15 Reasons Why Chandler and Joey's Bromance Was The Best

Chandler and Joey's relationship on Friends goes down in history as one of the greatest television bromances ever. The twosome were such great friends and even better roommates. The comedic timing between Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry was top notch. Whenever their two characters got together, viewers knew they were in for a treat.

From their love for recliner chairs to watching Baywatch together, these two were basically a match made in bromance heaven. They complimented each other so well and were like a more modern version of Oscar and Felix. Chandler was very neurotic and Joey was very easy going. Their personalities bounced off of each other in the funniest ways imaginable.

Joey and Chandler's bromance is definitely one of the things we miss most about Friends and we've put together a list of reasons why their relationship was pretty much the best thing ever.

15 Their love for recliners

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Definitely one of their greatest moments together was when they got matching La-Z-Boy recliners. The best part was whenever they would put the foot rest up at the same time and say "ahh" as they did it. When they first got the comfy seats, they spent an entire day in them and refused to get up. Chandler called to have food delivered, but he told the guy to deliver the food to Monica's apartment, because he didn't want to get up to answer the door. He told the guy if they brought the food to his apartment, there would be no tip. He then decides to cancel the sodas he ordered in case it made them have to pee later. Heaven forbid they have to get up to use the restroom!

14 Their love for Baywatch

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One of Joey and Chandler's favorite pastimes was watching Baywatch together. Even when Joey moved out, they watched Baywatch together over the phone. That's true friendship right there. Chandler had a major crush on actress Yasmine Bleeth. He says on the phone to Joey, "how could anyone not be in love with Yasmine Bleeth?" Joey then gets excited and says "they're running!" Of course, he is referring to the slow motion running often featured on the show. Chandler says "see, this is the brilliance of the show. I say always keep them running. All the time running!" He then starts talking to the TV and says "run, run, run Yasmine, run like the wind!" Bros who watch Baywatch together stay together. Or something like that.

13 That random dog statue

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When Joey moved out from his apartment with Chandler, he got a fancy apartment with ceramic animals all over the place. When he moved back in with Chandler, he decided to keep one ceramic dog and moved in with it. The dog was then used as a running gag over the entire run of the series and it was something they both enjoyed owning due to the randomness of it. It was seen when Joey and Chandler and Rachel and Monica switched apartments, as the two guys rode it into Monica and Rachel's apartment, making a grand entrance. It's final appearance was in the series finale when the movers are moving everything out of Monica's apartment. Monica tells the movers that it wouldn't be the worst thing if it fell off the truck and that they didn't need to be careful with it. She hated that statue, but it meant a lot to Joey and Chandler.

12 Their chick

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One day, Joey decided to surprise chandler and brought home a baby chick. They ended up caring for it as if it was their child, which was pretty funny to see play out. Chandler stayed home from work one day while Joey was at rehearsal so that someone could be at home watching their chick. He gets mad at Joey for coming home from work and saying he's gonna head back out for drinks with the cast. Joey tells Chandler that he was up from 2am to 5am trying to get the chick to go back to sleep. Chandler gets upset and says "you are gone all day and you come in and spend two seconds with us and then expect to go off gallivanting with your friends?" They are so married.

11 Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes

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In what is arguably one of the funniest episodes of Friends, Chandler and Joey get into an epic argument that all started with Chandler taking Joey's chair. Chandler eventually hides Joey's underwear, so he has no underwear to wear to the black tie event they are going to that night. This angers him so much that he goes and steals all of Chandler's clothes and wears them all at once. He enters the room and mocks Chandler by saying "could I be wearing anymore clothes?" He also adds that he is currently not wearing any underwear and begins doing lunges, even though he is quite hot wearing all of those clothes. Yeah, pretty gross. He went all out when it came to getting revenge on his BFF. That's what was so great about their friendship: they had absolutely zero boundaries. Isn't friendship the best?

10 Chandler insists they aren't a couple

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In one of the later seasons, when Monica's ex-boyfriend, Richard, is selling his apartment, Chandler decides he wants to go check it out with Joey just out of curiosity. The realtor who shows them the place thinks that Joey and Chandler are a couple and tells them that she thinks they would be very happy there. Chandler immediately says "no, no, no, no! No, we are not together. We're not a couple. We're definitely not a couple." Joey then gets offended and says "you seem pretty insulted by that. What? I'm not good enough for you?" Chandler then responds with the punchline as he says "we're not having this conversation again!" Ha. It's not a real bromance unless someone mistakes them for a couple, right?

9 Their love for Foosball

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One of Joey and Chandler's favorite games to play was Foosball. Their Foosball table lasted throughout the entire run of the series and had a major role in the series finale when the baby ducks got stuck inside it. They first got the table when Joey broke Chandler's dining table and they had to replace it. Instead of buying another dining table, they came back with the Foosball table. When Joey moved out and Chandler was all alone, he attempted to play Foosball by himself while the song "All By Myself" played over the sequence. One time they played Foosball with money involved. Chandler let Joey win because he wanted to give him money to help pay the bills in the apartment, since Chandler was moving in with Monica. Over the years it was a big part of their friendship.

8 Their lame cool guy handshake

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When the series ends, Monica and Chandler move out of the apartment and into a house they bought after their twins are born. In the series finale episode, when Chandler and Joey are saying their goodbyes, Chandler asks Joey if he wants to do an awkward hug or a lame, cool guy handshake. Joey opts for the handshake. After they do their unique little handshake, they give each other a meaningful hug and gave us all the feels.

This moment basically summed up their friendship. They were most often silly with each other, but deep down, they really loved each other and that is what made their friendship so great. This moment also summed up the show itself; it was silly but had lots of heart.

7 Joey officiated Chandler's wedding

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When Chandler married Monica, Joey was the one who officiated their wedding. He showed up late to the wedding in costume because he came straight from a movie set. Also, of course Joey screws things up and pronounces them husband and wife before they exchange rings and say their "I do's." After they do those important things, Joey says "we good?" He then pronounces them husband and wife again and tells Chandler to kiss Monica again. Other than Joey and his silliness, though, the wedding went smoothly. It was so cute the way Joey got so excited when he told Chandler to kiss Monica. He was so thrilled for his best friend. Thankfully, he didn't end up giving his "giving and receiving" speech he came up with before the wedding, which basically repeated the same words over and over and didn't really say anything.

6 They're bracelet buddies

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As a thank you gift for being such a great friend, Joey buys Chandler a bracelet that says "to my best bud." When he gets Chandler to try it on, he says "you are so wearing that bracelet," clearly thinking it looks good on him. Chandler, however, is horrified by the gift because, well, bracelets aren't really his thing. Later, Joey overhears Chandler telling Phoebe how much he hates the bracelet and Joey gets upset. Chandler ends up accidentally losing the bracelet and buys a replacement so that Joey won't get even more hurt. Gunther ends up finding the bracelet at Central Perk and Rachel gives it back to Chandler, so that he ends up with two bracelets. Joey walks into the coffee shop and notices Chandler with both of them and asks why he has two. Chandler says the second one is for Joey and tells him that the bracelets are more than just jewelry and they are a symbol of the fact that they are best buds. Then Joey says "we're bracelet buddies!" Chandler fakes excitement and says "that's what they'll call us!"

5 Joey gave Chandler a kiss on new year's eve

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When it's New Year's Eve and Chandler is unhappily single and begging someone to kiss him at midnight, Joey does his best friend a solid and kisses him on the lips, leaving Chandler surprised, and well, speechless. What makes it even better is that Ross takes a photo of this moment.

Before the kiss, Chandler pointed out the fact that there were three guys in the room and three girls, so everyone had someone to kiss. However, Rachel said she couldn't kiss anyone due to her fat lip from a fight she got into, and Phoebe said she refused to kiss anyone. Monica complains that she has to kiss everyone, but then Joey points out that she can't kiss Ross because he's her brother. Ross then complains that everyone will get a kiss except for him. That is when Chandler says "somebody kiss me!" and Joey does just that, which shuts him up.

4 When they hug each other

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Over the 10 seasons of the show, Joey and Chandler hugged each other a lot. In fact, in one season 6 episode when the two are hugging, Joey asks Chandler, "hey, do we do this too much?" Chandler replies "I think so." He then proceeds to stop hugging Joey and says "get off me!" They then do an awkward and formal handshake as the scene ends.

One of their greatest hugs was when Joey moved out. The two say bye to each other and Chandler closes the door behind Joey after he leaves. Chandler then looks sad as he turns his back to the door. Joey then comes back in and embraces Chandler in a sweet hug from behind and it's the most adorable thing ever.

3 The way they make fun of each other

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One of the great things about Joey and Chandler were that they weren't afraid to make fun of each other. They loved each other, but ragged on each other, as well. One time when Joey was trying to unlock a door, he asked Chandler if he had a bobby pin he could use. Chandler said "Yeah." Then he pretended to dig out a bobby pin from the back of his head before he said "oh no, wait, I'm NOT a nine year old girl." Joey's response? "Then why do you throw like one?" Ouch!

Another time they made fun of each other was when Joey was trying to remember when he first started seeing his tailor. He kept saying different ages, trying to remember, when Chandler interrupted him and said "you have to stop the q-tip when there's resistance!" So funny.

2 When they argue

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Just like any friends who are super close, Joey and Chandler argued a few times over the years. Even though they had their little spats, they always loved each other, anyway.

One such argument that was pretty freakin' hilarious was when Joey was being super sensitive and got hurt by Chandler. Joey was arranging flowers in their apartment and was adding a feminine touch with other decorations around the place and Chandler called him out on it. Chandler told Joey that he was turning into a woman and Joey told him that was mean. Chandler said "I've upset you? What did I say?" Joey responded "it's not what you said, it's just the way you said it." Joey then freaks out and says "Oh my God, I'm a woman!"

1 When Joey moved back in with Chandler

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When Chandler was living with an insanely annoying roommate named Eddie, Joey came to save the day by moving back in with Chandler. Eddie was so insane, they had to trick him into moving out. Chandler locked the door on him and him and Joey pretended as if Joey had been his roommate all along and that he never moved out. This ended up confusing Eddie and he totally fell for it and left. Chandler and Joey celebrate by giving each other a big hug. They then break out into a jumpy sort of dance as they give each other another hug. They then go straight into a game of Foosball as if Joey had never left. Yep, definitely the greatest bromance ever.

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