15 Reasons Why Meredith & Alex Would Work Better Than Meredith & Derek

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15 Reasons Why Meredith & Alex Would Work Better Than Meredith & Derek

When you think of the greatest TV couples ever, you tend to think of the classics: Ross and Rachel on Friends, Luke and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls, and Derek and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. But what if the best couple on the popular Shonda Rhimes hospital drama doesn’t even technically exist? What if there are two characters that are so well-suited to each other that it seems almost criminal that they’re not a thing?

Meredith Grey and Alex Karev are absolutely adorable together and would make the best couple ever. It doesn’t seem like a romance between the doctors is going to happen anytime soon, but sometimes you just have to dream, and this is definitely one of those times. Here are 15 reasons Meredith and Alex belong together. Maybe Shonda Rhimes is listening and will write the most amazing first kiss scene for them and this dream will totally come true. Fingers crossed!

15. They’re Exactly The Same

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When you think about it, Meredith and Alex have a lot of common personality traits. Meredith is always known as being in a bad mood, which is why her nickname is “dark and twisty.” Alex isn’t exactly Mr. Sunshine. You have to admit that he has a pretty crappy attitude most of the time, and that’s exactly what makes him so charming and loveable. You just want to hug him and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

Sometimes opposites attract, but in this case, the fact that these two characters are so similar would actually make them a perfect match. They understand that you can’t always plaster a smile on your face and act like you’re happy when you’re anything but. Since they deal with so much pain and loss at the hospital, that’s important.

14. They’ve Both Had One Great Love

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It’s hard to fall in love with someone who has never felt love before. Sure, it’s totally possible, but you have to wonder if they really understand what it means to commit and share a life with someone. Thankfully, neither Meredith nor Alex have that problem.

Meredith, of course, had her great love in Derek (R.I.P.) and it’s taken her a long time to come to terms with that tragedy. Alex has also had a great love in his life and while you could absolutely say that it was Jo, you could also argue that it was Izzie. After all, they got married when she had cancer. That’s commitment and that’s true love. Since Meredith and Alex have each experienced love before, they would be open to feeling it again, and they wouldn’t run away from each other.

13. They Built A Friendship First

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Not every relationship starts as a friendship, but it’s pretty magical when a romance starts out that way. You actually know the person that you’re dating and it just makes things so much easier.

Meredith and Alex have definitely been friends for a really long time and there’s no question that they really know each other. Nothing is a mystery since they’ve lived together and shared their deepest secrets. But even though they’ve been close since forever, their relationship would still be interesting since taking things to the next level adds something special. They definitely get along and can spend hours talking to each other, and sometimes, that’s a really good place to begin when it comes to love and romance. Doesn’t this just make perfect sense?!

12. It’s Been Teased Enough Times

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How many times have articles come out with “spoilers” saying that Meredith and Alex would get together? Definitely too many times to count. Unfortunately, this storyline hasn’t happened yet, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to anytime soon.

It’s strange for a storyline to be teased several times and then not actually happen. It makes you wonder if the people writing the spoilers want this plot line so they’re indulging in some wishful thinking. Or maybe this was a plot line that was decided upon and then tossed aside in favor of something else. It’s all a big mystery. You just think that if something has been talked about, then that means it has some value and merit to it, and it should happen.

11. He’s Still Not Back With Jo

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The story of Jo and Alex is a pretty long, dark, and complicated AF one. At first, it seemed like they were totally made for each other and like nothing could tear them apart. They got each other, they were super cute, and they were committed.

But then things got pretty wild and crazy recently when Jo turned down Alex’s engagement and he realized that she was hiding something pretty massive from him: the fact that she was still technically married to her abusive husband. That might be something that you want to tell the person that you supposedly love. These days, it doesn’t seem like Alex and Jo are going to reunite, especially since they’ve barely been in scenes together or even talked to each other. So it seems like he’s single and free to clear to be with Meredith.

10. They Share A Dark Past

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It’s impossible to watch Grey’s Anatomy and not learn that Meredith has been through some serious stuff. She grew up with a mom who loved the hospital and surgery more than her, suffered from mental illness and then Alzheimer’s, and has almost died a whole bunch of times. It’s not a very pretty picture.

Alex has a dark past, too. His dad was an alcoholic who also abused drugs before he took off, and his mom suffered from schizophrenia. Alex ended up in foster care and even juvie. Again, not that pretty. Since Alex and Meredith have this darkness in common, it seems like that would make a relationship much easier. They would have an understanding of each other and they share that common bond.

9. They’ve Been Through A Lot Together

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Meredith hasn’t had an easy time of things while rising through the ranks at the hospital. She’s faced all kinds of loss and has questioned how much more pain she could really take on a number of occasions.

Alex has also suffered through a lot of ups and downs at the hospital. He has wondered about his place in the hospital, especially after he assaulted DeLuca and faced a devastating legal battle. He also wanted a seat on the board of the hospital but it was given to Bailey instead, and that was a really low moment for him. Meredith and Alex have been facing all of these changes together for several seasons now, and it seems like there’s really no reason that their friendship couldn’t transition into a romance.

8. He’s A Changed Man Today

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You might not think that season one Alex Karev would be a good match for Meredith. He was kind of a jerk. Okay, scratch that: he was a total and complete jerk. He was a womanizer for sure and didn’t seem to care about other people. Not exactly boyfriend material… or even friendship material.

These days, Alex is like a different person. He’s kind, he’s caring, and he’s loyal. He works hard in the pediatric department and honestly loves the babies and kids, which is something that you wouldn’t have expected back when you first were introduced to him in the first season. It could be argued that this is all because of Meredith. Since Alex has gotten so intertwined in Meredith’s world over the years, it seems like she literally made him a better man. It’s almost like she made him into the kind of guy who could really date her. Hmmm…

7. He’s Her Emergency Contact

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Doesn’t this just tell you everything that you need to know?! It seems crazy that Alex would be Meredith’s emergency contact and yet they would never, ever hook up and fall in love.

Despite the super sad scene when Alex visited Meredith in the hospital and she said that she was a mom again and repeated that Derek was gone, Alex was pretty adorable. He said, “Apparently I’m your emergency contact” which is such an Alex way of putting it. He’s so chill and casual. You could tell that this meant a lot to him, even though he would never say it. It’s just not his style to be that emotional and direct. Meredith could have chosen absolutely anyone at the hospital as her emergency contact, from Richard to Bailey, so this was really saying something.

6. It Would Freshen Up The Show

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No matter how big of a Grey’s Anatomy fan you are, you know that it’s been on the air for a long time. The first episode aired in 2005 and season 14 is starting this month. That’s a lot of episodes, a lot of storylines, and a whole lot of drama.

A long-running series always needs something to shake things up and keep things fresh. It seems like a Meredith/Alex romance would do just that and be something new and exciting for the fans who have stuck by the show for so long. It seems like the fans deserve a gift, don’t they? It’s not like anyone is going to think that it’s a terrible idea. Okay, maybe a few will, but they would be wrong. Just kidding.

5. He’s Her New Person

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When Cristina Yang left the show, it was a sad day, and that pain really hasn’t gone away for true and loyal fans. At first, it seemed like no one could take her place. She and Meredith talked all the time, shared their pain, and danced it out. Who could possibly be Meredith’s “person” now?

Well, Alex has proven that he has filled that spot in her life, and now, without a doubt, he’s Meredith’s person. And it’s amazing. It’s even more satisfying to watch them hang out and talk about their lives since you know that Cristina’s absence has left a huge hole in Meredith’s world. It’s truly magical. Since Alex has become such an important person to Meredith, it doesn’t really make sense that they would never give dating a try. What do they really have to lose?

4. He’s Always There For Her

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When Derek passed away, it was obviously heartbreaking for everyone at the hospital, but it kind of seemed like no one really knew what to say or how to act. That’s only fair and logical since it was like the doctors lost a family member. But Alex has always been there for Meredith and that’s even truer since Derek died.

It’s tough to think of another character who has been Meredith’s rock since that tragic event. Alex has absolutely played that part. Tragedy often brings people together, in both real life and in fiction, and it seems like this horrible loss has bonded these two characters. You really think that they should explore their bond and forge a real romantic connection. It would be pretty incredible.

3. They’re The Two Originals

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When you first tuned into this show, you probably didn’t think that only two of the original interns would still be around, but unfortunately, you had to say goodbye to a lot of people over the seasons. From George to Cristina to Izzie, there has been a ton of loss, and it’s been hard to watch.

Alex and Meredith are still going strong at the hospital and that must mean something. It must be fate or destiny, right? How could it not be? If they weren’t meant to be together, then she and Cristina would be the two originals left, just like Meredith says here in this scene. But that’s not what happened. Instead, it’s Meredith and Alex, and that’s it. Why can’t they just kiss already?!

2. They Already Act Like An Old Married Couple

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Alex and Meredith are absolutely hilarious to watch. They bicker and talk like an old married couple. Since they already act like they’re a couple, they should totally be a couple for real.

It seems like the writers must have a reason for bringing these two characters together in so many amazing scenes. It can’t just be that they are good friends. Meredith could be friends with anyone at the hospital and so could Alex. Or maybe they don’t even feel that they really need friends. They definitely each have the tendency to act like lone wolves. It’s time for them to start looking more carefully at their lives and who they really want to be in it, and it’s time for them to date.

1. Fans Want This To Happen

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Just this past season, fans totally thought that Meredith and Alex were going to get together. It was all over the Internet and it seemed like a done deal. And then… nothing. Not even a kiss or some innocent hand holding.

It’s super frustrating to hope for something as a long-time fan of a TV show and then be disappointed. Of course you won’t always get what you want since you’re not the one writing the show or sitting in the writers’ room, but you do want to feel like your wishes for the characters are paying off at some point. Otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy the viewing experience quite as much. This is one of those times. Come on, Shondaland, what do you think? Are you going to get Alex and Meredith together and right this wrong?

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