15 Reasons Your Dog Is Better Than Any Human

A dog is a man’s best friend. We are all familiar with the common phrase that dates back many years. And there’s good reason for that. Dogs are special. Dogs are unique in every way. Dogs love you unconditionally. Humans are temporary and will enter and exit your life over and over again, but your dog will never grow bored of you and leave your side. They are there through the good and bad. Most people will admit that they prefer their dog’s company to their co-workers and even some of their friends. There’s many reasons why you feel that way, but the main reason is because your dog is family. You couldn’t imagine life without them, and they couldn’t imagine a life without you either. As long as they are around, life is great. It’s just meant to be. Plain and simple. Here are 15 reasons why your dog is better than any human you will ever meet.

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15 They are great listeners


We all know one of the best qualities in a dog has is that they can’t talk. That means they will never argue or fight with you and they will never, ever dare to interrupt you when you’re midway a conversation. Have you ever been talking to a person about something you are really passionate about and they interrupt you before you can finish your sentence? Or even worse, they look like they would rather be anywhere else. Well, dogs aren’t like that. You could be talking about aliens abducting you or a paranormal encounter, and they will be hanging on your every word. They just know how to listen. Another great thing is that you know they won’t be blabbing about your conversations. So you can go ahead and tell the truth about how much you hate your colleagues without the worry of losing your job.

14 They are always happy


Dogs always seem happy. They are excited, enthusiastic, energetic bundles of joy. Humans would never be able to attain that same level of happiness, not ever. Even if we spent our whole lives trying to reach that goal we wouldn’t come close. Dogs appreciate the little things, like a new toy or a walk in the park or seeing other dogs. Although humans can appreciate those things too, it’s just different. We become accustomed to certain things and take most of what we have for granted. We become too reliant on technology and prefer to talk to someone through a screen then face to face. Dogs don’t use technology, all they know is; eat, sleep, play. It’s a simple life. Although dogs do get depressed sometimes, it’s not on the same level as us, or maybe they are just better at controlling their thoughts and emotions. We just know that for the most part they are very happy animals that are fun to be around.

13 They keep you warm


Dogs like cuddles. Anytime and anyplace. In the summer, not so great. In the winter, absolutely perfect. I mean, what is better than snuggling up with your dog on the couch when it’s freezing outside? Sure, the snoring can drive you nuts, but it’s worth it. It keeps you and your dog warm throughout the winter and you don’t have to worry about expensive heating bills. Everyone is a winner! If you needed any more proof that a dog can fulfil a significant other’s role, then here it is. A dog’s normal temperature is higher than a human’s normal body temperature, which means that they give off more warmth, making them the perfect spooning buddy. Who needs a partner to cuddle with when you have them?

12 They keep you sane


When you have had a bad day at work or nothing in your life is going right, your dog is like the little beam of light in a dark tunnel. You walk through the door feeling like everything is crashing around you, and see this excited creature running towards you, greeting you with sloppy kisses and hugs. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem a dark place. Sometimes that is the one of the only things that keeps you going, because you know that you have a friend waving a flag for you. Your dog looks up to you, even when everyone else is looking down. When you don’t believe in yourself, your dog will love you until you do. When you feel like you can’t accomplish anything, just know that your dog doesn’t think you’re a screw up, they think the world of you. To them, you are their world. And they need you as much as you need them.

11 They keep you calm


As humans, we are flawed. We find it hard to read human emotions and we definitely find it hard comforting people when they are sad. Do we offer a few words of advice? Do we clap them on the back? Do we give them a hug and tell them it will be alright? People find it hard to get it right. We usually make things worse anyway. Not dogs, they don’t have that problem. They just lie there and instantly make you feel better. Being in the company of a calm animal makes us replicate those emotions. When we pet a dog, it makes us relaxed and much calmer. For a moment we feel loved and appreciated. Dogs know exactly what they have to do to make us feel better, and we think that’s amazing.

10 They are selfless


We can learn so much from dogs. If humans were as selfless as them, the world would be a much better place. There would probably be less crimes and less evil in the world. Dogs are born with a natural instinct to protect their owners, so you can trust they will never let you down. There have been tons of incredible stories about dogs chasing after robbers, helping the elderly during a crisis, and alerting their owners of a blazing fire and ultimately saving lives. They always put others above themselves. A human might hesitate or think about saving their own life first, but not a dog. In their minds humans are most important and they will not hesitate to put themselves in danger when the time comes.

9 They are valued more than humans


If you have ever watched Marley and Me, you will know exactly what we’re talking about here. It’s one of the saddest movies of all time. Some people can’t make it to the end, others watch it once and vow to never watch again. Women cry. Men cry. Children cry. The elderly cry. Basically if you don’t cry watching that movie – there’s something very wrong with you. The main reason we get so emotional watching Marley and Me, is simply because it involves a dog. We become so attached to Marley as we follow his progress. We are all rooting for him. And then something happens. Time to bring out the tissues and cry until there are no tears left. Only a movie about a dog would make us an emotional wreck. The reason for it – maybe we just feel more connected and attached to a dog than a human.

8 They have better senses


Dogs are very aware of their surroundings. Not only do they have an amazing sense of smell and hearing, but they can also sense a difference in human emotions. You can easily lie to another person and tell them that you’re fine, but you cannot lie to your dog. They will know if you are sad, stressed or angry. Dogs have an incredible sense of knowing how you are feeling even if you are unsure of it yourself. They will adjust their behavior according to your emotions, sometimes even losing their appetite. Some dogs will gently nudge your hand or lick away tears to let you know that they don’t want you to be sad anymore. The fact that dogs can identify sadness is incredible in itself, as some humans fail to even recognize when their friends are upset.

7 They help you meet people


Owning a dog instantly gives you higher chances of meeting new people and making friends. Other people will see you as someone who loves animals, which will make them take an interest in you. There’s definitely a bond between people who care about animals, even if they don’t have a dog of their own. People will inevitable stop you to ask questions about your dog; the name, age, breed etc. It’s a great way to get a conversation going. And if someone shows an interest in your dog, you’re more likely to hit it off. Who knows, it could turn into something. Forget using dating apps, your dog is leading you to that special someone, and they could be only a short walk away.

6 They lower your blood pressure


Many of us already know that petting a dog keeps us calm and lowers our blood pressure. And who doesn’t love petting a dog? It makes your dog feel good, and it makes you feel better too. Playing with your dog, along with going on regular walks, keeps you healthy and less likely to develop heart problems. Even watching your dog can lower blood pressure. That explains why we love watching them sleep. Each day, they are improving your health by keeping you mentally and physically fit, which is more than we can say about humans. Dogs should get more credit than we already give them, as they can do so much more than other people can, yet sometimes we fail to recognize just how amazing they really are. Basically we should pet dogs at every opportunity we get to let them know they are loved.

5 They are intelligent


Dogs are extremely intelligent and everyone knows it. But have you ever heard someone calling their pet a ‘stupid dog’ and wanted to hit them in the face? We know that feeling. Dogs are smarter than some people you know. If a dog is trained right, they will know the meaning of ‘no’ and will realize when something they are doing is wrong. They know words like ‘fetch’ and ‘stay’ and they can recognize certain gestures. They learn from their mistakes and have the ability to solve problems. If you needed more proof that dogs are very clever and special, here it is. They can use their strong sense of smell to detect cancer in humans. That’s right – they are smarter than current technology. Although training them can be a challenge, the fact that dogs can even detect abnormalities is incredible.

4 They give us an excuse


We can all relate to that dreaded feeling of going for a meal with the significant other’s parents, or a meeting you really don’t want to attend. Sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house and seeing other people and we need an excuse. We don’t want to come up with something so far-fetched that no one will believe it, neither do we want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We just want to let them down gently without them finding out the truth. That’s where your dog becomes the perfect excuse for getting out of anything. Maybe your dog needs a haircut, maybe they need to go to the vet for a check-up, or maybe it’s their tenth birthday and you’re throwing a party and inviting a dozen other dogs. Whatever the reason, you have a lot to thank your dog for.

3 They take great selfies


Usually you wouldn’t feel like taking selfies at 7am, still in your pajamas, with greasy hair and dark circles underneath your eyes. But when you take a selfie with your dog, it counteracts all of those things. No one is concentrating on your face because they are too busy focusing their attention on the dog. Oh, look how cute that dog is! What breed is it? I want one just like that! Your selfies with your dog get way more attention that any of the selfies you take with your friends. And it doesn’t matter how many selfies you take either. People just don’t seem to get bored with dog selfies. Your dog doesn’t care either, he actually poses for the selfies, and sits there patiently while you take fun pictures of the two of you together. It’s almost like you are a couple, except better.

2 They are 100 percent loyal


Dogs aren’t just loyal because they rely on you for food, water and shelter. It’s so much more than that. It’s obvious that it’s more than just food when they look so excited to see you when you come home and the sadness they feel when you have to leave for a long time. Most dogs will find their way home if they ever get lost, simply because they could never leave their owner all alone. Nothing can separate the two of you. And when friends leave you out of plans or bail on you last minute, your dog will never refuse an invitation to hang out. You’ll always be invited for walks and picnics, and they will never get bored of your company. In your dog’s eyes, you are the number one most important person in their life.

1 They are so pure


A dog’s heart is so pure. We probably don’t deserve them, but we are so lucky to have them in our lives. Dogs are similar to toddlers in many ways. They will literally eat anything off of the floor, beg for more food, and like waking us up in the middle of the night (or at the crack of dawn). But above all, they are similar because they are loving and affectionate and playful. They are so busy exploring and finding out new things that they simply don’t have a care in the world. Maybe that’s why we could never attain that same level of happiness. The older you get, the more things seem complicated and life can get stressful. We forget about the simple pleasures in life. Dogs never forget.

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