'Jane The Virgin': 15 Reasons Why We're Over It

If you haven't been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the TV show Jane the Virgin. It is a "satirical romantic comedy-drama telenovela" based on a Venezuelan telenovela which is finishing up its fourth season on TV this April. The comedy series has a great-looking, talented cast, interesting guest stars (Britney Spears and Eva Longoria, to name a few) and funny story lines. High audience ratings and a wide array of nominations and awards show that this series is loved by many.

However, it seems that Jane the Virgin has recently lost quite a few of its fans due to some unexpected twists and turns (including some plot holes), and who can blame them? Here is a list of 15 reasons why we are all over this TV show - spoilers included:

15 Jane The ????

The show is called Jane the Virgin and pretty much everything is built upon the name and the story behind it. Jane losing her innocence was obviously going to happen, no matter how many twists and turns the story was going to have – and we have to say it took long, too long even to make it happen – but now the name of the show just seems like a ridiculous joke. Jane is clearly not "innocent" anymore. In fact, she has been with quite a few men in a short period of time and therefore the name of the show has lost its effect and its meaning.

Maybe the showrunners should’ve thought about this before, although we have to admit that they are trying to make the best out of a sticky situation in letting the narrator rename every episode individually.

14 The Show Is Unrealistic

We get it, this is a comedic telenovela, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it is unrealistic, but this show is on a whole new level. Just to mention a few things: Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated (try to say that five times in a row!) with the sperm of her doctor’s brother, the stranger who Jane shared a romantic moment and a kiss with five years ago, who at the same time is now the new owner of the hotel she is working at.

Or what about the fact that the doctor who inseminated Jane is having an affair with her father’s new wife – the wife who is a drug lord, operating out of the aforementioned hotel to change the faces of criminals with plastic surgery?

All in all, we have to remember that this is a telenovela, but the random plot twists do eventually lose their effects, which is one of the reasons why we are not excited about this TV show anymore.

13 Mateo's Kidnapping

In the last episode of the show’s first season, Jane’s newborn son Mateo is kidnapped by Rose Solano. This is a shock for the audience and a very smart move of the showrunners, since everyone had to wait until the second season to find out that the baby will be rescued. Jane and the rest of the family deal with Mateo’s kidnapping and the stress that comes from it for about one episode and after that it is almost forgotten. Jane is strong, for sure, but having your newborn baby kidnapped right after giving birth would really traumatise the mother to a point where she might even have to deal with PTSD.

Sure, Jane is afraid to leave her son alone, to the point where she is afraid to go out because she sees Rose, Mateo's kidnapper, in every stranger around her, but nevertheless, this situation and its repercussions were dealt with inadequately.

Many viewers were not happy with how little time was spent on how the family deals with the baby’s kidnapping over time.

12 Where Is Jane and Michael's Happy Ending?

One reason why many people are over Jane the Virgin is that they were rooting for Jane and Michael to live happily ever after. When they made it to their wedding (despite many obstacles), it seemed like everyone’s dream come true.

Then, right after the wedding, before their wedding night, Michael got shot in the second season’s finale. Against all odds, he survived and he could finally be with Jane.

Everything started to fall into place, then Michael suddenly died from the aftermath of the shooting. It didn’t just break Jane’s but also many viewers’ hearts. Thinking back now, it seems like this was going to happen anyway because Rafael and Jane were always supposed to end up together and this was the only way the show would get rid of ‘perfect’ Michael.

I for one never liked Michael very much (don’t ask me why) but it was unfair to Jane because she finally had her happy ending and it was taken away from her.

Since Michael’s death the show has just been marching on to its predictable ending, see for yourself:

11 Rafael Solano

Some viewers love him, some viewers hate him, but most of them are in awe of his beautiful, brown, puppy dog eyes and his breath-taking physique.

Nevertheless, more people seemed to be #TeamMichael, rather than #TeamRafael and who could blame them? Rafael is portrayed as a playboy who only cares about money and while the show is now trying to convince us otherwise, he has not changed much. The only reason why the showrunners want the audience to like him now is because after letting Michael die, Jane and Rafael are supposed to end up together so Jane can have a happy ending.

Since Michael’s death, the show is trying to convince the audience to buy into a relationship that simply doesn’t work, because according to the audience, Jane and Rafael have no chemistry. We’ll see how future episodes will try to turn this around…

10 An Abundance Of Twins

Jane the Virgin makes use of a common cliché – twins, long-lost twins, evil twins. Normally, this would not be something we would criticise, but because there are TWO evil twins (Roman and Aaron, Petra and Anezka) in one TV show seems to us like the producers were lacking creativity.

We are completely over the fact that the TV show continues to overuses the ‘twin’ stereotype, because the two pairs mentioned above aren’t the only twins in this series. Petra gives birth to her two girls Anna and Elsa (I am still laughing at their names) and let’s not forget Rogelio’s former stepdaughters Valeria and Victoria – who, if we are honest, will probably grow up to be evil twins themselves.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers would introduce another set of twins into the show, would you?

9 Artificial Inseminations

Number 14 has already discussed how unrealistic Jane the Virgin is, but the two inseminations in this show deserve their own bullet point.

Being artificially inseminated is not as easy as the show makes it out to be. Jane is at the doctor for a routine pap smear but instead gets accidentally artificially inseminated due to a mix up – which is not possible in the real world. It is a long procedure with many different instruments, a procedure which would never happen by mistake.

The second artificial insemination which Petra performs on herself with a turkey baster seems even more unrealistic, but on the show everyone seems to accept these circumstances without asking many questions.

Yes, this show is a telenovela but it is trying to deal with real life issues like abortion, immigration and co-parenting, so why would it strive this far from reality when it comes to artificial insemination?

8 Rose Solano/Sin Rostro

Rose Solano, the evil drug lord Sin Rostro, Rafael’s stepmother, Luisa’s lover, criminal, Mateo’s kidnapper - and all of this in one person. Rose is obviously (one of) the villain(s) on the show. We have to admit, it was interesting, exciting even, to see this story play out – to see the characters uncover what we already knew thanks to the narrator. But at one point we got fed up with Rose. Her character might be intriguing and her plans completely evil, but we cannot stand to see her anymore. The showrunners always try to bring back her character when things get boring on the show. Nobody has died in a while? Let’s let Rose impersonate a police woman with a mask.

As fun and entertaining as it might have been, we have seen enough of Rose.

7 The Lost Three Years

In the middle of the third season, right after Michael’s death, the show makes a huge three-year-long time jump into the future. It is understandable because Jane the Virgin is a mostly upbeat comedy, with drama happening but never really harming our favourite characters (apart from this one time). The fact that the showrunners decided to fast forward three years from Michael’s death is often criticised by the audience. Due to this jump in time, we don’t get to see Mateo grow up and see how Jane and Rafael are doing with their co-parenting, but most of all, we never really see how Jane mourns her husband’s death, how she deals with the grief and how she explains everything to Mateo.

Many viewers stopped watching at this point of the show.

6 Baby, The Baby

She is still a baby, so it’s easy to forget her, but Jane has a little sister, who is weirdly enough younger than her own son, and her name is Baby (who else is having a major Dirty Dancing flashback?).

This story line is somewhat ridiculous and, in my eyes, a waste of time. Baby’s mother Darci has a huge fan base and is constantly in the spotlight, so I am wondering how she was able to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi and Rogelio for months (but then again, look at Kylie Jenner!). The show makes everything seem so easy. Darci and Rogelio seriously work out a contract between them for the baby, as if it is the most important thing for them to have their free time and not to raise their daughter. Moreover, it is just SUCH a coincidence that Darci falls in love with Rogelio’s arch-enemy Esteban and therefore the show presents us with another care of co-parenting.

5 Jane, The Supermum

Remember when I said that this show is unrealistic? Well, here is another reason why.

Just a few weeks after Mateo is born, Jane goes to grad school full time, while she is able to afford living in Miami, plus she has two sexy men chasing her – one of them being her baby’s father who is filthy rich (now he used to be) and has already set up a trust fund for the baby. Not to mention that Jane has a young mother, a fairly young grandmother, and a rich and famous father who always have time when she needs someone to look after her son. Moreover, Jane can then take time off to work on her own book and eventually publish it. Don’t forget that she is only 25 years old and manages to find time to date.

Of course she has a few struggles when she first becomes a mother (like when it takes ages for her milk to come in) but apart from that Jane seems to be a Supermum. She is always perfect.

The way motherhood is portrayed in Jane the Virgin is not how it is in real life at all – it is not like a fairy tale.

4 Luisa

Luisa is Rafael's sister and the doctor who inseminated Jane. Her character is used as a device to make the show more exciting because she always appears when the story is at a low point. She shows up at random times, with random girlfriends and no matter how many times she tells us that she has changed and she is over Rose, we just don’t believe her. She has tried to screw over her brother Rafael so many times, begged for forgiveness so many times, and still she doesn’t seem like she ever learns from her mistakes.

We get that she is mentally unstable, but that shouldn’t define her character. It is challenging to bring mentally ill characters to life and Jane the Virgin did not do the best job possible (unlike these TV shows). Luisa's character is portrayed in a negative way and the show is not trying hard enough to break the stigma around mental illness.

We are so over Luisa and her drama, which reminds me of this:

3 Rogelio's Drama

The narrator of the show often likes to remind us that Jane the Virgin is a telenovela, to explain all the drama happening in Jane’s life. While it is understandable that there are a lot of secrets, surprises and incidences, it doesn’t excuse Rogelio de la Vega’s dramatic personality. Sure, Ro is a loveable character who always makes the audience laugh, but his diva personality can get annoying over time. Some of his scenes are hard to watch because he is so self-absorbed - obsessed even - that he can completely forget everything around him. Just think about how many times his wife Xiomara has to remind him that she has dreams and feelings of her own.

However, if you are a fan of Rogelio and even follow him on Twitter, then check out this article dedicated to some of his best moments.

2 Stereotypes

Apart from the ‘evil twin’ stereotype, a few members of the audience complain that there are other stereotypes in the show’s story. There are some moments where it seems like the showrunners are trying to pack as many stereotypes into the story as possible because they want to please everybody.

A few of the stereotypes are: Jane’s overly catholic grandmother and her mother being a rebel, Luisa the lesbian and her sudden girlfriend the lesbian wrestler, Petra’s lesbian encounter, the Russians being the bad guys, Rafael the past playboy, who has a lot of money and Jane the girl who grew up with almost no money and Rafael who is trying to change for her and their son.

While Jane the Virgin plays on stereotypes, it also tries to break stereotypes about reproductive choices and Latino families, which is of course an upside to this TV shows.

1 Petra, The Villain

The last reason why we are over Jane the Virgin, is because Petra deserves to be happy too.

The show started out portraying Petra as the villain of the story but she is in fact the antihero. We have come to love her because she is a strong, independent woman who is making a great life for herself and her daughters. Sure, she is rude and stuck up at times, she is inconsiderate, she can be a b*tch, but she has shown that she has a good heart and cares for the people around her (even for Jane) and we have seen her character grow and develop so much throughout the seasons.

We think Petra should get more scenes and the show would be much more interesting and worth watching, if Petra was the main character.

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