15 Reasons Why Haley Is Actually The Best Character On Modern Family

Haley Dunphy is pretty much the greatest character on Modern Family. It also must be mentioned that Sarah Hyland does an incredible job portraying her; we simply cannot imagine anyone else playing that role. Haley is spoiled and selfish but we love her anyway. She's got a personality that's fun to watch and is oftentimes incredibly hilarious. She makes us laugh out loud all the time and that is why we love her. She's feisty and sassy. Girls want to be her and guys want to date her. Yep, she's fabulous just by being who she is. We've compiled a list of reasons why we believe Haley is the best character on ABC's hit comedy series and we hope you'll nod your head in agreement at each one of them.

16 She Gives Great Advice

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Haley was a popular girl in high school, thus, in an episode in season 2, she gave her younger sister, Alex, who wasn't so popular, advice about how to be popular and cool. Basically, Haley knows how to be social and how to come across to certain people to get them to like her or to get what she wants. She sometimes tries to share this quality with Alex, but Alex is socially awkward and basically just doesn't know how to socialize the way Haley does. Haley, a relationship expert, even helped Alex out with a guy once. She persuaded Alex to return a sweater to her ex-boyfriend, Sanjay, so that she could get closure. Even though Alex didn't really want to see him again, she took Haley's advice and went to return the sweater and ended up receiving a sincere apology from Sanjay.


14 She Doesn't Take Bad Photos

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Unlike her bookish younger sister, Alex, Haley never takes a bad or embarrassing photo. In fact, much to Alex's dismay, Haley even looked super cute in her mugshots when she got arrested for underage drinking at a college party. Haley ended up getting kicked out of college for this incident, but hey, at least she looked cute while doing it, right? The girl definitely knows how to look hot. On Halloween, after her mom told her to put on a less slutty costume, Haley came out in a Mother Theresa costume and still managed to look good. Haley's defense of the costume was that she was Mother Theresa "back when she was hot." Of course. Haley would never be caught dead looking less than cute.

13 She's Hilarious AF

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You can always count on Haley for several things; looking hot, sassy comebacks and being hilarious. Haley isn't the most book-smart person in the world. She ended up getting kicked out of college and besides the social aspect of it, school was never really her thing. Because she is often uninformed about things, her comebacks can seem a bit stupid, which makes her so funny. However, not all of her remarks are dumb. She can be quite witty and smart at times. For instance, one time she was telling her dad, Phil, about an old salvage yard where kids go to get high. Phil asks if she's sure about it, to which she responds, "I'm gonna answer, then I'm gonna walk away... deal?" Her answer? "I'm 420% sure." Hilarious!

12 She's Street Smart

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Haley is not book smart, but she's street smart. More specifically, she's incredibly savvy with social media. When trying to help a family member find out information on someone, Haley quickly turns to social media to do her part and find out as much information as she can. She reports back the information she discovered after doing a quick scan of his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. After saying how she got her information, Luke makes a comment and says "privacy is dead." Pretty much. While on the subject of social media, we're pretty sure Haley knows how to take a decent selfie. Too bad she's not a real person and doesn't actually have a million social media accounts. Those would definitely be fun to look through.

11 She Is Fiercely Independent

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Okay, so she's not the most independent person in the world, but she does currently run her own business. However, she also lives in her parent's basement. Yeah, doesn't exactly scream the words "miss independent." Haley did however land herself a job as an assistant to fictional famous fashion designer, Gavin Sinclair. She may not have graduated from a university and pursued a career the way most people do, but that didn't stop her from following her dreams and selling herself as the fierce woman that she is. Her personality and confidence helped her win that job. These days Haley works independently promoting clubs on social media. Living in her parents' basement or not, running your own business is pretty impressive. She managed to find a way to make money doing what she loves.

10 She's Sassy AF

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Haley Dunphy doesn't take crap from anyone. She's the queen of sass. Whenever anyone crosses her or anyone she cares about, she does not stay silent. She often also has a witty (yet often uninformed) comment to make whenever someone like Alex tries to outsmart her. For instance, when Alex told Haley that Ghandi went on a hunger strike for what he believed in, Haley responded with "that's because no one would eat with him in the cafeteria!" On another occasion, while eating a meal with her family at home, she asks her brother to pass her a napkin. He then asks her if her arm is broken. She responds with "yours is about to be." Slay, Haley, Slay. Don't ever mess with the crazy bitch that is Haley Dunphy.

9 She's A Great Big Sister

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As the eldest sibling in the Dunphy clan, Haley should be the one to set a good example for her younger siblings. We could say she has done that, but we don't want to lie. Haley may spend a lot of her time with her siblings talking back to them and making fun of them but deep down she loves them and she's there for them if they ever really need her. One such time was when the three kids accidentally walked in on their parents having sex. Haley took them out for coffee so they could talk and sort out what just happened. Haley also tries to help them out whenever they need relationship advice or advice on what to wear or not to wear. As Haley has gotten older, she's learned to appreciate her siblings more and always has their back when needed.

8 She's A Great Daughter

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Haley may be a bit of a handful for her parents but that doesn't mean she doesn't love them. In an episode where she's dating this older man who has several ex-wives and a pony-tale, Phil is about to lose his mind because he doesn't approve of Haley dating him. Haley doesn't realize that he's losing his mind over her boyfriend and thinks her dad doesn't care. She says she sees how disappointed he is in her all the time and she feels that she's not worthy of his approval, but then she overhears him talking about how he doesn't want that slime ball dating his little girl because he's not good enough for her and she immediately gives her dad a hug. Just like a lot of people, Haley wants her dad's love and approval.

7 She's Totally Responsible

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Okay, so Haley isn't the most responsible person on the planet, but she tries. One year when all the adults went out for New Years Eve, Haley and Alex were in charge of watching Luke, Manny and Lily. Luke and Manny invited a couple of girls over, which made Haley nervous. After having her own past with guys, Haley felt the need to keep an eye on her little brother. While focusing on Luke and what he was up to, Haley totally neglected the other kid she was responsible for: Lily. It's definitely safe to say Haley could do better in the responsibility department, but her worrying about her brother did show that she cared enough to do something about it. She just needs to work on not being so easily distracted.

6 She's An Excellent Driver

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Okay, so maybe we're being a little sarcastic with this one. Sure, Haley has her driver's license and can totally drive, but when her parents were teaching her, it got a bit scary. Once while she was out driving with her dad in the passenger's seat, she found herself driving through a park. Phil told her to stay away from the kids and aim for the lake. Yikes! It seemed like Haley had some difficulty focusing on what was in front of her whenever she drove. She got too close to the car in front of her, she took her eyes off the road because her family was being distracting in the backseat and she started freaking out when her mom pressured her to merge into another lane. She did pass her driving test, though. Although immediately after she passed, she was so ecstatic about passing, she forgot to put the car in park before she got out and it started to roll away before the instructor put it in park him self. Oh, Haley.

5 She's Got Great Fashion Sense

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One thing that Haley loves is fashion. Haley loves fashion so much, she got a job as an assistant to a famous fashion designer. She loves to look cute and never fails at doing so. In the episode where Haley got arrested for underage drinking, but looked cute while doing it, Haley told her parents that in Legally Blonde, Elle Woods won her case by being true to herself and by dressing cute. Phil then tells Haley that this is real life, "not an excellent movie," as Claire nods in agreement. Ha. Basically, in Haley's world, if you're dressed cute, you've won half the battle. She has often been known to judge other people for wearing hideous outfits. When she got arrested, Phil refused to believe that she assaulted anyone and instead believed she would have insulted them, as people who wear white socks with dark shoes tend to set her off.

4 She's Gorgeous

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It goes without saying, but Haley Dunphy is totally gorgeous. Her hair and makeup are always on point and her outfits are always super cute. Her gorgeous wide eyes make her totally adorable, too. Haley is in her early 20's now on the show, but she can easily pass for a young teenager. She definitely looks younger than she is and is completely doe-eyed. Haley uses her attractiveness to get what she wants from men. She uses her looks to her advantage. She knows how to flirt and get a guy's attention. Haley once stated that "if it were easy, everyone would be hot." Well, okay then. Being hot isn't easy, but Haley does it like a pro. It wasn't just Maybelline. She was born with it.

3 She Gives Herself Great Pep-Talks. Kind Of.

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When Haley was trying to impress fashion designer Gavin Sinclair to land an assistant position, she failed the first time around and went and sat in her car and felt sorry for herself. She had a bit of a freak out and told herself that she wasn't going anywhere. She then turned it all around and sucked it back up and said to herself, "I'm not going anywhere, Mr. Gavin Sinclair," as she headed back out of her car to try again. Watching Haley go from freaking out to confident in under a minute was absolutely hilarious and it showed how great of an actress Sarah Hyland is. Haley is dramatic, but that is why we love her. She always finds a way to believe in herself in the end.

2 She Wins At Halloween Costumes

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Haley looks hot in anything. Give her an idea for a Halloween costume and she will spice it up big time. She has worn many different Halloween costumes on the show, including a scary black cat that was more sexy than scary, a hot version of Mother Theresa, a firefighter and a sexy nurse. Haley has also dressed up in costume when it's not even Halloween. One time she dressed up as a pretty tooth fairy with a pink wig and a mask for Lily. When it comes to costumes, Haley wins at life. She's creative and knows how to look good, no matter the costume. As far as being scary, the only person that black cat costume frightened was her mother. Can we blame her?

1 She Lives Life To The Fullest

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Haley definitely knows how to party and have a good time. She's extremely extroverted, is good at socializing and has a super fun personality. She's also not afraid to go against the rules or take risks. Once while at a music festival with her younger sister, Alex, she let her sister get drunk and then lost track of her. Haley then managed to crowd surf during a concert. Talk about the life of the party. She gave Alex her long island iced tea because she was stressing over college admissions. Haley wanted to "free the party girl from the block of nerd." She used the alcoholic beverage as a "chisel" and setting Alex free was her piece of art. She claimed not all of her works of art were masterpieces.

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