15 Reasons Why We’ll Miss Michelle Obama As The First Lady

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15 Reasons Why We’ll Miss Michelle Obama As The First Lady

Personally, Michelle Obama was one of the best First Lady’s of our time. We know that’s a bold statement. But her approach to the modern public won us over time and time again. What other First Lady was public about their love for song and dance? Who else wasn’t afraid to make funny faces in public places. Who else wore jeans and got down with the common folk? And what other First Lady is on SnapChat? Psh—not many. Plus, Michelle Obama is a brilliant and strong woman; a woman to look up to. She taught us it was okay to be a woman who has muscle and a woman who has a brain. She stood up for the underdog and fought tirelessly for the rights of others. Despite being the wife of the President of the United States, Michelle Obama never played second fiddle. She was, and is, a star all on her own. Michelle Obama, we are sure going to miss you!

15. She Knew How To Have Fun



Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is one of the best things to grace our screens. Who would’ve thought something as tedious as carpooling and as tired as karaoke could come together to create such a gem. Corden hosts all of the talented and famous stars of Hollywood, like Chris Martn, Lady Gaga, Adele, and One Direction. But who else got in on the fun? Well, Michelle Obama, of course! And girlfriend showed up ready to kill it. She was cracking jokes and she knew all the lyrics to some pretty impressive old school beats. Of course, having Missy Elliott in the backseat probably didn’t hurt. And while the First Lady is as down to earth as it gets, she is still the First Lady, after all. So Corden’s car was actually driving in circles around a driveway followed by security cars instead of through the streets of DC.




When the Obamas first started making their way toward the White House, we couldn’t hear enough about Michelle Obama’s super strong arms. We mean, check out those guns! Those are some superwoman arms right there. The biceps, triceps, deltoids – we can’t get enough! How does she do it? No for real, Michelle, how do your arms look that good? How does a mom of two in her 40’s have arms like that? It’s just not fair. From flexing with Elmo on Sesame Street to challenging Ellen DeGeneres to a push up contest – Michelle Obama’s arms are always on point and ready to show up and get the job done. We’re going to miss seeing those flawless arms in sleeveless dresses all over our screens and on the pages of magazines. Michelle, how do you feel about putting out a line of exercise tapes? That way, we can all get arms like yours!

13. She Slayed On TV



Michelle Obama was no stranger to the small screen. Sure, she did lots of interviews and showed up to talk to people like Ellen, Billy Eichner or Jimmy Fallon on their talk shows. But Mrs. Obama also showed up on our television screens in a few sitcoms and non-reality TV shows. She killed it on Parks and Recreation with Leslie Knope. How great would a Michelle Obama-Leslie Knope presidential run be? They would definitely get my vote. Besides Parks and Rec., Michelle also took roles on Sesame Street, NCIS, and iCarly, appealing to TV audiences of all ages. Hey Michelle, now that you’re not busy with First Lady stuff, would you consider starring in a few more TV shows? I’m sure they could find something cool for you on Game of Thrones.

12. She Knew How To Boogie



We love Michelle Obama’s dance moves. She knows how to get down and boogie! Whether it’s grooving with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance or shimmying with the 106 year old woman who visited the White House, Michelle Obama is always ready to move. In fact, she really went to town when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon and joined him for the History of Mom Dancing. She’s got the moves! So how long do you think we’ll have to wait until Michelle goes on Dancing with The Stars? Five years, maybe? We could wait that long (I think). It would definitely be worth it. Or maybe Sasha will let Michelle come and chaperone her senior prom. We’d love to see her bust some moves with a bunch of high schoolers while Sasha hid her head in the corner.

11. She Gave The Best Damn Speech In The History Of Ever



Michelle Obama crafted what would become the Democratic party rallying cry, “When they go low, we go high.” She said these famous words at the Democratic National Convention in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination. Not only was the phrase catchy as hell, but it inspired us to continue fighting with integrity as we rise above all the low blows. “How we explain that when someone is cruel, or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level — no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high… So don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this, right now, is the greatest country on Earth.” Okay, if you don’t have chills after reading that, you’re going to have to read it again.

10. She Loves ‘Hamilton’



Michelle and Barack Obama are huge fans of everyone’s favorite musical, Hamilton. In fact, they were in on Hamilton before most of us had even heard of it. Way back in 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the opening number (and only song he had written) from Hamilton at the White House. He introduced it as a song about “someone who embodies hip hop… Secretary Treasurer Alexander Hamilton.” Everyone, including Michelle and Barack, laughed. But after the song, no one was laughing. They were on their feet. Michelle has been a fan ever since. She and Barack introduced Hamilton at the Tony’s and have seen the show numerous times. They even hosted the cast and a group of students at the White House for a special performance. Michelle calls Hamilton, “the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life.” High praise!

9. She Slayed The Red Carpet



Michelle Obama was a force on the red carpet or anytime she stepped outside her house and into a camera lens, honestly. She managed to always look put together and sophisticated without appearing old fashioned or boring. She was elegant and on point all the time. How did she do it? From ballgowns and gloves, to jeans and blazers, she was always wearing a winning look. She was bold with her choices and taught us not to be afraid of color. She showed us that a First Lady doesn’t always have to wear a pastel skirt with matching blazer and pearls. Michelle was her own woman. And she helped to highlight many local American designers. Michelle knew how to be glam and glitzy when she had an event to attend; or down-to-earth and relatable when she was just doing her errands. We’ll gladly take a lesson in style from you, Michelle!

8. She Cared About Girls’ Education



Besides her toned arms, dance moves, and fashion sense, Michelle Obama also brought her big brain and bigger heart to the White House. One of her shining initiatives, Let Girls Learn, fights for the right to education for adolescent girls around the world. With this movement, Michelle has travelled around the world and spoken out on the importance of educating young girls and the transformative power an educated girl can have on her community. Let Girls Learn recently released the CNN Film, “We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World.” The film features Michelle as well as Hollywood celebrities on a trip to Morocco and Liberia where they meet these girls firsthand. When explaining her passion for this cause, Michelle said, “I see myself in these girls. I see my daughters in these girls. And I simply cannot walk away from them.” 

7. She Cared About Our Health



Another amazing initiative by Michelle Obama was the ‘Let’s Move’ project. It was described as America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids and a part of the President’s 2010 Task Force on Childhood Obesity. Through Let’s Move, Michelle Obama accomplished a number of amazing things: she updated school nutrition standards across the country, she hosted five kids “state dinners,” and she championed a number of other healthy eating and fitness initiatives under the Let’s Move campaign. Michelle even joined forces with Team US to bring free and low cost athletic activities to over two-million kids across the United States in 2016. And it was thanks to Let’s Move that we got to see Michelle’s moves on the dance floor all the time. The First Lady was always willing to shake it if it would help get other Americans moving too.

6. She Called Out Trump



While working hard on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton this fall, Michelle Obama wasn’t afraid to call out bullies. Of course, she was going to stick to her motto: when they go low, we go high. But that doesn’t mean she was going to let things slide. Michelle Obama calls it like she sees it. Which is why, after Trump’s horrendous leaked tape came out, Michelle had this to say, “I can’t stop thinking about this, it has shaken me to my core. I can’t believe that I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women.” She went on to call his comments intolerable, which was a much kinder way of describing it than we would’ve. Leave it to Michelle to be impactful and blunt with her words in a way that allows people to hear the truth but still feels gracious and professional.

5. She Made Gardening Cool Again



Michelle Obama was the driving force behind the White House Kitchen Garden. This was the first functional garden at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt’s in 1943. Wanting to share her love of gardening and mission to empower young people to value nutrition, Michelle invited children from around the country to come to the garden each year to help plant and harvest. The garden, set on stone, steel, and cement, is now a permanent installation on the South Lawn of the White House, making it just one part of Michelle Obama’s powerful legacy. Michelle used the garden to show children, visitors to the White House, and the rest of the world the importance of finding out where their food comes from and how to eat healthy. And she inspired all of us to get out to our backyards and start digging. Or at least put a planter box and some seeds on our balcony.

4. She Was The Ultimate Mom-In-Chief



Barack may be the Commander in Chief, but Michelle knows she runs the place as the Mom in Chief. And she takes her role very seriously. In fact, she once said, “Barack and I take great joy in embarrassing our children.” She revealed that at public events, she would threaten to embarrass Sasha and Malia by busting out her dance moves if they didn’t behave. Though, who would be embarrassed of dance moves as awesome as Michelle’s? But under all the embarrassment, Michelle really does love her daughters. At a recent event, Oprah asked Michelle what she was most proud of and she said she was most proud of her daughters. How sweet is that? Mom of the year for sure! And lucky for us, Michelle always loves to share her sage mom wisdom with the rest of us. Looking forward to more mom love from you for years to come, Michelle!

3. She Was One Half Of The Best Relationship Of All Time



Michelle and Barack Obama might be the cutest couple we’ve seen. Add to that to their great looks, sense of humor, passion for positive change, dance skills, brilliant minds and prowess for speaking, negotiating and getting things done, and you have one of the best couples in the world. We love that throughout all of their years in politics, these two have always remained best friends and true fans of one another. Whenever they reach to hold each other’s hands, we swoon. When they fist bump after a kick-ass speech, we think what could be more relationship goals? And when they take to the dance floor and twirl around a room, well, we can’t keep our eyes off of them. We’re looking forward to lots of adorable photos of the Obamas for years to come. Please keep the cute moments coming!

2. She Was Hilarious



We could always count on Michelle Obama for a laugh. And sometimes, she didn’t even have to open her mouth. She just had to pull an expression, raise an eyebrow or curl a lip and her face said it all. We love the great photos capturing Michelle’s side eye when she had just about enough of someone’s foolishness. But it wasn’t just her looks. Michelle had jokes. Like when she was riding shotgun with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke and he asked her if Barack was inside the Oval Office as they drove by. Michelle answered, “He better be. That’s where he said he was.” But best of all, we loved that Michelle could laugh at herself. Despite being the First Lady, one of the most powerful women in the world, Michelle was always down for a laugh and ready to get in on the joke. Not every First Lady would do a sketch with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, right?

1. She Was Inspiring As Hell



Above all else, Michelle Obama was an inspiration. Her words moved mountains. On January 6th, Michelle Obama gave her final speech as First Lady of the United Speech. And in that speech, Michelle dropped a whole lot of truth bombs that make us want to get up and do better. In her final public speech, Michelle inspired us by saying, “To the young people here, and the young people out there: do not ever let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t matter, or like you don’t have a place in our American story—because you do… Young people, don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education. Then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. Lead by example with hope, never fear, and know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life.”

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