15 Reasons Why We Are Rooting For Corinne On 'The Bachelor'

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette introduces us to a group of interesting characters, which always includes a villain. Regardless of what all the girls and guys really do in the house, there is always one who gives producers enough bad material to spin a web of wickedness, coupled with confessionals from others, to testify to that fact. In season 21 of The Bachelor, the evil wand has tapped 24-year-old Corinne Olympios. At only a few episodes in, she has managed to show her boobs twice (to the bachelor), skip out on a rose ceremony and of course, turn all of the other contestants against her. If that weren't enough, she dry humped Nick in a pink princess bouncy castle. It looks like Nick Viall may have met his match and we might just be OK with that. Here are 15 reasons we are rooting for Corinne.

15 She goes after what she wants

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Corinne has proved time and again that she is the kind of girl who stops at nothing to get what she wants. From her tenacity with butting in line to get more time with Nick to her career pursuits, she goes for it full force. Outside of working for her dad's company, she pursues modeling and has said, "I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams and goals." This was evident to everyone in Bachelor Nation—especially all of the other contestants vying for Nick's love—the moment she untied her bikini top in that swimming pool photo shoot. She wanted to be the most scantily clad and get Nick's attention, so she did what was needed to make that happen. After showing plenty of boob and downing plenty of booze, she came out smelling a rose at the end of the night. Looks like it worked!

14 She has plenty of confidence

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It's pretty apparent to everyone who has seen this season of The Bachelor that Corinne Olympios is a woman of privilege. After all, anyone who has a nanny at age 24 has to be living the high life. Perhaps her not lacking anything has also led to her not lacking in self-confidence. She never seems too fazed about "borrowing" Nick time and again from the other contestants and she often points out that she helps run her wealthy family's business. Even more off-putting to many is that she constantly brags about how good she is in bed. And by bed, we aren't just referring to her mild case of narcolepsy. Corinne thinks of herself as the whole package, even going as far to say, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum." You can't get much more sure of yourself than that.

13 She also has insecurities

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Corinne was one of the women picked for a group date that included performing on stage with the Backstreet Boys as their backup dancers. While most of the girls almost peed themselves with excitement, Corinne seemed way more reserved than usual. Then she openly admitted to the confessional camera that dancing was not her forte. She got her own taste of jealously soon after, when Danielle L. won the unofficial dance off, kissed Nick on stage and eventually walked out with the night's group date rose. The rest of the night, Corinne didn't seem her usual cocky self. She blamed it all on not being a fan of "planned dancing," AKA choreography. Of course, it didn't help matters that this date came on the heels of her failed seduction attempt in which she cornered Nick by the pool, armed with nothing but a bottle of Reddi-wip.

12 She'll do just about anything

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It seems like every season The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has more surprises and more scandals than ever before. You can probably thank the casting department for that. Corinne has taken her role on Nick's season to a whole new level by coming up with plenty of ways to be the "first" on the show. Not only was she Nick's first kiss, but she was the first contestant in Bachelor franchise history to force a guy to put his bare hands on her bare boobs (in front of everyone else, might we add). Then there was the whole whipped cream and trench coat incident. But despite all of her indecent exposures, she will forever go down in Bachelor history as the only contestant to skip a rose ceremony. Sure, she already had a group date rose from earlier that evening, but it did come off as disrespectful.

11 She makes the show fun to watch

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Nick Viall said himself that Corinne is "fun," but we can probably all agree that she is much more fun to watch than to be around. There's no doubt she makes The Bachelor more entertaining for all viewers. The possibilities of drinking games revolving around her alone are endless. Every time Corinne compliments herself, take a shot. Every time she gets naked or mentions getting naked, chug your drink. If you still haven't passed out before she takes a catnap, you win! As if her own antics weren't enough to make this reality drama a true dramedy, her actions have a ripple effect that rolls the heads of all the other girls in the house. This, of course, creates all kinds of juicy drama to watch. Throw in Nick's responses in which he takes up for her and you've got a winning recipe for a train wreck.

10 She is funny

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So, we have established that Corinne drives up the ratings and ensures that there will be plenty of drama each week. You know, since reality dating shows are so lacking in drama (that's sarcasm, by the way.) But, not only is Corinne fun to watch, she's fun to listen to. Of all the cheesy crap that gets said on The Bachelor, this one girl can claim all of the best one-liners in the season so far. Never before her little rant about taking naps would anyone have thought to put Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln in the same category. Corinne then added herself to this elitist group of nappers. They probably all had personal assistants too. That's more in common than we thought! Beyond the nap declaration, she has supplied us with many more hilarious words of wisdom, including having her own Trump-esque motto: "I made Corinne great again."

9 She's a total diva

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Of course, Corinne is fun to watch and funny to hear—and most of this is because she is a total diva. We have seen plenty of contestants in the past who are spoiled and expect the royal treatment from the bachelor as well as others, but Corinne takes the cake. She could easily fit into any Real Housewives show with her entitled life. And even though we all know the show is a competition, it never hurts to be a team player. Most villains simply don't agree with anyone else, but she doesn't agree with anyone or anything. From the Backstreet Boys stage to the dairy farm, Corinne has always found a way to complain. Was shoveling cow poop a stupid idea for a group date? Yes. Was she right in sulking about it? No. This show is filled with stupid date ideas, but you have to just go with the flow and not complain about wanting a taco.

8 She doesn't gossip

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Say what you will about Corinne, but she doesn't gossip about the other girls. She doesn't even really talk smack about them to the camera either. Anytime she talks about the other girls, it is usually just in the form of defending her own awesomeness. On the other hand, all of the other girls have no trouble talking about Corinne among themselves and the main instigator of these conversations always seems to be Taylor. It seems that everything Corinne does spurs on more gossip and distaste in the mouths of all other contestants—whether it be a sexual ploy as in the pool or bouncy house, or the entitled act of napping and not shoveling poop. Still, the little princess trapped in a 24-year-old's body seems to take all of the backstabbing rather well.

7 She doesn't care what others think

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You would think that all of the gossip would start to take a toll on Corinne , especially since she has such a high opinion of herself. Then again, that lofty opinion of herself might just be what is keeping all of the hate from getting inside of her head. Possibly the most humorous part of this season's drama so far (thanks in part to the stellar editing skills) is how Corinne casually takes a nap while all hell seems to break loose among the other contestants. While everyone else spends time talking to each other about Corinne or complaining to Nick about her, Corinne is catching up on her beauty sleep. She may prove to have the best strategy of any contestant to date. That is to focus solely on herself and when anything starts to get to be too much, just go take a nap! After all, it seemed to work for Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln.

6 She keeps herself the center of attention

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It seems like Corinne is all that anyone can talk about this season—from the TV viewers, to the other contestants and even Nick himself. And she doesn't seem to care that most of the news is bad news, as long as she is the news. She even managed to make not showing up to a rose ceremony swing in her favor. Instead of going unnoticed, she was all the buzz that night and Nick kept asking everyone where she was. After pulling this stunt, she tried to make up for it all by literally bouncing on Nick...in a bouncy house nonetheless. Then, she ventured off for another catnap, causing the rest of the girls to use their time on Corinne as well. While Corinne caught up on her beauty sleep, they took turns confronting Nick about how awful she is.

5 She needs to grow up

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A lot of people would love it if Corinne won just to see how she would act engaged. There's no doubt she is an attention hog and dreams of making it as a model or actress. But that isn't what sets her apart from most other contestants on this show. What makes her most interesting is her huge lack of maturity. Aside from the fact that she is one of the youngest contestants, it's hard to imagine someone who leads with her sexuality (and nothing else) having a deep enough connection with anyone to actually want to get married. Then there's the elephant in the room, also known as her nanny. Would the nanny move in with Corinne and Nick? Would she become Nick's actual wife in every role outside of the bedroom? This intrigues us all enough to almost hope she gets that final rose.

4 She would make a fun hometown visit

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From living with her rich family in Miami to having a nanny by her side at all times, we can't help but admit that it would be pretty interesting to see Corinne 's life at home. Even more interesting would be to see how Nick fits into this little world. Would he think the whole nanny pampering is crazy or would he decide that he could benefit from it as well? She seems to be pretty set when it comes to money, but she also lives with her parents. This leads to another layer of her crazy life. How would Corinne cope with moving out of her parents' house or would she just move Nick in with them? Now that we think of it, Corinne getting a hometown visit could be a reality show in itself.

3 She would make a terrible bachelorette

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Other than simply watching Corinne try to handle being a wifey in the real world (or in her version of the real world), we have an even bigger reason to hope that she might actually walk away from this season with a sparkling diamond ring. She would make a terrible bachelorette! First of all, we can all tell she is in no way ready to choose a husband and that having 25 or more men pine over her for weeks on end would do nothing but feed the beast. Add to that her strong sexual appetite and you can bet that the men signing up to date Corinne would not be in it "for the right reasons." Not only that, but she would probably take her nanny along for the ride and plan group dates that would look much more like a 13th birthday party than an actual outing with other adults.

2 She's a good match for Nick

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Nobody seems to think that Corinne is that good of a person. And while she may be dubbed the villain of this season, there is still one bad guy (key word here is "guy") that everyone is overlooking. That is the bachelor himself. Nick Viall is possibly the most controversial bachelor choice to date and has caused quite the controversies so far this season. Corinne might have gotten all the blame for boobgate in the pool, but we must remember that Nick didn't have to comply with her request for him to cop a feel. This is then followed by the bouncy house rumble that caused Vanessa, one of the front runners so far, to call Nick out on his actions. Despite all of this proof that Nick and Corinne not only have chemistry, but also common traits nobody cares for, we can't forget all of the Liz drama creeping up as well. No doubt, Corinne just might be what Nick deserves.

1 She simply intrigues us

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As you can see, we have plenty of reasons as to why we would like to see Corinne stick around for at least a little while longer. When you sum it all up though, it basically all boils down to the fact that we find her intriguing. She seems more extreme than any other contestant to have made it through the Bachelor franchise casting calls. We have witnessed those who are immoral, those who are needy, those who are conceited, those who are rich and those who are spoiled. Yet, until now, we haven't had all of this nicely wrapped up into a little, blonde package. In the end, she may not win the game, but she has made a memorable impression. We're going to bet that you haven't seen the last of Corinne, whether that be on this show or Bachelor in Paradise.

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