15 Reasons Why This Was The Worst Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

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15 Reasons Why This Was The Worst Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor is one of those shows that some people love and other people love to hate. Either way, it has managed to accumulate—and keep—millions of viewers and social media followers over the past 20 plus seasons. Just like with any show, reality or scripted (or arguably, somewhere in-between), some seasons are liked more than others. In fact, this season could perhaps go down in Bachelor franchise history as the worst to date. That’s saying a lot, too, considering that producers even resorted to giving the unpopular Brad Womack a second chance at being America’s most eligible suitor. Nick Viall may not have been the bachelor before, but he’s certainly not new to the franchise. That doesn’t mean he is a fan favorite, though.

ABC possibly chose controversy as the route to shake things up this season, but it might not have benefited the show in the long run. Here are 15 reason why this was the worst season of The Bachelor.

15. The awkward age gap

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Based on data from the long-running reality series, the bachelor tends to be around the age of 30. Sure, there have been bachelors older than that, such as Brad Womack (who was 40 during his second go around). That can seem awkward though, since most of the women who go on the show are in their 20s. Nick was 36 as the bachelor and very few of the women on his season were anywhere near 30. In fact, most were in their earlier 20s and fresh out of college. That seems a little odd, if not downright creepy, considering the fact that he is at least a decade older than most of his suitors. Nick showed his age by bringing back the Backstreet Boys for a group date. Meanwhile, everyone at home couldn’t help but think that all of these millennials had no way of knowing all of the boy band’s greatest hits. They must have had prep time for this date.

14. The contestants lacked variety

Via: ABC.com

We should’ve known from the first episode when half of the contestants showed up in red dresses that we were in for a season of similarities. While this season promised a more diverse cast and did deliver on adding more women of color, it turned out to be quite vanilla in personalities. Plus, most of the women still looked the same: long, dark hair and darker features. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that Nick previously dated Andi, Kaitlyn and Jen, who all fit this same physical description.

What bothered us most, though, was the lack in personalities. The biggest personalities on the show were, of course, Corinne and the Dolphin Enthusiast. The latter of those had very little screen time, as did others who might have seemed to have more opinions, if given the chance. Aside from Corinne and Taylor’s confessionals, we basically got nothing from the women.

13. Lack of emotional intelligence

Via: abcnews.go.com

This lack of diversity brings up another point: lack of emotional intelligence. That’s not to say this phrase was lacking, though. Anyone playing a drinking game to these two words would be hammered by the first commercial during that episode on the fateful two-on-one date. The whole debate on emotional intelligence was draining to watch. Corinne and Taylor hate each other. We get that. But, the condescending back and forth was a little too annoying. It works best when there is a villain/bully and a victim we can all empathize with (think Ashley and Kelsey on Chris Soules’ season). Both Corinne and Taylor were bullies in their own manipulative ways. Nick should’ve left them both in the swamp, just like Chris left his women in the desert. Yet, everyone can admit to wanting Corinne to stick around a little longer for no other reason than the fact that we might get to meet Raquel one day.

12. The dates were cheesy

Via: movietvtechgeeks.com

Speaking of dates, the two-on-one in the swamp wasn’t the only date lacking in romance—or normalcy, for that matter. The first group date was a mock wedding shoot in which some girls were brides and some were bridesmaids. Then, there was the Backstreet Boys concert/dance-off. This served little purpose, other than prepping Nick for Dancing with the Stars (more on that later). Next, the girls got to visit Nick’s hometown. The dates here were perhaps the worst. Danielle L. got the grand tour of all the spots Nick previously hooked up with other women in his younger years. Then, Nick put Raven in an equally awkward position by surprising her with meeting his parents at a ball field. This date continued at the skating rink, proving even more middle-school mentalities. As for the group date, well, the women were asked to shovel poop on a farm. As if Nick actually did that while he was back in his hometown! Only Corinne had the gumption to decline the challenge. More oddities consisted of channeling a ghost in New Orleans and going to an exotic destination, only to play each other in beach volleyball.

11. Corinne’s hometown visit was anti-climatic

Via: @VINNYVINSANE/Twitter.com

Perhaps the date everyone looked forward to most was the one in which Nick went to meet Corinne’s family, in particular, the infamous Raquel. Compared to former seasons of The Bachelor, it seemed like not as much was shown of the hometown dates. Surely, they did more than was shown on the screen. We wanted details about the towns, but got none.

As for Corinne’s date, the majority of their time (and money) was spent shopping. We all know she’s rich, so why not show off her family’s mansion or answer some questions about their company? Instead, the show chose to go with $600 sweaters to try and prove a point. And Raquel got about two minutes of screen time the entire episode. Not only that, but she didn’t even make cheese pasta for the occasion! What a letdown!

10. It became the Corinne show

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Without a doubt, the most talked about issue of this season was Corinne. But, perhaps producers relied a little too much on her to make the show. Controversial contestants like Chad Johnson, for example, have made waves in the past and drove up viewership. Yet, the villain alone didn’t carry the entire show. There were plenty of other women in the house to focus on than simply one. For instance, Jaimi told Nick she had an ex-girlfriend. That could have been played up for an interesting twist. Nick could have addressed the entire Liz drama on that first night to make things more interesting, as well. Then, who can forget about the possibilities surrounding Dolphin Girl? All of this took a backseat to Corinne having a nanny and a self-proclaimed platinum “vagine.” Not very well-rounded for a reality show.

9. The show editors painted a false picture

Via: wetpaint.com

What if having a one-dimensional show all about Corinne and a lack of variety in women were all due to the editing of the footage? Now, that’s something to ponder. It’s now coming to light that the hometown dates were not the only episode that seemed choppy. Apparently, a lot more controversy took place among the women, but the producers chose not to show it. There’s no doubt that every season, certain women are morphed into certain roles by the editing of the show. Given that knowledge, it might make sense why producers left out controversy between Vanessa and Rachel, two finalists and fan favorites. In fact, sources allude to Vanessa throwing out bad vibes toward several of the women. Perhaps they didn’t want to paint the winner as a trouble-maker. But, it would have made for more drama and better episodes had they left some of that in.

8. There weren’t enough rose ceremonies

Via: @DrunkDolphinGal/Twitter.com

Another aspect that wasn’t shown enough in this season was the rose ceremony. There’s a good reason for that, though…there weren’t many to show! Nick was very unpredictable in his approach to sending women home. Everyone was in shock, for example, when he sent Danielle L. home on the two-on-one date, after already sending home Whitney. Then, he had a similar talk with Kristina, sending her packing, as well. The least he could have done after all of this weirdness would be to let the other women show up to a rose ceremony and then announce that Kristina was gone. Instead, he simply went to their room and handed out roses. Maybe after Corinne napped through that one rose ceremony, he thought he was better off just skipping rose ceremonies for this group altogether.

7. Andi showing up was just weird

Via: thebitbag.com

Teasers for one of the last episodes kept showing a woman going to Nick’s door to speak with him. Her hair looked like it might have been Vanessa, but we all know by now that those clips are meant to fool TV viewers. Lo and behold, it was Andi! For some unknown reason, she came in to speak with Nick right before he handed out roses to those who would go on a Fantasy Suite date. This was especially awkward, given her past with Nick and the controversial statements she made about him in her tell-all book. So, why was she there? Did she want to get back with Nick or did she want to tell him off? Neither, so it made no sense at all. She basically told him it was OK for him to have sex with the women if he wanted, as if he needed her approval to do so. Having her come back added nothing to the show and was simply confusing.

6. Nick’s past kept creeping up

Via: tvguide.com

Andi wasn’t the only blast from the past mentioned during this season. Nick talked immensely about Andi and Kaitlyn throughout the show, often being the one to bring up his past. Beyond just talk, Nick even took the women to Los Angeles’ Museum of Broken Relationships for a group date. It was there that Nick showed off the ring he picked out for Kaitlyn, which he had donated to the museum for display. This brings up another question: shouldn’t he have given that back to Neil Lane? Regardless, Andi and Kaitlyn’s names were mentioned almost as much on the show as the phrase ’emotional intelligence.’

Then, who could forget the whole Liz debacle? She was on the breakup date too and got a little too personal with her fake breakup. Nick was forced to tell the other women he had, indeed, slept with Liz in the past, too. Later on in his hometown, he and Danielle L. ran into an ex of Nick’s, right before he took her to his old hook-up patch of grass.

5. Vanessa is so confusing

Via: @roryply.ler/Twitter.com

Plenty of bachelors and bachelorettes alike have been known for picking someone that the audience didn’t necessarily think they should. The fact that Nick proposed to Vanessa almost felt as if he were doing so just to not “fail” once more on national TV (though he did sign himself up for the job). It’s fine if he didn’t love Raven like she loved him and if he did love Vanessa more, but there is little evidence to prove that Vanessa felt just as strongly about Nick. She questioned everything about their relationship during every conversation they had. She almost acted bipolar throughout the experience as well, as she went from reprimanding Nick about his actions and decisions to gushing about him a moment later. If there were any red flags popping up during the season, these were only raised to full mast on After the Final Rose.

4. Nick’s no gentleman

Via: glamour.com

Vanessa wasn’t the only woman to question Nick’s intentions throughout the season. At some point or another, pretty much every woman questioned if Nick was really looking for a wife (and if so, what kind of wife?). This is largely due to his encounters with Corinne and his past with Liz popping up all of a sudden, but mostly because of Corinne. She was the one who would do anything to get a guy’s attention and we’ve all seen her type on other seasons. Yet, Nick seemed to comply with her actions and go along with whatever she wanted. He could have politely declined her suggestion for him to grope her grapes or resisted the bouncy house dry hump. But he didn’t. He even licked some whip cream from her boobs, before finally deciding it was time to stop. We’re honestly surprised he turned down her sexual offer later on in the show.

3. They leaked their own spoiler

Via: elitedaily.com

We’re all delighted in Rachel being chosen as the next bachelorette. She’s smart, attractive, mature and will be fun to watch. But, couldn’t they have at least waited until she was sent home on TV to reveal this bit of information? It’s one thing to learn such information through celebrity gossip magazines and online spoilers, yet another to learn it early on, straight from the source. Why would the franchise choose to make this announcement so early? Perhaps they thought it would help to boost ratings or save this season’s morale. Instead, it just left viewers feeling awkward, as we all sat back during the next episode to wonder when Rachel would be eliminated. Not only that, but they announced it late enough in the game to give us the final two pretty early on, as well.

2. Audiences dreamed of a better bachelor

Via: pictaram.com

From the moment Nick was named the bachelor, fans of the show started reacting. Not all of the responses were positive, though. Actually, most of them were not positive. A lot of people who follow the show were rooting for either Luke or Chase (both in the final four from JoJo’s season) to become the next bachelor. Up until his appearance on Paradise, Nick had been shown as the villain in all of his stints on the franchise shows. Even with a better showing on Paradise, viewers still weren’t sold on the fact that he would make a better choice than these other two men. The worst part of all is that there were teasers all over the internet that one of these two men would indeed be it. We know how shows like to mess with viewers’ minds, but this was one cruel trick!

1. And he’s still not satisfied

Via: justjared.com

For the past few years, America has heard Nick Viall pine away about how all he wanted was to find true love. The first two times when he was on The Bachelorette, he was rejected by the women. So, he was given yet another shot at love on Paradise. He connected with arguably the most attractive woman on the island, only to then dump her at the end. What was wrong, Nick? Some speculate that he knew he was going to be the bachelor, so he was holding off for more television time and attention. Now, he is finally engaged to yet another attractive woman who stole his heart. Shouldn’t that be enough for him and shouldn’t he be solely focused on their relationship and finally forego reality TV? Nope, he’s joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars. It looks like he is a fame chaser, after all. So much for love!

Source: abc.go.com, huffingtonpost.com, www.bustle.com

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