15 Reasons Why Life Gets Real AF In Your 30s

Your twenties were a crap show, it was the time you used to experiment and get all that juvenile decision making out of your system. By the time you hit your thirties, there is way more going on. More responsibility, more to look forward to and more to achieve. Your thirties are a combination of picking up the pieces of your twenties and sewing together the fragmented sections of what is acceptable and not acceptable at this age. Almost everyone will say that they don’t feel different now that they are in their thirties; they still do the same things that they did in their twenties and have the same friends and hangouts and sometimes even job. However, as you get closer to your mid and late thirties, life starts to get real you no longer have time to wait for things to happen to you, you go out and make things happen for yourself. Unfortunately, you also begin to realize that some of the crazy stuff you used to do when you were younger and in your 20s is no longer acceptable and is bound to blow up in your face. If you are worried about hitting the big 30, read on to find out a few of the changes that you might experience.

15 You Have No Tolerance For High School Games

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When you are in a relationship having a funny significant other can be great; it is nice to have someone around who knows when to make a joke and lighten the mood. Unfortunately, there is also something known as too much and not being serious enough. In your 30s you take on this zero tolerance way of life and that goes for more than just relationships; your interactions with friends and family, your work/life balance, and even the way you choose to spend your money. Your responsibilities became way more important to you and you find that you have no time for games. You are all about leaving the drama on the back burner and not resorting to the gossipy lifestyle you lived when you were a teenager.

14 You Have two, Maybe Three Friends

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Having the biggest group of friends in your 20s is something that most youth strive for. They want to go out and party hard and that always feels far better when you have a large group to accompany you. Now in your 30s, that is a different story; first, going out is not that common and second, if you do go out it's not so intense and you most likely won't be at a club. In fact, in your 30s your social circle usually diminishes quite a bit, instead of having a group of six or seven good friends you have maybe two or three good girlfriends of guy friends. These are the people who you turn to for everything. Other friends are now considered acquaintances and chances are you see them in person once a year and “like” their post a couple of times just so they know you are still there.

13 Fridays Are For TV Catch Up

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Let's face it when you're in your 30s there is rarely time after work for you to come home, relax and watch your TV shows. With the selection of great prime-time shows on Monday to Friday, it is just not an option for you to be able to watch everything, every day. Normally, Fridays are for hanging with friends and letting loose, but in your 30s Fridays are for catching up. You have utilized your PVR so now it is time to clear off some of those backed up shows. The most socialization a person in their 30s gets during this time is inviting a friend over to also catch up on their missed shows. The great part about this is that you may not have to work on Saturday so you can stay up late and sleep in.

12 Your Favorite Store Can No Longer Be Your Favorite Store

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Unfortunately growing up sometimes also means we must give up on some of our favorite things. Our wardrobe is usually one of the things that take a serious hit, in your 20s it's okay to walk into Forever 21, Papaya or Charlotte Russe and look for an outfit. However, in your 30s it gets dicey. It's harder to find something acceptable to wear to work or on a date with your future spouse from a store that sells shirts with catchy catchphrases on them. Have no fear there are stores out there that can satisfy your trendy needs in a more “adult” way. Think about it, it’s kind of weird telling people you just bought something from Forever 21 when you're 32 years old.

11 Everything Get’s So Serious So Quickly

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Apparently, things go from zero to 100 pretty quickly when you get up there in age. When you are young and a serious situation arises, you are still able to keep calm and maintain composure. However, when you get older and something somewhat serious happens right away you are in panic mode and your mind is going a mile a minute. You are trying to figure out what you can do to fix the situation before it blows up in your face. Even the most basic of incidents like a disagreement with your significant other can turn into a situation that needs to be rectified with a grand gesture. It's as if there is no room for error when you're in your 30s even though it is probably one of the best times to make all the errors you need.

10 Your Relationship Is No Joke

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A relationship in your 30s is no joke, this could be the one, the person who you spend the rest of your life with or at the least end up having kids with. In your 20s or as a teenager it is rare that you find your soul mate or at least a long-term relationship. In your 30s you are no longer dating for fun you are dating to see if this person is someone who you can build a life with. For some women, the lack of a relationship in their 30s can put them into panic mode, because of society and pressure. A relationship in your 30s is almost as important as securing a job in your field. It can become a necessity for some people and dictate a couple of important aspects in your life.

9 You Have Real Bills

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No more frivolous money spending; in your 30s you have real responsibilities when it comes to money and bills. It's no longer just have a cell phone bill or car insurance under your parent's name. There are real bills out their people; try getting insurance under your own name as a young driver or paying rent or a mortgage. The bills add up quickly and can become a source of real stress, suddenly luxuries like having a great cable plan, or an expensive cell phone bill is the least of your worries. It's harder to run to mommy and daddy when you are in your 30s and need some extra cash. All of a sudden, a strict budget sounds like the best plan ever and staying home not spending a dime is your go to plan. In your 30s there's rarely a thing called extra money.

8 There Is A Catch To Asking Your Parents For Money

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Being in your 30s you now take pride in what you can and can't do for yourself, this includes affording your own lifestyle. You can hopefully pay your own bills, make purchases that will pay off in the long run and spoil yourself here and there. However, if you do have to ask your parents for money it seems like the end of the world. You have to psych yourself up for the task, in addition to preparing yourself for what is to come when you eventually ask for the money. One thing you should remember for sure is that this is considered a loan; in your 30s you usually have a job so you should suspect that your parents are going to want to see that money come back to them soon. You are no longer eligible for that free ride and to your surprise, they may even throw in a few weeks of forced Sunday dinner.

7 You Can’t Just Give Up

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When life gets tough a normal reaction would be to go to your room and sulk for several days or maybe cry and throw a mini fit if the day has been really bad. Ultimately, people tend to shut down physically and emotionally and when you live at home you can get away with stuff like that. Unfortunately, when you are in your 30s and responsible for your own life without anyone to fall back on you can't give up. Giving up is a factory default setting, but it is no longer a viable option when the crap hits the fan. You have to actively find another way to effectively deal with whatever is causing you stress. However, no matter how old you get sometimes a good shut down is what you need to replenish, no judging here.

6 Slang Goes Right Over Your Head

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Snatched, on fleek, sus, and adding “boots” to the end of a random word (e.g. messy boots) it's okay if you are confused AF because a bunch of people who are over 30 are also confused. Slang words will always be around, there is always someone who will make up a word or use a variation of a real word and call it new slang. Unfortunately, as you get older you will fall further and further out of the loop. Fortunately, getting older also means you will care less. However, you will still feel a little ashamed of yourself when you walk past someone younger on the street and hear them say a word that you had no clue was even a word. Don't feel too bad the word “extra” will always be around and you can take pride in knowing that your generation created that one.

5 Hangovers Are Not For You

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It was cool in your 20s to drink in excess, let loose and maybe lose all your inhibitions once a week. After all, your 20s is when you should get out there and experience what other people swear is the best time ever. As you get older life takes a drastic change, your body can no longer soak up that alcohol the way it used to and you just can’t bounce back. In fact, you will probably spend the next few days hovering over a toilet or at the least not going too far from the bathroom. In your 30s you are in real fear of what a hangover can do to you and you should be; violent fits of throwing up and barely being able to leave your bed is not where it’s at.

4 Your Favorite Show Is Now A Classic

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Gone are the days when you said you were going home to watch the new episode of Friends, All That, Taina or anything that had prime time status. In fact, those shows are now considered classics and almost every sentence relating to them starts with, “remember that old episode of…”. When did this change come about? It doesn't help that social media has reminders of how long ago the last episode aired or the day the show premiered. You end up thinking “my gosh, there is now way it has been that long”, one of the hardest things about getting older is that TV changes so rapidly. Yes, you are only in your 30s, but shows have started and ended before you even got to 30s and still had a good 10-year run.

3  You Can Just Eat What You Want

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Remember when you could eat baked goods, fatty foods, pasta, and chips all day long and still keep that slim, trim figure? If you learn anything from this article and you are not yet 30, STOP RIGHT NOW. It's like as soon as you hit 30 your body says “nope, no more” as soon as you look at that fudgy brown or anything at Starbucks you gain weight. However, it's not only the weight gaining that's a problem it's the digesting and the heartburn and the tiredness that comes along with eating anything that is basically not a vegetable or a whole food. You will quickly learn that your plate should be full of greens and a protein and not starches and if by chance you try to bypass that, your body will make you regret it.

2 You Live For Doing Nothing

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You get home from a long day and all you can think about is jumping on that couch and melting into it like hot butter. Even better than that is waking up after sleeping in on Saturday AND Sunday and go from lying on your bed to lying on that couch. Doing nothing is the new window shopping especially seeing as you can now shop from your couch, now you really don't have to leave home. In your 30s lying on your couch is something that you must plan for. You can't just decide to do it one day you have to make sure that all your main responsibilities are taken care of. Grocery shopping, check; checked in with mom and dad (as a courtesy), check; work week done, check; you are now ready to lounge.

1 You Don’t Understand Kids In Their 20s

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In your 30s it is almost as if you forgot about all of your 20s and everything that you use to do for fun that was considered cool. Now that you have all these responsibilities and a sense of real responsibilities we find that we are looking at youth in their 20s and asking ourselves “what the hell are they doing?”. We are confused by their style, their decisions, and their carefree nature; we are wondering if we acted that way when we were their age and if we did, why didn't anyone call us out on it. Truly what is happening is we are questioning if we took optimal advantage of what our 20s had to offer. At the same time, we are low-key wishing that we were that age again just for a short time; just to make sure we did it the best we could.

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