15 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Are The Perfect Companions

If you've ever had a puppy, you know all too well just how attractive an older, calmer dog can be, a realization which usually hits us at right around five a.m. And seven a.m. And so on and so on, until about two years from now.

With all the love, and a fraction of the wild energy, senior dogs can make for a great fit for just about anyone, especially if you have a smaller living space or a less active lifestyle. Sadly, many senior dogs are overlooked in shelters across the country every day, and honestly, we just can't understand why. We came up with 15 reasons why a senior dog can make for the perfect pal.

15 They already know what's up.

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"Don't pee on the carpet? You don't need to tell me to not pee on the damn carpet, why would I even do that?" See? You see how this dog already knows the difference between acting like a maniac and acting like a civilized person? You don't even need to say a word.

14 But they're still happy to learn something new.

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OK, maybe reading is pushing it a bit, but just because your pup is older, doesn't mean they're not still as eager to please as ever. Dogs love nothing more than to make their person happy, and with a little time and patience, any dog can learn a new trick, regardless of how many dog years they've got under their belt.

13 They won't bother you with an early wake-up call.

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It may not be the case for every older dog, but most are more than happy to linger on a soft, warm blanket for an extra minute or two, and by "linger" I mean, "snore loudly as you try to avoid waking up one second before your alarm goes off."

12 Those old, soulful eyes.

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Ohhhh! Can you, with these eyes? Those grey-blue glowing orbs that have witnessed a lifetime of love, happiness, pain, loss, contentment, and everything that makes up a single, individual soul? Take a gander into those bad boys and see if you don't immediately forget about all your problems.

11 They keep it simple.

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You know what most older dogs want? A bed, a walk, a little food, and some petting (not necessarily in that order). Seniors have outgrown the high-maintenance needs of a younger pup, making it easy to fit into your existing routine. Simplicity is what senior dogs want, and simplicity is what you will get to enjoy.

10 In and out.

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Raining out? Nope. Too hot/cold/windy? Gonna have to give a hard pass on all that nonsense, too. An older dog usually won't require a massive two mile hike just to wear them out. For some, a bathroom break can even be as simple as a step outside and then right back in. Simple, remember.

9 They won't chew all of your worldly possessions.

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You see what this dog is chewing on? That's right, it's a ball, an approved toy for a dog to have in his or her mouth. Not a shoe, or a houseplant, or a roll of toilet paper, or your entire couch. With an older buddy, you can enjoy the comfort of a clean home, and a faithful companion to vacuum around. Imagine that!

8 They're happy to be couch potatoes.

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Do you sometimes enjoy lying around? Do you enjoy the company of dogs? Would you like to be lying around in the company of a dog, a soft and warm one that is more than likely just a little bit chubby and totally spoonable? Then you've gotta try living with an older dog! Not only does having a senior dog make binge-watching better, but you'll never have to wonder where they went. Just look for the couch (they're always on the couch).

7 They appreciate the love you have to give.

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If you're one of the lucky one's to have come across your furry friend at a later time in their life, you may very well have been their last hope, and they aren't about to take that fact for granted. Most adopted dogs know how good they've got it, and they show you in their own special way, but the appreciation a senior pup has to give? It's a love like no other.

6 They still know how to have a good time!

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They may be a little slower than younger pups, but older companion animals aren't totally limited to the couch or the bed. In fact, most of them still have a pretty nice little spring in their step, and are happy to stretch their legs in a nice field of grass on a warm, sunny day.

5 Those grey faces.

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Look at that face. If you ask me, this is enough. No more reasons needed, I'm sold.

4 They seem to understand you.

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If this dog isn't sitting here understanding every single detail about your boring day at work, then what is she doing? Older dogs are generally pretty easy to engage, and are happy to lend an ear to hear about your job, your love life, or even that improvisational song you tend to break out into when you're alone at home.

3 They are advanced in the fine art of snuggling.

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You know how the best part of the day is when you come home from work, take off your bra, and slip into those sweatpants? Well, that's pretty much where senior dogs are at in life. They've burned off the puppy energy, run the course of adulthood, and are now just looking to lay back and take full advantage of that "Golden Years" stuff you hear so much about.

2 They just wanna sit back and enjoy the ride.

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No one knows how to go with the flow quite like a senior dog. They're never in a hurry, are hardly impatient, and won't be bummed if you feel like lingering in bed for an extra minute this morning. With an older pooch, you set the schedule—they're just along for the ride.

1 They can still make you laugh like the best of 'em.

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Burping, farting, weird groans every time they settle into a seat—older dogs are pretty much a triumphant comedy forced to be reckoned with. Like the grandpa that falls asleep in the recliner mere seconds after Thanksgiving dinner, these old timers are sure to deliver, every second of the day.

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