in the first trailer for the film at least 50 times to take it all in, and we're hoping that's just one of many scenes like that in Homecoming!

7 He's super athletic... and likes being shirtless

Via: pinterest.com

Tom had to seriously amp up his workout routine to acquire the sort of body Peter Parker has in the comics for Homecoming, but his muscles weren't only developed in a gym. Tom also makes sure to work a ton of sports into his routine, so he can have a bit of fun as he's getting in shape! Tom has posted several pictures of himself playing basketball (just look at that epic dunk!), surfing and boxing with his friends, and—thankfully!—he always seems to take his shirt off when he's playing around. We don't even need to see him kick butt on the big screen with the Avengers... we'd be perfectly happy paying to just watch him play sports and get a little sweaty.

6 He's super sweet and loves volunteering

Via: justjared.com

Over the past several months, Tom has been traveling all over the world to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming. In a recent interview on Facebook Live, he said that he makes sure to visit a children's hospital in each city he visits during the press tour, so the fans who can't go out and see Spider-Man on the big screen still get a chance to spend time with their favorite wallcrawler. How swoon-worthy is that?! During one memorable visit, a fan told him that he actually prefers Batman over Spidey, but Tom had a great sense of humor about the slightly awkward remark and still managed to brighten the little boy's day. Tom's schedule is ridiculously busy right now, so we really admire him for setting aside some time to give back to the community.

5 He cleans up SO well

Via: tumblr.com

Tom may not care about his appearance on a day-to-day basis the way some major celebrities do, but when it's time to premiere his latest film and walk the red carpet, that boy knows how to get serious and clean up! He's got an absolutely incredible sense of fashion, and always finds suits that complement his size, eyes and skin tone perfectly. His hair looks flawless when he takes the time to style it and slick it back, and he's got an undeniably sexy sense of self-confidence and satisfaction when he's posing for pictures. We'd empty our bank accounts for the chance to attend an Avengers premiere, but there's nothing we wouldn't give to have Tom as our arm candy on the red carpet there!

4 He also looks adorable in pajamas

Via: justjared.com

Even though we all love a guy who is able to turn some heads and drop some jaws when it's time to dress up, it's more important for a guy to still look handsome when he's dressed down in his jammies. In this leaked still from Homecoming, we get to see Tom in an oversized NYC tourist shirt and some hilarious Hello Kitty pajama pants, and he somehow still looks absolutely adorable in that silly, casual outfit. Red carpet Tom and shirtless Tom might be our favorites, but we could totally see ourselves cuddled up on the couch, watching some Netflix in our own PJs with this Tom. Could anyone else in the MCU look that cute in pink Hello Kitty pants? We think not!

3 He's low-key a huge momma's boy

Via: pinterest.com

We used to think it was slightly weird if guys had a really close relationship with their mothers, but now that we're a bit older, we realize that momma's boys actually make for the best boyfriends' because they know how to properly respect women. Tom has always had an amazing relationship with his mom, and when he finally became old enough to move out of her house and develop a sense of independence, he made sure to move only a few blocks away from her so they could continue always being there for each other. That's so adorable! Tom is definitely the kind of guy you can feel comfortable taking home and introducing to your parents, and that makes him incredibly dreamy in our eyes.

2 He's a great best friend

Via: instagram.com

It's really important for your significant other to also be a good friend, and Tom has proven over the past few years that he's an absolutely amazing best friend. If you're a big fan of Tom's, you undoubtedly have heard the name "Harrison Osterfield" countless times on his Instagram or in his press interviews. When Tom was first cast as Marvel's Spider-Man, Chris Hemsworth told him the importance of staying grounded and keeping his loved ones close, so Tom immediately hired his BFF Harrison as his personal assistant and they've remained inseparable ever since. The duo is always playing sports, visiting cool cities and taking adorable pictures together. That sort of unwavering devotion to his friends is one of Tom's defining (and most admirable) qualities.

1 He's always flashing his adorable smile

Via: wikipedia.com

We're sure all of the Avengers appreciate their roles (and the massive paychecks they receive for them) in Marvel's cinematic universe, but none of them seem to love portraying a superhero more than Tom Holland. Tom's life has been super hectic since he was cast as Spider-Man, but he never lets the stress or pressure take away his adorable smile. We melt every time we see him, because he's always flashing his teeth in a wide grin that shows just how happy he is to be living his dream and playing one of the coolest heroes ever written. Peter Parker is supposed to be an incredibly funny and optimistic character, and Tom's love for the character and appreciation of this opportunity makes him the perfect fit for the part!

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