15 Recent WWE Pics Of Non-Scripted Backstage Moments (That Brought Us To Tears)

Some of the best moments on WWE television are the ones that are pure and organic. These moments can take place in the ring or even behind the scenes. Thanks to the WWE Network, we’re able to catch a lot of these emotional moments on shows like WWE 24, documenting a wrestler’s life behind the curtain.

In this article, we delve into some of the most emotional pictures backstage that recently took place. Clearly, none of these are scripted and took place organically. We feature moments from the recent WrestleMania PPV backstage along with a plethora of other moments including behind the scenes at the Elimination Chamber and other recent events.

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15 Saying Goodbye To Kurt

via YouTube

It was an emotional return for Kurt Angle, to say the least. He left the company on bad terms and some thought he would never return.

Angle was given a second-chance by McMahon, serving as the RAW GM for most his comeback. The two shared an emotional embrace following Kurt’s final match against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35.

14 Kofi Wins The Big One

via YouTube

Emotions were running high backstage following Kofi Kingston’s improbable championship victory. Ever since his Elimination Chamber appearance, we were reminded just how special the wrestler is.

He won the big one at WrestleMania defeating Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. Several wrestlers were brought to tears including his long-time pal Edge, who was one of the first to congratulate the new champ behind the scenes.

13 Rousey & Heyman Embrace

via YouTube

Since Paul Heyman has taken charge of RAW, rumors are starting to float around that Ronda Rousey might be returning sooner rather than later. As shown in the picture above, the two share a close relationship behind the scenes.

It is said that Rousey has a great amount of respect for Heyman’s wrestling mind.

12 Roman & Vince Hug It Out

via YouTube

Roman returning at WrestleMania was an emotional moment for not only Roman, but for everyone else involved.

Reigns had lots of emotions backstage prior to his match against Drew McIntyre and clearly, McMahon felt the same way as the two shared a warm embrace prior to the encounter. Rarely does Vince hug it out with a wrestler prior to a match – that shows how much Roman means to him.

11 Braun Breaking Down

via YouTube

What makes the WWE Superstar gig so special is the fact that the wrestlers put smiles on so many faces. Braun Strowman does a lot of charity work out of the ring. In this instance, Braun was forced into tears after meeting a special fan with a genetic disorder, Ryan.

This off-script moment showed us exactly who Braun really is when the cameras aren’t rolling.

10 What A Time To Be Alive

via YouTube

As if winning the first-ever women’s WrestleMania main event wasn’t enough, McMahon added to the moment with this rare backstage appearance.

As Becky discussed her joy with the WWE 24 cameras, out came Vince McMahon from the back grabbing Becky and smiling ear-to-ear. As if the moment wasn’t perfect enough already, Becky then uttered the line, “what a time to be alive.”

9 Batista & Asuka

via YouTube

Emotions were likely running high for Batista who finally made a return to the ring after years of speculation. He wanted to go out with one final match against Triple H – he was finally granted that wish at WrestleMania 35.

Prior to the show, The Animal mingled with some of the other talents and that included Asuka. We’re not sure what was said in the convo, but it got a joyous and genuine reaction from Asuka.

8 Cena & Miz Reunited

via YouTube

Fans might forget but these two actually main evented WrestleMania. Cena would go on to more fame while Miz trended downwards for a little bit.

A lot has changed since then. Cena is making a name in Hollywood while Miz continues to enjoy the prime run of his career with some huge popularity on his side. We can only imagine what a great moment it was for these two given their history and all they’ve accomplished.

7 Ronda After ‘Mania

WrestleMania 35 was Ronda’s final bout, at least till this point. She took on the task of becoming a WWE Superstar for a year. She exceeded everyone’s expectations in the process.

One can only imagine the emotions taking place in this organic photo above. Rousey’s husband Travis Browne, shares a warm embrace with his wife following her final match. Here’s to hoping we see a few more in 2019.

6 Emotional Xavier

via YouTube

Xavier feels like a big part of Kofi’s title win and rightfully so, he was the one that stuck his neck out for the faction. Woods pitched to have Kofi in the group as well. Despite the early struggles, the three were ultimately able to get over in a big way.

This photo is the culmination of that as Woods gets reduced to tears following Kofi’s huge WrestleMania win.

5 Ricochet Wins The US Title

via YouTube

When a wrestler from NXT wins a big match on the main roster, Triple H is usually the first person they see backstage; he’s basically like a proud father watching his children grow.

For Ricochet, his US Title win at Stomping Grounds is only the beginning. He is expected to endure a big push under Paul Heyman – one we can all agree is the correct decision.

4 Pre-Brock Lesnar

via YouTube

This time, Triple H greeted his NXT alum prior to a huge match. It was arguably Finn’s most important career bout taking on Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Emotions likely ran high in the photo above; Hunter was always extremely high on Balor, even labeling him as “the guy” during the brief Universal Title run years prior. Although Finn came up short, Hunter was likely quite pleased nonetheless.

3 Goldberg Returns

via YouTube

Goldberg made his return to the ring over in Saudi Arabia. Now the return didn’t have as much hype compared to the prior return, though it still made headlines for a huge match against the Deadman.

The match didn’t go so well, however Goldberg was very emotional pre-match entering the arena. He shared a warm embrace with the likes of The Usos and as seen in the picture above, Rusev.

2 IIconic Tears

via YouTube

They play the role of an over the top tag team on-screen, however away from the camera, these two have an emotional side. Making it to WWE was never a guarantee and they faced lots of obstacles on route to success.

Prior to their Women’s Tag Title match at Elimination Chamber, they shared some tears together – it was basically a dream come true for both to perform in such an inaugural title match.

1 The Huggers

via YouTube

Speaking of emotional tag teams, here’s a picture of Bayley and Sasha prior to becoming the inaugural Tag Champions.

Yes, the moment was short-lived as they dropped the titles at WrestleMania, however at the Chamber, emotions ran really high knowing they were about to be immortalized into WWE history.

Sources – YouTube, WWE & Twitter

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